tagFetishLife At The Manor House Ch. 01

Life At The Manor House Ch. 01



Juliette's family had come into serious money! This should have changed the teenager's life forever but alas her parents had decided to banish her off to college rather than allow her to enjoy the trappings of their new found wealth. Finally the end of term arrived and Juliette had packed her bags only to return to the new family home. At eighteen years of age it was an incredible shock to have the taxi deposit her on the sweeping driveway of the country manor house. Green fields ran away down the sweeping vista of a private valley whilst a line of tall conifers blocked the view towards the end of the long drive. With a heart filled with excitement and yet also with a sense of dread she had moved to ring the door bell.

Her return home was not a joyous one. Her step-mother cared little for her company and they did their best to stay out of each other's way. This as it happened was rather as easy thing to do in such a sprawling mansion. The days over the holiday were long and boring. To pass the time and to create some excitement in her life the young college girl took to a form of revenge against her parents. This was also a means of letting off her pent up sexual steam. Whilst at college Juliette had discovered two very important things about her libido. The first was that she liked girls (very much so!) and that her favourite fetish was the thrill of pissing!

It was the rush of allowing her pussy to spray her honey coloured pee in new and naughty locations that turned her on the most. The more daring and adventurous her choice of toilet location, then the greater the resulting thrill! Juliette had spent a whole college term with her best friend and part time lover, the aptly named Emanuel. Together they had discovered the most thrilling of places to park their bare backsides before starting to squirt out their honey coloured sprays.

Part 1 - Juliette and the Maid

Juliette had her green trousers and virgin white panties around her knees. She was in the act of squatting over the plush red carpet in one of the many guest rooms. Under her wide round buttocks the carpet was beginning to darken as it absorbed the hot golden shower of piss issuing from Juliette's hairy pussy. A soft hissing sound accompanied Juliette's toilet as she busily urinated over the floor between her shapely legs. The sound was loud in the room but this simply added to the thrill of her naughty pee. In her head she wondered who would be next to use this room and would they ever guess what she had done? The wonderful thing about peeing over carpet was that most of the time there was no telltale markings after the damp stain had dried.

The golden stream issuing out of her uncovered pussy had formed an arching shower of yellow pee. As it left her thin pussy crack, her golden rain spurted into a thick stream falling to spray the plush carpet in a continual downpour of deliciously hot piss. The dark stark on the floor was growing by the second adding immensely to Juliette's fun. As usual she was enjoying ever second of her naughty toilet. The feeling of relief in her bladder coupled with the exotic sensation of squirting her piss all over the carpet was electric.

Her gaze was firmly fixed on the sight of her yellow piss squirting out of her muff, trying to memorise every second of her golden shower in the bedroom. She was so engrossed in squirting her pee over the floor that it took Juliette a second before the noise of the bedroom door being opened even registered. With a deep gasp of shock Juliette looked up, the golden stream of pee squirting out of her pussy lips already vanishing at the horror of being discovered.

Coming through the door was one of the household servants. The woman was dressed in a black maid's outfit giving the appearance having just stepped out of a period drama. She was tall, blond and very attractive! Juliette had not paid her any attention before. However things tended to take on a different perspective when you had been literally caught with your pants down in a comprising position. There was simply no way that the maid would not guess what Juliette had just been doing. The damp stain on the carpet between her uncovered legs was an immediate give away. For some reason at that moment the name of the maid popped unbidden into Juliette's head. Maria would not fail to guess that Juliette had only seconds ago been having a pee!

Slowly the maid turned to see the squatting form of Juliette. Coughing quietly, Maria raised a hand to her mouth, one eyebrow raised at the sight of the young girl squatting over the dark stain. The intervening seconds seemed to drag on for an eternity. Juliette was just about to splutter out some kind of weak excuse for having peed over the floor when Maria spoke in a provocative French accent.

"If Miss Juliette does not object could I make a small suggestion?"

Juliette nodded in mute acknowledgment, desperately aware of her the fact that Maria could clearly see her exposed pussy nestled between her parted legs.

"Miss Juliette may want to take a bit more care in future in where she chooses to, err shall we say, leave her little patches!"

Juliette nodded again in acknowledgment wondering if she dare stand up and pull up her panties.

"Would Miss Juliette like a demonstration on how to take precautions in future?"

Juliette's mind raced as she tried to absorb what Maria was saying. She nodded mutely in agreement. What happened next came as a complete shock. With a quick smile at Juliette, Maria turned and closed the door. Then she reached down and placed the silver tray she was carrying, onto the carpet and began to remove the tea set onto the floor. Juliette used this opportunity to quickly jump up and yank up her lower garments and to cover her private parts from view.

Once Maria had finished clearing the tray she stood up and took a wide step over it so that her feet were spread on either side. Then she reached down and started to draw up her long black skirt revealing the sight of brown tights and then view of her white panties stretched across her muff. Juliette gasped out loud as Maria then pulled her panties to one side revealing her blond hairy crotch underneath.

Looking up at teenager, Maria said "This seems the best way for me to demonstrate. Would Miss Juliette object if I use this tray for my toilet? Obviously there would be no stain on the carpet afterwards."

"Yes, of course. No problem," Juliette stuttered, still stunned by Maria's proposal coupled with the sight of the woman's pussy on complete display.

"Good," replied Maria and with that started to squat down, spreading her legs wide and bringing her blond hairy muff down to within inches of the silver tray.

Several moments passed until suddenly Maria started to pee. Instantly her pussy lips nestled at the bottom of her blond haired pussy parted and a thick torrent of golden urine started to escape. As Maria pissed, her golden stream sprayed out of her pussy and rained downwards to land with a loud splatter on the silver tray. A growing puddle of urine immediately began to form in response, expanding outwards by the second as more and more piss sprayed over it.

Maria continued her leak. Juliette watched on with a deep building thrill. She had never seen an older woman take a piss before and to have her maid simply squat down and take a leak all over a tea tray was orgasmic! She watched eagerly taking in the sight of Maria's golden shower as it left her pussy lips, watching the way her yellow pee stream twisted and turned in the air before splattering downwards in a shower of golden droplets.

The way in which Maria's pee left her pussy lips was so different to how Juliette's piss fountain looked when she peed. Maria had superior strength, her golden squirt flowing much further away from her pussy crack. Her yellow pee looked incredibly gorgeous as it escaped her lower lips. Her urine stream was taller in height but thinner in width than Juliette's typical pee stream. In comparison Juliette's own yellow showers were much fatter when she pissed.

The strong hissing sound coming from Maria's pussy was coupled with a quieter pattering sound coming from the tray as Maria's pee sprayed over it. The yellow stream issuing from Marias muff was beginning to diminish in size and Juliette watched with growing disappointment as Maria finally finished peeing over the tray. Neither of them spoke until the last few drops of golden liquid had escaped Maria's womanhood.

"That was fantastic!" Juliette spurted out before she realized just how she sounded. Maria meanwhile was busy standing up having pulled her panties back into place to cover her blond muff. Pushing back down her skirt, Maria took a step back from the tray she had just being peeing onto. Juliette met Maria's gaze and both of them looked downwards at the silver tray. A large puddle of golden piss filled the tray, held back by the surrounding metal lip. The carpet around the tray was however devoid of any tell-tale splashes of piss.

Picking up the tray Maria took another look at its golden yellow contents before looking back at Juliette and saying, "Was my display adequate Miss Juliette?"

Nodding franticly, Juliette replied "Yes.... Sorry... I mean thank you very much. I'll try and remember in future.... That is should I ever get caught short, I mean........."

An embarrassing silence followed by Maria saying, "Yes Miss Juliette. I presume that your sister taught you how to handle such emergencies?"

"Sorry, I don't understand. My sister.......?"

"Yes, she seems to have an unusual habit of visiting the bathroom and never flushing the toilet. In fact I have often discovered the toilet still clean after her visits. Maybe she just likes to powder her nose?"

"Yes.... I don't know......." stuttered Juliette. "Err, I kind of discovered how to handle my emergencies by myself. I had no idea that you would know what to do....."

Giving a big smile, Maria replied "When you are part of the serving staff my dear you don't always have time to visit the bathroom. Now if you will excuse me I need to clear up this little mess. Would you like me to leave the kettle behind to help you should any other pressing emergencies arise?"

It took a moment for Juliette to absorb the offer before she realized what Maria meant. Going bright red in embarrassment she quickly said, "Yes please.... Just in case....... I think I'm done now but you never know..."

With a reassuring smile Maria picked up the metal kettle and passed it across.

"If Miss Juliette will excuse me, I'll leave you now in case you need the room to yourself". Putting the rest of tea set back on the far end of the tray away from the yellow pee puddle, Maria turned and made her way to the door.

"One last thing Miss," Maria said as she opened the door. "Naturally I would appreciate it if you did not mention my little demonstration to anybody."

"Of course," replied Juliette. As the door closed she looked down at the metal kettle in her hands. What she had just witnessed had been a fantastic thrill. In truth she had only been half done when Maria had come through the door and she was still bursting for another pee. In had been quite clear that Maria had intended her to finish her leak inside the empty kettle and she wondered if she was really prepared to try it out.

"Sod it," she said out loud. Putting the kettle down on the bed she quickly stood up and yanked down her trousers and panties. Looking over her shoulder she slowly sat back down again, placing the edge of her naked bum cheeks firmly on the very edge of the bed. Gazing down at the brown curly haired mass of pubic hairs between her parted legs, Maria reached over to the kettle and removed its top. Taking the open container she then moved it down to her waiting muff. Placing the kettle's open mouth up to her pussy lips Juliette took a deep breath and then issued the signal to her bladder to release her pent up her piss. Several seconds passed whilst her bladder responded and then suddenly it happened. From the base of Juliette's pussy started to spray an ever increasing torrent of hot golden urine. Her pee stream sprayed into the kettle's open mouth and began to patter inside as it rained off the walls before falling to the bottom where her pee began to collect. She continued holding the kettle to her crotch whilst she pissed her relief into its innards.

Juliette's toilet lasted several more seconds. Sitting on the edge of a bed and holding a kettle up to her pussy whilst she pissed into it was an awesome thrill. As soon as the last spray of pee had finished squirting from her pussy then she placed the kettle on the floor and moved her fingers to her waiting love hole. Plunging deep inside her wet tunnel of desire she fingered herself to a fantastic orgasm using the images in her mind of herself pissing into a kettle and the memory of Maria peeing from her golden haired pussy. Afterwards in post orgasmic bliss Juliette promised herself that she would investigate the mystery of Maria's comments about her sister. Did somebody else in the mansion house have a naughty secret waiting to be discovered?

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