tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife and Times of a Priestess Ch. 05 Pt. 01-02

Life and Times of a Priestess Ch. 05 Pt. 01-02


Chapter 5

Cultural Exchange

Part 1: Paul's Books

It was morning. Danella had taken her turn in one of the baths drying herself with her towel and had slipped her gown on to return to the main dormitory. It was past the time when their customers began to arrive, but half of the priestesses were still in the process of eating in the kitchen and dining room or of cleansing and preparing themselves. Most soldiers were on duty at this time of the day and it was only those who were on leave from war duties who might be able to 'visit'.

Danella returned to the dormitory. A couple of soldiers had arrived and had picked two priestesses each and were engaged with them in the corners of the room behind the screens which Roger had introduced to allow some privacy to the soldiers who wished it. Evidently it was normal practice for Vanmarians to take their sexual activities privately and it was only because of the urgency of their needs after the fighting that they consented to have sex, as the people of Pirion so often did, publicly. The priestesses had found that some of the soldiers performed badly where others could observe them. They were easily embarrassed by being watched. Nonetheless it was something which could excite them very much. Some enjoyed being 'humiliated' while others watched, observing others engaged in sex at the same time as they performed. The priestesses had found that the men could accept sexual activity without privacy when the dormitory was busy and most of the priestesses in the room were 'working', but if the felt they were at the centre of attention they feared the sex as an ordeal and were not happy. Some soldiers actually revelled in the public act, as most Pirionites would, because they enjoyed being the centre of attention. The knowledge that in Pirion Priestesses and the other sections of society did this often and considered it normal made them able to do it when the Priestesses tried to persuade them. Generally, as this morning, when the place was not too busy, they put up screens in certain corners for the sexual participants.

After the first week some officers had requested certain Priestesses of their choice to return with them to their own lodgings for their pleasures. Roger's initial request for Sreela to spend some nights with him had been the first, but other officers had followed suite, either for nights, or more usually for quick half or full hour 'sessions' or for evenings. It seemed that only officers were able to do this, but when Danella realised how much the soldiers were being charged she understood that the officers must be paying more for these privileges. She had been taken by a number of different officers, always officers, on quite a few occasions to their lodgings, usually alone, but sometimes in small groups with other priestesses where they had conducted orgies in some sense which she had enjoyed very much. These private orgies were initially suggested by the priestesses themselves. Few of the soldiers had evidently considered them to be possible before they had come to Dalos. Of course small groups all cost more, she now realised. Only officers normally afforded them.

Danella came back to her own bed and sat in the chair next to it. She had recently acquired a book from an officer who had taken her back to his lodgings through the city. The man's name was Paul. He had been friendly and interested to talk to her before and after the sexual communion as soon as he realised that she was able to speak some basic Prancirian. To begin with he had asked her whether she came from Dalos. When she told him about Shanla, he had asked her where that was, and then why she had come to Dalos.

"I came to Dalos because I was bored with my life in Shanla. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to find out about other lands and other people," she said.

He had nodded and looked interested. "And did you find what you were looking for?"

"Not exactly," she replied. "I found a war which none of us wanted."

"But you found us Prancirians," he said following her thoughts.

"Yes, I wanted to find out about Vanmar and its nations. Instead of going there you came to me."

"And have you found out much about us?" he asked.

"Yes, a great deal. I found out how you fight wars and how you 'make love', as you call it. But there is much else which I do not know about you. I do not know how you live at home. I do not understand you. I don't know why you fight wars and seek to dominate. I do not understand why you have wives who may make love to their husband only." The man continued to listen. He must have been rich she now thought, although at the time she had not really appreciated that he would have paid the guards for her time. Like General Polad he seemed interested to talk as well as to 'make love'. There were men from Vanmar, as well as in Pirion, who were willing to listen and to entertain a Priestess. They wanted more of her than just her body, as if in listening they could savour more of her before they took her and by so doing the sexual event would be deeper and more meaningful.

She continued as he seemed to want to listen for the moment. "I collected and borrowed some books when I was in Shanla to find out about the world. I had a book about the history of Vanmar. I learned much about your nations from that. It told me about your wars and your religions and your ideologies. I did not understand all of it but I found it quite fascinating. We have nothing like that in Pirion."

"I have books with me here," he had said. "They are written in Prancirian, but you seem to be well on the way to mastering our language. If there are any here, apart from my own favourites, which you would like to borrow you may do so. It will aid you in understanding our language. The script is the same as in Pirion so the sounds of the letters are the same. You should be able to understand many of the words already."

"You are very generous sir, may I look," she said. She was shown a drawer which contained a handful of books, not as many as General Polad had owned, but this officer was a long way away from home. He only brought a few books with him where he was stationed. She looked and he picked one or two of them up to show her.

"This is a novel by Luc Rubespon. It's called 'The Homecoming'. I have read this one. It tells the story of a man's adventures as he leaves home to find a living and has many adventures throughout Vanmar. He meets his wife and they marry, but the nation is torn by civil war and then by invasion and he is forced to leave her to fight. It tells how he eventually finds her after the war. A good book you will enjoy it.

"Or these. This is about solving a murder case, another novel."

"What is a 'novel' sir. It is a true story is it," she had surmised from his description of 'The Homecoming' that it was a true story, as a person might write the story of their own life, like a diary.

"No not at all," he laughed. Of course she did not yet know the word in his language. "Do you have them in Pirion? A novel is not a true story. It is what we call a fiction." Seeing that she did not understand the word fiction either he went on, "A pretend story. Many writers observe real events and lives, but they create pretend stories using ideas from the real world. Made up events or stories are often more exciting than reality. Many people in Prancir and the rest of Vanmar read these novels. They keep us entertained and allow the reader to reflect upon the lives and viewpoints of the real people of the world."

She began to understand. "Of course," she said, recognising what he meant from the fiction of Pirion. She was reminded that not all that came from Vanmar was bad. They had fictional stories in Pirion. They were taught in the schools to the young, legends, fiction, and true stories of the past. The novels of Vanmar were probably quite different from any she had read in Pirion. As she had often wondered in Shanla, why were there so few books in Pirion, why did so many people not bother to read much. People seemed to have so little curiosity about the world around them. Of course there were some like herself and Polad who took great pleasure in books, but many people she had known did not read greatly.

Danella already thought she knew the answer. There was no need to earn money so no one needed to write books to earn money. There was plenty of sexual worship for everyone, so people gave little priority to anything but the needs and enjoyments of everyday life. Most people were not curious about other lives because they had everything they needed in their own. They did not need to read books because their personal lives were filled with adventure of the sexual kind.

Ch.5: Cultural Exchange: Part 2: Paul

Paul was waiting for her to decide which book to borrow. She sensed that he was now ready for more intimate contact with her. 'Just another minute', she thought to herself. Books excited her far more than sexual worship at this moment. She had not seen any new books for months. While her life after the conquest had improved and she was able to take pleasure from the duty of sexual acts again and from an interest in the conquerors. Seeing these books reminded her of the pleasures she had known in Shanla of reading at the house of General Polad and of reading on her bed at the dormitory. Time could really flow when she had a book in her hands, and she craved the knowledge it could bring. Paul was a polite man, not as rude as many of the soldiers. Most of the officers treated her with a sense of superiority which she found difficult to stomach. They believed they were superior because they were conquerors entitled to dominate the defeated of a foreign nation, because they were men more important than women, and because they were officers of a higher class than their soldiers.

Paul waited as she picked up the books and looked at them in turn. His patience began to wear thin as he began to think he was losing her to his books. "You can decide which book afterwards. I will show you again later." It was a clear signal of his impatience and she thought it best not to upset him as her opportunity to borrow Prancirian books, was dependent on him. "Sorry," she apologised. Turning to him she found he had already removed his coat and was unbuttoning his tunic, "let me help you," she offered and began to take control.

"No you first," he said "let me see you." To get to Paul's lodging they had crossed the city, and in the new Prancirian Dalos, new rules and etiquette's from Prancir were being introduced. Ladies, even the conquered inhabitants, were not to walk around the city in their traditional robes or gowns. To walk a few doors down the street it had been possible, as Sreela had done for Roger, but now the rules which applied in Prancirian homeland were being settled on the city. There were Prancirian women and children in the city now, families of some officers and Generals, and even some new business settlers. Women now had to dress correctly in the Prancirian way to walk down the street.

Gerald had arranged for all the priestesses to be given basic dresses of ordinary Prancirian women. When the shipment of dresses came in each of the priestesses were given one. They had spent an enjoyable time one afternoon trying them on and deciding how the dresses should be distributed. They all chose their favourites after they had tried a few on. Most of them felt that the dresses were attractive, and tending to support and emphasise their curves in a becoming way which was quite different from the robes and gowns of the tunics they were more used to wearing.

Danella stood before him, transforming herself into the sexual creature most soldiers liked. "Can you unfasten my buttons?" she asked gently, turning and bending slightly as she did so, so the dress would fall off her body as she took her arms out of the shoulders. Paul put his hands on her back and stroked her as the dress peeled off her. He drew it down and she stepped away briefly, picking it up and putting it to one side as he watched the curves of her body. Before the bra came the corset, an undergarment which covered her body suspended like the dress from the shoulders, a kind of under dress. Paul stood close behind as she raised her arms and instructed him, "pull it off me". Paul having commanded her to undress, was proving willing to help her out of her clothes, as a sensitive man who took pleasure from the undressing of a woman. Most of the soldiers she suspected would not have volunteered to do so much.

It seemed not to be the practice in Prancir, to help or receive direct pleasure from being involved in the undressing of a woman. A soldier here was more likely to rip a womans clothing to get at her quickly than to help to remove it gently, but they could enjoy watching the priestesses strip themselves naked. In the dormitory they had enjoyed the gowns and robes of the priestesses because they came off quite quickly and the priestesses made a great show of becoming naked, although often priestesses were visited immediately by another man after the first, and had no time to dress before the new male member penetrated them. She turned to him so he could see the fullness in her bra, a device she had never worn before. She could see little purpose in them at first but as Paul raised his hands to cup her breasts she saw that to unclip them and lower them off her breasts was in itself an arousing thing to a Prancirian man who rarely saw the naked breasts of any woman but his wife. The revelation of taking the bra away was arousing to the Prancirian in the same way as the opening of a Priestesses gown was to a citizen of Pirion. They had been taught in certain ceremonies to make great play of the uncovering of the body and this she now found was made more dramatic by the uncovering of the Bra.

After the bra her stockings which again she had never worn before, were unclipped and she rolled them down one by one slowly as she sat in Paul's chair with her breast and hair hanging down over her legs. Her suspender belt came off next. All that now remained were her panties which Paul lowered down her legs gently as she stood, enjoying the touch of her buttocks and legs as he did so. His shirt was off and she ran her hands over his slim taut body appreciating its beauty, although she had seen so many like it.

She was naked now. He took his own trousers down now, Prancirian solders always seemed to be unwilling to display all of their own nakedness until the woman herself was revealed. She might have sought to undress him as she might have done for a man of Pirion but the Prancirians did not seem to consider this to be an available pleasure although if they had asked it would be done.

Paul's penis was revealed. It stood erect and hard despite no physical stimulation being given so far. He could have been stimulating it with his hand because he had been undressing her and taking his own clothes off. It was pleasing to her to see such enthusiasm. In the dorm most of the men needed soft encouragement. It gave her pleasure to think that he was so excited by her nakedness to respond so well. His penis invited her to lay him down and lower herself onto it.

She felt excitement at being away from the dormitory and on her own, at having been dressed as a Prancirian woman would be for the first time, at being offered a book to borrow. She decided she would be good to Paul this evening, as good as he wanted her to be. Taking the lead now she went to where he was sitting on the edge of his bed and knelt before him. He smelled of soap and fresh sweat. He was clean and she liked his slim body. His penis was long and slim like himself. She felt in a mood to worship the Goddess now as she had not yet been called upon by any other soldier today which was not usual. She placed her hands on his upright member and immediately lowered her mouth over the smooth rounded shape of it, looking him in the eyes as she did so for his reaction.

Paul gasped and said, "yes," as she swallowed him into her mouth, and slowly tightened the grip of her mouth around it. She detected his surprise. She had already discovered that most soldiers, although not all, were unfamiliar with this kind of oral worship. Evidently the wives and ladies of Prancir did not perform this kind of pleasure for their menfolk. Maybe some of them did because some soldiers had recognised and welcomed it, or she thought, perhaps they only learned it from other conquered women of Pirion in the other 'occupied territories'.

Paul may have heard of this Pirion practice but he had surely never experienced it before for he sighed and grunted ecstatically as she slowly sucked him deep into her throat. Then releasing the excited shaft, she allowed all but the head to depart her mouth before she enveloped as much as she could take again. She took care not to suck him too vigorously for in this state of excitement she felt it would not take her long to make him come, and she preferred not to have him come in her mouth for she wanted to feel his hard penis invading her own body.

She allowed her right hand to wander over his flesh, stroking his smooth skin gently as she held his penis and gently bit with her teeth, and licked with her tongue, as if his penis was a piece of food to be explored and washed in her mouth before the final consumption. He touched her too, exploring her breasts and shoulders lightly with his hands, worshipping her it seemed, if not the Goddess herself.

Paul made more noises as his excitement rose. "Please make me finish," he begged her, but she refused to suck him harder. Raising her head from his penis she breathed hard, "I want you in me." He was doubtless surprised, she later came to realise, that a mere 'prostitute' as he must consider her should seem so keen for his penis to enter her. She gave him only the chance to determine their position, "which way would you like it?" She stood before him as he rose and gestured and guided her body to face the bed. She stood against the side of the bed and he pushed her upper body down onto it, face down, while her legs stood straight, her buttocks sticking up towards him. He could doubtless see her opening as he brought the head of his hard excited penis to it and pushed it into her. Her hand helped to guide him. He grasped her slim waist and her right buttock as her right hand slipped between her own legs to brush his tender parts between the arse and the testicles and to stimulate her own flesh in her equivalent regions.

He took her quickly now gasping as he did so. His slim penis reached deep into her, stabbing her, lubricating the flesh around it as it did so, with its juices. She twisted her head so she could see his contorted face as he shunted her more rudely now, clutching at her and crying out. She also began to moan as her tension mounted. Soon she began to orgasm as she used her own hand to maximise her stimulation. It was rare enough for her to orgasm with the soldiers, although as they began to respect the priestesses more they began to learn some of the sexual arts they had to offer and more soldiers attempted to give pleasure to their captives, realising that it would give them more pleasure also. Most days she now achieved at least one orgasm with a soldier and the incidence was rising but sometimes she had to bring herself to orgasm with her own hand after a soldier had departed, to keep herself content.

She began now to cry out in the language of the Goddess for her own sake more than his as the pulsing waves of ecstasy shot through her, raking her body with sweat and sweet sensitivity. He responded to her movement as she moved her hips, impaling herself uncontrollably onto his stiffened penis, deep inside her. Her movements made him groan with pleasure. He said something feverishly in Prancirian and pounded himself all the more forcefully at great speed between her protruding buttocks. He came in an uncontrollable rush that lasted many seconds as her own orgasm was just beginning to fade. She felt her vagina filled with his warm fluids as she began to emerge from her passion. He continued to fuck her even after his ejaculation so great had been his own passion, so hard his penis. Soon he slowed and spread his arms over her and bent to kiss her back and her neck.

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