tagGroup SexLife Changes for Gina Ch. 01

Life Changes for Gina Ch. 01


Gina walked out on to the deck of her house from the living room and as she turned the corner by the edge of the master bedroom she stopped suddenly, stunned by what she saw.

Her husband Kenny was sitting on the edge of a bench, leaning forward, kissing their neighbor Corinne and playing with her huge boobs. Gina's eyes then moved down to the older blonde's hands as they rubbed her husband's inner thighs. Gina could see that Kenny's cock was getting thick from excitement and pushing against the fabric of his jeans. She then looked back up at her neighbor's breasts as her husband squeezed them and could see Corinne's nipples were hard and visible as they strained against the thin fabric of her bra and tight sheer cotton blouse.

"Kenny!" blurted out Gina.

Her husband broke the kiss and whirled his head around to look at his wife. He shot Gina a hard, stern look with his piercing dark eyes and momentarily stopped caressing Corinne's tits but did not release them from his grasp. The blonde had looked up when Gina spoke, slightly startled, but she did not remove her hands from Kenny's thighs.

"What the fuck do you want?" Kenny asked his wife dismissively. He had been drinking heavily all night and was crossing into the mean territory he always went to when he got too intoxicated.

"Uh, well, a bunch of our guests are leaving ..." Gina began, fumbling with her words. She was still in shock. She had seen her husband flirt with and touch other women before when he was drinking, but never anything like what she was now witnessing.

"Then show them out yourself and leave me the fuck alone!" Kenny shouted at his wife. He then looked back at Corinne and smiled and started squeezing her breasts again, as she smiled back and giggled and leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips.

"But ..." Gina began, only to be cut off again.

"What part of 'leave me the fuck alone' don't you understand?" Kenny yelled, enraged. Gina was startled by the anger in his voice. Corinne appeared to not even notice the tense exchange between the two spouses as she kissed Kenny on the cheek and then buried her face in his neck, pushing her chest into his hands and caressing his thighs up closer to his crotch.

Gina turned, half-shaking. Thoughts whirred through her head as she walked like a zombie back into the house, saying good-bye to departing guests and making excuses for her husband's absence. Her sex life with Kenny had been a little slow over the past several months, and she had to endure occasional complaints from her husband about lack of passion and poor technique when he didn't just fuck her quickly and wordlessly and roll over and fall asleep.

Although they had married right after Gina graduated from college only four years ago, the last year had seemed like an eternity as Kenny had become more quiet and distant. Gina had written it off as them just becoming 'oldlyweds' and her husband turning 30. But now she realized that something had gone horribly wrong right under her nose. Gina wondered if Kenny had been messing around with Corinne before tonight, and if there had been other women as well.

Gina was anxious about what was happening back out on the deck between Corinne and her husband as she tried to hurry the last party stragglers out the door. She had heard rumors about how Corinne's divorce back in New England had been caused by her cheating on her ex-husband, but since her new neighbor had always been pleasant when they had chatted Gina just chalked it up to jealousy by the other neighborhood wives.

Corinne was gorgeous -- a gorgeous, stacked, athletic Scandinavian beauty nearly six feet tall, about 40 years old with sky blue eyes and fine golden blonde hair that fell a few inches past her shoulders. Gina -- short and dark-haired with small brown eyes and a fit but skinny frame and b-cup champagne glass size boobs -- suddenly felt decidedly unsexy compared with the other woman.

Finally after about ten minutes the last couple stumbled into the night and Gina shut the front door. She was trembling from a mix of fear, anger, apprehension, and confusion. She turned towards the double doors to the deck, took a deep breath, and walked out slowly. She told herself to be calm as she tried to steady herself as she went back out to where she had found Kenny and Corinne earlier.

This time as Gina rounded the corner she was doubly stunned at what she saw. Corinne's blouse was open and her bra was pulled down. Her husband's fingertips were on the woman's nipples, pinching and pulling on them as Corinne looked into his eyes, moaning and purring. Kenny's jeans were unbuckled and unzipped and Corinne had the fingers of her right hand wrapped around his now exposed and erect penis, tugging on it slowly as her left hand gently cradled his tight balls. Kenny was nodding his head up and down slowly, whispering 'yea, good girl, that's it' as Corinne massaged his package.

Gina stood looking at them dumfounded for what was probably only a few seconds but which seemed like an eternity. Then Corinne noticed Gina standing there watching, and looked right back into her eyes, totally unconcerned and unashamed as she continued to masturbate the poor woman's own husband right in front of her, even lengthening the stroke and quickening the pace. Kenny then noticed Corinne's eyes had been averted, and turned to look at Gina, releasing the blonde's nipples as he put his hands on his knees and sighed.

"What the fuck do you want now, Gina?" he said, exasperated.

"Uh, everyone has gone, Kenny," she replied sheepishly, not having a clue what to say besides that.

"It's about goddamn time,' her husband said wearily. He then shocked Gina by pulling down his pants and taking them off completely, standing totally naked from the waist down in front of her and Corinne. The blonde released her grip on Kenny's erection and he began walking towards the door connecting the master bedroom to the deck. He stopped as he slid the glass door open, and turned, addressing Corinne as if Gina wasn't even there.

"I've gotta pee, baby. Get inside and get yourself ready and I'll be with you in a minute."

Gina's jaw dropped as her Kenny disappeared inside. He was going to screw Corrine, right there in the bedroom she had shared with him as husband and wife. Like she wasn't even there. Like she was nothing.

"Hey, Gina," she suddenly heard Corinne say. Corrine looked over and saw the blonde smiling at her as she took off her blouse and unhooked her bra, letting it fall. Gina stared at her as Corinne proceeded to unzip her skirt and let it also drop. The blonde was standing in front of her with nothing on but her panties. Gina noticed that the panties had ridden up into Corinne's pussy crack and that the crotch was so soaked that Gina could see the blonde's pubic hair outlined against the silk fabric, sticking to it.

"So, do you want to watch me fuck your husband, Gina?" Corinne asked.

The words hit Gina like a slap across the face. She couldn't speak. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to think. Gina wondered if this was really happening.

"Well, answer me. Do you want to watch me fuck Kenny?" Corinne asked again. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind. If fact, it might be a big turn on for him. I know it will be for me. I've always wanted to bang a guy while his wife was watching. Knowing that she was wishing it was her, and not me, getting fucked."

Gina still couldn't speak. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. Corinne looked at her a bit longer, then chuckled and shrugged her shoulders and turned and headed into the bedroom. Gina took a few steps towards the sliding glass door, wanting to stop what was about to happen, but fearing deep in her gut that she couldn't no matter what she did. Gina peered into the darkness of the bedroom and saw Corinne take off her panties and crawl up on to the bed -- Gina's bed -- waiting there on all fours, her big knockers hanging down, knees about even with her shoulders, legs opened, pussy swollen and creamy and ready to be fucked. The sight caused an unexpected rush of pleasure to surge through Gina.

Drawn in by the insanity of what was happening, Gina took a few more steps further towards the bedroom, placing her hands on the frame of the open sliding glass door to support herself as she suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented. She felt like she was being sucked into the vortex of a swirling storm, unable to resist. Gina stared at Corinne's tight firm ass and swollen pussy, which was almost dripping with anticipation. She couldn't even remember when she had been as aroused as Corinne obviously was at this moment. Then the bathroom door swung open and Kenny walked out, his cock no longer erect but swollen and hanging thick and long like a huge sausage. As he moved towards the bed where Corinne was waiting for him, Gina half felt a twinge of pleasure deep inside herself, which surprised her.

Noticing Gina standing in the doorway, Kenny stopped briefly. "Are you still here?" he asked his wife with a sneer. Gina thought that by this time she was beyond being further hurt, but her husband's words cut her deeply. Corinne quickly came to the rescue, in her own cruel way.

"Now baby, don't be mean," Corinne said to him. "I invited Gina to watch. I think it would be hot if she did."

Kenny looked at Corinne, and then Gina, and shrugged. "Sure, what the hell," he replied. "Maybe the bitch will learn something -- like how to fuck." He then proceeded to the bed and sat on the edge, by Corinne's left hand. Kenny reached down and put his hands under the blonde's chest and took her massive hanging tits in his palms and squeezed. Corinne moaned loudly as she felt his fingers grip her. "Has anyone ever told you what nice fucking melons you have, baby?" He squeezed again, harder, and Corinne cried out in pleasure even louder.

Gina watched helplessly as her husband proceeded to feel up the blonde all over, touching Corinne like Gina hadn't been touched in years. Kenny moved down the bed as Corinne remained on her hands and knees, rubbing her back, kneading her butt cheeks, running his fingernails up and down on the underside of her thighs. Oddly, Gina was getting aroused more arouse by the second, as if it were she was being touched by her husband.

Gina watched as Kenny's right hand moved up between Corinne's legs and Kenny took the index finger and rubbed it slowly up and down the length of Corinne's open gash, as the fingers of his left hand stroked and ran through the strands of her long, soft blonde hair. Corinne was pushing her bottom back into Kenny's finger to get more friction, and between sighs and gasps and groans began begging him to finger her. Kenny then removed his left hand from Corinne's hair and grabbed one of the blonde's hanging boobs by the nipple with his fingernails and pulled on it, making her gasp and then scream, partly in pain, mostly in pleasure.

Kenny then leaned in and whispered something in the blonde's ear as he kept rubbing between her labia, something so dirty and erotic that Corinne suddenly cried out, arching her back and shuddering as an orgasm grabbed her and shook her from deep within.

Gina was dazed seeing her husband make Corinne cum so hard like he did. Corinne was begging to be penetrated by Kenny -- his fingers, his tongue, his cock, anything. But he just kept teasing the blonde, rubbing her clit and inside her slit, not putting his finger anywhere near her vagina.

"I think you need to suck my cock first, baby," Kenny said to Corinne in response to her pleas to be fucked. "I bet you're a good cocksucker, aren't you?" he continued, suddenly removing his finger from the blonde's pussy and placing the tip of it on her anal rim, moving it in circles and rubbing the pussy juice that had soaked his fingers from playing with Corinne into her tight asshole.

The blonde jumped as she felt Kenny's finger on her anus. "Fuck yesssss, finger my ass! PLEASE!" Corinne begged, half screaming. Kenny deliberately ignored her request, and instead stopped tugging on her nipple, moving his left hand down under her mound to rub her clit as he continued to tease her ass. "NO, put it in me! Please! Put it in me! PLEASE! I NEED TO GET FUCKED! PLEASE!" Corinne pleaded.

Kenny just laughed, continuing to rub the blonde's clit and asshole, holding off from giving her the penetration she begged for. Gina was mesmerized as her husband continued to torture Corinne with pleasure, but withhold what she desperately desired and needed to only increase the intensity of her experience. Gina was now totally crazy with lust from what she was seeing. Her little breasts and tight pussy were both swollen from the sexual excitement. She was beginning to breathe heavily, and it wasn't long before her husband noticed it.

"Hey Gina," Kenny said to his wife as his fingers continued to drive Corinne crazy. "This slut may be a little too much for me to handle alone. Why don't you come over here and help me out?"

Gina looked back at her husband with a look of 'who, me?' incredulity. She had not expected this.

"Yeah, you, I'm talking to YOU, bitch," Kenny said to her roughly. "Get over here and help me work this slut over."

Gina -- or someone inhabiting her body -- walked over to the bed. It was a true out of body experience, like she was up on the ceiling looking down on someone else obeying her husband's command. She stood there as her husband continued teasing Corinne's cunt and ass with his fingers.

"What do you want me to do?" Corinne asked Kenny, cluelessly.

"Get out of your fucking clothes first, you idiot," he replied, talking to his wife like she was a child. Gina responded like she was hypnotized, quickly peeling off her tank top and hiking shorts and her underwear. As Gina got naked, her husband took his fingers from Corinne's privates and scooted up on the bed towards the blonde's head. She let out a disappointing 'ooooh' as Kenny let go of her, but the sound turned to an expectant 'aaaah' as he moved to the top of the bed, his legs open around Corinne's arms, his erect penis big and hard, pointing at the blonde's mouth.

"You," said Kenny, pointing at Corinne, "are going to suck this," he said, pointing at his cock, "while she," he continued, pointing at Gina," is going to finger you like you want it until you fucking explode!"

Hearing this, Corinne turned her head back to look at Gina. Gina realized she had never seen a hornier look on anyone in her entire life, man or woman, live or on a porn tape. Seeing the 'fuck me' look in Corinne's eyes -- up on all fours like a whore ready to be raped -- she knew what the blonde wanted. Gina had never touched another woman before -- not like this -- but knew what she herself would enjoy and figured she would just do the same thing to Corinne.

Kneeling on the bed besides Corinne's right leg, Gina took her right hand and put it on the blonde's right butt cheek, giving it a little squeeze, and then extended the index and middle finger of her left hand straight out. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Corinne's eyes widen as she looked at Gina's two fingers and heard her gasp in anticipation. Gina then moved her right hand down and spread Corinne's pussy lips open with her fingers as the blonde moaned in anticipation. Gina then put the two outstretched fingers of her left hand up to Corinne's wet and aching vagina, and pressed them in just up to the first knuckle, which made the blonde jump and cry out. Then, without hesitating further, Gina slowly pushed her two fingers deep into Corinne's cunt, and withdrew them -- almost taking them completely out -- before pushing them in again deep in the blonde's pussyhole.

"OH MY ... FFFUUCCCK!" Corinne cried out as she felt Gina's two fingers go deep inside her. The blonde began thrashing on them as Gina kept on fingering her with even and deep strokes. Within a minute Gina felt Corinne's vagina get hot and huge and slimy andshe knew the blonde was going to cum at any second. Gina slipped a third finger inside the blonde's lovehole and started ramming Corinne so hard and deep in and out that she thought she felt her fingertips hit Corinne's cervix.

A primitive sound welled out from deep inside Corinne as she arched her back and approached orgasm. After about ten or fifteen more hard thrusts the blonde looked back at Gina with her eyes wide and bulging out and she exploded, shaking and screaming 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' over and over, her vagina contracting and then oozing sticky cunt juice that ran down on to Gina's hand and wrist.

Kenny had just looked wide-eyed in amazement as he watched his wife finger Corinne to such an earth shattering orgasm, but as it subsided and Gina slowed her finger fucking to a more leisurely pace, he grabbed the blonde by the hair and pulled her face down towards his cock, which was by this time so hard it looked like it was going to pop out of its skin.

"Come on blondie, get your lips on this," he said to Corinne. She collapsed on to her elbows and took his big member in both hands and then wrapped her lips around it and started fucking it with her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm," Kenny moaned in response to the sensation of her warm inner mouth and tongue on his dick. "Fuck, I haven't had my cock sucked this good since college," he said.

Gina realized that her husband has deliberately made this last comment to deliberately hurt her feelings again, and this momentarily brought her down from the excitement of making Corinne cum so hard. But Gina realized that the only chance she had of ever winning Kenny back was to do what he wanted right now and continue to pleasure Corinne while he was getting blown by the blonde.

Remembering how Corinne earlier had begged Kenny to finger her ass, Gina withdrew her fingers from Corinne's pussy, put the tip of her left index finger up against the other woman's anus, and with one hard push buried it deep in the blonde's rectum.

Although Corinne's moth was filled with Kenny's cock, Gina could hear the loud groan of pleasure the blonde made when she felt the finger go deep in her gut. Never having penetrated an anus before, Gina was struck by how tight and smooth her finger felt inside Corinne's ass. She turned the finger left and right, rubbing up against the rectal walls, and heard Corrine's muffled moans increase and get louder. When Gina began quickly wiggling her finger rapidly, she felt Corinne tense up and realized the blonde was close to cumming again.

Gina then reached over with her right hand and put her hand under Corinne and began caressing her breasts, like Kenny had done earlier. This caused the blonde to moan even louder and suck Kenny's cock harder, moving her head up and down on his bone faster. Gina then pulled her finger out of Corinne's ass almost all the way, only leaving the very tip of it in.

Corinne took her mouth off of Kenny's penis at this and desperately begged Gina not to stop. "Oh please! Put it back in! Please! It felt so good in there! Please baby, I need it SO FUCKING BAD!" She was beginning to shake and Corinne could tell another orgasm was close. Corinne kept begging for it between moans and sighs, crazed with lust. She gripped Kenny's cock hard but did not put it back in her mouth as she turned to Gina, on the verge of losing it.

"FUCK MY ASS!" Corinne screamed. "PLEEEEEAAAAASE!' She was jerking Kenny's erection instinctively but couldn't concentrate enough to continue sucking him off. Gina said nothing, continuing to move the finger ever so slightly as if she was in fact going to completely pull it out of the blonde's ass. "I will do fucking ANYTHING if you would just KEEP FUCKING MY ASS!" she pleaded. "I WILL EVEN ..."

Corinne never completed the sentence because at that very moment Gina drove her finger back into the blonde's asshole, pushing it as deep as it would go, not withdrawing it, pressing hard as she could as if she was trying to drive it up into Corinne's intestines. The blonde again erupted in another tremendous orgasm, screaming and thrashing, her cunt spitting some more cream as waves of pleasure surged through her.

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