tagIncest/TabooLife Begins at 18

Life Begins at 18


I awoke the morning of my 18th birthday to the sound of a truck pulling up next door. Realising it must be the new neighbours moving in, I checked the clock, 10:00am.

I decided to pull myself out of bed and get a look at the new neighbours, I couldn't have wished for a better birthday present, two of the hottest girls I had ever seen had just moved in with their father.

They both looked to be around my age if not a little older and both had very different features; one was around 5'7 with long blonde hair, a perky set of c cups and nice long legs. The other was around 5'5 with short black hair, a huge set of dd's and a tight little arse. I had the feeling it was going to be a great day. I quickly check the mirror with a smile, before throwing on a singlet. At 5"11, I was quite well toned and feeling very good about myself.

I walked downstairs and was greeted by my parents, "happy birthday Nath." Said my mum and dad as they hugged me.

"What are your plans for today?" asked my mum.

'I was thinking I'll go for a surf, can I borrow the car?' I asked as I turned to my dad.

"How about we give you some birthday presents first." Said my dad with a grin on his face.

As we move into the living room, my mother hands me a present, inside I find a brand new camera, exactly what I need for the start of my uni course next year.

'Thank you so much, mum.' I say as I give her a big hug.

My dad then hands me a set of keys, "I don't think you'll be needing to borrow the car." He says with a chuckle.

I walk out the front to see my brand new car, with my surfboard already attached to the roof. 'Thanks dad.' I say, a little lost for words.

"Your welcome, now go on and have fun, remember to be back by 6 to get ready for your party." He says before walking back inside.

It's around 5.30 when I return from a great day at the beach, as I pull into the drive way I notice the new neighbours sunbathing out the front of their house in tiny black bikinis. They are looking so hot and it is too good an opportunity to pass up. I walk up to the girls.

"Hey, I'm Nath, looks like we're neighbours." I say as the girls look up towards me. The girls turn and smile to each other.

The blonde looks back up to me and says, 'It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Lauren and this is my twin sister Bridget.'

Jackpot, I think to myself, twins...

"Would you two be interested in coming to my party tonight?"

'What's the occasion?' Bridget asks as she smiles towards me.

"My 18th birthday, it should be a pretty big night."

'Oooh, birthday boy, sure we'll be there.' Replies the blonde with a wink towards her sister.

"Party starts around 8, I'll see you two a little later then." I say as I turn to walk back to my house.

I headed out to the backyard at around 7.30 and poured myself a drink, a few of my mates had begun to arrive to start up the barbeque and start on the drinks. Pretty much everyone had arrived by 8.30 and everyone was having a good time. The girls had yet to arrive and I was beginning to wonder if they would actually turn up.

I was just about to jump into my pool when I spotted Lauren and Bridget walking out to the party and they were looking stunning.

They made their way over and both gave me a hug while saying, "Happy Birthday." As they moved to put their drinks in the esky, Bridget whispered in my ear, "We have a birthday surprise for you, but you'll have to wait till later on tonight." She said with a wink as her hand brushed over my boardies and gave my cock a slight squeeze. I was happy to see her eyes light up when she felt the size of my cock as she ran off and whispered something to Lauren before turning to me and smiling.

The party raged on well into the night without much incidence and by 2.30 I was pleased to see that almost everyone had headed home and the others would soon be doing the same, I decided to grab another drink and began to wonder where the two girls had run off too.

I couldn't help but smile when I spotted both the girls in the spa, seeing them again in their bikinis was almost too much to handle, my cock was growing really hard and I knew I had to get in the spa before anyone realised.

As I entered the spa both Bridget and Lauren looked up and saw my hard cock standing at full attention through my boardies and both the girls giggled, "Is that for us?" asked Lauren with a smile, as I began to blush slightly.

'Yes it is," I replied, slightly embarrassed, 'so what's this birthday surprise you mentioned?' I added as casually as I could, trying not to let it show that I had thought of nothing else all night.

They both turned to watch the last people leave, my parents had gone to bed about an hour before, they were both heavy sleepers and I knew we wouldn't be disturbed the rest of the night.

"Before we get to your birthday surprise, we were thinking a little game of truth or dare might be fun." Lauren said as they both moved towards me.

'Sure,' I replied with a smile, 'that could be a lot of fun.'

"Ok then, truth or dare Nath?" Bridget asked seductively.

I didn't want to seem too eager and decided truth to be a safer option, at least for the first round.

'Truth,' I replied to Bridget, who smiled and asked without a second thought, "How long is your cock?"

'Just over 9 inches when it's hard.' I replied and couldn't help but smile when I saw shock in their eyes that quickly turned to lust.

I turned to Lauren and asked, 'Truth or dare?'

"Truth." Lauren replied, before reaching for her drink, giving me a great view of her cleavage.

I thought for a few seconds before asking, 'How far have you gone with Bridget?'

Lauren and Bridget smiled to each other at the question, and then she replied, "Bridget and I have only ever kissed before, but that doesn't mean we won't do more," She added with a wink.

Lauren then turned to Bridget and asked, "Truth or Dare?"

It seemed that both the girls had been thinking the same as me, as Bridget replied 'Truth,' to her sister.

"What do you wish Nath was doing to you right now?" Lauren asked with a wink towards me.

Bridget blushed before replying, 'I wish I had that long hard cock of his pushing down my throat, making me gag hard on his cock, while he was grabbing hard on my big tits and pinching my nipples as they get really hard against his touch, fuck I'm getting so horny now.' She added with a giggle.

My cock had gotten so hard from hearing her talk so sexually, and I was finding it really hard to concentrate as Bridget turned to face me, I couldn't help but notice how hard her nipples looked through her bikini as she asked, 'Truth or dare.'

I didn't know how much longer I could handle this game, especially with the thought of my birthday surprise still distracting me.

I smiled at Bridget as I replied, "Dare."

Hoping that I was going to be able to handle whatever she was going to set as my dare.

Bridget turned towards her sister and quickly whispered in her ear, I saw Laurens eyes light up before she nodded her answer to Bridget.

I couldn't help but worry at least a little bit as I awaited my dare from Bridget, 'Stand up and lose the boardies.' She said with a smile.

I stood and removed my boardies, savouring the look of lust as they first laid eyes upon my long hard cock. I then sat back in the spa, turning to face Lauren and asked, "Truth or dare?"

'Dare,' she answered, looking quite nervous.

I smiled and thought for a moment on how I could use this to my best advantage. "Make out with Bridget while you remove her bikini, then take of your bikini while giving Bridget a lap dance on the edge of the spa." I smiled as I waited for their reaction.

'That's a bit of a long dare,' said Lauren.

Bridget agreed with her and said, 'maybe that should take care of my turn as well.'

I really didn't mind, as I wasn't in control of Bridget's turn anyway.

"That's fine by me." I replied and sat back to enjoy the show, as the girls sat on the edge of the spa and began to kiss. As Laurens hands reached around behind Bridget's back and untied her bikini, I watched as Bridget's huge tits were brought on display, I was amazed at how perfect they were, her cute little hard nipples were a soft pink against her pale skin.

My cock was really beginning to strain as I watched Bridget reach u and begin to play with her own breasts, cupping them in her hands and squeezing them together before pinching her nipples hard. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as Lauren began to slide her hands down to remove the rest of Bridget's bikini.

I almost lost it as Bridget turned bent forward to give me a perfect view of her hot wet pussy and tight arse as the bikini was slipped down and off her legs. Bridget spread her legs slightly and I watched her hand slowly brush across her clit and she slipped a finger inside her pussy, before turning to sit on the edge of the spa.

As Lauren moved to begin her lap dance on Bridget, I watched in amazement as Bridget brought her finger up to Lauren and she began to lick and suck the taste of Bridget's pussy off her finger.

"mmm, Bridget your pussy tastes so good." Lauren said as she began to grind her arse into Bridget and removed her bikini top, revealing her perky c cup tits, with tiny little nipples that were really hard.

Lauren then turned and pushed her tits towards Bridget's face, I watched as Bridget grabbed hard onto Laurens tits, and brought her nipple into her move and began to suck as her nipples got even harder against Bridget's tongue. Lauren slowly began to pull down her bikini bottoms revealing her perfectly shaved wet pussy and tight little rosebud.

I knew I couldn't handle much more of this, I was in need of some relief and fast. The girls turned and smiled at me as Bridget moved towards me and grabbed onto my long hard cock, Lauren followed and grabbed onto my balls and they both whispered in unison, "It's time for your birthday surprise."

"Let's move to your bedroom." Bridget suggested.

As we walked into my bedroom, Lauren turned to close the door behind her while Bridget pushed me onto the bed. Both the girls moved towards me, "So what's my birthday surprise?" I asked the girls with a smile.

'We are yours for tonight, to do with as you please.' Replied Bridget seductively. 'All you have to do is ask.' Lauren added with a wink.

"It sounds like I'm going to have a great night." I stated as I pulled the girls onto the bed. I began to kiss Lauren passionately as my hands slid down to her perky tits and began to pinch her nipples, feeling them harden against my touch, before turning to kiss Bridget.

"Kiss Lauren," I whispered into Bridget's ear, "and slowly kiss down her body, before you begin to lick her tight pussy."

'Yes master.' Replied Bridget with a soft kiss to my lips.

Master... I liked the sound of that.

I watched closely as Bridget slowly kissed her way down Lauren's body, pausing to briefly suck on her nipples, before continuing to move down across Lauren's tight stomach, down past her hips and slowly kissed Lauren's inner thigh. I heard a soft moan escape Lauren's lips as she felt Bridget's tongue lick over her clit for the first time. I watched Lauren's eyes light up as Bridget's tongue parted her sister's lips and ventured deep inside her tight wet pussy.

Lauren's breathing was rapidly increasing and it was easy to see that Bridget was bringing her close to an orgasm. Lauren moaned out loud as Bridget began to suck hard on her clit as she pushed her fingers deep inside her pussy and started to fuck her fast with them.

"Is Bridget going to make you cum?" I asked Lauren as I kissed her neck and began to pinch hard on her nipples.

'Oh yes master,' Lauren moaned, 'She's going to make me cum so hard.

"Lick deep into her pussy Bridget, make her cum." I said and Bridget pushed her tongue deep inside Lauren's pussy and started to rub her clit as fast as she could. Just as Lauren was beginning to cum I moved down to get a closer look, I saw Bridget push her thumb deep inside Lauren's tight rosebud sending Lauren right over the edge, she was moaning so loud I was beginning to worry she would manage to wake my parents.

Bridget was licking fast to try to keep up with Lauren's gushing pussy, trying to get every last drop of her sisters cum, before moving up to Lauren and kissing her, forcing her to taste her own pussy.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked Lauren as my finger brushed across her clit causing her to quiver, her body sensitive to every touch.

'Oh yes master' Lauren moaned.

"I think you should return the favour to your sister." I said as I watched Bridget lay down on the bed, Lauren moved down between her legs and licked her tongue over Bridget's clit. As I watched Lauren push her tongue deep inside her sister's wet pussy I decided it was time. I moved closer to Bridget and saw the lust in her eyes, She took my cock in her hand without a moments hesitation and began to stroke it.

As Bridget breathing became heavier and slight moans began to escape her lips, I turned to see Lauren slip her fingers deep inside Bridget's tight pussy. Bridget let out a great moan as Lauren's tongue licked across her rosebud before moving back up to suck hard on her clit.

My cock was harder than I had ever felt before, as Bridget's expert strokes moved fast along my cock. I grabbed the back of Bridget's head and guided my cock towards her mouth. I watched as she licked the precum from the tip of my cock and savoured the taste with a moan before taking the head of my cock into her mouth.

I had never felt anything so good in my life; I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth, getting deeper with every thrust. Remembering Bridget's truth from earlier in the night of wanting to gag hard on my cock, I gripped hard on the back of her head and pushed the whole of my cock deep into her throat, feeling her gag at the sudden force.

I felt her open her mouth wide as she tried to gasp for air, I took this opportunity to see how well she could handle my cock down her throat, and began to thrust fast into her open mouth. I loved the sound of my cock hitting the back of her throat making her gag. I saw a tear begin to fall from her eye as she struggled to cope with my cock down her throat.

I slowly pulled my cock from her throat allowing her to regain her breath.

"How do you like my cock?" I asked Bridget with a smile.

'It's so big master, I've never felt anything like it in all my life.' Bridget managed to reply before her moans grew too loud for her to speak.

I turned and saw that Lauren was enthusiastically licking deep inside her sister's pussy while rubbing her clit as fast as she could.

"Lauren, I think it's time for me to make your sister cum." I said as I moved down the bed. Lauren moved out of the way, I slid in between Bridget's legs and guided my cock to the entrance of her tight wet pussy, with one hard thrust I had my entire cock embedded in Bridget's fuck hole. Bridget's moan had almost become a scream as her orgasm ripped through her body uncontrollably; I began to thrust back and forth inside her tight pussy as it stretched to accommodate my cock.

I turned to see Lauren rubbing her clit in awe of her sister getting fucked so hard, "Sit on Bridget's face." I tell Lauren, "I'll get to you in a minute." I added with a wink. As I watched Lauren straddle across Bridget, who was still moaning uncontrollably. Bridget licked her tongue across her sister's clit before sticking it deep inside her pussy. Lauren continued to rub her clit, as I thrust hard inside Bridget's pussy fast and hard. I lifted Bridget's legs up over my shoulders, allowing me to thrust deep inside her pussy, causing her to moan loud.

Lauren grabbed the back of her sister's head and ground her pussy into her mouth, Lauren was moaning loud and rubbing her clit frantically, I watched as Bridget's hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her clit fast.

I thrust as hard as I could, driving my cock as deep as possible inside Bridget's pussy, setting off another orgasm as she screamed into her sister's pussy, I reached over and pushed my thumb deep inside Lauren's arse as she reached her orgasm and her juices began to flow straight into Bridget's open mouth.

As I slowly began to pull my cock from Bridget's pussy, I smiled as I felt her juices dripping from her pussy around my cock. Both the girls had collapsed onto the bed as their orgasms had brought a sudden exhaustion on them. I moved up between them on the bed and sat with my back against the bed frame. Both girls moved slowly towards me, Bridget began to lick her juices from my cock, while Lauren took my balls into her mouth and begun to suck on them. Bridget slightly opened her mouth and pulled the tip of my cock inside as her tongue danced around my cock.

The attention the girls were giving my cock and balls felt amazing, but I didn't want the night to end yet. "Get on my cock." I ordered Lauren as I slid down so I was lying on the bed. Before I knew it, Lauren had straddled over me and had impaled my cock deep inside her wet pussy.

She moaned so loud as her pussy stretched around my cock and she began to move up and down, I started to thrust upwards to match her strokes, her breathing was once again increasing and I knew her orgasm was not going to take very long.

I pulled Bridget up to sit on my face, I quickly licked her clit causing her body to quiver, before moving my tongue to her pussy and tasting her for the first time that night. Her pussy tasted so sweet and I drove my tongue deep inside it, I heard a moan escape her lips and her juices began to flow into my mouth. Lauren continued to ride my cock as fast as she could her moans were increasing and I knew she was coming close. I grabbed onto her hips and began to thrust as deep as I could, sending her into the throws of another orgasm. I continued to thrust hard, lengthening her orgasm till she couldn't handle it any longer and collapsed exhausted on the bed.

I turned Bridget around into a 69 and she took my cock straight into her mouth as I fucked my tongue deep inside her pussy. As I thrust my cock deep into her throat causing her to gag, I slipped both my thumbs into her tight arsehole and began to stretch it open with my tongue still deep in her pussy. She brought her hand down to rub her clit as she continued to choke on my cock. She suddenly pulled up off my cock and let out a scream as I fucked both her holes with my fingers and tongue, causing her to orgasm so hard that her juices began to squirt straight into my mouth.

This was so hot that I knew my orgasm would come and any moment. I rolled Bridget of my face; "I'm going to cover both your faces with my hot cum." I announced as I began to stroke my cock. The girls moved together and had a look of lust and longing in their eyes as they watched me stroking my hard cock. My orgasm ripped through my body as cum erupted from my cock, shooting hot sticky ropes, landing first across Bridget's chin and coating her lips, the next rope I aimed towards Lauren which shot straight into her open mouth.

I heard her moan as she tasted my cum and I continued to orgasm as I watched Bridget lick the cum from her lips, I aimed a little higher and shot the next into Bridget's lustful eyes.

I then pushed my cock into Lauren's mouth as she sucked out the remaining cum before turning to Bridget to kiss her, watching the twins share my cum was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

The girls continued to lick up my cum, not allowing a single drop to be wasted. I collapsed onto my bed between the girls completely exhausted and as I drifted off to sleep I couldn't help but think that this had been the best day of my life and wondered what was in store for the future.

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