tagNonHumanLife Ch. 04

Life Ch. 04


October 1, 2012 (Monday)

Rashad laid in the hotel room's king size bed watching Samantha sleep. They had gotten into town at about 1:30 in the morning and had taken a cab to the hotel. As soon as they had entered the room, Samantha went to sleep. He was too wired and so he had left a note saying he would have his phone with him and he had walked around for 5 hours just enjoying the sights and sounds of the city he hadn't seen for over 9 years.

At around 7:30 am he had gone and picked up the rental car. It was silver 2012 Mazda 6. He drove it around for about half an hour and then he returned to the room, got down to his boxers and climbed into bed with Samantha and had been watching her sleep since. She was wearing his old Redskin long sleeve shirt as a night gown. He cleared his mind and just enjoyed the rhythmic sounds of her breathing.


Rashad had told her what had happened with Terrance and she had been upset and crying some but she wasn't going to change her mind any. She still cared for Terrance but her heart and soul was given to Rashad. She loved him. Maybe it could be the primal side of her coming out but she didn't want to leave Rashad's side ever again. On the bus she had tried to stay awake. She kept talking to Rashad about how he was feeling and what he was thinking. His smile to her had her melted against him. She would giggle softly each time he tried to slip his hands in places up her thighs or through the front zipper to her breasts as they sat in the back of the greyhound bus. She loved the touches and the feelings he brought out in her. It was like her own animal in her heart was out and aware around him. As the ride was coming near to an end she was barely able to hold her eyes open. She remembered Rashad nearly carrying her from the bus to the cab and then up into the hotel room. She had slipped off her shoes and released her flesh of the dress before her head touched the pillow and she slipped to sleep on the king sized bed.

October 4, 2012 (Thursday)

The week passed by in a blur. They had explored DC and enjoyed the sights as tourist. They had eaten at strange and wonderful places and had made love every night they had been there. They hadn't left each other's side once and Rashad could feel himself growing deeper in love with Samantha. He hadn't actually said the words, but the feelings were there.

He was also getting used to being called Javon in public, in Samantha's favor, she had only slipped once. Arthur had contacted him the day before the event and told him that if Samantha was attending, there was a dress code. He told him to take her to the Burberry boutique on Connecticut Ave, tell them that he had sent them and to pick out evening wear for her. He also told him since he was fighting that he would just need boxing shorts.

They drove to the address for the Burberry store and were amazed at the sight of it. It was immaculate, one look at it and you know that this place is for the wealthy and well to do. Rashad parked the car across the street and he and Samantha walked in to the store. They walked in and a sales woman walked up to them wearing a professional, yet stylish skirt blouse combo. She was a very pretty brunette with an easy smile. Rashad told her that Arthur had sent them and she immediately took them to where the expensive evening gowns were hanging. She walked up to one gown and pulled it down and handed it to Samantha.

"Arthur specifically picked this one out for you." The woman, whose name was Patricia, said to Samantha. The dress was a black Sheer Detail Silk Evening Dress. It was an elegant silk crepon evening dress with sheer silk detail. It had a draped front with delicate pleats and a bow belt. Patricia walked away for a moment and came back with a pair of black lace platform sandals. Samantha took them to the dressing room and tried them on. When she stepped out for Rashad's approval, she could see the look in his eyes and knew it was to his approval. She got switched back to what she was wearing and handed the dress back to the cashier.

She took the items and rang them up and put them in a special carrying bag. She said they would charge Arthur's account and wished them a pleasant day. They took the items to the car and then headed back to the hotel.

The evening of the fight they drove to the address which happened to be another warehouse near the docks in DC. They parked the car between a BMW and a Ferrari and Rashad and Samantha got out of the car. He was wearing a pair of track pants and a Redskins Jersey he had picked up that week, his shorts were on underneath. He stopped for a moment and watched as Samantha glided around the car and came to him. 'Damn, if I didn't have to fight right now, then again, there will be breaks in between the fights.'

They walked to the entrance where two men sat in tuxedos taking peoples invitations and instructing them where to go. When Rashad and Samantha got there and showed the invitation, Arthur walked out of the building and up to them.

"Ah, Rashad, it's good of you to make it. The fighters prep room is right over there" he said and pointed to a door about 500 feet away. "I will escort Mrs. Roberts to my private box where she will have the best vantage point for your fights."

Rashad walked up to Samantha and kissed her gently on the lips. She leaned forward to his ear and whispered "Good luck." He growled low into her ear and she giggled. He turned and headed for the prep room.


Samantha stood before the window of the box as her eyes stared out at the huge crowds that watched the fights. She wasn't really interested in any of the other fights. She wanted to watch Rashad. She cared none for any of the other fighters. Arthur stood talking to several others that were in his private box and noticed that Samantha barely touched the champagne in her pale white fingers with a lush paled red nail polish. Her hair was drawn up and had soft curled ringlets down the back of her neck. Arthur excused himself and walked over to Samantha touching her elbow as her head turns and her bright blue sunflowered eyes go up to him. Her red lipstick was prefect in every way and nearly looked like a rose petal. Arthur smiles to her some.

"I'm taking it that you have only come to watch Rasha...er...Javon fight. That is some dedication, or possibly, love?." He said as she smiled some and looked back out the window.

"You have no idea how deep it runs between us, Mr. Cabrera." She breathed. Her eyes lit up some as she could see Rashad coming towards the ring. "Here he comes." She breathed as Arthur watched her a moment longer. His eyes had wondered down her flesh. He had imagined what the gown would look like upon her and he was right to have picked it out. She fit into it in every prefect place. His eyes moved off her flesh before looking out the window to watch the fight. He remained close to her side through the fight.


About a minute later Rashad was walking out of the fighter prep room and out for his first fight. He was wearing a pair of black boxing shorts and as he stepped out of the prep room, he was greeted by a wave of sights and sounds. The inside of the warehouse looked like the inside of Caesar's Palace in Vegas, ready for a fight. He walked down the runway leading to the ring. There had to be at least 10,000 people, all dressed nicely, cheering and booing him as he walked to the ring.

Inside the ring was another fighter. He had to be about 5'10", lean but muscled. Rashad climbed into the ring and the bell rang. Rashad walked up to the man with his guard down. The man saw this, smiled and launched a spinning kick to Rashad's face. It didn't connect; Rashad grabbed the kick out of the air and lashed out with a kick of his own to the man's stomach. He then put his foot behind the man's knee and dropped him to the floor. While the man was on the floor, he got on his chest and hit him 3 times in the face until the man stopped moving. Rashad inhaled and found Samantha's scent; he looked toward the private box and saw her. He smiled.

Rashad got up off the man, turned and left the ring and went back to the fighters prep room to await his next fight. The next 8 fights went pretty much like the first, not really causing him any real difficulty, and he beating them within the first 90 seconds.


Samantha slipped away from the private box and came down to the fighter prep area. She stepped inside and looked around some. She smiles as she comes around a corner and sees Rashad. "Hey sweetie." She said gently as Rashad grins at her. Her red lips press gently against his as his arms draw her close to him. Her fingers slip over his skin and hair as her eyes close some at their kiss. She breaks the kiss and looks into his eyes. "How long until your next fight?" She asks gently to him.


"Javon, you're up, final match." The referee said as he walked into the prep room and told Rashad it was time for his fight. Rashad stood up and grabbed Samantha around the waist and brought her to his chest.

"Wish me luck" he said as he kissed her cheek and then turned back to the exit and went to the ring.


"Good luck, my love. Be safe." She breathed to him taking his arm as she walked him out towards the ring. The screaming was louder as her eyes could see the ring in a whole new prospective. He kissed her lips and released her as he climbs up into the ring. Her body remains near his corner as her eyes look over at his opponent. Even though she knew Rashad could handle himself she still worried some. Her body remains rooted to the ground near the ring. Everyone around just seemed to fade out to her as her eyes were trained upon Rashad. She feels a hand touch her arm and it took a little tug before her head turned and her eyes came to Arthur next to her. He grinned to her and leaned towards her so she could hear him.

"This is a better spot." He said as she nods and looks back towards the ring and the fight.


He stood in the ring feeling ready to go; the guy across from his was 4 inches shorter but had the same body type as Rashad. The announcer introduced him as Daniel Kidd. They bumped gloves and then the bell rang and they charged each other. Rashad won the little struggle and flipped Daniel on his back. He launched a punch at his face while he sat on his chest, but Daniel was able to roll to the right and get out from under Rashad.

They both got to their feet and squared off against each other. Rashad stepped in and launched a round house to his face, Daniel went to move his head to the side, but the punch Rashad launched was a feint and when he rolled, his face came in contact with his left coming from the other side. Daniel rolled with the punch and stepped back from Rashad, ready for the next attack. Rashad stepped in, closing the distance between he and Daniel, and laid a 3-hit combo on him. The impact of the first hit flipped Daniel over onto his back, negating the rest of the combo.

As soon as Daniel hit the ground, he rolled backwards and swept Rashad's legs out from under him. Rashad fell hard, and before he could recover, Daniel was on his chest hammer punching him in the face. Blood flowed from several wounds in his eyes, nose and mouth. He tried to defend himself, but Daniel was just too fast and powerful. Rashad could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness.


Samantha screamed out as she went to go forward but Arthur's arms went around her. He could feel her breasts pressed into his cupped hand around her chest. She struggles and claws at his arms to get free. She tried to break free. Arthur winced at he felt her nails tear and claw into his skin as she tried to get free of his hold. He wasn't going to let her try and get in the ring and ruin the fight. He paid way too much money to have this fight ruined by any female. "Javon!" She screamed out. She wanted to say his real name but with Arthur behind her she didn't want anyone to know.


Rashad could hear Samantha screaming from somewhere outside the ring. As if in slow motion he saw Daniel's fist raise and prepare to come down again. 'My turn!' he heard the beast inside him say. As Daniels fist was coming down his hand came up and caught the fist, but it wasn't his hand, this hand had claws, was harrier and larger. Rashad looked into Daniels eyes and saw, fear.

Rashad pulled Daniel off his chest and off of his body. He rolled into a low crouch and looked down at himself. Just like he thought, he had shifted into his half human, half wolf form. At first he was scared. Samantha could see him now, and so could everyone else. When he looked into the crowd, they didn't look shocked; in fact they were even more excited. He glanced over at Arthur, who had let go of Samantha. He had a smile of complete satisfaction, and was Rashad seeing right, his eyes were glowing green?

Rashad smelled something in the air, and it pissed him off. His attention went back to Daniel who was getting back to his feet. What Rashad smelled was blood, his blood. It was all over Daniels fist and chest. 'He made you bleed, made you look weak in front of your mate.' The beast said within his soul. He lunged at Daniel with a closed fist and hit him in the jaw. Daniel couldn't react to the speed and stumbled back dazed.

Rashad followed the first punch with a blinding second one which caught Daniel on the temple and made his legs turn to jelly. The crowd could see that it was over, but Rashad didn't stop coming. He couldn't hear the crowd, or Samantha. There wasn't any more rational thought except that this meat bag made him bleed.

He popped his claws out and started walking toward Daniel, letting them scrape across the ground. Then in a blur of motion he swiped them across his throat and watched Daniel fall to the ground dead. He walked over to him, sniffed to make sure he was dead, and then stood up and arched his back and let out the most primal howl anyone in the room had ever heard.


Her eyes widened some. Her own body trembled but not in fear anymore. Her breathing became huffs as she watched his body change. Her heart was pounding in her chest as a slow and steady grin came across her lips. She didn't care as Rashad tore open the throat of the fighter. It didn't matter at the moment. When the bell rang her body moved towards the ring. Arthur went up before her and held Rashad's arm in the air as her eyes finally went around the place. People were cheering and on their feet. They loved everything. Her eyes went back to the ring as Rashad was led out of the ring by the guards. She watched as he returned to normal. She followed after them going towards the prep room. She waited in the shadows listening.


Rashad was stunned as he shifted back to his human form and looked at the corpse of Daniel at his feet. He didn't notice that the crowd was still cheering, or that Arthur had come into the ring and was holding his hand in the air signaling that he was the winner of the tournament. He was ushered out of the ring, past Samantha and into the prep room by a couple of guards. He sat on a bench still stunned that he had killed that man. That wasn't the part that freaked him out; it was that he liked it. He looked up when he saw the door to the arena open and Arthur entered, shadowed by his two body guards.

"That was amazing. I knew you had it in you Rashad, but to see you give in to the beast like that, made the rest of us proud." He said in his British accent. Rashad looked up with a questioning look.

"There's a lot that we need to talk about, but for now here is your money," as he said that, one of the guards handed over a silver briefcase which Arthur opened to reveal rows of $100 dollar bills. Then he shut it and handed it to Rashad. "Go back to the hotel with your friend, relax, but tomorrow meet me here at 9 am." He said and handed him a business card. It read 'Cabrera Inc. Import/Export' it had an address that was in downtown DC. The other interesting thing about the card was that it had a wolf styled on the back of the card. With that, Arthur, his two body guards and the referees left the prep room.


She watched Arthur walking out as he smiled some to her. She walked into the room and towards Rashad. Her arms slipped around him hugging him.

"Are you okay?" She knew it was a silly question but she couldn't help asking. She drew back some and slid her fingers over his skin. She was watching as his skin healed without scars and only traces of his blood were left behind. "It scared me to see you on the ground of the ring. Arthur stopped me from going in to stop the fight. It scares me to see you hurt like that. I was so worried." She breathed gently as his hands took her forearms and stared into her eyes. Love was there in her eyes. A faint teary stain was down the left side of her cheek. "This is all crazy honey, really crazy." She whispered to him.


Rashad wiped the tear from her face and leaned in and gently kissed her on her soft lips. He pulled away and stood up, went to the locker he had been using, and put his clothes back on. He turned around and Samantha was holding the briefcase. They joined hands and walked back outside and to the car. Samantha climbed in the passenger seat and put the case behind Rashad's seat. Rashad got in, started the car and drove back to the motel.

"I know I said it already, but you look amazing." Rashad said to Samantha while they drove. He saw her blush slightly.

"Thank you. How are you feeling?" She asked hesitantly. She wasn't sure if he was ready to talk about what had happened. She knew she was turned on by what she saw, but didn't want to let him know because she wasn't sure what his reaction to it would be.

"Weirdly enough, I am fine. I mean, I know I killed that guy, but I really don't care." He said to her with a slight smile on his face. He could smell her arousal as she remembered the power he had shown in the ring, and he could feel his hardness starting to swell as well. They arrived at the hotel a few minutes later and headed up to the room.

When they get into the room, Rashad took his clothes off and jumps in the shower to wash off the last few hours. He gets out and towels off, then walks back into the bedroom, where Samantha lay seductively across the bed, naked, waiting for him. He was about to jump her, when he thought he would have some fun first.

"Dang, I'm hungry, I am going to get something, and I'll be back in a few." He said with a smile and turned to leave the room. Samantha couldn't believe that he had resisted the urge to make love to her. She sat on the bed for a few more minutes and then realized that he wasn't joking. She got off the bed, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Rashad came back with a couple bags of Italian take out that he got from a restaurant around the corner. He didn't see her on the bed, and hears the shower. He puts the bags on the bed and enters the bathroom. Samantha heard the door open, the squeak of the door hinges had annoyed her before, but today it just makes her so hot. She tries hard to pretend that she doesn't know he's there, but she is so excited that she grabs the soap and lathers up her hands. She puts her head back into the spray and lets the water go down her face so she can't open her eyes and see who is there.

As she is distracting herself, one hand slowly slides down her body, going for her pleasure center. Her other hand glides to her nipple and starts pinching it softly. She is so turned on right now, but she is hoping that Rashad will get the hint and join her.

Rashad is enjoying the sight of Samantha's naked body in the shower, playing with herself. His heartbeat increases, as does his breathing. He rips his clothes off faster than he ever has in his life, but then he just stands there, a little wondering if this is a fantasy for Samantha, 'how should I play this out' he thought to himself. His hard cock is leaking precum and he starts to rub it slowly while he watches her please herself. Then he hears a low moan and that about does him in right there.

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