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Life Drinker


A woman discovers she has the ability to drain the life force from others


There are no Gods. Only driven people who will themselves to be God-like. They make themselves omnipotent and indomitable. It happens all the time. A person's biggest flaw could be key to their extraordinary metamorphosis.

This is not a quick, stroke story. If you allow me to set it up, you will find plenty of sex and a monster.


Duluth, Minnesota Friday, November 22th, 1991 (3 weeks + 1 day after Halloween)

On televisions in Duluth, MN, a serious looking news anchor with perfectly quaffed hair said in a deep voice, "We have breaking news! Today, a young woman was found alive and well walking along Route 53 northwest of the city.

"She had been snowed in and trapped in a small, isolated fishing cabin by the recent "Halloween Blizzard". The deep snow held her captive for three weeks. She was without food, water and electricity. She was forced to melt snow for drinking water.

"Her three companions perished. Doctors report that she appears to be in remarkably good health. They credit her survival to her strong will to live. Others are calling it miraculous."

The camera had been focused on news broadcaster's face. It drew back providing a larger view of the set. Another man sat at the stage desk. The anchor flashed his bright white, veneered teeth, and said in friendly tone,

"Collin, This story is another reminder of how powerful the recent storm was. Many parts of Minnesota received records amounts of snow and all activity was shut down. Can you tell us what happened?"

The TV weatherman answered, "Bill, we got 36.9 inches of snow in that storm. At times the snow fell at a rate of two inches per hour and was accompanied by thunder and lightning. In addition, winds gusted to 40 mph creating huge snowdrifts and zero visibility.

"This record-setting snow occurred because cold Arctic air had surged South into the central United States and it met up with moist air coming from the Gulf of Mexico. Normally, this doesn't happen this time of year, but there was a large storm system over the Atlantic Ocean. That system spawned two hurricanes and didn't allow the Gulf moisture to flow eastward, as is its normal pattern.

"We got a lot of warm moist air and when it encountered the Arctic air. Boom! Record levels of snow for us."

The news anchor said, "Our region suffered mightily from the snow, ice, wind, and cold. It shut down the city, caused major property damage and unfortunately many were injured and killed."

He paused for a beat and looked into the camera with his most solemn expression, Then, he said, "Time to check in with Chris, the sport's guy. Chris, what can we expect from tomorrow's football game between the Golden Gophers and the Iowa Hawkeyes?"

"It'll be a battle as it is every year. These teams just don't like each other," Chris said. He went on to break down the game.


Duluth, MN Thursday, October 24, 1991 (a week before Halloween)

"Hello, babe," Jason said as he entered his apartment.

Kim, his twenty-year-old girlfriend who'd recently moved in with him, sprung off the couch and walked toward him. She was agitated and said angrily, "Where've you been?"

"Al's bar."

She came up to him and smelled him. She suspected he'd met up with a girl. She was checking to see if she could pick up a whiff of perfume. Instead, she smelled beer and cigarettes. Still, she was tormented by the idea that he'd been cheating on her.

She said in an accusatory manner, "Who is she?"

Kim was overwhelmed with worry and bad thoughts. He was two-hours late getting home from work and that set her off. She'd been brooding and had convinced herself that he was cheating on her. She worried that he was going to leave her because he didn't really love her. She jumped to these conclusions with no evidence because she was insecure.

She was emotional needy because of her chaotic and unstable childhood. Her parents had married young and separated when she was five. Her father moved out. She never felt that he was there for her. On the infrequent times when they were together, he was cold and indifferent toward her. She couldn't remember getting one warm hug from him.

Her mother was no better. She was immature and irresponsible. She was more interested in partying than being a good mum. Kim grew up feeling worthless and unloved.

All children need to be loved, taken care of and made to feel safe in order to grow up to be confident, well-adjusted people. When these needs go unmet, they leave scars. That person feels unworthy and can be very needy when it comes to relationships. If the person he or she loves isn't 100% there for them, they will start to think that once again they are not loved.

Needy people require constant reassurances. Otherwise, they are overwhelmed with the feeling that no one cares about them.

Jason gave his girlfriend a confused look. He hadn't been cheating on her. He said, "There's no one else. We finished the building today three days ahead of schedule. The boss bought us all a drink to celebrate."

She felt foolish for having allowed her emotions to turn her into a screaming bitch. The green-eyed monster disappeared as well as the little girl who felt unworthy.

Jason looked into her eyes and saw her eyes soften. She leaned in and kissed him. "Sorry for going bat-shit crazy on you," she said. "You know I love you."

When they broke the kiss, she wrinkled her nose and said in a calm, normal voice, "You stink."

He wasn't insulted. He was sweaty and smelly after a day of doing manual labor on a construction site.

"Take a quick shower and I'll have dinner ready for you when you're done," she said in a loving girlfriend tone.

He smiled pleased that she was acting friendlier.

"Maybe you should join me? To make sure I do a thorough job," the stocky twenty-one-year-old said playfully.

She gave him a mischievous smile and coiled a strand of black hair around her finger. She considered his request. "I owe him," she thought. She said, "You okay with sandwiches for dinner?"

He took that as a sign she was going to do it. He nodded his head like a bobblehead figurine on the dashboard of a car riding over a rough road. He said, "Sandwiches are fine."

She ran to the bathroom giggling and pulling off her clothes. He followed. Quickly, they were naked and in the shower.

"Oh, baby! You're the best," Jason said as his eyes and hands explored her young, firm body. The dark-eyed, dark-haired woman had average sized, nicely shaped breasts and a tight, round ass. His hands flew all over her body touching her everywhere. Her hard nipples scraped against his hands.

"Mmmm," she moaned in response. She allowed him to kiss her neck and grope her body. She craved the attention. The silly young woman believed this lustful pawing was proof he loved her when actually it was the normal reaction of a horny young man to the presence of a naked, attractive, available female.

They had dated for three months when she suggested they live together. For her, it was a commitment, a declaration that he loved her. For him, it meant he no longer had to drive across town to fuck her and he had a live-in maid and cook.

It did cramp his style. He could no longer date other women and he spent less time with the guys, but so far the frequent, good sex had made it a fair trade.

His hard dick pressed against her hip. She grabbed it and said, "Let me shampoo my hair and wash and I'll take care of this, okay?"


She turned and faced the shower. While she wet her hair thoroughly, he grabbed and squeezed her butt. She turned to face him and shampooed her hair. He stared at her body. His dick was hard and pulsed. She smiled loving having all of his attention. Her brown nipples were rock hard. Her plump boobs bounced and jiggled as she worked the shampoo through her shoulder-length hair.

He reached up and groped her breasts. She smiled feeling she was desired. When she leaned back into the spray, he leaned forward and sucked on a nipple. She felt adored at that moment and let him kiss and suck on her tits.

Her self-esteem boosted and the shampoo out of her hair, she pushed him away and said, "Soap, please."

He handed her the soap. She passed it under each arm, over her pussy, and down her butt crack. "All done," she announced.

"Really? That quick? You didn't wash much. What about your boobs?"

"I'm a receptionist, not a construction worker. Why would my boobs get dirty?"

She gave him a sexy look and added, "I thought your tongue did an excellent job cleaning my boobies. Now, your turn."

She moved behind him and had him face her. His back was pounded by the spray from the showerhead. She soaped up his cock and balls and then began stroking him.

"Emm. Nice!" he groaned.

"How nice?"

She stroked him slow and deliberately.

"Ohhh. Very nice!"

She massaged his cock. For Jason, it felt nice but weird. Her gentle grip and slow motion were different from the rough way he beat off. It was new and nice.

She looked him in the eye as she masturbated him. She asked in a husky voice, "Do you like this?" She began using both hands in a twisting motion.

"Ohh. Yes!"

She continued the two-handed pumping. His heart raced. She could hear his ragged breathing. She whispered in his ear, "Come for me. Blast your sticky cum all over my belly."

She stepped back and stroked him faster now only using one hand.

"Come. Come!" she commanded.

"Ah! Ahh! Ahhhh," he moaned and he sprayed his load on her stomach.

She laughed. She was delighted to have made him groan. She milked every last drop of his dick. Jason was in a stupor. His legs were weak and he leaned against the wall to recover. She brushed passed him, rinsed the sperm off her body and got out of the shower.

"Bye!" she said brightly.

When he came to dinner, she gave him a plate of chicken strips, potato chips, and a Budweiser. They had a quiet, pleasant meal. He spoiled it for her by saying, "I think I'll get together with Butch this weekend. He and I haven't hung out in a long while."

His words upset her. A look of despair flashed across her face. Her first thought was, "Why doesn't he want to be with me! Oh God, he doesn't love me!". All her insecurities overwhelmed her.

She responded with surprising fury. "Well, you can't see him tomorrow night. I have tickets for "Frankie & Johnny". "

"Oh!", he said. He was taken aback by her ferocity. He didn't want to fight so he said, "The new movie with Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer? Cool."

Kim smiled. She was pleased to be getting her way. She told herself, "I'm going to do my darndest to see that he spends the whole weekend with me!".


Friday at noon, instead of having lunch Kim went to the movie theater and bought tickets for "Frankie & Johnny".

She hurried home after work and made them dinner. Afterward, they walked to the theater. She hung on his arm and rubbed up against him the whole time. She loved being seen in public with him. In her mind, it was another declaration that they were a couple and he loved her.

She was so happy. She snuggled up to him as close as she could as they watched the movie. When they got home, she fucked him good. For the big finish, she did the "reverse cowgirl".

She knew it was a favorite position for him. He'd told her in the past that he loved the view. Her ass was her best feature and in this position, he saw it up close as it bounced up and down on his dick. He was also fascinated seeing her pussy swallow his cock.

She liked the position because she was guaranteed to orgasm. Jason's dick was on the small side. It was only five inches long when erect. This position maximized what he had. Since she was in control, she got whatever speed and angle she wanted. She made sure his cock stroked her G-spot and her hand could easily rub her clit. She'd get herself off if he came too soon.

As she cleaned up in the bathroom afterward, she smiled triumphantly and thought, "There! That ought to prove to him that he should spend all his time with me!"

As they lay in bed, enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms, Kim asked, "Which of my friends do you find attractive?"

Jason was sleepy and feeling good. He didn't recognize the question as a test and a sign that she was insecure and needing reassurance. He answered flippantly and honestly, "I'd do them all."

She drew in a sharp breath and her eyes went wide in shock. She said, "I knew it! You always ogle Jennie's big boobs."

"It's not my fault! She wears a lot of low cut tops and her tits spill out."

"And Elsa is perfect," Kim said jealously. "She's tall, blond and has blue eyes."

He saw her self-esteem plummet. He said forcefully, "Stop it! I was kidding. I'm with you. I chose you!

He looked her in the eye and said, "That question was unfair. However I answered it, you're guaranteed to get mad and hold it against me. It's either 'What's wrong with my friends?' or 'Why do you think they're prettier?'.

"Please don't be that needy girl who has to be told 24/7 that I like you and find you attractive. That gets old quick."

"Sorry. You're right," she said quickly. She tried to reign in her demon, that voice inside her that said, "You're not worthy of love". She recognized that she'd gone too far. She'd done this with other boyfriends and it had always turned out badly. Some broke up with her on the spot refusing to play this game.

She kissed him and rolled over on her side facing away from him. She asked herself, "Why did I do that? Something is wrong with me.". She slept poorly that night.

Jason went to sleep. He was concerned that his girlfriend was exhibiting needy behavior, but he hoped she'd learn to trust him and grow out of it. He liked her. He found her fun and attractive. He also recognized that he wasn't without flaws. He hadn't gone to college. He had a small dick. Those two reasons were deal killers for lots of girls. He blindly hoped for the best.


Saturday, October 26th

She let him sleep in. She quietly cleaned the apartment and did laundry.

"Hey," he said when he stumbled into the living room. He was thinking about having a bite to eat and going over to watch some college football with Butch in the afternoon. He yawned and said, "I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?"

She smiled and said, "It's noon, sleepyhead. I'll make us some lunch."

"Oh. Okay. After lunch, I was thinking of watching college football at Butch's."

She smiled sweetly at him and said, "Not today. We have to go to my cousin's birthday party and then it's dinner with my family."

She saw him frown. She said, "You promised Elisabeth! Remember, you met her at the bar two weeks ago and said you'd go.

" I know it doesn't sound like the most fun day, but I'll make it up to you tonight. I have something special planned." She raised her eyebrows suggestively.


They did as she wanted. He accepted that as a boyfriend, he occasionally had to do things like this. Of course, it was a pain in the ass being around her family. He was bored stiff and Kim insisted they be side-by-side the whole evening. She introduced him to her mother, two aunts, two uncles, and four cousins.

The aunts pissed him off asking him things like "Do you want children?" and "Any wedding bells in your future?". The uncles felt sorry for him. They tried to make it up to him by seeing that he had a cold beer in his hand at all times.

She drove home because he'd had too much to drink. When they got home, she parked him in front of the television and disappeared. When she returned, she was wearing a skimpy, black lace bra and panties set. She was carrying a large towel, a Tupperware container, and a blindfold.

"Wow! You're sexy," he said perking up. He grinned and asked, "Is it time for my surprise?"

She spun about slowly so he could view her from all sides. When she faced him, she said, "Yes. Take all your clothes off. I'm going to blindfold you and then you'll get your treat."

He stood and tore off his clothes. "A blindfold, eh. Kinky."

She covered his eyes and had him sit on the sofa which she had covered with the thick beach blanket. She said, "Sit. Spread your legs. Oh look," she said playfully. "Look at who's big and hard and ready for action."

She knelt and planted a quick kiss on his dick. "No peeking or no surprise."

"Okay. Okay!" he said excitedly.

She grabbed his dick and licked it up and down. She proceeded to wet it thoroughly. She spat on it and then used her hand to spread her saliva around. She liked sucking his cock. Since it wasn't very big, she could easily fit it in her mouth.

She said, "There you go. Nice and wet."

She took his dick in her mouth and began giving him her standard blowjob. She jostled his balls, tongued the special spot on the underside of his prick and licked the head of his dick like an ice cream cone.

While she bobbed up and down and sucked, she stroked his shaft. Her hand moved straight up and down and then, she switched to a twisting motion.

Jason approved and moaned, "Oh. Yeah."

She kept it up for a couple of minutes and then stopped everything.

"No," he whined.

"Time for your surprise," she said.

She opened the Tupperware. Jason breathed in a citrusy scent. Kim pulled out a room temperament, ruby red grapefruit. She'd rolled it earlier to soften it and she'd cut off two ends. Then, she'd cored it so it could fit around Jason's penis. That was her plan.

She slipped the grapefruit over his penis.

"Hey! What's that?" he asked. His dick was surrounded by something soft and wet. It reminded him of a vagina.

"No peeking!" she admonished.

She plunged his dick back into her mouth and enthusiastically sucked and licked the head. She grabbed the grapefruit ring and ran it up and down Jason's cock.

"OhMyGod!" Jason screamed. This was like no BJ he'd ever received. He started bucking his hips. A strong citrus odor filled their noses and grapefruit juice ran down his cock, onto his lap and thighs. He felt he was fucking a pussy and getting a blowjob at the same time.

He loved it. He cried out, "Oh, Baby. Oh!"

She squeezed the fruit, repeatedly compressing and releasing it. Jason cried out louder, "OH! OH!"

It felt wonderful. The delicious sensation felt the same as when a woman flexed her PC muscles while you're having intercourse.

"Oh! Oh! OOOHHH!"Jason screamed. He climaxed harder than he'd ever orgasmed than before.

When he exploded, he pulled off the blindfold. It had felt so wet, so weird, yet so wild. The texture of grapefruit pulp was damn similar to that of a vagina. He had to see to see what she had done.

After he recovered from his climax, he said, "What the hell, Kim! Fruit?"

Kim smiled, giggled and said, "I know this is strange, but it was good, wasn't it?"

"It was the best blowjob I've ever had! You're amazing!"

Kim beamed and basked in his love.


Sunday, October 27

The following morning. Jason was up first. Although, since he woke at 10 o'clock, you could hardly say he was up early. He made Eggs Benedict. She walked into the kitchen braless in a tight tee shirt and wearing her black panties as he was finishing. Her nipples were hard and dented the cotton fabric.

She saw what he was doing. She felt loved. She said, "Aw. Thank you. That's so sweet! You made me my favorite breakfast."

"You gave me a special treat last night. I'm returning the favor. Bon appetit!"

He plated the food and they sat down to a nice meal. Afterwards, she cleared the table and then kissed him and said, "I've got this. You go get cleaned up."

While she washed the dishes and pans, he shaved and showered. Then he called his friend, Butch.

"Yo, Butch. You watching the game today? Got room on the couch for me? I can grab some beers and be there for the pre-game show."

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