tagFetishLife Ch. 09

Life Ch. 09


Linzy was pissed about Mary. Not the date, or that I had fucked her, but the fact that I forgot to get my camera replaced and didn't film it in night-vision. After apologizing profusely, I promised I'd get it back before we got together for our weekend with Joan. Originally, I had planned to go Best buy on lunch and return to work with my camera, but as I was on my way through the parking lot, I got reminded of a previous engagement.

I saw the beat up and rusted Honda parked next to my Jeep and my dick started to get hard. Sunshard the hippie girl was sitting on my hood wearing a damn-near see-through long loose cotton sun dress in the shade of her own giant straw hat. She waved and revealed a shoe box wrapped in newspaper to me. "Friday at two right?" her tiny voice called out to me.

I smiled and hurried to reach her. I lifted her off hood and kissed her quickly. "Right on time." I reached for the box and she put it behind her back. "Isn't that mine?" I joked and reached behind her.

She jumped back and wagged it in my face. "Not yet it isn't, you said we were going to lunch." she giggled. She patted the front door of my Jeep and continued. "We obviously can't take my poor little car, so your gas guzzler will havta do." She climbed in after I unlocked the door and yelled through the window at me. "And no meat!"

So we went to Olive Garden, and I ordered eggplant parmesan, because it's only thing I'll eat there that isn't stuffed with Italian sausage. Shard was satisfied with deep-fried ravioli smothered in alfredo sauce. We chatted about random things, like where in florida she'd be living, and how one of us might visit the other and about the time the waiter was refilling my drink for the third time, I felt Shard's foot tracing up my inner thigh. Not to be outdone, I not-so-subtly pulled my workboot and sock off my right foot and sent it on a trip up her loose dress. As she was massaging my dick through my pants, I was delighted to find that she apparently never wore panties.

I tickled her hairy pussy with my toes, toying with the soft fur that covered her. I enjoyed her little laughs and moans as I grazed her outer lips and then dug in to find her hard little clit and pinch it between my big and second toe. When I was sure she was excited and wet enough, I started swirling my digits around in search of the entrance to her pink garden.

Our waiter came back with the check just as I popped my big toe between her hairy little pussy lips. She gasped and the waiter flinched. "Don't worry hun, I got it this time." I covered quickly, pretending she was shocked over the bill and not the fact I just put the tip of a size fifteen inside her. I worked my thickest extremity in and out of her, fucking her fuzzy cunt with my foot and feeling her cream run down between my other toes. She tried to keep rubbing my cock, but soon lost interest and let her leg fall and started moving her hips in slow circles around my foot. Before our server came to collect the bill, Shard's eyes were rolled back in her head and she was lost in the middle of a foot-soaking orgasm.

I wiped my toes off with one of the twenties that I put in the payment book and put my shoe back on as Shard tried to make it look like she didn't just have an orgasm.

We left quickly after seeing our fake-Italian waiter adjusting his own sausage as he counted his tip. "I guess it's time you got yours, huh?" Shard said as I drove back to Lowe's and she licked her lips.

I smiled and parked behind the pine-straw trailers and leaned my seat back slightly. Imagine my surprise when Shard plopped a shoe-box wrapped with the comic section of last Sunday's paper in my lap. I blinked a few times and laughed for a second before ripping into it. When I finally had it open, I saw a knife laying in the box. It was about a foot long, with a really broad and heavy blade carved with Egyptian hieroglyphs and a handle that was shaped like a scorpion's stinger that curled around my fingers. "Where did you find this?" I gaped.

Shard was grinning ear to ear. "I knew you collected knives, and I remember about three months ago you said you had really started getting into middle-eastern stuff, so I looked around online." I remember telling her all that, because she had asked me the difference in a steel bladed saw and carbon-coated blade and during the explanation I told her about the different knives and swords I had hanging from the wall, and the reason I was into all things mid-east was because Dixie and I had started having threesomes with her new neighbors from Oman's youngest daughter around the same time. "Do you like it?" her little girl voice prodded.

I look at her mocking anger. "Like it?" I asked. "Shard you should know better." I couldn't keep a straight face. "I love it, thank you. " I said and leaned across the seat to kiss her. As we exchanged some saliva, I tried to wrap my arm around her and go up the back of her thin shirt.

She pulled away though, just as I was about to unhook her bra, and said "Well, I better get going, lotsa packing to do." and she was out of the Jeep and in her car before I could protest. "Call ya later!" she yelled as she drove off.

I was pissed. But more than angry, I was horny. No way was going back into work with my dick nearly popping the seams on my jeans after the way Shard had left me. I called my bosses and explained that I needed the rest of the day off because a customer that wasn't my responsibility in the first place had irritated me past my temper. They told me not to worry about it and that they'd see me on Tuesday at our monthly meeting.

I rushed over to Best Buy, thinking if I got my cam-corder and hurried to Linzy's house I could pound her cunt for an hour or two before her parents came home and we went to Joan's. It was slightly uncomfortable walking with such a large erection straining against my cloths, and I did my best to make sure my shirt was at least masking the bulge. I found Georgette, the same big-titty blonde that help me the last time and handed her the note that one of the cops gave me Tuesday night. "So you need a new one, because the cops took your old one because you had video of someone trying to kill you? " she asked trying not to laugh. She was only about five foot nothing, and way to skinny to be sporting the (I'm guessing) F-cups that sprouted from her chest like watermelons. Her hair was cropped short, just past her ears, and judging by the brown roots, had been much shorter when it was bleached. She was really cute, with a narrow pointy nose and a small mouth and big blue eyes centering her slightly round face. Really cute, and I'm sure that I wasn't thinking that just because most of my blood was throbbing in my cock.

"Well, it had other stuff on it too." I said, trying not to make it obvious that I was suffering from lack of blood to the brain.

She raised her eyebrows in silent question.

I leaned in close, to smell her perfume, or lack thereof. "See, one of my friends and I had an idea to start a website with tapes we had made."

She smiled more. "What kinda tapes?" she asked, biting her lip and openly staring at my crotch.

I glanced around to see if any of her co-workers were paying us any attention. When I knew the coast was clear I reached for her hand and put it on the bulge in my pants. "Why don't you take me somewhere private and I'll show you?" I whispered and ran my hand up her side to caress the side one of her huge boobs.

She stroked me a few times while she looked around nervously, then clenched her fist around my erection and started pulling me towards a door marked "Employees Only" She shoved it open, looked around once more, then jerked me inside.

It was the employee bathroom, barely more than a stall and sink. You could wash your hands and lock the door from the toilet, and if someone would've been sitting in it when Georgette shoved the door open, they probably would've gotten knocked in the head. She helped me rip the camera open and load the blank tape into it before she sat on the toilet and started undoing my belt. "This is Georgette." I said as the camera switched on. "She's a little nerd that sold me this camera."

Georgette stopped to smile up at the camera as she unzipped my pants slowly. "Hi." she said and started tracing the waistband of my boxers with her fingernails.

"She... um... she wanted to know..." I kept stammering, because her wrist kept grazing my dick. "Uh.. what I was doing buying a cam-corder, and..."

"Do you want me to tell them?" Georgette interrupted. I nodded. "Okay, Jeremy here, got his last camera taken by the cops cause a jealous ex-bf of some girl he fucked tried to kill him. " she started as she pulled my cock from it's cloth prison and started playfully smacking herself in the face with it. "So he walks up in my store, with his cock bulging in his pants, and tells me he's starting a website of vids he and his 'friend' made." she continued, pausing every few words to lick the length of my cock with her pierced tongue. "So we're in the employee bathroom, so he can show me what kinda website he's makin'." She stopped to suck the head of my penis into her tiny mouth, her lips stretched to the point they started to turn white as she stared at the camera from the corner of her eye and forced more and more of it into her mouth.

Just as the head of my cock hit her uvula, she quickly popped my dick from her mouth. "And lemme tell you people something, this ain't no website about watching people use the can." she told the camera and went back to stuffing her mouth. This time, as the steel barb in her tongue pressed into the bottom of my shaft, when the head of my dick hit the back of her mouth, I heard her jawbone pop and felt her throat open to accept me. She gagged a little at first, but sucked in a sharp breath through her nose and swallowed my cock. I could feel her neck muscles working my dick, trying to either push it the rest of the way to her stomach or get it back out or her mouth.

Georgette moaned as her bottom lip touched my ball sack and her eyes fluttered open to look into the camera. She pulled her head back enough to pop my dick from her throat and breath through her nose a few time before inhaling me again. She started a cycle after watching my reaction, and before long she was fucking me with her throat, rapidly popping my dick down her throat and puking it back up. Never letting my cock leave her mouth, she must've known I was about to cum by the way it swelled even more and had to hurt her mouth.

She let my cock out of her mouth too early, and I groaned dissatisfaction. She popped her jaw back into place and asked. "Wanna fuck my titties?" Before I could answer, she had her shirt off and her bra unhooked from the front spilling her bigger-than-her-own-head breasts into view. She leaned up and pulled me closer by grabbing my drool-dripping dick. I leaned forward, bracing my hand on the wall behind her, and pressed my cock into the valley between her tits. She grabbed handfuls of her own flesh and made a dick-taco. Her skin was clammy, I guess she was nervous, but it felt so damn good to have those mounds of mammary wrapped around my shaft. She started bouncing up and down, at first just teasingly, then she looked up at the camera and said. "I always knew God gave me big jugs for something." Then she lifted her tits up so that I couldn't even see my cock under them, and started sliding them up and down the whole length.

Up and down, up and down, from not visible all the way to the bottom of her tits were on my thighs. I didn't even realize I was thrusting in rhythm until I saw my cock smack her in the chin. She laughed at the cam, and opened her mouth, attempting to catch the head the next few times it slid out of her cleavage. When she finally managed a good catch, she stuck her tongue out and kept letting it pop in and out of her lips as I fucked her chest. I was groaning with each breath, and she was making moaning-slurping noises around my pole when it jabbed her tight lipped mouth.

Georgette looked up at the camera, squeezed her tits tighter together and said. "Cum all over my face, Jeremy." She let my tool smack her in the face, neck, and chin a few more times and added. "Cum all over my face, and I'll let you fuck me next time you buy something."

That sounded like a good bargain to me, and two and a half thrusts up through those lovely orbs Georgette called her breasts, I was spraying her neck, face, hair and the wall behind the toilet down with jet after stream after glob of sperm.

I think I started to collapse, or black out or something, because Georgette started laughing and pushed me back towards the door. I switched the camera off and stuffed my dick back into my pants. "I think that will make a perfect edition to our exclusive collection of videos." I said.

She smiled and started wiping her face off with dampened paper towels. "I hope so." she commented before ushering me out the door so she could clean off in peace.

I left before she came out, handing some guy with a braided goatee a note that simply said "Thanks, see you next week - Jeremy" and telling him it was for the girl with the nice knockers.

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