tagIncest/TabooLife After College Ch. 02

Life After College Ch. 02


This story is completely fiction and should be an ongoing story that will involve a wide variety of fetish and taboo. The story started with mother and son (read chapter 1 to get background) but will expand into many other arenas as well, so if you do not wish to read about incest, fetish, lesbianism, gay males, orgies, threesomes, cross dressing and many other topics I plan to include, then do not read on. I hope you like it.


Just a moment ago, my raging hard cock slipped from my mom's mouth. She looked up at me, smiled and passed out. "Shit."

I stand there thinking about what to do, or what not to do. I have a good buzz, but mom is passed out drunk and I don't know if she even knew what she was doing or who she was doing it with. "Shit." I repeated. Better judgment took hold in my head; I leaned down, lifted mom's legs and swung her body around so she was on the bed straight. The last time I was doing this, just 5 minutes ago, I kissed her head and not for a lack of trying, I kissed her head again in hopes this sexual situation would re-jump start. She didn't move. I kissed her again; this time on the lips lightly, still nothing. One last attempt, I ran my hand down her face, to her neck and above her tits on her chest. "Mom?" No answer.

My hand slid ever so slow to cup her breast over her white little sun dress. "Mom?" Still nothing, I raised my hand and thought better of it. I put my hand at the top of her chest and slid it under the sundress and bra until my hand was cupping her sexy tit. "Mom?"

With that, she was passed out and it seemed nothing would wake her. I couldn't take advantage of my passed out mom any further. My conscience took over and I removed my hand from her chest. Grabbing my pants, I zipped and buckled up over my straining cock and walked back into the kitchen to grab another beer. When I got there, I looked at the clock on the microwave; it was only 10:15. Fuck I was hot and horny and a cunt hair away from fulfilling my fantasies of fucking my mom. Well at the very least getting a blowjob from her, after all, my cock was in her mouth, albeit for only a stroke or two.

I opened the beer, swigged and knew I needed to clear my head. So I grabbed my keys and went for a walk, hopefully that will help my bulging erection subside.


Heading back down the street towards the bars and restaurants, I finished up my beer. The first bar I came to was a good bar that I had frequented before. It was fairly empty and only a couple doors down from the restaurant mom and I had eaten dinner at. I found a seat at the bar quite easily and ordered a beer. Then another, they seemed to go down easy.

I must have been there for 30 minutes or so when Todd our waiter from earlier came in and sat at the bar a few seats down. Todd immediately recognized me from earlier and asked why I was there alone and not with my date from earlier. I was about to explain and decided instead to just say; "Long story."

"I've got the time, I just got off work and I come here after work for a drink and hang out with Mike the bartender."

"Cool." I replied, "But it's not worth repeating."

Mike the bartender came back to the bar from somewhere and immediately leaned over the bar and kissed Todd. It wasn't a peck, it was a tongue diving passionate kiss, I couldn't help but stare. Worst then that, I couldn't help but be turned on by it.

I've always had fantasies about man on man sex, but it has always been just that; a fantasy. I considered myself hetero, but I had jerked off to thinking about a guy giving me head or me giving head. Every guy has thought about it.....right?

They broke the heated kiss and Todd apparently couldn't help but notice me staring. "Sorry for the PDA (Public display of affection) but we haven't seen each other in 3 days." I just sat with my mouth ajar and a growing bulge in my pants.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare."

"Its okay, Mike and I are very open. We're use to it. By the way, I don't think I caught you name earlier."


"Well Nick .... It seems you enjoyed watching...." He glanced down at my erection pushing at my pants again. "Did you enjoy watching?"

"Ummmm..." I had no idea how to respond to that.

"Don't fret about it Nick, I am just teasing you." He paused and added; "Relax. Mike, get Nick another beer would you." Mike grabbed another bottle, opened it and slid it front of me.

Mike finally chimed in; "Nick, if you liked that, you're more than welcome to watch....or join in after I get off work." He grinned; "We like to play."

Still dumbfounded I didn't answer. Todd slid over to the stool next to mine and put his hand on my thigh. "I'm sorry about Mike; he's always the aggressive one. If it's not your thing then just ignore him." Then patted my leg and removed his hand.

I sat and drank my beer, Mike called last call and handed me another beer. "On the house." People started leaving and my cock was still semi rigid and showing a nice bulge.

The bar was down to just 2 other patrons besides me when Todd got up to help Mike clean up. I didn't notice when the other patrons left and Mike locked the door.

I was just finishing up that last beer and noticed Mike approach Todd at the end of the bar. He slapped his ass and embraced him into another hot wet French kiss. As their lips parted; Mike proceeded to lather Todd's neck with kisses and Todd was staring at me while enjoying the attention.

My cock swelled and lurched. I took this time to drink in these two men that were tight together. Mike was a little over 6 foot , with a very nice build, full head of wavy brown hair and a goatee on his face. Mike is classically handsome. Todd was closer to my height, but slimmer, still very good looking, but he had a tight hair cut, but dirty blonde; no facial hair and very sexy blue eyes.

Did I just think that? Sexy Blue eyes? I thought to myself. Todd's tongue was running over his lips while Mike feasted on his neck. My eyes attached to Todd's.

Todd must have seen my uneasiness, and pushed Mike from the embrace. "I think we're embarrassing him." With that Mike came around to me and looked me over and said; "I doubt that."

I am still stuck speechless when Mike did something I was not prepared for, by running his ran over my bulge. "I think he likes it. I think he likes it a lot."

The only thing I could do was moan. His touch was exactly what I needed, but didn't know I wanted.

"Mmmmm." Mike purred. "You've got a nice big hard cock here Nick." As he continued to rub the front of my pants I moaned again. "This feel good?" Mike asked.

I nodded. Mike turned and beckoned Todd, but never took his hand off me. Todd approached and dropped immediately to his knees and opened Mike's slacks and removed his cock. Todd took a second to push Mike's pants down and dove head first onto Mike's flaccid cock. Sucking it deep into his mouth and slowly sliding it back out. I could see it growing as Todd's mouth went back and forth, bobbing in front of his lover.

Suddenly Mike's lips are at mine and pressing hard into me, trying to part my lips with his tongue. It was such a rush; I gave in, opened my mouth to receive his tongue and returned the kiss.

A second hand made it to my crotch, then a third hand. Todd had stopped his assault on Mike's prick and started opening my pants. The position I was in, he could unbuckle and unzip me but could not get my pants out of the way.

He stood, and pulled me up, effectively breaking my first kiss with a man. Using both his hands, he grabbed the sides of the waist band and my boxers, and went down. With them going down, my cock sprang up and slapped my belly covered shirt.

Mike reinserted his tongue into my mouth and Todd was on his knees again between us. While playing with Mike's tongue, Todd's hand was wrapped around my nine inch cock, and I felt his lips slide over the head and down over me. His first stroke down, he swallowed my entire cock and I could feel his nose pressed against my shirt. This is heaven.

Todd is the most amazing cocksucker; no one has ever taken my entire cock completely in a deep throat, so when he pulled off my cock, all I wanted was back in his throat. Which he promptly did 4 or 5 more times before he switched cocks.

After a minute or so of this, Todd stood and disposed of all of his clothes, then started undressing both Mike and I. Once we were all naked, in the middle of this bar, I stood looking at Mike's hard cock and Todd semi rigid tool.

"Have you ever given a blowjob before Nick?" Mike took control.

Finding my voice for the first time; I croaked "No."

Mike put his hands and my shoulders and started pushing down, I knew what he was telling me and I was so fucking horny that I didn't hesitate to drop onto my knees. Both of them standing in front of me, Mike asserted; "Stroke his cock with your hand until he's hard." I followed the instructions and reached for Todd's dick. It was only inches from my face and I wanted it in my mouth. My mouth was watering staring at this 5 inch semi flaccid prick I was stroking. So I leaned forward to accept it and Mike stopped me. "No. You do as I say and only what I say! You understand?"

I nodded, but that was what Mike wanted. "Tell me." He commanded.

"Yes." Was all I could muster.

"Now spit in your hand and stroke him until he is completely hard."

I retrieved my hand from Todd's cock, spit in it and returned in to the place Mike wanted it. I stroked him until he was rock hard as I was told. "Good, now kiss and lick my cock while you stroke his." Mike again commanded and I followed. "Yeah that feels good, now lick and suck my balls." And I did.

"You're gonna be my cum slut tonight." And I nodded. "Say it." He yelled.

"I'm your cum slut."

"Good, now suck my cock and make it good. Todd get on your knees behind him and lick his ass." Mike was not only aggressive, he was in charge. Todd and I knew it and did as we were told. I inserted the head of Mike's dick in my mouth, noticing the combination of musk smell, salty pre-cum taste and beer.

I have to say it was rather enjoyable being told what to do and how and when to do it. I felt submissive and was the sub to Mike dominance. To add to this, the first cock I was sucking, I guess this isn't a fantasy anymore. I took more of his cock in. I am a cocksucker!

At the same time, Todd spread my ass cheeks and inserted his tongue to the rim of my anus, running it in a neat circle and this drove me wild. I moaned with my mouth stuffed, Mike noticed and took me by the head. Then he started fucking my face, stuffing as much as him into me as I could take. A couple times I gagged and Mike found the depth that I could handle without choking. He used hard fast strokes and complimented me; "You're a good cocksucker my little slut. Take that cock you slut."

Mike slowed his pace and instructed us again. "Todd come around here and get your dick licked lover, he has a wonderful mouth." I smile around the tool in my mouth proud my first blowjob was making him happy. When Todd got around in front of me, Mike got me into the position he wanted, on all fours like a dog. Todd kneeled and fed me his smaller rod and Mike got behind me. My second cock ever and I was feeling good, I could feel Mike spread my ass cheeks and then the tip of his cock was at my asshole. He paused, got up and came back in less than a minute; all the while I was taking Todd's entire smaller unit.

Mike's cock was back at the entrance of my anus, but I could feel the rubber tip. He was obviously sober because the state I was in, I wouldn't have had the thought of putting a condom on. Then he pushed and the cock head popped in my ass with shear pain and I grimaced. This wasn't his first time so, he knew to take his time and after another few moments he started to push into me inch by inch. The further he got in my ass, the less pain there was. When he reached my prostate and explosion of pleasure went off in my head, and there was no more un-comfort. It was all pleasure.

Todd and Mike took complete control now, hands on my head and hips; Mike started pounding my ass and Todd ramming my mouth. I was Cumming without being touch, I was on overload.

It only took a couple of minutes and Todd was tensing up, Mike was grunting. Cum flashed into my mouth and throat and I felt the rubber in me expand, I had cum shooting in me from both ends at the same time. My cock was still hard.

The cock in my mouth slid slowly out; all wet with saliva and cum, but still hard. Todd started running it all over my face so I stuck my tongue out and cleaned it as best I could as it deflated. Mike pulled his spent cock out of my ass holding the rubber tight as to not let it get stuck. He stood, walked around in front of me, removed his condom careful not to lose the cum gathered in it.

"Lick my cock clean and then you can have a treat."

I did as I was told and cleaned his cock and balls with my mouth, still in my doggy position.

"Close your eyes and tilt your head back." He commanded and I followed. He poured his cum over my face masking me with as much of his cum he could squeeze from the condom.

"Todd lick his face clean and share my cum with him."

He did...we did.


More to cum.

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