tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 3

Life after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 3


We all slept late on Sunday, Dawn and I went to Amy's room and found Amy and Sam still in bed holding each other lying there naked. Dawn lay down behind Amy and I lay down gently behind Sam. Amy stirred when Dawn wrapped an arm around her.

"Emmm, who is that?" Amy mumbled.

"It's me," Dawn said.

Amy rolled toward Dawn and the two of them kissed.

"Good morning," Dawn said.

"I am so glad I got to sleep in. The long hours last week just wore me out," Amy told her.

"Did you and Sam have a good Christmas?"

"Very good. Thanks you two, Sam has never had such a good Christmas...neither have I. She may want you two to adopt her," Amy said with a giggle.

"Amy, we will always take care of the two of you," I told her.

Sam woke up when she heard us.

"Did you two sleep with us all night?" Sam asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"No, we just came in to check on you two," Dawn told her.

"I had a great Christmas, thank you two," Sam said as she turned her head toward me and I kissed her.

"You are welcome," I said.

"Dawn, thank you for letting James make love to me. That was a very special present," Sam told Dawn.

"Sam, I am glad you enjoyed it but that was not a present, you can make love to James anytime you want."

"Dawn...are you sure?"

"Yes, and stop asking, Amy does and you can too. You and Amy can also make love to each other anytime you want without trying to hide it from us," Dawn told her.

"Thanks! I know you enjoy watching," Sam said.

"I really enjoy watching two beautiful women make love to each other, Sam would you and Amy let me watch just the two of you sometime?" I asked.

Dawn looked at me and smiled.

"Would you like that James?" Sam asked.

"Very much," I told Sam as she looked at me.

"Sam, we don't have to be there to watch, you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want," Dawn said.

"But I thought you like to watch?"

"I do, but I also like it when Amy gets pleased and now you," Dawn told her.

"Can James fuck me right now, because he is poking me in the ass with his cock?" Sam asked.

Amy and Dawn laughed.

"If that is what you want," Dawn said.

"If they are going to fuck can I make love to you?" Amy asked Dawn.

"Why don't we do each other," Dawn told Amy.

"Oh that sounds good," Amy replied.

As I held Sam from behind we watched Dawn and Amy get into a 69 so they could kiss and lick each other. I found a handful of Sam's breast and began massaging it. She moved her hand over mine while I rubbed. As my cock grew harder from watching Amy and Dawn Sam reached behind her and grabbed it. We watched for a few minutes as they gently made love to each other.

"They are hot aren't they?" Sam asked.

"Yes they are. I take it you enjoy watching now?"

"Very much."

I took my hand and reached down and lifted Sam's top leg up so I could get to her pussy. She was already growing wet from watching. I began playing with her pussy running my fingers over her lips until she was dripping wet.

"Oh that feels so good," Sam said.

I slipped several fingers into her and worked them around until she was dripping wet and beginning to moan. I moved so that I could slip my cock into Sam from behind her and grabbed my cock and placed it at her opening.

"Oh yes," Sam said.

"This way we can fuck while we watch," I told her.

I worked my cock around in her wetness a minute then began to push into her.

"Oh my god!"

I slowly worked my cock about half way into Sam as she moaned. Dawn and Amy were beginning to moan as they got more aggressive with each other. I pushed into Sam some more and felt her tighten up.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Oh god yes, just take it slow."

I worked my cock in and out of Sam's pussy for about 10 minutes until I had as much in her as I could get from this position. Sam was moaning and squeezing her breasts. Amy and Dawn were driving each other to their first orgasm. I worked my cock in and out of Sam as we listened to them groan and moan through their first orgasm. Sam reached over and rubbed Amy's back while she jerked through the orgasm Dawn was giving her.

"God this is so hot!" Sam said. "I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me."

I began pumping Sam's pussy faster, she started building to an orgasm as I held her.

"Ahhhhh! Oh god, your cock is rubbing against my G-spot, I have never..."

Sam started jerking as I pumped her as deep as I could.

"I'm coming!" Sam let out.

I saw Amy stop for a second and look to see her sister getting fucked. She watched for a minute then looked at me and smiled then drove her tongue back into Dawn's pussy.

"Oh...oh...oh, James fuck me!"

Amy looked back at her sister when she said that. Sam jerked over and over as she came hard several times. I slowed down and just slipped my cock in and out of Sam while I watched.

"Oh god Amy, I'm coming!!" I heard Dawn scream.

Dawn began humping her hips up into Amy's mouth as she came hard. Sam's pussy tightened up when she heard Dawn screaming.

"That turns you on doesn't it?" I asked Sam as I pushed into her deep.

"Oh...yes it does."

Dawn kept jerking and screaming as we watched, Sam's pussy clamped down on me each time Dawn screamed.

"I feel your pussy tightening up, you want me to fuck you harder?"

"I like what you are doing, just nice and slow."

I watched as Sam slipped her hand down to her pussy then I felt her fingering her clit slowly.

"Amy stop!"

Amy removed her mouth from Dawn's pussy and turned her head and laid it on Dawn's mound while she watched her sister get fucked. As we watched we could here Dawn sucking and slurping on Amy's pussy.

"Oh Dawn!" Amy said as she pushed herself up on her hands.

Amy was working her pussy into Dawn's mouth as she watched Sam and me. Sam's fingers were working her clit as I felt her start moaning. I knew from the look on Amy's face that she was holding on as best she could. Sam was moaning louder so I picked up the pace some and pushed in faster and deeper.

"Oh shit!!" Came from Sam as she began to squirm some.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Came from Amy and she pushed herself all the way up and placed all her weight on Dawn's face.

Amy moved her hand down to her clit and began fingering it while Dawn drove her tongue into her pussy.

"Ohhh!!" Came from Amy as she began to jerk against Dawn's mouth.

Sam was watching intently as her sister started coming.

"Oh god Dawn I'm coming!!!"

Amy began to jerk and shake, Sam moaned and I began to pump her hard and fast. Amy screamed and sat up straight as she was rocked by a huge orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh god!" Came from Sam and she started jerking hard.

I held on to Sam as she jerked over and over. Sam screamed a few times as her pussy squeezed my cock harder and harder.

"Ahhhhhh!!" Came from Amy and Sam about the same time.

Sam stiffened up and then jerked one more time real hard. Amy collapsed back on top of Dawn. Sam was twitching as I held her, I pushed my cock in deep and held it. I was amazed that that the two of them seemed to feed of each other's sexual energy and come at the same time.

"Oh yes," came from Sam as she went limp.

I watched Amy roll off Dawn toward me and Sam, she looked spent. Dawn rolled on her side so she could rub Amy's legs and look at us.

"Having fun Sam?" Dawn asked.

"Oh god Dawn...how do you make him come?"

"Did you ask him to come in you?"

Sam was breathless.


"That could help," Dawn said with a giggle.

"I can't go anymore," Sam said.

Amy rolled toward us and said, "Sure you can."

"Sis, I am exhausted...I have never been fucked like this...he is driving me crazy."

"Do you need some help?" Amy asked.

"What do you mean?"

Amy inched over and placed her mouth over Sam's clit.

"Oh no, no, no..."

I held on to Sam and began thrusting in and out of her at a good pace, I could feel Amy's mouth rubbing against my cock as I slid in and out of her sister.

"Oh! Oh shit...You two are...oh god!!"

Sam was struggling as she breathed harder and harder. I could feel her body twitching as I held her.

"You two stop, please!" Sam gasped.

"Sam, I think they want to see you come hard," I heard Dawn say.

"Oh god...I can't take this Dawn!"

"Sure you can, just relax and enjoy it!"

Sam jerked once.

"Oh my god! I'm going to come again!"

I began thrusting into Sam harder and faster.


"Sam, relax!" Dawn said.

I felt Amy stick her tongue on my cock as I thrust in and out. Sam was coming hard again. Amy returned to licking Sam's clit.

"Oh god, I'm coming again!!"

"Sam, you better ask him!"

"Oh god James, please come in my pussy!!" Sam gasped out.

I jammed my cock in deep and began pumping Sam's pussy full of hot cum. Sam jerked hard against me as I came in her.

"Oh god, I'm...coming...again!!" Sam let out as she began jerking over and over.

I pumped all I had into Sam then pulled my cock out. Amy grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth.

"Oh yes!" I said.

Sam was limp as I held her.

"Sam are you okay?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh...," came quietly from Sam.

Amy sucked all the cum and her sister's juices from my cock and sat up in the middle of the bed. Sam's head was lying on her pillow as she breathed heavily. Amy ran her hands up and down Sam's legs gently.

"James," Amy said.

"Yes sweetie."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Teaching Sam what making love is really like."

I looked at Amy and she had tears starting to come from her eyes. She lay down next to Sam and wrapped her arm around Sam and me and held us. Amy and Sam kissed a few times then Amy ran her hand though Sam's hair. Dawn rolled behind Amy and wrapped an arm around her and held her tight.

We laid there for a long time before Sam stirred. She turned her head and kissed me then kissed her sister. I slipped off the bed slowly and left the girls there and went to shower. I had been in the shower a few minutes when they all came in. No one said much while we all showered for a while. Amy was helping Sam wash all the cum off of her. Sam was letting me wash her hair while we showered, I really enjoyed playing with her long red hair. When we were finished I got out first and grabbed towels for everyone.

I watched the girls dry each other off then Sam and Amy sat down and combed out their wet hair. When Sam sat down with her hair wet it almost touched the floor. Dawn took the comb and helped Sam finish. When they were finished we were all wrapped in towels.

"The shower felt good, I'm ready to go again," Sam said.

We all laughed at Sam but I felt like she meant what she said.

"Let's go fix breakfast," Dawn said.

Dawn unwrapped her towel and tossed it on the floor and headed to the bedroom door, we all did the same and followed her. Dawn went on out the door and toward the stairs as we followed her. When we got to the kitchen Amy and Sam jumped up on a stool.

"Oh no young lady. If you are so full of energy you can come help me cook!" Dawn told Sam.

Amy and I laughed at her as she got down from the stool and went to help Dawn. I sat on the stool next to Amy that Sam had been sitting on, Amy leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"I meant it when I said thank you," Amy said.

"Both of you are welcome," I told Amy as I kissed her back.

We all sat and talked while Dawn and Sam cooked. After breakfast we all cleaned up the house a little. Dawn took Sam upstairs to clean up all the towels and linens off the bed and wash them. We were learning Sam was not very domestic. Amy and I were finishing up the kitchen.

"Amy, this is not too much for Sam is it?"

"I think it is a lot more than she expected but she is really enjoying it. I have tried to make sure she was careful experimenting while I was not with her. I got her on birth control pills a few years ago just to make sure nothing happened."

"How can she have such a sexual appetite as young as she is?"

"Sam has always been very outgoing when she is away from home, I think it is just pent up energy."

"Has she been this sexually active with boys her age?"

"No...nothing like this."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Sam tells me everything."

"Would you tell me about the first time you two made love?'

"The week she turned 18, I went to pick her up from home and we spent the weekend in a hotel, we do that sometimes so I can get her away from home. We started talking about sex and she was telling me about a few boys from school and she asked me about being with women."

"She knew you were living with your girlfriend?"

"Yes. I told her how beautiful it was between women and it just happened."

"Did either of you have any regrets?"

"No, we spent the weekend making love to each other and talking about a lot of things."

"I think that is great Amy."

"James, I love my sister a lot. I want her to have fun and enjoy life while she is young. I had a hard time growing up then going to college and then right to work, I want her to have some fun."

"Do you think she is having fun?"

"Oh yes."

"Amy, are you having fun now living with us?"

Amy grabbed me and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss me.

"Yes I am...and I want to thank you two later for letting me stay here as long as I want."

"You are welcome, we are glad you want to stay."

"What are you two doing?" I heard Dawn say.

"I was just thanking James for my wonderful Christmas."

"I knew I shouldn't have left you two alone!" Dawn said.

Amy turned her head and looked at Dawn.

"I thought you said it was okay for us to be alone," Amy said with a giggle.

"It is okay but you two are supposed to be helping clean up the house, not making out."

Sam giggled at what Dawn said.

"We are about finished," I told Dawn.

"Well get finished before you two get started."

Sam giggled again.

The four of us spent some more time and finished cleaning up downstairs.

"Let's keep the house clean so we don't have to do it again before the party," Dawn told everyone.

"Well Sam and I won't be here much this week to get it messed up, I traded with someone at work so I would work three 12's and be off Thursday too," Amy said.

"Amy, you did that last week you are going to be tired," Dawn told her.

"I am okay, I used to work a lot of overtime."

"Sam, will you make it?" Dawn asked.

"I'm okay working late, I just hate getting up early," Sam said.

"Sam, if you are going to be a surgical nurse you will have to be able to get up early," Dawn told her.

"I'm finding that out," Sam said.

"Amy, will you still be able to take a few hours off Wednesday to join me at the salon?" Dawn asked.

"I have it worked out."


"What does everyone want to do now, except for you Sam!"

"Let's go soak in the hot tub," Dawn said.

We all went out to the hot tub and soaked for a while.

"James, can I asked how much my necklace and jewelry cost?" Sam asked.

"You can ask."

Sam just sat there looking at me.

"Well?" She said.

"I didn't say I would answer, I just said you could ask."


"Let me just say you will need to leave it all here, you can't take it back to school. It will be here when you visit and we go out."

"Okay, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it if I took it back home."

"Sam you know you couldn't take it back home," Amy said.

"I know. I will come and visit it often. Can I leave my gowns and other things here, I don't have a place for them at home and no place to wear them."

"Sam, we will go shopping before you leave and get you enough clothes that you can just leave them here for when you come," Dawn told her. "We will put them in your room."

"I don't want you to do that."

"I didn't ask if you wanted me to do it," Dawn told her.

"When you want to come visit just call and I will make your flight reservations and pay for them, okay?" I told Sam.

"Okay, I can get one of my friends to take me to the airport and pick me up."

"You just make sure it is okay with your parents," Dawn said.

Amy and Sam looked at each other and didn't say anything to each other; that said a lot to me and Dawn though. Dawn and I didn't say anything else about it.

"Do you think everyone will want to go swimming at the party," Sam said as she turned to look at the pool.

"I think some people will," Dawn replied. "Oh, that is something else, we need to check on how many big towels we have. I think I have enough but I want to make sure.

After we got out of the hot tub Sam and Dawn finished up the laundry while Amy and I sat on the sofa downstairs.

"Amy, tell me about your parents."

Amy looked at me uneasily.

"We don't get along."

"Them and Sam?"

"No, me and my parents, can we leave it at that please."


This was obviously a problem area for Amy so I didn't push.

"Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"No you haven't," Amy said looking at me and smiling.

"Well, you are beautiful."

"I know."

Amy slid next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and held her. A little while later Sam and Dawn came down the stairs, I was surprised they were still naked. Dawn paused to look at me and Amy then went down the hall. Sam came over and sat on my other side and laid her head on my shoulder too. I held the two of them for some time.

I heard Dawn go in the study and come back out. She walked in front of the sofa and had my camera, she took a quick picture. Amy sat up.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist, the two of you were asleep."

Sam stirred and saw Dawn with the camera.

"I hope you all don't hang these pictures all over the house," Sam said.

"Just the one I am going to use for the Christmas card next year," I told her.

"You really are not going to do that are you?"

"I haven't decided if I will use the one of the three of you trimming the tree or the three of you sitting in front of the fireplace with your jewelry on."

"Dawn, will he really do that?" Sam asked.

"Probably, he sent a nude picture of me once in a Santa hat out to everyone."

"Oh my god, I can't believe you."

"Do you all want to go out for lunch?" Dawn asked.

"Sure," Amy and Sam said.

"Then go put some clothes on."

Sam and Amy got up and went upstairs.

"You spoiled my fun." I said to Dawn.

"Let's go get dressed."

I followed Dawn up the stairs so we could get dressed. Dawn pulled on some jeans without any underwear then pulled a sweatshirt over her head. I got dressed and we met the girls coming out of their rooms.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"What does everyone want?" Dawn asked.


We got in the car and drove to a pizza place over by the university that was open. We had ordered our pizza and were sitting and waiting.

"There are sure a lot of cute guys here," Sam said.

"Yes, there is," Dawn said.

"Can we take some home?" Sam said with a laugh.

"See if they are on the to-go menu," Amy said with a giggle.

More than a few of the guys in the place had taken some long looks at all three of my ladies. Dawn stood up and took her jacket off and hung it over the chair and sat back down.

"Aren't you two hot?" Dawn said as she looked at Sam and Amy still in their jackets. "Take your coats off."

"We thought that we were just going to a burger place," Amy said.

"So, I just have on an old sweat shirt," Dawn said.

"Okay then," Amy said.

Amy stood up and unzipped her jacket and pulled it off, all she had on was a tight white t-shirt to go with her jeans, and I mean that was all she had on.

"Sam, you want me to take your jacket?" Amy asked.

Sam looked up at her and smiled then unzipped her jacket and took it off. Sam only had on an old tight white t-shirt. Amy put Sam's coat on the back of the chair and she laid hers on her chair and sat down, it had gotten suddenly quiet in our area of the pizza shop.

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