tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 2

Life after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 2


This is part 2 of the 3 parts.

I felt Amy stir early as she got up to get ready for work. I watched as she stood and retrieved her nipple jewels from the mantel then she headed up the stairs. Dawn was still holding me, when Amy left Sam snuggled up against me and held on to me. I lay there thinking things couldn't get much better.

"Merry Christmas honey," Dawn said as she woke up.

"Merry Christmas to you," I said.

Dawn rose up on one elbow and looked at Sam snuggled up next to me holding me with one arm.

"I will leave you two here while I go fix coffee and breakfast," Dawn said with a big smile. "Take your time."

Dawn stood up and picked up her pajama top from the sofa and slipped it on. She walked back over to Sam and pulled the blanket over her naked body then she placed a couple of logs on the smoldering embers in the fireplace. Sam was sleeping like a baby.

Later Amy came down and was talking to Dawn as she ate. Sam woke up when she heard them.

"Good morning Sam," I said to her.

I could tell that for a minute she was puzzled by where she was and who she was holding.

"Good morning!" Sam said with a big smile as she hugged me tight.

Sam slowly ran her hand down to my cock, it was partially hard already from looking at her. She rubbed it until I was completely hard.

"You like that?" Sam asked.

"Yes I do, and I like waking up with you in the morning."

Sam giggled,

"I can't believe I got all this in me, how long is it?"

"Dawn measured it once in college and she said it was over 8 inches."

"It looks and feels bigger than that."

Sam reached across me and picked up Dawn's 10 inch dildo from last night.

"Let's see," Sam said as she stood the dildo up and held my cock up next to it.

When I looked my cock was almost as long as the dildo.

"It looks longer than that to me," Sam said as she looked.

Dawn walked over to check on us.

"What are you doing Sam?" Dawn asked with a giggle.

"Dawn, James said you measured his cock once and said it was over 8 inches, I think it is longer than that."

"It was over 8 and half inches when I measured it years ago."

"It is almost as long as this dildo and it is 10 inches," Sam said.

"The dildo is probably not really 10 inches long."

"I don't know, it looks and feels bigger than 8 inches," Sam told Dawn.

"Well give me a minute and I'll get something to measure with," Dawn told her as she walked off.

"What are you guys doing?" Amy said from the kitchen.

"We are going to measure James' cock," Sam said.


"I think it is longer than what Dawn said," Sam told her.

Amy got up and walked over.

"See, it is almost as long as the dildo."

"Wow, it is."

Dawn walked back up.

"Here is a ruler Sam."

"Okay, but if we are going to measure I want to make sure it is completely hard.

Sam moved and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it for a minute while Amy and Dawn watched.

"Maybe that will help," Sam said as she stopped and took the ruler from Dawn.

Sam placed the ruler up to my cock and looked.

"Dawn, it is over 9 and half inches long!" Sam said.

"Are you sure?" Dawn said as she got down on her knees and took the ruler and measured.

"Damn honey, did you grow?" Dawn said.

"I don't know, you are the one that measured it."

"That was a long time ago, you are over 9 and half inches!"

"Maybe it grew from all the good sex."

All the girls giggled.

"Something, do men's cocks get longer as they get older?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know. I don't keep up with it."

"Well ladies, it appears we have been underestimating my husband," Dawn said with a giggle.

"Damn, I knew I felt stretched to my limits!" Sam said.

"Well Sam, do you want some breakfast or would you like to have sex right now?" Dawn asked.

"Breakfast, I am starved," Sam said. "Sorry James, later."

Sam and I got up and walked toward the kitchen.

"Merry Christmas sis," Amy said.

"Yes it is!" Sam replied.

Sam hadn't bothered to put on the pajamas and neither had I. Sam and I sat down and ate with Amy and Dawn, there was some talk about the previous night.

"I have got to go," Amy said as she got up. "See you all later."

"Come home early if you can," Sam told her as she headed for the door in her scrubs and a sweater.

Dawn and Sam gathered up the dishes from breakfast and then Dawn turned to me and reached out with her hand.

"Come with me big boy and I'll finish taking care of you," Dawn said.

Dawn grabbed my hand and began leading me to the stairs.

"Sam, what are you sitting there for?" Dawn ask as she got to the bottom of the stairs. "Come on and help!"

Sam got up and ran over to us. Watching her breasts bounce as she ran only added to my morning erection. Dawn reached for Sam's hand and led us both upstairs to our bedroom. Once we were there Dawn lay down on the bed and motioned for me to lie beside her.

"You see Sam, guys will wake up with these great erections in the morning and if you don't take advantage of it they will just end up jerking off and wasting a perfectly good hard-on," Dawn said to Sam with all seriousness.

"Every morning?" Sam asked.

"Just about. I usually blow him to wake him up in the morning. Come over here and join us."

Sam sat down on the edge of the bed just as Dawn leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Dawn was sucking on me but she was doing more to get me slick than sucking me off.

"That should be good enough," Dawn said as she released my cock from her mouth.

Dawn moved so that she straddled my hips. She reached for my cock and lowered herself so that I was at the entrance to her pussy. She reached down with her other hand and spread her lips wide. She lowered herself and let me slide into her pussy. She worked herself up and down a few times, within a minute she had all of me inside her as she sat on me with her full weight.

"Dawn how do you do that so fast?" Sam asked.

"It just takes getting used to that's all. It does help to have been fucked a few thousand times by it," Dawn said with a smile at Sam.

Dawn began to grind her hips against me, moving my cock around slowly inside of her.

"Sam, we are not going to leave you out. Climb up here and sit on his face...that is okay with you isn't honey?" Dawn asked.

"Works for me, climb on up here Sam, you wanted me to eat you."

Slowly Sam moved up toward the head of the bed.

"Face me Sam," Dawn said.

Sam looked at me and then lifted a leg and placed it on the other side of my head as she positioned herself. Her young bald pussy looked very inviting from my angle. She lowered herself down slowly, hesitating. I reached up with both hands and grabbed her hips and pulled her down on to my waiting mouth.

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed. "No guy has ever let me do it like this! This is hot!"

I moved her around a little then drove my tongue into her waiting pussy.

"Oh my!" Sam exclaimed.

"Sam, do you get much oral sex from the guys you date?" Dawn asked.

"No, not much at all. They all just want to suck on my breasts."

"That's too bad. You will find as men get older and more mature they will be more interested in pleasing you. James can make up for that while you are here," I heard Dawn say.

I drove my tongue in and out of Sam's pussy, she had a musky taste from that night. While I was licking the walls of her pussy I was thinking about the incredible fuck she had gotten last night. Dawn began to work her magic on me as she wiggled her hips. I pulled Sam down harder onto my mouth.

"Oh that feels good!" Sam said.

"This does too!" Dawn replied.

I pulled Sam back a little so I could tongue her clit. When I reached it she stiffened, I held on to her and continued my assault on her clit. Sam moaned more as I circled her clit, her juices were beginning to flow from her pussy. I could tell that Dawn had leaned back and was now humping her hips up and down. The pressure on my cock from her leaning back plus the sensation of sliding in and out of her was great. I was beginning to think that Dawn was showing off, showing Sam how easily she could slide me all the way out and back down on me.

I focused on the young pussy sitting on my face, Sam had begun to moan and squirm some forcing herself down harder on to my mouth. I began sucking on her pussy lips then pulling her clit down into my mouth. Sam leaned forward a little so I could get better access to her clit. I could feel her clit swelling, she had a larger clit than Amy and it was sticking out quite a bit, I sucked on it harder as I drew more of it into my mouth, I hadn't seen her large clit the night before.

Dawn had leaned forward and changed the angle I was penetrating her, she was now furiously slamming herself up and down on my cock. It was hard to distinguish between Dawn and Sam's moaning. I felt Sam's ass checks clenching and releasing, she was quickly building toward her first orgasm. I began flicking my tongue on her clit like mad. She moaned louder and louder as I tried to push her further toward the edge. I slipped my tongue back and drove it deep into her pussy while I sucked on her lips.

"Oh god James!" I heard Sam yell.

I could taste her wetness growing. I pulled her down as hard as I could so my tongue would go in as far as I could get it. I drove my tongue in and out of her wetness over and over.

"Mmmmmmm!!" Came from Sam as she began to grind her hips down onto my face.

Once I felt her pussy muscles trying to contract against my tongue I knew she was close. I tongued her faster as I heard her moaning even louder.

"Oh James, I am about to come!!" Sam screamed.

I pulled my tongue from her pussy and returned it to her clit, I pulled in a mouthful of her clit and bit down gently on her huge clit.

"Oh my god!!" Sam screamed as she began to jerk as the waves of her orgasm shot through her.

I held my teeth against her clit as her juices shot forth and into my mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!!" Once again came from Sam as she ground against my face.

"Stop James!!" Sam said as she sat up straight, pulling her clit from my mouth.

Sam was still twitching and jerking from her first orgasm. I repositioned her so that her asshole was over my mouth and grabbed her hips and pulled her down then I drove my tongue into her young tight hole.

"Oh shit!!" Sam screamed as she tried to pull away.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her down as I continued to tongue her asshole.

"Oh my god!" Came from Sam as I pulled my tongue out and circled the rim of her asshole.


I drove my tongue back into her asshole and shoved it in as deep as it could go.

"Dawn help me!!" Sam yelled.

"What is he doing?"

"He has his tongue in my ass!!" Sam screamed.

"I can't help you Sam."

I assaulted Sam's ass with all I had. Sam shook real hard and I felt another orgasm shoot through her body.

"Ahhhh!! James!!" Sam screamed.

Another shudder went through Sam's body.

"Pleeeassee stop James!"

I pulled Sam down as she tried to escape my tongue. I had as much of my tongue in her as I could get, I used all the strength I had to wiggle it around and lick the insides of her ass.

"Shit!!!" Came from Sam as she began to thrash around with continuing waves of contractions.

Sam grabbed my arms and pulled them away from her legs as she shot up off my mouth. She rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside me. I looked at Dawn and she leaned forward and began licking Sam's juices from my face as she moved her hips up and down steadily. Dawn then stuck her tongue into my mouth probing for mine, I probed her mouth with my tongue and Dawn began to suck on it. She then rose up and began to furiously thrust her hips up and down, moaning harder and harder.

"Now James, now!!" She screamed as I felt her pussy walls contract.

I began to thrust up into her, meeting each of her thrust as she screamed. As I felt her juices squirting out I released my load into her waiting pussy.

"Oh yes!!" Dawn cried.

I thrust up against her pumping more and more cum into her. With my last shot my hips came back down to the bed and Dawn fell forward onto me.

After she caught her breath she rolled off on my side away from Sam.

"Sam, you okay?" Dawn asked.

"More than okay!" She replied. "Dawn, does James always stick his tongue in your ass?"

Dawn rose up on an elbow and looked at Sam now sitting up looking at her.

"Sure and more than that," Dawn said.

"I never had anyone do that to me," Sam replied.

"You have never had anyone tongue your asshole?" Dawn asked.


"Has anyone ever stuck a finger or anything else up your ass?" Dawn asked.

"No, no!"

"You have never been fucked in the ass then?" Dawn asked.

"No, I wouldn't let someone do that," Sam replied. "Does James fuck you in the ass?"

"Yes he has."

"That's dirty!"

"No, actually it is quite a sensation Sam."

"He would never fit!" Sam said.

"It took me some time to get used to it but he fits."

"I couldn't do that!" Sam said to us.

"Maybe you could start out with something smaller," Dawn told her.

"I don't think I want to."

"You will be missing something great, but I understand, not everyone finds it pleasurable," Dawn told her.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"The first time a little. Did you enjoy James driving his tongue in your ass, you seemed to have a huge orgasm from it?'

"I...I...wasn't expecting it."

"But you did enjoy it, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, but I don't think I could let someone stick their cock in my ass."

"You may learn," Dawn told her.

"Hey, I am going to shower while you ladies talk," I said as I got up from the bed leaving them to discuss things.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After I shaved, I returned to the bedroom to find Sam with her head buried between Dawn's legs sucking all my cum from her pussy. Dawn was rubbing the back of Sam's head as she went down on her. I don't think Dawn was as much into having another orgasm as she was letting Sam clean here out. Dawn looked at me and winked. I wrapped my towel around me and walked over to Dawn and leaned down and kissed her then I left the two of them alone in the bedroom.

I went back downstairs and found my pajamas that Dawn had given me and then I picked up all the clothes from the night before. I also picked up all the jewelry boxes and the nipple rings from the mantel. I noticed Amy's were missing but I remembered seeing her pick them up that morning. I carried all the clothing and jewelry back upstairs and took the appropriate items to Amy and Sam's bedrooms. As I walked toward our bedroom door I could her moaning and groaning coming from Sam and Dawn. I peeked in the door and saw the two of them in a 69 on the bed. I laid Dawn's clothes and jewelry down at the edge of the door and went back downstairs.

I got another cup of coffee and turned the TV on. About an hour later Sam and Dawn came down the stairs looking refreshed and showered. They were both wearing the pajamas from the previous night. They each sat down on either side of me and grabbed an arm and laid their heads on my shoulder. No one said anything, we just sat and watched TV.

After lunch I saw Sam staring out of the back windows at the pool.

"James, there is steam coming from the waterfall, does that mean the pool is warn enough to swim?" Sam asked.

"Let me check," I said as I picked up the remote and checked the temperature.

"Well, it is 48 outside and the pool water is 75, it may be warm enough," I told her.

"Great!" Sam said.

Sam quickly pulled off her top and removed her pajama bottoms and headed out the door. She ran naked to the edge of the pool and jumped in. I walked to the door and watched as she swam back and forth in the pool. She sure acted like a kid.

"Is Sam in the pool?" Dawn asked.

"Yep. You want to join her?"

"What is the water temperature?"


"I think I'll wait until it gets around 80."

Dawn walked over and we both watched Sam swimming in the pool. I walked over to the closet and grabbed one of the big towels and took it over and spread it out on the hearth in front of the fire to get warm. Dawn went upstairs and I sat down and continued watching TV, glancing over and checking on Sam every few minutes.

I heard the patio door open.

"Shit that's cold!"

I grabbed the hot towel from in front of the fire and walked over and wrapped it around Sam.

"Oh that feels good," Sam said. "Thanks."

"Old habit," I said. "Come over and sit in front of the fire."

"That was cold but fun!" Sam said.

"I was going to tell you before you went flying out the door naked that we usually wait until the water is about 80 this time of year."

"It felt good!" Sam said. "When will it be 80?"

"Probably by tomorrow morning," I told her.

"Good, we can all go swimming then! I just wanted to go skinny dipping on Christmas." Sam said as she shivered a little in front of the fire.

"Sam, did you enjoy me eating your pussy?"

"Very much," she said looking at me with a big sensuous smile.

"Good, I enjoyed it also."

"I didn't mean to grind my pussy down so hard on your mouth."

"Sam that is what you are supposed to do."

"I don't know things like that."

"We will teach you."

"Good, it felt really great. James, would Dawn let you eat me while I watched you?"

"Sam, let me explain some things to you. Dawn was serious when she said you could fuck me anytime you want. Dawn likes to watch just like Amy but they both know that it can be much sexier and more pleasing when it is just two people."

"Does that mean yes?"

"Yes sweetie, it does."

Sam hugged me and kissed me then sat with me for a while until Dawn came back downstairs.

"You two look comfortable," Dawn said.

"I am getting very comfortable, thanks you two," Sam said as she leaned in tighter to me.

Amy arrived home early, about 3:00. She came over and sat down on the sofa with the three of us, Sam was still naked wrapped up in the big towel.

"Glad I am home," Amy said. "Now I can enjoy Christmas with you all."

"Amy, there is something James and I want to talk to you about," Dawn said.

"What's that?"

"We have been talking and we wanted to tell you that you are welcome to live with us as long as you want. We know you said you wanted to find a place after the first of the year but we want you to stay here as long as you want," Dawn told her.

"Really, you mean it! That could be a long time!" Amy exclaimed.

"Yes, we mean it," I told her.

Amy jumped across the sofa and hugged Dawn and me around the neck at the same time and started crying.

"Amy, don't get upset," Dawn said.

"You don't understand, I wasn't looking forward to moving out," she let out between sobs. "You two have been the closest thing I have to a family."

"Well, we consider you family that is why we want you to stay," I told her.

Amy released her grip on us and then gave Dawn a kiss and then me a kiss.

"Thank you guys, really," Amy said as she sat back down on the sofa.

"I want to start paying you guys rent then."

"No Amy," Dawn said.

"Yes, it is only fair."

"Amy I tell you what, you take whatever money you are saving on rent and put it in the bank, we won't take your money."

"I will," Amy said.

"Amy, I have a question," I asked her.


"I was picking up everything this morning and I didn't see your nipple rings, did you take them to your room?" I asked.

"Sort of."

"What does sort of mean?" I asked.

"I have been wearing them all day" Amy said as she pulled the top of her scrubs off revealing her two huge breasts with no bra and two perfect emeralds hanging from her nipples.

"Damn sis."

"And Dawn, let me tell you I am so hot it's terrible. Wearing these all day has kept my pussy dripping!"

"Amy how did you get by all day not wearing a bra?!" Dawn asked.

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