tagRomanceLife after Death Ch. 08

Life after Death Ch. 08

byExecutive Gent©

I woke up to find Rachel beside me in bed, curled up nicely in the sheets. Rachel's shiny long black hair was all tangled up and she was sound asleep. I could see that she was nude under the sheets. Actually we both were, because we were so tired after last night's love making that we collapsed into the bed, drifting off into a sound dreamless sleep, the type that comes only when everything is just perfect.

"This weekend is turning out to be really exhausting," I smiled. Teasingly I started to tug at Rachel's side of the sheet, pulling it away from her sleeping body, when she suddenly caught hold of it with one hand

"Steve behave darling," Rachel said, sounding very sexy.

"How come you didn't say that to me last night," I said taunting her.

Rachel was trying hard not to sound sleepy and was making a really bad effort at it." Steve … get up now.. We have the whole weekend to ourselves, lets get up, I'll feed the horses and we can go out".

"Sweety, I've got a better idea, why don't we spend this glorious morning making love to each other" I said grinning.

"I guess, that is all we have been doing for the last week. So now lover, get up and get dressed and lets go out," Rachel picked up a pillow and hit me bang on the head.

Rachel started to get up to go to the bathroom and as she got up I tugged at the bed sheets as she rose. The bed sheets fell off her, and so as Rachel stood up she was completely and beautifully naked.

"Steve, don't do that," she said, trying to sound annoyed, but not really caring at all.
"Hey baby, turn around for me please," I asked her.

Rachel turned her head around and grinning said, " No way Sunshine, if I turn around or come back I'll never get ready today!!" With that she started to make her way to the bathroom. I could still make out the little grin on Rachel's face, and I couldn't help but look at her from head to toe. Her shapely legs were ample proof that she took good care of herself. Her legs curved beautifully into her hips along her bum. I tried to remember if I had noticed how her fantastic legs had been, when I first saw Rachel at Miles and Helen's Stables back in February. Sweet memories were coming to me of that first Sunday afternoon together, as I looked at her slim waist and her bare back as she sauntered into her bathroom.

"Wow, I can't believe how lucky I am," I thought

Rachel disappeared into the bathroom and pulled the door lightly. I could hear the water starting. I lay in bed silently as my thoughts wandered to last night. I couldn't believe we both felt so strongly about each other, and I knew how happy we would make each other. I sat there wondering how my family, in particular Jane's parents would feel about this development, I decided that could wait. As I let my mind wander back to last night, it was so beautiful, our love making, so soft and tender, I began to feel a familiar stirring in between my legs as I got aroused by these thoughts and noticed my shaft begin to grow really erect.

" Hell with going out," I said, to myself as I started to move towards the bathroom. I stood outside it still stark naked and tried to hear Rachel inside, under the shower, humming softly. I slowly opened the door and went inside. The steam was really filling up the bathroom as I felt the sudden humidity inside; I could make out Rachel's shape inside the shower cubicle as the hot soapy water cascaded over her body.

Rachel heard me enter and shouted out; "Steve, get out of here, we haven't got time for this today".

Rachel poked her head out of the shower, her hair all wet and looked at me waiting for me to answer.

"Don't look at me that way darling, I love you so much and seeing you like that, makes me lose control" and I began making my way into the shower.

Rachel stood staring, watching me move towards the cubicle still totally naked. I reached her and slowly started to pull open the door. Rachel moved back a little as I feasted my eyes on her beautiful body. Her body glistened as the water flowed down it and over her hands, down her firm breasts and stomach and then down her legs as my eyes traced a path. Moving closer I started to kiss her on the lips, and could feel the shower wetting me as our lips met in a sweet kiss. As I started to kiss Rachel passionately, my hands ran down her back, moving across it and pulling her closer.

I could feel her soft breasts under my chest, her nipples already starting to get erect. Rachel was by now breathing very heavily. She could feel the dampness between her legs and she felt my hard shaft press against her.

"Hey babe," I said, breaking from the kiss "You still want to go out?"

Rachel looked at me with a look in her eyes that was filled with pure passion and said

"I've got a better idea, why don't we spend the beautiful morning making love to each other because my love, you've just made me horny as hell"

"Ha, Result!!" I said laughing.

I scooped her up in my arms and started to carry her outside the bathroom, the water still dripping everywhere.

"No Steve, I want you right here and right now baby" Rachel said huskily, the words were coming out with great difficulty. All she wanted to do right now was to make sweet love to me.

I pushed her to the floor; Rachel lay down, the water from shower still dripping off her. She lay back with her eyes closed knowing very well what was going to come next, waiting for it to happen. I was kind of half lying and half sitting besides Rachel, admiring her naked beauty. Her breasts were heaving up and down with her heavy breaths. Rachel's nipples already erect. I slowly moved my hands across her breasts, feeling their softness. Starting to feel all along their soft shape, feeling the erect nipples under my hands. I moved my hands down to her stomach and looked at her. Rachel was lost in some faraway place, not believing that something could feel so good. I moved my hands along her jewelled navel, along her waist and then teasingly close to her pussy. I stopped just above her crotch, feeling the wet neatly trimmed hair and then again moved up to her breasts and started to massage them. I continued to tease her, wanting her to make the most of my loving hands. I was moving very close but still far from where Rachel wanted them to be. I could see that her breathing had become heavier and that she was making soft noises from the back of her throat

"Steve, don't torture me darling" Rachel said taking hold of my hand and pressing it to her aching pussy, making me feel how wet she really was down there.

"I want you there" she said huskily. I could make out the animal pleasure in her eyes as she surrendered herself to my mercy. Rachel's legs started to move apart giving me greater access to her most private parts. My hand started to move up and down the cleft of her pussy, the other one massaging her soft inner thighs. I continued to do this, feeling her wetness grow under the touch of my hands.

"Steve." Rachel said in an urging tone "Put it in darling… I want to feel your finger inside me".

I slowly started to insert my finger inside her raging hot pussy.

"Aaaagh" Rachel groaned, "push it in, I want more"

I started to move it in to the depths of her tight pussy. I continued to do so for quite some time listening to her moans, feeling her insides wrap tightly around my fingers, feeling her soft inner thighs. I started to kiss her again, with more passion this time, my tongue licking her face. My mouth started to move downwards towards her stomach, down to her thighs. I started to kiss her thighs, with my fingers still inside her dripping pussy. My mouth moved to the insides of her thighs, kissing them, licking them with my tongue, I could smell the musky odour of sex in the closed confines of the bathroom, driving me wild. I moved my mouth and kissed her pussy. I felt the heat generated at her pussy and it made me want her even more. I could feel the taste of her juices. My tongue slowly started rolling around her clit as she started to go wild. I continued giving her clit the much-needed attention it needed, with my tongue. I could feel it throbbing with arousal. I continued to kiss Rachel down there feeling her bush under her lips. I spread her legs roughly; the passion was taking over me as well, and continued to lick her right until Rachel was on the edge or her orgasm. Rachel was going crazy with pleasure as I pushed her body up to meet my mouth.

My tongue continued its dance in and around her pussy as Rachel started to buck her hips, nearly ready to climax. She started to climax, as her hips started to move upwards, and her legs seemed to start shaking as she orgasmed. She shuddered in delight for quite some time, a slight moan escaping from her mouth. I looked at her face; it was completely flushed as the last waves of pleasure passed over her brain, making her smile in delight.

Rachel opened her eyes and looked at me.

"That was wonderful darling," she said and looked at my naked body. Rachel stared hungrily at my massive erection

"Looks like you are ready Steve," she said in a voice filled with lust and desire.

"I am always ready for you darling" I said in a somewhat desperate tone as all I wanted was to orgasm like never before. I started to move on top of her. I started to kiss her, our tongues meeting passionately. I moved my mouth downwards to Rachel's breasts, kissing them, licking them. I sucked in Rachel's swollen nipples one at a time all the while feeling my hard cock moving along her body. I could feel my cock sliding along her flat stomach, along her groin..

I was still licking Rachel's breasts when she said

"Steve, make me yours, make love to me darling".

"Not so soon baby, I need to make you more horny" I told her.

"Can you feel that baby?" I asked as my cock was in my hands and I pushed it against her pussy.

"Yes darling, do it now " she said almost begging me to do it.

I started to position myself as Rachel parted her legs. Catching hold of my cock in her hand and positioned it against her pulsating pussy.

"Yesss baby, do it now" she screamed with pure animal pleasure.

I started to enter her as she cried out;

I started to penetrate, pulling Rachel closer to me, feeling my cock go deep inside her. She moaned loudly as I kissed her. My hands started to fondle her breasts a little more roughly as Rachel shouted out loud;

"Steve, do it faster baby."

I moved her against the wall and pinned her against it and used the extra support to penetrate even deeper inside her. My hands were now vigorously massaging her breasts, my passion almost hurting her tender breasts. I could see the passion in her eyes and was way too overwhelmed by the passion to notice anything other than what I was doing to her.

As my cock entered in the tight confines of her pussy, she could feel it filling her completely. I have a normal sized cock but it sure felt good to feel it all inside her. I started to move, trying to move inside her tight cunt. I started to kiss her as I started moving my hips to enter deep inside her. Rachel wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down feeling my hard cock reaching her deepest confines.

"Aaaghhh Steve, I am coming" she screamed out loud in passion as she started to orgasm. At the same time I could also feel my orgasm building but I still continued to thrust, pushing my cock deeper. Rachel started to orgasm holding me tight. Soon after, I could feel that even I was going to come and I shouted loudly;

"Even I am going to come now baby, hold tight." and then with one final thrust I started to come inside her. I could feel her insides gripping my hard cock as it started jerking.

"I love you Rachel," I groaned as I started to come, my semen spurting deep inside her. After a long time, when it was over I pulled my cock out and lay besides Rachel. I still had a blessed look on my face as I felt the last tremors of my orgasm. When I was finally all spent, and had pulled out from her, the both of us sat there on the bathroom floor too exhausted by our combined passionate lovemaking. Gently, I lifted her up and wrapped her in her robe and carried her back to bed.

Normally I would be up with the sun every morning, I loved to watch the dawn rise sitting at the kitchen table of my home looking out over the fields to the east with a mug of tea, and a couple of slices of hot buttered toast. This morning was very different having spent the night alone with Rachel for the first time, I sat and looked around the warm and friendly farmhouse kitchen that seemed to fit this rambling old farmhouse so perfectly, although it was gone 10.00 o'clock and I wasn't watching the sun rise looking out over the paddock I felt the same sense of peace. After poring myself another cup of tea I walked down the hall and up the stairs of the old house, quietly opened the bedroom door and leaned against the doorframe. There she was, sleeping in her bed, I stood there against the door frame taking her in her serene beauty, her silky dark hair falling around her shoulders and framing the soft features of her face. She was lying on her side wrapped around her pillow, the soft linen sheet tucked snugly around her body. I couldn't help but stare at the gentile curves of her body that made her seem as if she were a marble statue stretched out on the bed. I stood there for several minutes before turning and going back downstairs to the kitchen and sitting down to finish my tea. After a while I got up then went around straightening up the rest of house being careful not to wake her. Once I was done I went and stared out her living room window, allowing myself to get lost in my memories of recent weeks events. My watch beeped and brought me back to the present, when I looked at it I saw that it was 10:30. I smiled remembering how we had told each other how we felt last night and how great it had been to come back here with her and the wonder making love so tenderly and then again albeit more aggressively this morning on the bathroom floor. I also remembered that I had promised her breakfast as I left her in the bedroom earlier so I set to work.

As Rachel lay half sleeping, she dreamt of how her life had gone and of all the times during the last two weeks she nearly told Steve how much she loved him. She had been scared of his reaction, as she had known how broken he had been after the death of Jane. She had not been looking for a relationship, and never slept with anyone as quickly as she had with him, but from the first Saturday that he had brought Issy over and later Tim also, she felt as if she had met the love of her life. For the first few days she had wrestled with the fact that she had fallen under the spell of this courageous, but sad man, who was doing a tremendous job of bringing up his children alone, who she had already come to love as if they were her own. She had quietly tried to learn as much about him as possible without being to obvious, but in the end it was plainly evident to anyone who knew them how she was beginning to feel about him and although she didn't know it, the exact same feelings were true in reverse. From the minute they met again at the Regional Business Forum lunch, Steve had started to become alive again. She had also made the decision that she would embrace the memory of Jane and rather than try to erase it and replace her as his only love. She had talked to him about Jane, and encouraged him to deal with my grief, telling him that although they were together, if he needed to tell her things about his life with Jane, then that was fine. She wasn't prepared to try and become her replacement, but she was prepared to love him and the children without any judgement or prerequisite. She and Alice had even sat with Tim and Issy and watched the tape that Jane made for the children before she died. Obviously she wasn't a saint, but she understood the need to celebrate the wife and mother, whilst not sanctifying her memory. She intended to be loved for herself, but in her mind this was the natural way, there was no scheme or plan to snare him into marriage or anything other than, she was falling in love with him. So it seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

Slowly Rachel was roused from her dreamy thoughts, she was unsure of where she was for a second but as soon as she realised she was back in her bed a smile came to her face, knowing he had carried her there after their lovemaking. She pulled his pillow to her and took a deep breath, breathing in his scent. She began to think consciously about how they had met each other, and how much they had fallen in love in such a short time. She took a deep breath and smelled the aromas coming from the kitchen, getting up and making the bed, she grabbed his shirt from last night and a fresh pair of panties from the draw, loving the smell of him against her skin.

Smiling to herself she wandered down to the kitchen. Standing in the entrance to the kitchen from the hall, she watched him for a moment as he worked in her kitchen before he turned around and caught her.

"Good morning my love. You ok? How did you sleep?" I asked grinning lovingly at her.

"Best nights sleep I have had in a long time." she replied "You in my bed made it amazingly comfortable, I could have stayed there all day." She smiled warmly and walked over to lean against the counter between them and gave me a gentle kiss.

"Would you like some tea or coffee?" I asked as I turned around to pour myself another cup of tea.

" Coffee please with a little milk and no sugar." she smiled as she stepped around the counter.

I had not noticed that she was only in her panties and my shirt. I turned around to hand her a cup and almost dropped it when I saw her. She giggled when as she watched me.

"What's so funny?" I asked in an almost sarcastic tone.

"You are," she answered with a sly smile.

"I hope you are hungry. I made eggs, bacon, sausage,, baked beans, hash browns and toast for you this morning."

"You'll make me fat but I'm starved. Is it ready?" she laughed

"Yes darling. Why don't you sit down and I will bring you a plate. Do you want any thing to put on it?"

"No thank you babe." she replied

I served up our plates and brought them to the table. I handed her a plate, kissed her on the top of the head and sat down myself. I looked up at her and she was staring at me."

"What was that for?" she inquired.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself, I'm happy!." I said smiling. She just smiled at me with that smile that I had grown to love so much in recent weeks. I just smiled back at her hoping she could she see how much I loved her.

When we had finished eating we just sat and talked for a while. Rachel looked at the clock on the wall behind him and saw that it was almost 11:30. She stood up picked up our plates and went to the sink to rinse them off. As she walked away, I noticed my shirt barely covered her well-shaped, firm bum. While Rachel was standing at the sink I walked up behind her, put my hands around her waist and softly kissed her shoulder, then pulled her hair back and started kissing her neck. She tilted her head to the side, placing her hands on the edge of the sink and took a deep breath. She could hear her heart pounding in her head and as I began to nibble on her ear she could feel herself getting wet. She pressed against me and reached up and turned off the water as she turned around in my arms. As our eyes locked

"Is this ok?" I asked in almost a whisper. "I want you so much. I have wanted you again since I saw you lying on the bed just now, you looked so beautiful lying there."

"Rachel, I want you so much right now and want to make love to you again."

She just answered me with a soft, slow kiss. We melted together in our combined passion. Our kisses started out slow and patient. I opened my mouth slowly and she followed. Our tongues met and fought for dominance for a moment before I conceded and let Rachel have her way. Her tongue explored my mouth carefully, and then she signalled my tongue to follow hers. I explored her mouth with care and precision. As we kissed, my hands slid down her back to her ass. I squeezed it firmly and she let out a soft moan. Rachel was playing with my hair and she felt my hands slide up under the shirt she was wearing. My hand on her bare skin was almost too much. Rachel was so wet that the satin of her panties felt cool on her skin and she thought we were going to start dripping.

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