tagNonHumanLife as a Rogue Ch. 03

Life as a Rogue Ch. 03



"They're closing the gate. Hang on!"

Angelina stepped on the accelerator until it touched the floor of the car. The Hybrid lurched forward, smashing through the half closed gates of, The Grand Gate, and out into the street.

"The stati...train stat...fuck!"


Amanda took a deep breath in an effort to calm her racing heart. There was nothing to be done about the heat coursing through her body. Even if she sat in a tub full of ice cubes, the cubes will melt but she'll still stay hot.

"Train station, go there."

"But the others are gonna take the bus."

"I know. We can't....just go!" Amanda groaned as the heat intensified.

"Alright, station it is." Angelina sped through a red light narrowly missing another car.


Amanda are you okay? Angie?

We're in the car. I'm in heat Leo.

Shit. I'm coming to get you.

ARE YOU CRAZY! The only place you'll be coming is your pants, if you get near me!

Point taken. I'll send...

Just shut up and listen!! Don't wait for us. You go ahead as we planned. Let Wade wait for Angie at the bus stop, if she's not there in an hour tell him to leave.

What are you going to do? Seduce the men into an orgy to distract them?

Don't give me ideas Leo, at this moment I'm ready to jump anyone who gets in my way. This is your fault entirely. If you hadn't refused to service me I wouldn't be in this mess. Besides, if Roy is the same as I remember him, then he's not gonna let any other male come near me, nor is he gonna let me go.




Forgive me O Great Yoda! I'll try harder next time.

Will there be a next time Mandy?


I doubt that.

Fuck you Leo. Would YOU give up the chance to see Carol again?


I thought so. Now do as I say.

"Amanda! Amanda!" Angelina looked over at Amanda; she had closed her eyes and curled up into a ball on the seat.

"What!? For God's sake don't shout. I'm miserable enough."

"You went so still I got scared." She said dogging a car.

"I was taking to Leo, idiot wanted to come rescue us."

"Yeah, like that's gonna help! There are painkillers in the glove compartment and a bottle of water in the back seat."

"It's not gon...na help, ho god!" Amanda cried out as another wave went through her.

"Why not?"

"Because..." Amanda paused for a few deep breaths. "I jumped the gun."

"I don't get it."

"I haven't been serviced during my heat in years. So..." Deep breath. "My wolf is anxious and when I came in close contact with males and an alpha, she..."

"Got exited?" Angelina supplied.

"Yes. Painkillers won't really do anything for me now; the heat will just burn it up."

Amanda reached for the bottle of water. "We should have reached there by now. The station is not that far!"

"We would have if I hadn't started for the bus stop. Another five minutes."

"Couldn't you have bought a better car then this piece of crap?" her voice had gone hoarse. Amanda gulped down more water.

"This is best I could get with the money you gave me!" Angelina bit back. "Beggars can't be choosers you know."

"Whatever. Just ask me something. Talking keeps me distracted." Amanda clutched the dash board as the car braked. "And try not to kill me!" Amanda shouted as she brushed off the water she spilled on herself.

"Why haven't you been serviced? I thought you and Leo were together."

Amanda looked over at the female trying to understand what she was saying; it felt like her brain was melting in her skull. "Nooo, Leo is not my mate or boyfriend or whatever. He used to help me during my heat cycle but then he met Carol...and lost his brain along with his heart. She's human so we didn't...we left her, Leo's choice. He doesn't help me anymore, wants to stay faithful or something. Which... is utter BULLSHIT! Cause we do it... you know... when the mood strikes. And it strikes a lot. But he does not want to service me during my heat anymore. ARE WE THERE YET?"

"Almo..." Angelina's answer was cut off as Amanda let out a high pitched wail.

Amanda held herself tightly as she rode the wave of heat, "Hurry, they are getting closer." She said in a hoarse voice.

"WHAT?!" the panic on Angelina's face increased as she checked all the mirrors. "I don't see anyone following."

"They are there, I can feel it, him...the heat increases the closer they get. Can't you smell it?"

Angelina sniffed at the air in the car; yes her alpha's scent was changing. The delicate scent of lilacs was changing into a heady scent of strawberries and cream.

"It's the heat; it's burning through the potion Valarie gave us. The more the heat the faster it changes." Amanda explained.

Angelina looked at the female beside her; the strength of her alpha was evident in how she held herself together and managed to remain sane. Most females would have torn the car apart trying to find some relief from the intense heat riding their bodies. Angelina knew she would have jumped the bones of the first male she saw, wolf or not.

"The alpha, you know him don't you?" Angelina asked as she pulled the car in an empty parking slot. She had seen the look of pain, love and loss cross Amanda's face when the alpha had ripped apart the door. She shut off the engine and jumped out, hurrying to the other side to help Amanda out.

"Yes I know him."

+. +. +. +. +. +. +.

Angelina supported Amanda as they made their way through the crowd bustling at the station. "Stay here, I'll get the tickets."

"Fuck the tickets, we don't have time."

"How the hell do you suggest we get through the barrier? You are in no shape to jump over it. Stay here. I'll be back quick. By the way, which train are we taking?"

"It doesn't matter which." Gasped Amanda

"It doesn't? But how are..."

"Just go!" she barked.

Angelina left.

Amanda stood against the wall staring at the people passing her by...no not people; men, passing by. She curled her hands into fists and closed her eyes.

Jumping humans in a train station is not a good idea Mandy. Especially, when you have male wolves on your ass.

The word 'ass' had her mind going in all kinds of delicious directions. It had her thinking of one such ass she was very fond of. Pity she didn't get to see it today-but maybe..."Shit." She whimpered. Another wave.

"Got it. Let's go." Angelina snaked her arm around Amanda's shoulder. "Which train?"

"You ask me that question one more time and I'll make you regret it in the worst way possible. Just stop talking and start walking. Get in the first train that comes." Amanda whispered in Angie's ear. She rarely used her alpha command on her pack mates, but some things just called for it like a stubborn, confused and panicked 20 year old. "They are getting closer. I can feel it."

They make their way through the barriers, cutting through the crowd until they reached a pillar. Amanda leaned on it her head thrown back, eyes closed as she tried to hold on to, at least, a small level of sanity. Angie's fresh lemon scent helped her to stay grounded, that and not looking at men.

The heat and waves were increasing steadily. Amanda was sure they had reached the parking lot. She let out a small cry of relief as the train approached the platform. The duo stumbled their way into the train.

"Keep moving." Amanda said her voice strained and hoarse. "They are here."

They stumbled, pushed and shoved past the few people on the train. Jumped from compartment to compartment until they reached the last one.

"Why the hell is this train so empty?" Angie cried out in frustration and panic. Desperation etched across her face. There was just a middle aged man and on old lady in the compartment.

"Angelina, listen to me. You get off at the next stop. Go to the bus stop, Wade will be waiting for you." Amanda said as she sat down on a bench.

"No! I'm not leaving you." Angelina protested.

"Yes, you are. The males will be too focused on me to notice you, and...ho god...even if they did they won't be able to stay away from a female in heat."

Amanda cried out again. She took deep breaths and looked out the window as the next stop came into view, "there's the stop, go...go now damn it. They are on the train."

"I can carry you, we can do this!" Angie urged.

"No, don't worry about me I'll be fine."

"This was not the plan Amanda!" Angie wailed.

"Any plan I had...went out the window the moment my heat cycle sta...started. Besides, I know the alpha and he won't hurt me. Now GO!" she shouted, startling the poor old lady.

Angelina hesitated. Amanda bared her teeth and snarled. Angelina yelped and hopped out of the train when the doors hissed open and ran as fast as her two legs could carry her.

Amanda got up on shaky legs, clinging to the pole in front of her. Looking behind her she could see the males making their way towards her through the glass. They were shooing people out of the train. Clever.

"Are you okay, lady? You look like you're in pain."

Startled, Amanda turned to face the speaker; the middle aged man. Her senses were so haywire that she hadn't felt him approach her.

"I'm-I-I'm fine. Thank you."

"I could help you. I'm Ron." Ron stepped closer and licked his lips.

Amanda eyed the human; he was breathing heavily, pupils dilated and she could smell his arousal. Great... fucking great!

A female in heat draws male wolves like bees to honey. Because, during the heat cycle, everything in a woman that attracts a man is amplified. But there are times, rare times, that even a human male gets affected.

Ron took another step closer until they were almost nose to nose, "I'll take ca..." he didn't finish his sentence as something caught his attention beyond her shoulder.

Amanda finally lost her grip on the sanity as her knees buckled and the force and intensity of the heat made her blackout.

Amanda's would be helper backed up hastily as an imposingly big male, with a harsh scowl, quickly stepped forward and caught her. The male held her upright in front of him.

"Get out!" he snarled. Ron nearly shit his pants.

Ron picked up his suitcase, stepped around the scary male and the unconscious female and ran away from them.

The old lady in the corner didn't need any personal attention; she got up and hurried past the two wolves, keeping her eyes on the train floor.

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