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LIfe After the Post


Let me start by mentioning that the story below is true, and I place blame on this site. Like many men, I have spent years reading the various stories on Literotica. Over the years I became addicted. I would also like to mention that I am in no way a writer, so I hope that I am able to present the story as well as many of the writers I have enjoyed over the years.


After years of reading stories on literotica, I had become addicted to the various cuckold stories. My wife and I have been married for 14 years. On various occasions I have tried to approach my wife, about various kinks like creampies, and strap-on play, but she never seemed to be very receptive. I have never considered myself bisexual, more of just a curiosity, but after years of fantasizing about creampies and cuckolding, I found myself in need of trying something on my own.

Four months ago I found myself in a typical situation. I was sitting on my computer reading stories in the loving wife section, when I came across a story that mentioned a website called cr**g*L**t . After checking out the site, I made the fatal mistake of placing an ad.

The ad was not very detailed, I just mentioned that I was a curious guy looking to give head, with a picture of me nude from the chest down. Within minutes I was receiving emails from all sorts of guys, but I was not getting any emails that interested me. After some time I gave up and went back to reading stories.

Over the next few days the emails died down, and after seeing all the freaky emails, so did my desire to hook up on what I found is commonly called Flakes List.

It was 5 days after I posted the ad that I received the email that has changed my life. This was the first well written email that I received, and he explained that he was not gay or bisexual, but he hadn't had sex in a few months and would was interested in a blow job. He said that he needed it to be very discrete, since he knew many people in our relatively small town. He did not include a picture, but assured me that he was clean cut and that I would not be disappointed.

For some reason, of all the emails that I had received this one seemed right. After a couple emails, we decided that we would meet at a bar on the outskirts of town the following day.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I could feel the butterflies building, and I became very nervous about actually following through with it. I did my best to relax as I entered the bay.

I found a seat near the back of the bar and waited for a text to let me know he had arrived. I had not been sitting down for more than a minute when Alex came to my table and sat down.

"Hey Sean, what brings you out here," Alex asked.

I told him I was in the area and figured I would grab a burger. He then waved the waiter over and ordered a couple beers.

At this point I really started to hope that the guy I was planning on meeting would flake out, because it was clear that Alex was not going anywhere. As a brief aside, Alex is a casual acquaintance from the Gym that I go to with my wife.

After having our first beer, I relaxed a bit realizing that "John" was not going to show. Alex ordered another round of beers and I ordered a burger.

It was a pleasant conversation, and I forgot all about why I had originally come to the bar. After eating and a few more beers, I needed to take a leak. Just as I was finishing up in the bathroom, I got a text from John. It was simple, to the point, and made my heart race.

"Once you pick up the check, meet me at my place. Don't take too much time or I will send the ad to Kelly:)".

I had all kinds of concerns when I placed the ad, but running into someone I knew really did not cross my mind. Now not only did I run into someone I knew, Alex threatening to show my wife the posting.

It did not take much thought before I was heading to his house. As I entered his house, Alex offered me a beer and invited me to sit on the couch. He then explained the situation to me as he saw it.

"Listen Sean, I know that you may not realize this, but this can work out for both of us."

"You want to do some experimentation, and I have a cold spell in my dating."

"I am also sure that you would hate for Kelly to find out about your desire to suck a cock."

"On top of that, what if you would have gone and sucked a strange cock and picked up a disease? Did you even think of that?"

"So this is how I see it," Alex continued. "For now on you will be my cocksucker. It will be our little secret. You can fulfill you kinky little desires, and I can get some relief. "

I just sat there in stunned silence. There had to be a way out of this. Yes, I had some kinky desires, but the last thing that I had planned on doing, was sucking Alex off.

After what seemed like hours of thought, Alex broke the silence.

"So this is not going to suck itself, why don't you get between my legs and show me what you have been wanting."

Reluctantly, I got off the couch and between Alex's legs.

Alex was clearly enjoying the situation, and was no longer trying to make things easy on me.

"Come on Sean, why don't you take it out. You know you want it, and I want you to tell me how much you need to suck my cock."

As I started to unzip his jeans, I could feel his bulge.

I was surprised to find that he was not wearing anything under his jeans, and was greeted by a fairly large cock. By the state of his cock, he was clearly aroused by the situation.

At this point I couldn't do anything but sit and stare. I was still trying to process my current situation. On my knees staring at what was probably 8-9 inch very thick dick that happened to be attached to a "friend."

Again Alex broke the silence, "Come on we both know what you want, let's get on with it."

I figured, the best thing was to just go for it.

As a started to lean forward, Alex stopped me. "I don't remember hearing you ask."

Really, now he wants me to ask to suck him off. He clearly was going to make this as hard on me as possible.

"Can I please suck you?" I asked quietly.

"Come on, we know you need this, ask like you mean it."

Hoping to get this over with I pleaded, "Alex, please I want your cock in my mouth, don't make me keep begging."

"Ok then Sean, go ahead and suck my cock if you want it that bad," he said in a mocking manner.

Once again I started to lean towards his cock. My mind was racing as I placed the tip of a cock to my lips for the first time.

As it entered my mouth, I realized that my mouth was very dry. With my nerves so wound up, my mouth had gone dry, and my palms were sweating. I tried to get some saliva going, but it was not going to be easy with the head of his cock in my mouth.

I told Alex that my mouth was dry and he handed me my beer, and told me to get back to it.

As I started to suck on him again, Alex began to give me what I am sure he considered words of encouragement.

"Oh there you go, you are a natural cocksucker. Oh yeah I know you can take more than that."

I was struggling to get half of him into my mouth, but he kept pushing.

After about 5 minutes though, I had managed to get all but an inch into my mouth. My mouth was also getting tired, and all I could think of was finishing him off and ending this humiliating experience.

He falsely took this as an acknowledgment, that I was starting enjoy it, and he stepped up the verbal abuse. He kept telling me how surprised he was to find out that I was such a good cocksucker, and that if I sucked him good enough that I would be rewarded with a huge load.

Within minutes he fulfilled his promise, and as I felt his body tense, I pulled back.

He let me pull almost all the way off him, but held my head tight as soon as I reached the tip.

"Oh yes, here it comes. I want you to taste it all," he shouted.

The next thing I knew, he was filling my mouth with his load. I tried to jam his cock down all the way into my mouth, hoping to get it to go straight down my throat, but he held my head where it was and filled my mouth.

I can cum quite a bit when I am very horny, but this load had to have been three times that amount. I just kept pulsing in my mouth.

Alex then decided that filling my mouth with his load wasn't enough and pulled out of my mouth and shoot two last times onto my face.

"Man Sean that was amazing. You are really good at that, are you sure you haven't done that before," he asked.

With my mouth full of his cum, all I could do was shake my head.

"Go ahead and swallow, you're not going to spit it out anywhere."

At this point I just complied, and swallowed. I felt nauseas, and was ready to get the hell out of there. After some awkward silence, I got up and showed myself to the door.

As I drove home, I kept thinking about what a huge mistake it was to ever post that add. I had no idea how bad it was, but I would find out in the coming weeks.

When I got home, I was surprised to find that Kelly had already come home from her shopping day with the girls.

I was about to get out of the car when I caught a glimpse of my face. In all the humiliation and rush to get out of Alex's I forgot about the shots he had placed on my face. I had two dried cum shots on my chin, so I quickly licked my hand and did my best to rub it off.

Of course, my plan was to rush to the bathroom and clean up, but Kelly greeted me at the door.

"Hey honey, how was your day? I missed you," and then she gave me a big kiss.

She then took a step back and gave me a funny look.

"So what did you pick up at the store," I asked trying to change the subject.

"Just a couple new outfits, nothing too expensive," she replied.

I then excused myself to use the restroom and spent 10 minutes washing my face and brushing my teeth.

So, my first time sucking a cock was done. Over the next few days life went on as normal. I tried to put it in the back of my mind, but the whole seen kept playing like bad porn.

Then Monday after work, Kelly called to remind me that we were meeting at the gym. That was the last thing I had on my mind, and I told her that I forgot to bring workout clothes with me. Of course it wasn't going to be that easy. She saw my bag at home and brought it with her.

At the gym, things went fairly well. For the most part Alex kept to himself, which he usually does during his routine. Kelly and I worked out hard, and I was relieved when it was time to leave.

Just as we were about to leave, Alex ran over to us.

"Hey Sean, do you want to grab a beer across the street," he asked with a shit eating grin.

Like a good wife, Kelly answered for me. "He would love to, I am just going to go home and get cleaned up anyway."

I tried to tell her that I would rather come home with her and take a shower, but she told me that would be rude and I could have a quick beer and shower after.

Alex and I walked across the street to a local dive bar, and ordered a couple beers at the bar. He told me how much he enjoyed the release I gave him, and was looking forward to the next time.

As I started to explain that I would rather just forget all about it, he pulled out his Ipad.

"Sean, you have got to see this, did you know I am really good at video editing?"

He opened a video file and hit play. Alex had clearly set up a camera with a good angle of the house. It was at a distance, but you could make out my face between his legs.

The first thing I heard was me begging to suck his cock. I immediately put my hands over the screen hoping that no one else at the bar had seen it.

"Can you show me your handy work some other time," I asked.

"Sure I suppose. Maybe I can do a showing for you and Kelly. I think you would be impressed with my editing skills."

At this point he knew he had me, and I just took another big drink of my beer.

After we finished our drinks Alex said rather loudly "After a workout like that, I could use some relief, so why don't you come by my place before you head home."

As we got up to leave, I could have sworn that more than one person was giving me an odd look. I tried to assure myself that it was all in my mind.

There was no beating around the bush this time. As soon as we got into his house, Alex dropped his sweats and sat on the couch.

"Ok if you don't want Kelly wondering what took so long, get to it," he told me.

I sank to my knees, this time knowing it would not be my last.

As I got to his cock, I was reminded that we had both just left the gym. The aroma was very musky, and he was very salty. He was also soft still, so I had to work his cock to get it hard (which did not take long.)

This time I had him shooting his load within 10 minutes, but after the first shot entered my mouth Alex pulled out and unloaded all over my face.

"That stays there until you get home Sean," was Alex's response when I asked him for a washcloth.

I can't go home like this I told him.

"Sure you can, and to prove you did, I want you to take a picture from your bedroom. If I don't get the picture in 15 minutes, I will invite myself over for dinner and give you and Kelly a video showing she won't forget."

It was becoming real clear that Alex had no intention of making this easy, and I was beginning to think that he was going to do everything he could so Kelly would find out without actually telling her.

I got home and snuck in the back door. Luckily, Kelly was still in the shower, so I rushed into the room and grabbed my phone and took a quick picture of my cum covered face.

I sent a text with the picture off to Alex, and started rubbing the cum off my face as quickly as possible. Just as I was finishing up, Kelly stepped into the bedroom in just her towel.

"Hey honey, I thought I heard you." She came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. As she stepped away, she gave me a look and told me that I could use a shower.

I was lying in bed watching TV and trying to clear my mind, when Kelly walked in the room wearing a sheer teddy.

"You know we have not had sex in almost a week?" She informed me.

With everything that had happened that had been the last thing on my mind.

"I am sorry dear, I have just been really tired," I replied.

Kelly gave me a small fake pout and jumped into bed.

"Well let me see if I can wake you up then."

She took my dick in her mouth and within minutes, the only thing on my mind was her wonderful mouth. After bringing me to the edge, she crawled up and gave me a kiss.

"Oh how I have missed you, a week is way too long."

She then reached down and guided my rock hard dick into her. Her pussy felt incredible, and it took all I could not to cum right then.

As she rocked on my cock she reached down and started giving me the most passionate kisses.

"Your cock feels so good in my pussy lover." She moaned into my mouth.

"Ohhh, yeah fuck me", then "I want to feel your tongue in my pussy."

This was driving me crazy and I told her that she needed to stop before I came.

"Ok I'll stop, I need your tongue in my pussy so bad."

Then instead of stopping, she thrust down on me, until I shot my load into her.

Kelly then leaned forward and gave me another big kiss and said "Lover, I am so ready to feel your mouth on my pussy," and rolled off me and onto her back.

"Please, suck my pussy," she pleaded.

Well it had already been a fantasy that I shared with her, and over the last two weeks I had sucked cock twice, so slowly I kissed my way down her body.

As soon as my mouth made contact with her pussy, Kelly's tone changed.

"Yeah suck that pussy. Stick your tongue in there and eat all that cum."

As I did as she told me, she continued her dirty talk, which made me even more aroused.

"You like eating your cum don't you? Would you like me to fuck somebody else and feed you their load?"

When I gave a slight nod to this last question she erupted into an orgasm that filled my mouth with the cum that remained deep inside of her.

As I lay next to her, she started stroking my hard cock.

"So you like the idea of sucking somebody else's cum from my pussy?"

All I could bring myself to say was that it was just a fantasy, and I don't think I could actually do it.

I don't think that Kelly bought what I said, and continue her questioning as she stroked my cock.

"So if I was to come home and have you lick my dripping pussy after I fucked some well hung stud, would you be mad at me?"

"I think you would lap it up, and cum in your pants."

Just as she said this, I shot my second load of the night. Kelly reached down and scooped up the cum from my belly and put it to her lips. She then leaned in and gave me a deep kiss.

"I thought so," was all she said as she rolled over and fell asleep.

Things had changed a lot over the last month. I was now being forced to suck Alex off at least twice a week, and Kelly had become insistent that I eat my cum from her pussy every time we made love.

She loved to taunt me about being her cum slut, and telling me that one day I would have the pleasure of tasting somebody else's cum. Of course if she only knew what I had been up to the last month, she would have creamed her panties.

It was just over a month after all of this started when Alex invited us to a party he was throwing It wasn't anything fancy, just friends getting together. Of course Kelly was quick to accept the invitation, but I was just dreading the possibilities.

When the evening arrived, Kelly dressed in what I could only be described as revealing. She was wearing a short skirt that barely covered her ass and stocking that did not quite make it to the bottom of her skirt. I asked her if she thought that what she was wearing was a little much.

"Come on dear," she laugh. "What your not jealous are you?"

When we arrived at the party, Alex greeted us at the door. He then brought us in and introduced us to the group. Neither one of us really knew anyone, but a few of the guys were regulars at the gym. Alex then grabbed us a couple drinks and left us to mingle with the other guests.

After a few drinks, Alex approached and asked if he could steal me away for a minute. He told Kelly that he wanted to show me the car he had been working on.

"Sure," Kelly said, "take your time, I am sure I can find some company."

This was fairly unsettling, considering the way she was dressed, but I could not think of a way out of this.

Alex showed me the way to the garage, and as soon as the door was closed, Alex told me he needed some relief.

This had become the norm, and I knew the best thing to do was make it as quick as possible so I could get back to Kelly.

Just as Alex started to get hard, I heard the garage door open. I tried to get up, but Alex held my head on his cock.

"Hey Daren, are you ready for some of this?"

I couldn't believe it, how could he have told Daren about this.

Daren was one of the guys at the gym, and until tonight I didn't even know his name. Daren, was 6'2 probably around 230 lbs, and black.

"Yeah, I am more than ready. You need to hurry and bust a nut in his mouth so I can have my turn."

Alex then took his cock out of my mouth and said, "guests first, I can get it anytime I want."

Alex then walked out of the garage, leaving me on my knees in front of Daren.

"Ok, you ready for this?" he said as he place the tip of his cock in my mouth.

I wasn't ready, but Daren clearly didn't care. He stuffed his cock deep in my mouth and began thrusting.

I had gotten pretty good at sucking Alex, but this was completely different. Daren had to have been 10" and as thick as a soda can. My mouth was stretching wide, but I could not get it all the way in.

"You need to relax that mouth of yours, if you're going to get this in boy."

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