tagIncest/TabooLife After College Ch. 01

Life After College Ch. 01


This story is completely fiction and should be an ongoing story that will involve a wide variety of fetish and taboo. The story will start with mother and son but will expand into many other arenas as well, so if you do not wish to read about incest, fetish, lesbianism, gay males, orgies, threesomes, cross dressing and many other topics I plan to include, then do not read on. I hope you like it.


I arrived at the Philadelphia airport a few minutes before my mother was due to land. Her flight was on time from Phoenix. My mother (Jennifer) was flying in to drive back across the country home with me to Arizona. You see, I just graduated college and while here I bought a car and didn't want to sell it now that I was moving back to my home state. I was going to drive it home, but mom wouldn't hear of me doing that alone driving thousands of miles.

My name is Nick and this is my life after college.

The plan was simple, mom flies into Philly today, she helps me pack up tomorrow and we hit the road to Arizona the next morning. Mom and I would take shifts driving and we would only drive during the day, planning on making it a 5 to 6 day trip home. We could easily make it in 3 days, pushing it and driving longer than really needed, so mom wanted us to bond and spend quality time together. Basically like a vacation.


Mom has always been a little hot piece of ass, of course I have only ever fantasized about that piece of ass. Masturbating thinking of her was a regular occurrence when I was at home in Phoenix and still is even across the country from her. So when I saw her in baggage claim, my heart leapt in my chest, okay let's face it, actually my cock jumped in my pants. As I approached my hot mom, I just drank in her sexiness in a little white sundress.

She turned in time to see me approaching and embraced me into a big hug. Mom is only 5 foot 4 and at 5 foot 11 myself, her head landed on my shoulder and my stirring cock pressed against her belly. We hugged for a good 30 seconds and by the time she stepped back, my cock was at half staff and I hoped she didn't notice.

"Having a tough day baby?" mom asked.

"Nope, great day now that you're here." I responded as I noticed her eyes dart down to my crotch and the bulge I was now sporting.

"Well what a reception." She replied.

Then we waited for her bags, chatted and slowly my cock deflated. Finally grabbing her suitcase and exiting to the car. We drove back to my apartment, but not without a few strange looks from her.


"Honey, where's a good place to get dinner and drinks tonight?"

"Mom, right down the street are a few good places to eat, I'll be ready in 10 minutes."

I walked into my room, pushed the door shut, and dropped my shorts. If I'm going out with mom tonight, I don't think it would be good for me to be wearing panties. Yes, that's one of my little secrets; I love to wear women's panties. Preferably a pair worn by a lover, but sometimes that doesn't work just due to size. This pair I was wearing was sheer and see-through, the boy shorts type girls wear. They always make me feel great and I love the silky feeling on my cock.

It was only a moment I took to look at myself in my hot panties, but it was that moment mom came through the door. "Oh.... Oh I..... Sorry honey!" As her eyes bored into my panty covered cock, she backed out of the room, her eyes stuck on my crotch. She closed the door. Shocked and not knowing what to do or say, I just sat on my bed, put my head down and thought..."FUCK!"

Taking more than the 10 minutes I had said, I gathered myself together and knew it was going to be a long night. For that matter a long trip home.

Pretending like nothing was wrong, with my best brave face I said; "You ready?"

Her simple reply was; "Let's go." We headed out and down the street, not saying a word. After a couple hundred yards, we turned into a little pizza bistro and waited to be seated. The wait wasn't long and mom and I weren't saying anything, not to mention we haven't even looked each other in the eyes.

Mom began to speak as the hostess called my name. Promptly following her to our table all the way in the back of the room, we sat in a booth basically secluded from everyone else.

The hostess added; "Todd will be your waiter today, but until he comes may I take your drink order?"

"Vodka Martini, dirty with three olives please." Mom ordered and the hostess looked at me, and I just said; "Make it two." She headed off and we now sat facing each other in awkwardness.

"Honey, I am so sorry about walking in on you and..."


"Well." She stammered, and then added "I guess I was just surprised. I am really sorry."

"Mom, I'm sorry too, can we just forget it happened?"

"Well, I don't know about forgetting but I guess we can pretend it didn't happen."

The drinks arrived with Todd and we ordered a large pizza and an antipasto salad. But before Todd left, mom made sure to order a second round of martinis.

"Thanks mom, I know these martinis will help."

Food and drinks followed, we got back to some normalcy in our conversation. We talked about dad, my brother and my two sisters back home. We ate and drank, neither of us eating a whole lot, but we certainly had our share of martinis. I had a nice buzz and I think mom was halfway to drunk. We both needed to get our heads straight after the incident.

Todd brought us the bill and mom paid. Getting up seemed to be a challenge for mom in her state, so I helped her up and we waddled back to the apartment arm in arm laughing and joking. Once inside she crashed on the sofa and I grabbed a beer. Mom was definitely drunk now.

"Can I ask you a question baby?" Slurring all the way through her words.

"Sure mom, what's up?"

"How big?"

"What do you mean?"

"How big are you?" she asked again, now dropping her eyes to my crotch; "How big is your...?" I don't think she could bring herself to say penis or dick or whatever word she preferred.


"Honey, I'm sorry but I want to know." She openly stared now.

"Mom, you're drunk." Forcing a giggle after I said it.

"What's so funny honey....funny honey...funny honey." She repeated and laughed at her statement.

"Well I assumed you would have asked about the panties, not my... my cock."

"Doesn't matter how you cover it baby, it matters how you use it." She giggled and continued "So how big is it.... YOU'RE COCK!" and burst out laughing at saying it.

"Mom." Was all I could say.

She settled down a little on the sofa and started; "Baby, did you get a hard on at the airport because of me?" Then hiccupped and went on; "It felt so big against me today and looked even bigger in your hot pants." Her head twirled and she hiccupped again. "Mmmmmm."

My fantasy sat slumped in front of me almost half passed out and talking about my cock, her son's cock. It sounded like she liked what she felt and saw, but drunken and slurring, I didn't know where she was going with this. Was this my chance?

"Mom?.....Mom?" She passed out.

I walked over to the sofa, leaned over and picked her up. She couldn't be more than 115 or 120 lbs, maybe a little more; she did have nice sized tits. Completely loose, she just flailed around in my arms and I carried her to my bed. Gently I placed her on the bed, and kissed her on her forehead. As I was standing, her hand reached and clamped onto my crotch. I stood motionless feeling the hand squeeze and knead my cock through my jeans.

She managed to roll herself slightly onto her side for a better angle, her eyes still closed; my prick grew with each passing moment and rub. I didn't know what to do, so I stood still and enjoyed the groping I was receiving.

Within a minute I was rock hard and mom stroked the length of my cock over my jeans. My jeans are as tight as can be now, my dick stretching them. She deftly maneuvered it until the head sprouted from the top of my pants at an angle and she then just used one finger to run around the purple head jutting out.

"Oh mom." I whispered and she found the energy to sit up onto the edge of the bed. I couldn't see if her eyes were open or not in the dim light, but she moved her head to her hand that was still fingering my cock head. In a split second I felt her tongue licking pre-cum from my slit as both her hands started unbuckling my pants.

"Oh mom." I repeated and moaned as she got my pants opened and her tongue ran around the large throbbing head. Dropping her head down about an inch onto my cock she grasped the shaft with her left hand. "Mmmmmmm." She groaned.

Gently I put my hands on the side of her head and slowly slid my iron rod deeper in my mom's mouth. On the way out I brought the cockhead all the way to her lips, she tilted her head up to look at me and her eyes were closed, she smiled... Hiccupped and fell backwards on the bed, completely passed out.



That's part one, more to cum.

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