tagSci-Fi & FantasyLife as a New Hire Ch. 16

Life as a New Hire Ch. 16


This story plays fast and loose with Ancient History and Linguistics; be warned.

Do you think you know who you are? Step outside your comfort zone.

Reader edited - the faults are mine.


(11:00 p.m. Thursday Night)

Rhada stood by the Lily Pond. She'd looked at her phone once. A couple had walked past, causing me to delay my approach and heightened Rhada's unease - an unexpected bonus. It wasn't too difficult of a shot with my air pistol. The only light functioning in the area went out in a crash of light.

She jumped slightly then crouched and scanned the surrounding overgrowth. The light had robbed her of her night vision which allowed me to get close. I snapped the air pistol off into its three parts. Running around with any kind of gun in NYC wasn't wise. In the same vein, the 'stun gun' I now brandished was all light and no shock. It was all theater for Rhada's imagination.

With the flash of my weapon, Rhada's eyes bore in on my location. Her small knife was now over-matched, so her only option was flight. A smart 'victim' would race for the well illuminated road close by. Hunters who hunted hunters did what Rhada did - she raced into a geographic feature in Central Park called the Ravine.

It was tough, uneven terrain off the beaten path. I had walked it once before, in dim light. This night I was aided by a half-Moon and the faintest clue of where the chase was leading while Rhada was having to figure things out as she ran. At the last second, she sensed she had lost the race. She spun around to slash at me - she was playing for keeps.

I swung down, losing my false stun device while I knocked her knife free. I had lashed downward so that I could find her knife later; it was important to her. My tool cost $3.00 and I could live without it. We struggled. Rhada tried to scream so I covered her mouth with my sweater-covered forearm.

Dutifully, she bit down. More close body wrestling ensued and I could tell Rhada was truly famished for the attention. I cuffed her hands behind her back, slapped some Christmas tape over her lips - I swear that stuff has no adhesive - and retrieved her knife.

"What is it going to be, little Sweet-meat?" I taunted her softly as I caught my breath.

I had Rhada pressed face-first in the loam. Despite her strenuous efforts to keep her legs together, I rubbed my hand between her legs and over her cunt.

"Fuck it," I mused. "You are a real whore. You are soaking wet over some guy running you down and making you a fuck-hole." I wasn't sure she was wet and being called 'fuck-hole' really excited her.

"You are probably so loose I couldn't feel a thing if I did fuck you," I kept up the pressure. "Maybe I'll strip you down and leave you tied to a lamp post - write 'Free Slut' and see who is desperate enough to screw you. If I said '$5 per hole', do you think anyone would leave some sort of payment?" She whimpered.

Soon enough, I located her knife. Without warning, I slipped it past her waistband and began sawing/cutting her pants down past the crotch. She was wet alright. I loudly unzipped my pants and readied my rod. After slapping my cockhead against her molten labia a few times,

"What? You don't want to be used by every diseased homeless deviant and drunk rapist roaming the park?"

Rhada shook her head rapidly in the negative.

"Do you really think you can do a damn thing to make me want to keep you?" I egged her on. Rhada thrust her ass back. My cock rose up, Rhada whined, repositioned and managed to capture my penis on her second attempt. She wept with rapture as I began pushing in.

All I had to do was lean forward slightly and let Rhada do all the work. She hammered her pussy into my pelvis with a voracious yearning. I was rather concerned what she would have been like if it had been a whole month. Rhada was sobbing and shuddering as pleasure wracked her body. I almost missed the soft crunch of leaves right behind me.

I snatched up Rhada's knife and rolled halfway over. Oneida, tears in her eyes and her face etched in horror, was poised to strike me.

"No," Oneida groaned in a small, devastated voice. Yeah, this was going to be hard to explain. Rhada, on hearing the noise, rolled on her side so that she was mostly shielded by me.

Do not scream 'this is not what it looks like', or 'let me explain' to a traumatized girlfriend. Wait until they are not traumatized to escape the disaster.

"What are you going to do?" I whispered. Suggest that she make a decision because, guess what, she needs to make decision, not stew in the madness of the moment.

"How could you?" Oneida lowered her attack stance and took a half-step back.

"There is no way I can explain this," I sighed. My legs came up to shield my exposed crotch plus I dropped Rhada's knife. "Even if I could make this sound rational, I wouldn't put you in that spot. This is an impossible reality." Okay, that last bit was bullshit.

"Is Rhada okay?" Oneida began to focus on the immediate and relegated the past five minutes and the forthcoming repercussions to 'things to do later'. I freed Rhada's hands and then removed the tape. Rhada picked up her blade and readied it.

"Ask her yourself," I suggested. Sensing Rhada's insanity rising up. "No Rhada, you cannot stab her. I won't allow it."

Rhada glared pure, un-distilled hate at Oneida, something the poor girl couldn't understand.

"Rhada, I came here to save you," Oneida gasped. She also prepared to fight.

"You came to take my Cáel for yourself," Rhada spat. Oneida was back to not understanding anything. It would come soon enough. Women are women after all.

"I need to...get something from my backpack," I warned them both. No one attacked me so I pulled out a set of black jeans and black panties for Rhada.

"You brought a change of clothes for her?" Oneida was still playing 'kinky games' catch up.

"Of course he brought me clothes, you insipid fool," Rhada seethed.

"How could we bind our souls into one if I had to walk around...?" Rhada stopped. The idea of walking around naked in my presence appealed to her.

"None of this makes any sense," Oneida protested. It didn't matter.

"Oneida, are your guardians close by?" I asked. I knew the answer, but getting that information out to these to ladies was relevant.

Oneida nodded.

"Rhada, get dressed and go home. Oneida, go home. I'll try to have this make sense to you one day," I said.

"No!" Rhada yelped as if I'd stuck her. "I cannot wait any longer."

"Rhada, unless you want Madi to find out and then have ringside seats as starving dogs tear me to pieces, you have to go," I insisted. I wasn't afraid of hungry dogs. The Amazons wouldn't waste the time when they could slit my throat and be done with it. We all three heard a rustle of footsteps maybe fifteen meters away.

Rhada looked at me as if she'd witnessed the murder of every kitten on the planet, then shot venom Oneida's way and finally snuck off, new clothes in hand. Oneida gave me a different look, one etched in sadness and unspoken heartache. She went off to bump into her bodyguards. I holstered my 'junk' and sat back, wondering why I dated crazy women. The answer was always the same - the sex was fantastic. I'd pay the bill later.

(Friday Morning)

I was damn tired getting into work. I locked my bike, walked into the lobby and realized something was horribly wrong. A dozen pairs of eyes riveted me with their aggression. The security chicks were in their usual places and unsettling in their nervousness. The dozen sets of eyes - those were Full-Blooded killers, not the standard 'Runner' security types.

Adding to my discomfort, there was no Constanza, or even Naomi. A few of the normal ladies from the Security Detail where there - sadly, I had never caught their names, but they didn't look like they were waiting for me specifically. I walked up to the security booth, took out my ID badge and offered it up.

What followed was mere formality. Of all of the hundreds of males in biker clothes coming into this masculine version of the Sixth layer of Hell, they needed to be absolutely sure it was me.

"Cáel Nyilas," the women at the guard station intoned and in they swarmed. Armed with personal defense weapons (read: SMG's) with hair-triggers, I had a split second to decide who I really was.

A few were clearly SD. The rest - House Guard for families I didn't recognize.

"Have I just won Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes, or what?" I grinned foolishly. I'm sure you can be very cool, calm, collected and rational while you laugh at death. I'm not that guy. One of the brutes tried to run off with my valise, a quick tug of war developed and four gun barrels were pushed into me.

"Let go," one of them hissed.

"Do I at least get a claim check?" I countered. What I got was a gun barrel slammed down on the back of my hand. My fingers automatically flexed and my carrying case was taken away. The remaining seven members of the Welcome Wagon hustled me to a stairwell...not an elevator and down I went.

Two proceeded me into a moderately sized conference down two levels with the rest following behind. We were doing fine until the coffle chains came out. That was my 'fuck it' moment. It took me two seconds to realize they were no longer going to shoot me. I came to this revelation when I smashed the face of the guard right behind me.

She stumbled into guards four through seven behind her. Guards one and two, already in the room, holding my chains, rushed in. One came in with a low sweeping kick. I went even lower, caught her leg and whipped her into the wall. I was on my back as number two advanced. Our legs tangled up, we both grappled, but I had strength and leverage. I pounded her temple against the corner of the table twice - hard.

Then came the pain. The rest flooded the room. Number two was down, number one was momentarily stunned and the other five were deadly serious and coming on fast. To all our credits, they didn't try to overwhelm me with numbers. They closed in from both sides of the table, backing me against a wall.

I was pretty good at fighting. I had damaged three of them striking from surprise. Surprise was gone now, as was their sloppy arrogance. This was all business and there was no way I could take on even two of these skilled warriors at the same time. Any advantage I gained over one, I'd lose to the other one so down I went. I was chained up before I could stop seeing double.

Collar, hands cuffed at the back, leg shackles and all linked by twin chains. I wasn't going anywhere fast. I wasn't done yet. I tried to squirm around to a sitting position.

"Stop that," one of the guards stated.

"I'd like to sit up, please," I requested.

With barely a pause, two guards came up, put my back to a wall then went back to their positions.

"Thank you," I responded. Several guards looked at me and smirked. Huh?

"They all said you would fight," the leader grinned.

"We were getting a little disappointed then you chose that chokepoint to make your stand. That was clever," she informed me.

"Actually it was the sight of the chains that set me off," I said. "Against seven of you I had no realistic chance. If I let myself get chained up, I knew I was completely out of options."

Several of the women nodded. Were any of them pissed? Apparently not. Even the one I'd cold-conked rubbed her temple and smiled at me. I worked in an insane asylum.

"Is there any way I could make a video message?" I inquired.

"No," was the reply.

"Please. Aya of the Epona is at Summer Camp and I want her to know that I'm okay, but won't be able to see her for a while," I pled my case.

"You will never be able to see her again, so why bother?" another asked.

"I love her. Better to give her the illusion I may one day return than the harsh reality that she is doomed to end up like the rest of you," I explained.

"Save some of that defiance for your relocation," the leader snickered. "You'll need it."

"Thanks. I will," I sighed. There was a pause. They were being rather gregarious.

"You've accepted your fate?" the one I'd knocked out questioned.

"The fate you want for me? No. That this will mean my death - yes," I shrugged.

"Bravado," a different Amazon snorted.

"You think so? Once I am relocated I have nothing left to live for. Every ounce of my being will be devoted to ending the hollow parody of an existence I'm left with," I stared at her. "I've beaten your ilk enough times to know I'll escape that life before too long."

That earned me some silence. They began talking amongst themselves. The group was a mixed group of House Guard and Security Detail reinforcements from other facilities. They either knew each other, or knew someone in common. An hour in, this had become incredibly boring.

"When is the meeting?" I asked a women temporarily not in a conversation.

She didn't look surprised. She hid it well.

"What meeting?" she countered. I lowered my chin to my chest.

"Do you know where I work, what I did yesterday, or how easy it was to figure this out?" I looked up.

"What do you know?" she prodded. The others were now watching.

"I work for Executive Services, I spent much of yesterday making housing arrangements for a ton of emergency visitors, and since I've been doing so many stupid things, plus my reception this morning, I assume the New Directive is under attack," I laid out my case.

"If you figured all that out, why did you show up today?" the leader wondered.

"I work here. I have a 6:00 am session on the firing range. Work starts at 7:00 and normally goes to 5:00 with a 3:00 pm break for knife training. Then I either bike home, or work out in the gym, or the pool. Barring being called back to work on a special order, I get a date, a meal and then sex until midnight," I mused.

"I came to work today for the same reason I came in yesterday and last week - I work for a bunch of homicidal lunatics, a few of whom I care for," I answered. "Their friendship and affection is pointless. I'm good-looking and amusing, a passing distraction in their lives and none of that matters one iota to my survival. I face my condemnation alone and I am okay with that."

"You sound angrier than your words indicate," an Amazon noted.

"I am angry. I don't desire death," I shrugged. "I don't think I deserve this fate yet here we are. Personally, I know I put my hope in karmic rewards for all of us."

"What would that be?" the leader said. She was making small talk to alleviate the boredom.

"Today - today I think you deserve a lingering, 24 hour torturous death. Starting with the very youngest followed by the next youngest and the next youngest proceeding in quick succession so that the oldest of you watch your lineages waste away. I want you gripped with hopelessness and despair as you are rendered powerless to control your futures. That's a fitting ending for the Amazon race today," I stated.

"Does that fantasy make you feel better?" she pressed, somewhat amused.

"Of course not," I laughed. "That is surrendering to hate and that would make me as bad as all of you."

"You know nothing of us," she said and the others laughed.

"Yeah...right. So, how many of you have murdered your paternal unit? Did you herd them into gas chambers, shoot them in the head, or slit their throats?" I grinned. "Do you dump those men and your sons in a massed unmarked graves, or burn them like rubbish? Those poor bastards have gotten the last laugh," I chuckled. "Sterile females, deformed babies...you taught those men a lesson alright."

"You are all such epic bad-asses, you've butchered your way to extinction. But, hey, you've got your racial superiority, right?" I chortled.

"You should shut up now," the leader's eyes narrowed. I shrugged. This time, I had killed the mood so we sat in silence.

An undetermined time later, Constanza stormed in and threw my clothes at me - no sign of the rest of my gear, or valise.

"Get dressed," she ordered.

"Why?" I asked. She kicked me. The kick was aimed at my ribs, but I able to set up a knee block up in time.

"You will do it because you've been told to do it," Constanza snapped. I stayed where I was. "Help me get him dressed," she addressed the room. I lost the fight if there was any doubt. I looked like a re-dressed corpse. No one would think I'd dressed myself. A few minutes later, the whole troupe plus Constanza frog-marched me to the elevators. I was shackled up thus taking small steps.

I ended up farther down that I'd ever been before. Along the way I was given several quick examinations before being taken to two massive wooden doors with two SD guards, one being Naomi. She looked at my chains speculatively.

"He has been summoned," Constanza informed the door guards.

One of my initial capturers began unlocking my restraints. I debated putting a knee to her head. That seemed rude so I refrained from violence. Naomi took me by the elbow while the other guard opened one of the doors. She led me into the nearly empty, cavernous room. Eight SD troopers were along the walls and Elsa stood at attention close to what I reasoned was Hayden's chair.

"Stand there," Elsa pointed to a large piece of slate with a rune upon it.

"Sure," I did as I was instructed. "Why am I here?"

"Your only real hope is to be quiet and well-behaved, Cáel," Elsa told me, resuming her statuesque stance. I honestly figured this was it for me.

My jacket came off. I threw it to the closest chair. The tie came off next, looping it through my belt...because it looked weird. I kicked off my shoes and removed my socks, stuffing the socks in the shoes and tossing them to the chair with my jacket. Then I started my morning warm up routine.

Sure enough, groups of paired women began entering the room, giving me odd looks before taking their seats. I was doing some handstand push-up (thanks Yasmin) when Katrina walked in with a woman I didn't know.

"Good morning Cáel Nyilas," she said. "This is my cousin, Arwen."

The push-up, tuck, flip and finishing up with landing on your feet ain't easy. I added to the difficult by successfully landing on my designated piece of slate floor.

"Did your clothing magically fall of, or did they fail to finish dressing you?" Katrina smirked.

"Cut me some slack, Boss. I'm three insults away from slinging poo," I grinned back.

"Nice to meet you, Arwen," I offered my hand. She looked at it, but didn't shake. "She's your apprentice?" I groaned to Katrina. She nodded. "That is so not good for me. What did I do wrong this time?"

"She thinks I have invested too much of our House prestige in this New Directive and you in particular," Katrina enlightened me.

"What is her survival stratagem then?" I ignored Arwen while addressing Katrina.

"Have her cake and eat it too," Katrina mused. "She thinks we recruit males then kidnap them and make them our slaves...because that has worked so well for us until now. To be fair, she favors genetics while ignoring such things as spirit, courage and loyalty."

"I'm about to die so any insight I might provide is pointless," I shrugged. "Take care Katrina."

"Male, we are not here to kill you. You will be taken to a facility for breeding," Arwen 'clarified' things for me. Katrina and I both broke out in laughter. Arwen didn't get it. More and more women came in. With them arrived more House Guard. Soon the once vast room seemed to not be big enough.

Among other fans of yours truly was Ursula, the woman who sent Leona to kill me with her bow. It didn't take me long to determine there were four distinct groups. The smallest group hated my heart for daring to beat. The largest group seemed uncertain that me having a functioning cerebral cortex was a good thing.

The second largest group was worried - about their very existence, but weren't sure I was the answer. The final group, nearly as big as the next largest group, was Hayden's pro-New Directive faction. As a plus, they also weren't afraid to show me some affection personally. When there were only seven chairs left unfilled, Hayden rose for the opening prayer.

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