tagNonHumanLife Ch. 07

Life Ch. 07


October 22, 2013 (Tuesday)

Morning came to find Samantha curled around her pillows. She yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked over to Rashad's side of the bed and then grumbled softly to herself, he hadn't come home last night. She was getting even more worried now. She winced as he stomach flip flopped for a moment then she stumbled slowly to the bathroom and began praying to the porcelain god. When all that was left was dry heaves she sat on her butt, flushed the toilet and began rubbing her stomach. She had been upset last night, she thought to herself, she could understand getting sick then but this morning bothered her. She got up and slipped out of her clothes before stepping into the shower. She had felt better after losing her stomach but now she was hungry. She would shower, get dressed, and make breakfast.

She slipped into a pair of white shorts and matching tank top with a super girl S over her breasts that showed cleavage from the top. She brushed out her hair and drew it back in a ponytail. She walked into the kitchen as her mind kept thinking about Rashad and where he could be. Were her senses keen enough to find him? Her eyes looked through the fridge but her nose wrinkled at everything in the fridge. Her stomach growled out in hunger.

"This totally sucks!" She yells out looking around the apartment. She sinks down in a chair flicking on the TV. She flicked through the channels before looking back towards the fridge in the kitchen. A soft growl came from her throat. "Damn it!" She growls lowly. 'I wish you were home. I wanted to go to breakfast with you this morning.' She thought to herself. Her thoughts were drowned out by the noise of the TV. She watched a commercial for burgers and shakes in a restaurant in downtown DC and her stomach began to rumble with earnest.

She walked into the bathroom and opened her cabinet. She saw a pregnancy test. She had to know. She was late. She wanted to know. She would eat after she got the results. She went into the bathroom and used the pregnancy test before sitting it covered on the sink. She washed her hands and tried to ignore the test. Her eyes instead went to the clock on her dresser in the bedroom. She walked back and forth while her stomach growled. She looked to the clock once more and went to the test as her hand covered over her mouth. Her eyes welled up with tears as she grabbed her cell phone. She called Rashad's phone once more.

"Rashad, please answer, we are going to have a baby!" She said loudly into the phone. "Please come home. Please. You are going to be a daddy. Please come home to me. I love you, honey. I'm here for you always. Please." She begged into the phone before hanging up. She kept her cell phone with her.

Samantha decided against going out just in case Rashad came home. She made herself a club sandwich, scrapple, eggs, and hash browns. She was so hungry that she ate 3 platefuls before lying back in her chair. Her eyes went to the phone then to her stomach.

'Please, come home honey. I need you with me.' She thought gently. She sat down on the couch and curled up in a ball, not really watching the TV as it droned on. Her eyes watched the phone hoping it would ring and Rashad would be on the phone.


Rashad walked into the apartment and saw Samantha sitting on the couch. When she heard him walk in, she was off the couch in an instant.

"Where have you been?" She said as she ran into his open arms. He held her tightly to his chest.

"I'm sorry; I had a lot to think about. I went to a bar, but before I could get drunk, Arthur came and got me." He said as they separated. He looked her in the eyes and could see that she had been crying. 'She was worried about me. But there is something else, something she wants to tell me.' He thought. "Arthur thinks that there may be a chance to save me." He brought her to the couch and they sat down while he told her of the events of the previous night. When he was done, she took his hands and put it on her stomach.

"I have something to tell you. You're going to be a father. I am pregnant." She said. Tears began to run down Rashad's face at the news. He hugged her close and then put his hand on her stomach. He didn't know why, but he could feel a life growing there. 'That's impossible. It's too soon, how can I know that something's there?' he thought to himself.

"I want you there when this happens." Rashad said as he moved to the other side of the couch and leaned back on the arm rest. Samantha moved over and lay on his chest while he talked. He wrapped his arm around her with his hand resting on her chest.

"Of course, we're in this together, always." She said as she cuddled with him. Rashad hadn't realized how tired he was till he woke up 8 hours later stretched out on the couch with a quilt over his body. He got up and looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was 5:45 pm. He looked around for Samantha and didn't see her. He listened and sniffed the air and realized she was in the bathroom. He got off the couch and headed toward the bathroom. She was coming out as he was walking toward it. He went to give her a kiss but she backed up with a slightly disgusted look.

"Eww, you have morning breath." She said. He laughed and hugged her instead.

"We are going out tonight. I am going to get ready and then it's your turn." He said to her.

"That sounds like fun." She said as they separated. Rashad went into the bathroom and got ready. When he was done he went into the bedroom and pulled out and dressed in a suit. He went to the living room and called Arthur for permission to use his limo. He agreed and said that it would be out front in an hour. Rashad sat on the couch and watched TV while Samantha got ready.


Samantha moved around the bedroom pulling out a long black crushed velvet dress with slits up both her thighs. She wondered into the bathroom turning on the shower before stripping from her nightclothes. As she let the water fall on her she thought about what Rashad had said. Would she have to go through what he is going through? What will happen to their baby? Her hand slides down over her stomach. She didn't want to lose their child. She didn't want them to destroy a part of their life that hasn't come into the world yet and had a chance to live. She washed up and shaved everything that needed to be shaved before turning off the water and wrapping a towel around her body. She stepped out of the shower and walked into the bedroom.

She dried herself and stepped into the long black dress. The front of the dress dipped some to show her breasts from the top. Her back was open showing creamy white skin. Her thighs showed as she slipped into her high heel wedges before adjusting straps and curling her hair down and around her shoulders and back. She applied a pale pink lipstick to her lips with some rouge and powder before stepping out of the bedroom. She walked by the couch and watched his reaction from the corner of her eye.


'Exquisite,' he thought, as she came into the room. Everything about her said class, from her hair so perfectly coifed to her shoes which elegantly matched her black dress that she chose to wear for the evening.

"Hey baby, what do you wanna do this evening?" Rashad asked her, as he stared at her lovely figure in that dress that looked like it was made for her.

"I thought you had everything planned," she said as she stared at him while putting items into her evening bag.

"Naw, I just thought I'd wing it, but if you are okay with it, we can just order in and watch TV. That's always an option" he said waiting for a reaction.

"I didn't get all "gussied" up just to have takeout and watch television. I want to go out." She said, arms folded and giving him a look that could kill.

Rashad jumped up out of the couch and stuck out his arm to escort her for the evening, "your wish, angel, is my command."

As they left their building, the limo was waiting and the driver opened their door as they hustled into the back. Awaiting her was well-appointed leather interior with crystal glasses and champagne on ice. He proceeded to open the champagne and poured her a glass. The infamous Washington D.C. potholes made drinking and riding a bit treacherous but they handled it and enjoy themselves. He takes a little of the Champagne and pours just a bit on her neck; it runs down her shoulder to her collarbone. He quickly uses his tongue to lick it up before it reaches her dress but he lingers on her neck, kissing her and licking her until the taste of champagne is all but gone. He knows she's resisting moaning because of the driver but when he nibbles at her ears, her squeals are another story.

"Stop, you're giving me goose bumps and they won't look at all attractive in this dress."

At that point, Rashad just looked at her and wanted to let her know how much she meant to him but he let it pass. He would have more than enough time to do that later.

The limo pulled up to there first stop, Sichuan Pavilion, a nouvelle Asian restaurant in the heart of the DuPont Circle area. They jumped out of the limo and stepped into a faux Asian décor that was brimming with people. Because he had made reservations they were seated right away. It was a quiet table near a window where they could watch people go by. She ordered the Pad Thai Chicken with coconut sticky rice. He ate the sushi and sashimi platter, which was heavenly. Rashad occasionally took some of her rice but he mainly left it alone since she adored it so. She ordered a rum and saki punch and after a couple of drinks her hand was in his lap massaging his now hard dick. She tried to undo his pants but he wouldn't let her. He just moved her hands up and down on his legs massaging him through his pants.

After dinner and a brief cooling down period to enable Rashad to walk out of the restaurant, it was off to the Ibiza Night Club in Adams Morgan. They were treated to a wonderful Brazilian Carnival Show with beautiful Brazilian women in abundance on stage and in the audience. The samba ruled the dance floor and he and Samantha got up and did their own version. As they danced, a sun bronzed Brazilian goddess came over to them and started dancing. Rashad's dick got hard as she shook her ass at him with her little thong on and her tits jutting out. She reached over and grabbed Samantha around the waist and began moving her hips in a seductive manner with her. Samantha and the woman got into a close grind on the dance floor. Rashad watched as the two moved together as one, everyone on the dance floor turned their eyes towards them.

When the music ended, Rashad and Samantha invited her back to their table, but she had to decline in her broken English, she worked with the band and had to get ready for the next show. They stayed and enjoyed more music and dancing but he wanted to hit another club before it was too late so they headed for the 9:30 Club.

This club located in Capital Hill was a haven for models, wannabe models and actresses of every stripe. They immediately pulled up and were swept past the throng waiting to get in at the velvet ropes. As they entered, they are greeted by a décor reminiscent of South Beach. It's a small club but it's packed with half the crowd being the hottest this or the newest that. Rashad hunts down a secluded booth in the VIP area and makes them at home. The waitress comes by and they order a couple of chocolate Bemis and tell her to keep them flowing.

Rashad tells Samantha he had to talk to someone he spotted on the way in. She nodded and took in the scene. He knew that leaving her alone would be an invitation for someone to talk to her, which if it's the right someone wouldn't be a bad thing.

He circulated and made his rounds and upon returning he came upon Samantha and a very beautiful young woman becoming fast friends. The woman was kissing Samantha on the neck and her hands were on her thighs in a most seductive manner. He slid in on the other side of Samantha.

"Hello, I'm Amber, I was admiring her perfume, it is tantalizing, just like she is," she said looking at Samantha and licking her lips.

"We agree on that, I have been enjoying her perfume all evening." Then he leaned over and began kissing the other side of her neck. He was at a bit of an advantage because he knew her most sensitive spots but Amber was a quick learner and they were both all over Samantha.

Her moans were subtle but still seductive enough to get them both to linger over a spot or to prolong a certain gesture or move. Rashad looked at Amber, her light mocha complexion was turning him on and watching her feast on Samantha was sensory overload so he decided to stop competing and to team up.

"Hey Amber, let's turn her out right here."

Amber smiled and then laid a serious kiss on Samantha holding her face with both hands. Rashad watched and then moved his hand up her thigh. Knowing she wouldn't be wearing underwear with this dress, he fingered her wet pussy. When his finger touched her clit, she gasped as Amber kept up her deep kissing. He slowly moved his finger around her clit and played with her pussy lips. Then he gently entered her very wet pussy with two fingers and nudged her g-spot. This time it was more than a gasp but a moan that emanated from her lips. He continued teasing her pussy with his fingers and her hips gyrated slowly in a sexy way.

Amber's hand was playing with her nipple and he took his wet fingers and lifted them to Amber's lips.

"Taste this," he said to her as she began licking his fingers in a very sensuous fashion. Samantha joined in and they were back to exchanging tongues with his fingers being the focal point.

He grabbed Amber's hand from Samantha's breast and eased them down to her pussy. There they played a gently game of thumb wrestling around her clit. Samantha's head immediately tilted back and she let out a series of moans that made it very obvious what was going on and but for the music, they would have been busted. Samantha was feeling it now and grabbed both of their heads and pushed them to her breasts and like twin babies they suckled on her nipples, licking them and enjoying the sounds she was making. Rashad lifted his head first and kissed Samantha as Amber continued to suck on her tit and finger her pussy. Their kiss was long and soulful as he closed his eyes and imagined them somewhere far from the music and the club, just the two of them. But Samantha was preoccupied by Amber's nimble fingers; finger-fucking the hell out of her pussy.

Samantha then grabbed his dick and pulled it out of his pants and began jerking him off. It was so fucking hot that he just leaned back and checked out the scene from the shadow of their booth. Amber was alternating between kissing Samantha and sucking on her tits while finger fucking her to a fast approaching orgasm. Samantha had his dick in her hand, jerking him off and he was just enjoying it all.

He whispered to Amber to eat her pussy and then he takes Samantha and moves her mouth onto his dick. Rashad knew that when Amber makes her cum, she will make him cum. So Amber is licking her pussy and Samantha is just moaning and trying her best to suck him but she can't concentrate with the hardcore pussy eating Amber is doing. So he adjusts and starts jerking off as he watches Amber eat Samantha out from behind. Samantha is on all fours and Amber is licking her ass and fingering her pussy until in a torrent she comes all over Amber's face.

Amber doesn't stop; she keeps licking, trying to suck up every drop of pussy juice from Samantha.

"Give her a second; I know she is going to want to return the favor." Rashad says to Amber who smiles a big smile with pussy juice all over her face.

He grabs a piece of ice out of a drink sitting on the table and pops it into Samantha's mouth and then he laughingly says, "you're up slugger, show her what you got."

Samantha turns around and begins kissing Amber and seeing how wet she is Samantha licks her way down to Amber's wet pussy. Amber moans as Samantha gently kisses her thighs and fingers her pussy lips. Then Samantha moves her hands up to Amber's full breasts while her tongue finds its way to her clit. Lightly licking it she sends shivers through Amber. Samantha's fingers are probing Amber, hitting her G-spot and now sucking on her clit. Amber was in a complete frenzy by this time and she is holding Samantha's head between her legs as she crosses them behind her neck not letting her go, as if she would anyway.

This goes on for another five minutes with Samantha subtly changing rhythm and motion to bring Amber closer and closer to cuming. Rashad was playing with his angel's pussy that was so wet it was like a waterfall, which he loved. Then it happened Amber started out with the classic "labored breathing" then the punctuated yelps followed by a totally orgasmic scream that pierced the club.

At this point Rashad decided that they might have worn out their welcome, so they packed up their belongings, pulled up their clothing and made a hasty retreat for the door. Amber was still sitting there totally satiated and turned out with their phone number on a napkin. As they headed into the limo, Samantha pushes the button for the divider to go up and then she says, "You haven't had any fun yet."

"Are you kidding I had lots of fun," he says as he holds her in his arms, her head on his shoulder.

"Well here," she says taking his dick out, "let me do this." And she proceeded to suck his dick. Now he just leaned back and let her suck him but she wasn't content with that. She soon got down on all fours on the opposite seat and stuck her ass out at him.

"What are you waiting for?" she said.

He adjusted himself behind her and proceeded to fuck her, hitting her spots and grinding his dick against her soft ass. She was moaning as she played with her pussy while he fucked her from behind. A voice called on the intercom as the car rolled to a stop.

"We are here sir" said the driver. They were in front of their apartment.

Rashad pushed the intercom, "Take us to a beach, we want to see the sunrise." And with that the car started again and took off.

They fucked in several different positions as the car rolled towards Assateague Island National Seashore. She came a few more times and he built up to an explosive orgasm that resulted in a loss of speech, vision and damn near consciousness.

October 23, 2013 (Wednesday)

They were spent as they arrived at the beach. It was cool and the driver offered them a couple of blankets from the trunk and they headed for the sand. They sat there in each other's arms and watched as the sun rose in the sky. As the sun crested the horizon, Rashad brought his lips to Samantha's in a passionate and tender kiss lighted by the morning sun.

They walked back to the limo and rode back to their place. They got back in their apartment and as they did, Samantha took her clothes off and went to the bathroom. Rashad took his clothes off and put on a pair of his Redskin Pajamas and went into the kitchen and started frying bacon and sausage. He sautéed some green peppers, onions and banana peppers and then drained them. He took the bacon and sausage and chopped them up and then took some potatoes out from the pantry. He cubed the potatoes and then put them in the fat of the bacon and sausage and added the sautéed vegetables making fried potatoes. While he fried the potatoes he took 4 eggs and cracked them so they covered the bottom of another pan. He fried it and then flipped it like a pancake. When the egg was almost done he put the potatoes combination into the center of the egg and folded it over and added cheese to the top. He made 6 of these and was bringing 2 out to the breakfast table as he waited for Samantha.

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