He patted his four year old on the top of his head then hefted his axe onto his shoulder. There could not have been a better child than his own son.

"Dad, I'm going to lay down after I put the logs down."

Gadyel smiled at his son. The boy was so eager to help; carrying three freshly cut logs. There was not a day that went by in which he did not admire the lad. Five years ago, he would never have seen himself as a father, in fact, it was more likely he would have driven a sword through the stomach of anyone for insulting his chastity.

"Okay." He responded, watching the child merrily skip ahead of him. Something caught the former crusader's attention. Pausing, he turned his head to stare. A lone figure dressed in white stood vigil over the lake close to their tiny cabin.

"Dad?" Young James shuffled his feet in the dirt coming to a dead stop. "What's wrong?" He adjusted the logs in his arms and followed his father's gaze. "Is that mom?"

Gadyel stared at the woman dressed in white. His wife had not worn that dress since the night they first shared a bed. So much had happened so much had changed. Seeds had been planted that day. His distrust in his order, his first time being with a woman-let alone intimate with one-their son was conceived that very evening.


The elder Halpford was completely mesmerized by the haunting majesty of his wife. The dark brown skin, her long wavy black hair, her perfect hourglass shape-

"DAD!" The little boy shouted, trying once again to get his father's attention.

Gadyel snapped out of his trance and tugged at his collar. "Okay-okay, boy. Go back to the house and I'll catch up with you." He carefully lowered the axe, butt of the blade resting on the dirt, catching his son glaring at him; a thick black eyebrow cocked.

"Dad...are you okay?"

"Huh? Yeah-yeah. I'll be by later." It was not his intention to snap at and shoo his only child along but his own clothing was becoming uncomfortably tight.

The child eyed him one more time and scampered off.

Signoury stood in a shallow part of the lake, staring out at the hinterlands. The skirt of her long linen dress, which was soaked from absorbing lake water, clung to her legs.

A snap of twigs alerted her that someone was approaching.

Letting his axe fall, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed his full front against her. He nestled the side of his face against hers, tickling her skin with the bristles of his strawberry blonde beard.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, there's a crazy axe wielding maniac on the loose. Oops, that's me."

A chuckle fluttered through the air and blessed her husband's ears. "You'll have to deal with my fierce faithful knight."

"Oh?" Gadyel smiled and squeezed her tighter.

"Yes. You should know, if somehow you get beyond my tiny guardian, my husband will be waiting for you." She pressed her backside against his hips and rubbed from side to side.

Gadyel's voice came low and husky, "I remember that gown." He purred against his wife's ear. "How long has it been since you wore that?"

The beautiful exotic woman freed a hand from his embrace and reached up to play with the hair around his ear. "Five years." She bumped against him one more time, before taking his hand and moving it downward between her thighs.

Her lips parted in a wide pearly smile while feeling his growing arousal pressed to her buttocks. "Five years ago, today." She whispered in his ear.

He closed his eyes and swallowed hard, trying to think of what he should do. The gentle grip on his hand, guiding him along her most sensitive area. After letting out a rough grunt, Gadyel stooped down grabbing his wife by her waist and legs.

He hefted his wife from the lukewarm water, with an animalistic roar, causing her to let out a surprised shriek.

"Gad!" She shouted through fits of laughter, "Gadyel Josseff Halpford, what are you doing?!"

It took a lot of effort to keep such a stern, focused, expression on his face. He was convinced that if he were to give in and laugh, the squirming woman in his arms might end up getting dropped.

Trudging cautiously through the mucky lake bottom, he carried her to deeper waters.

"Gaddy?" His wife's voice came again, this time with a hint of concern.

He bit his lower lip, upon hearing that shortened, dumbed down, version of his name. Gadyel understood she meant no harm but he was sensitive about his name.

In his crusader days, names of angels, and saints (regal and honorable) were passed to young boys from the highest order ranks. Gadyel was named for one of the purest most fearsome warriors of the Light.

The water was over his knees and seeping through the cuffs of his boots. The intoxicating aroma of her perfume was almost as powerful as any mind control spell. His knees were weakening with each step. His wife was not heavy, quite the contrary. The urge to have his way with her, right then and there, threatened to overtake him. Just a little bit further.

"What do you think you're-eeeeeee!" Signoury squealed as he tossed her into waist high water. She flew a couple feet before splashing into the lake. She was going to be furious but it was worth it.

"Finally!" He gasped as his wife's head broke the surface. His teeth were exposed, lips pulled back in huge smile. As expected she was angry but he could not help but laugh.

"Just what were you hoping to accomplish?" Her frustration sharpening her voice.

Her husband lowered his head and he waded even closer to her, stopping an arms length away. She was completely soaked, hair matted to her face, neck and shoulders, her white linen dress transparent against her light brown skin. In a swift motion Signoury brushed her long raven locks back so she could glare at him with her piercing brown eyes.

"I thought you needed to cool down. Figured I'd help." He finally replied.

He enjoyed this view of her and tilted his head to the side to take in the angular features of her face and deep red lips. His eyes followed the deep plunging neckline of her gown and pondered how her perky breasts still remained covered by the soaked linen. The struggles of her pregnancy, over four years ago, did nothing to steal her beauty.

Signoury caught her husband's gaze; her anger visibly diminishing. It was hard to stay upset at him with his sparkling emerald eyes and boyish demeanor. Slowly, she closed the small gap between them and tugged at his close shaven beard.

Suddenly, he shifted and quickly reached below the surface to adjust his captured erection beneath his waterlogged leather pants. Her scowl softened and her heart melted at the sheepish grin he offered.

"I-I mean it's-" he stammered awkwardly. " hard..."

"Gad?" She quickly interjected.

"Yes, dear?"

"Good sir knight?" she teased stooping low and dipping her hands deeper into the water.

"Yes, fair maiden?" He replied curiously.

"I assure you," her voice sounding shy and sweet, quickly she scooped up lake water and splashed it in his face, "I'm not the one that needs to cool down!"

As soon as the first droplets touched his skin, Gadyel lunged at her. His arms wrapped around her so quickly as he tackled her, all she could do was hold her breath and let the lake swallow them both.

After several seconds the drenched couple pushed their way to their feet. Gadyel pressed his nose into the crook of his elbow while his wife gasped for air. Both of them were overcome by laughter.

Finally, Signoury was able to control herself. She planted one hand on the crotch of his pants and wrapped her other arm around the back of his neck.

He lowered his arm and pressed his forehead to hers. "The boy is a very light sleeper," he managed to whisper feeling her stroke him. "I'm pretty close. I can finish myself and be there for him, when he wakes up."

It broke her heart to hear her husband sound so apologetic. His words were true though. Due to the nomadic lifestyle forced upon them, their young son had developed abandonment issues. His fits were sporadic at best, however, when the rare occasion presented itself where the little boy was sufficiently exhausted the couple would seize that opportunity and fuck like rabbits.

Signoury studied him for awhile, watching his eyes follow her hand as she alternated from cupping to tracing his bulge with her fingertips. His mouth parted and his breathing was heavy. She enjoyed the control he gave her over moments like this. Never once had she met a man so honorable and pure of heart. Never once had she met someone that made her feel like a queen.

Her husband lifted his eyes to gaze into hers, awaiting a response. It was impossible for him to hold out any longer. Carefully, she leaned in letting their lips come together. In an instant the world melted away. The choice had been made with a single kiss.

Feverishly, he tried to undo the buttons of his pants. The demanding mouth of his woman was making it extremely difficult. He continued to fumble around, trying to keep up with her twisting tongue between his lips.

Luckily, she was ready. A couple seconds was all it took to have him freed from his damp prison and in hand. He moaned as she used her thumb to play with the head of his penis just before encasing him in her grip.

With a stroke of luck he was able to unbutton his heavy linen shirt. The promise of feeling the warmth of his wife's flesh pressed against his well muscled chest was worth losing buttons for.

Ever so slowly, she massaged his hardened member from base to head. A smile crossed her lips when she felt her mate swallow hard. Her efforts were rewarded by a slight thick spill from his tip.

Maneuvering them both carefully toward the beach, Signoury pushed her free hand further down his muscular back side. "We're both going to need to keep watch." Her voice was deep as she stroked him with her left hand and dug her nails deep into his ass with her right.

"How do you want me?" Gadyel was unsure of how best to continue and left his entire body in her soft warm hands. It wasn't until they were far enough from the deeper waters that Signoury took his right hand and forced it against the cleft of her firm rear end.

Spinning around, she dropped to her knees and stared up at him. She passed her tongue between her lips hungrily watching him buck as he breathed.

Again, he swallowed hard, staring down at her appreciatively. He placed his hands to the back of her head, allowing his fingers to spread her silky tresses, and closed his eyes.

Carefully, he fed himself to the warm wetness of her eager open mouth. Signoury angled her head and neck to easily take in his inches and applied a light suction as he rocked his hips back and forth, in and out, lubricating him from base to tip with her tongue. It was a miracle Gadyel managed to keep control. His lover had signaled where she wanted him and he intended to fulfill her desire.

The smooth thickness of his shaft inside her was such a wonderful treat. The taste of his flesh mixed with that of his lingering precum was a flavor she could not resist.

He sighed and smiled as she deep throated his length. Strangely enough, being between her teeth had become one of his favorite places. Signoury remembered every attempt she made to take him this way, five years ago, how little he understood of sex and the functions of his own body. It was the very first time he had frightened her.

That time she thought he would snap her collarbones with his bare hands. She had been on her knees and was just about to take him in her mouth when something happened inside his mind. His training from the order, and the uncertainty of what she was going to perform on him, collided causing him to grab her by the shoulders and forcibly yank her to her feet.

He was shaking so much consumed with confusion and rage. She never forgot the words he shouted in her face.

"Do you know what that is? Do you know what it does?" He roared. His emotions instantly switched gears when he saw the fear in her eyes and the quivering of her lips. Filled with genuine sorrow, his voice quiet and breaking, he asked her, "why would you do that? Do you even know what comes out of it?"

Thinking back, there was something about him that kept her from walking out on him. She was glad she stayed and took the time to explain, with a small amount of pleading, what she wanted to do to him and with him.

The horrified expression on his face, back then, when he grudgingly allowed her to take him back and the childlike whine as he repeated "why would anyone want to taste that" over and over again, made her chuckle.

The sudden vibrations from inside her mouth caused him to moan even more. He could not continue. Lifting his head to the sky he released his grip on her and removed himself. "Are you ready?"

The beautiful woman turned to face their tiny home and smiled at the thought of the little four year old asleep within those walls. Planting her hands into the mud, she angled her back and raised her rear for him. She wiggled her backside at him to signal her readiness.

The saliva from the mouth of his lover was glistening in the sunlight as he crouched low behind her. The lovely white gown he adored was now keeping him from his goal. Running his hands against the backs of her thighs he lifted the hem of the muddy linen and pushed it back towards her shoulders.

Her incredible rear was a little more prepared than he expected. "No...panties..." he mused. Unaware he made his observation out loud he let his nose glide against the smooth flawless rise of her cheeks.

"It's my husband's special day." She responded and lightly pushed back against his face.

Gadyel worked himself into position, straddling her legs between his, and spit on the little pucker of flesh he was about to enter. There were so many things his eighteen year old self would have been disgusted by. He crawled forward and held her hips steady.

Leaning low he let his torso connect with her back. "Uhn." His tip missed the mark so he guided himself to her smallest opening with his right hand.

Signoury felt the gentle pressure of his smooth thick head at her tiny narrow entrance. The start was never the most comfortable for her so she dug her fingers deeper into the dirt and clenched her eyelids shut.

With a deep grunt he pushed himself into her. The moisture he helped supply allowed him to travel a couple inches. He started slowly with his thrusts, biting the base of his wife's neck like a wild animal.

The faster he moved the more she squealed as his thickness stretched her muscles opening her up for more. A stinging pain temporarily lit up her back as he pressed on. "Oh, god," she moaned as his hands moved up her body to her shoulders. "Oh!"

Gadyel's head lolled while trying to watch himself move in and out of her and keep an eye on the large dark window facing them. His teeth clenched together so tightly when he finally fit himself completely inside her.

She was so tight around him. It had to be enough to finish him off. He rotated his hips is a circular motion making her pant as his cock weaved from side to side, deep inside. "Oh, Gad!" She purred with delight, "oh yes!"

Struggling to maintain control of himself, mouth hanging open as he set his left foot on the dirt, leaving his right knee in its place, he positioned himself for more power in his thrusts.

Signoury felt his strong hands slide to the base of her neck. She put her tongue between her teeth and smiled as he playfully squeezed her.

Gadyel was ready. With a few grunts he continued to hammer into her, using her shoulders to pull her tighter against him. His muscles tightened while his wife did her best to match each stroke. She felt amazing beneath him, around him, all over him.

"Nnnnnnh." He moaned, feeling so much pressure build up inside him. So close.

Signoury felt her lover start to tense. His grip on her was even tighter. "Cum for me!" Her voice was low and soothing as she urged him to climax. "Come on, Gadyel! Cum for me!"

"Oh. Oh, Light!" He murmured. His eyelids slammed shut and he bowed his head. His pace was nothing more than desperation and it was driving his wife crazy.

"Cum for me!" She pleaded.

Three fast, hard, thrusts and Gadyel achieved his orgasm.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnh!" He groaned and his head snapped back. His entire body shuddered against her as his hips crashed into her again and again, filling her tight hole with his seed.

Gadyel's exhausted body collapsed into hers. The arms of his poor wife were unable to offer the needed stability to support them both.

The couple fell against the beach, her husband's hands still around the base of her neck, head resting on her back, his waning erection still buried inside her anus.

"Signoury?" Gadyel whispered, carefully pulling out of her.

"What are you doing to my mom?!" A high pitch scream ripped through the air.

Both husband and wife were snapped out of their after glow and staring straight ahead. Their mouths hung open as they noticed a furious child standing inches away.

It seemed like an eternity passed before either of them could speak.

" the light..." Gadyel muttered completely mortified, still partially inside of his lover.

Signoury heard his tone and buried her face in her hands. She wanted to laugh at this new situation but did not want to upset their son. "James, it's okay." She said as calmly as she could.

"NO!" The boy shouted and stomped his right foot into the mud. "He's choking you!"

His father suddenly realized where his hands were and removed them from his wife's neck. He ran his fingers through his short reddish hair, trying to come up with a child friendly explanation. "Son-"

"No!" James shouted again.

"James, it's-" Signoury tried to speak again but was shut down.

"No! Remember when you tripped and hit your head against the wall?! You peed your pants, dad! Mom got on her KNEES to take your pants off!"

The boy's father winced. He did indeed remember what happened although the events were quite different from what Signoury had told the boy.

"Or how about when you got stuck in the bed?! Mom climbed on top of you to get you off!" The child's expression was so full of betrayal and fear, Gadyel was half expecting him to break down in tears.

Signoury, her palms still glued to her face, started to shake and snort. It was so hard to hold back her laughter. Her husband, on the other hand, was completely embarrassed and wishing she had been more careful with phrasing when addressing their child.

"It's okay, Mom! I'll protect you!" The little one's voice was defiant. "How about when Mom was choking and you saved her by-"

Gadyel had reached his limit. Blushing furiously, he slipped the rest of the way out of his wife and tucked himself back into his pants.

"Gad?" Signoury managed to look up as her man stood and took their son by his left arm.

"I've got him. I'll handle this." He regarded her with a nod and led their son to the front of the house.

After a moment he knelt before the child. "James." He tried to look into the boy's eyes but the youth would have none of it.

"Why do you hate, mom?"

"What?" Gadyel was genuinely confused by his son's reasoning.

"Women are to be respected and are worthy of love and protection, dad! You told me that! You were hurting her. I heard you."

"James," came his father's careful response, "I love your mother. I've loved her since before you were born-since the first time I laid eyes on her." He had never encountered other parents before and wondered how they would handle a situation like this-if they had to worry about it at all.

The young Halpford shook his head and folded his arms. His eyes briefly met his father's before he turned to look away.

"James. Son," the twenty three year old marveled at his child. The little one looked so much like his mother. He had her skin tone, deep chestnut colored eyes, and raven black hair.

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