Life Drinker


He paused as his buddy spoke and then said, "Cool. I'll be over soon."

Kim overheard the conversation. She was pissed that her boyfriend didn't want to be with her. She was about to confront him and whine and complain when another option came to mind. She slipped into the bedroom and changed out of her sleeping attire.

She marched into the living room wearing a Minnesota Viking jersey and nothing else. Her boobs bounced freely under the shirt. She had on a child's size jersey. An adult one would've extended down to mid-thigh. This purple shirt was tight around her breasts. It didn't cover her ass in back and her muff peeked out in the front.

He stared at her. It was an audacious outfit and she looked sexy in it. All he said was, "Damn!"

She ignored his bulging eyes and the bulge forming in his pants. She said, "It should be a good game today. We beat the Cardinals last time. I'm sure we'll do it today, right?"

"Yes," he said distracted by the sight of her trimmed black pubes on display.

"Shall we make watching the game more interesting. Every time the Cardinals score, we drink. We chug a beer for a field goal and down a shot for a touchdown. We have sex when the Vikings score. Oral sex for a field goal and intercourse for a touchdown. Are you in?

He was stunned by her proposal. She wasn't normally this provocative. He did his bobblehead imitation again. He moved his head up and down repeatedly and said, "Yes." He forgot about meeting up with Butch.


She turned and walked over to the thermostat. Her hips swayed from side to side in an exaggerated, sexy manner. She grabbed the dial and twisted it. "I'm turning the heat up so we'll be comfortable just wearing jerseys. Okay?"

"Ah. Yes. Sure."

She strutted out of the room. She was pleased that he'd agreed to stay home and spend the afternoon with her. Jason watched her ass as she exited. It wiggled provocatively as she walked away. He enjoyed seeing her shapely legs and the bottom half of her butt. He grinned like a fool.

Jason went to the bedroom and got ready for the game. He removed all his clothes and put on a Herschel Walker jersey. He returned to the living room and sat bare-assed on the couch. He watched the Viking's pre-game show.

A little before game time, Kim, braless and panties-less and wearing her short Rich Gannon jersey, walked in with beers, shots, wings, and nachos. She stood beside him, leaned over, and placed the serving platter on the coffee table in front of him.

She teased him by holding the pose pretending to fuss with the napkins. Jason's eyes devoured the view. He surveyed her crinkled asshole and puffy vaginal lips which were cloaked by a light mat of black pubic hair. She stayed down and said, "I brought a variety of things. See anything you like?"

"You!" he shouted. He pulled her onto his lap. She giggled happily. He kissed her face and lips. His hand slid between her legs. She was already moist. They kissed passionately. He rubbed her gash.

"Oh!" she moaned throatily.

His finger slipped inside her hot, slick tunnel. He swirled it inside her hot box.

"Oh!" she cried out again when his digit caressed her G-spot.

She grabbed his hard dick and squeezed it. The national anthem began to play. Kim put aside her passion and said, "Stop. Our pre-game warm-up is over."

"No!" Jason objected.

"Time to watch the game," she said as she ended their fun and games. "Do you remember the rules?"

"Yes. Can I have a beer?"

"Sure. Eat and drink as you like. When the Cardinals score we have to drink."

He smiled and said, "And when the Vikings score we have sex!" "Yes."

They sat side-by-side and ate and drank while watching the game. Jason was disappointed that the first quarter ended in a scoreless tie. The Vikings scored in the second quarter. Hassan Jones caught a five-yard pass for a touchdown from Rich Gannon. " "YES!" Jason screamed triumphantly and stood up. "That's a TD."

He looked at Kim expectantly. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs. She smiled and said, "Give me a couple of licks before you shove your cock in."

Jason happily obliged. He couldn't believe his girlfriend was being so accommodating.

"Ohh!" she moaned as his tongue wet her sex and brushed up against her clit. He gave her a few more good licks and then tapped his hard cock against her pussy.

"Go ahead," she said smiling.

He slid in slowly, smooth and steady.

"Ohhh," she mewed.

"Ahhhh," he sighed.

He pulled out and slide in four more times slowly. He bottomed out on the last three. He was ready to fuck.

Kim put her hands on his chest and pushed. "That's enough," she said.

"What? Babe, I was just getting started."

"Five is all you get."


"It was a five-yard pass. You get five strokes. One stroke for every yard."

"What the hell?"

"I never said we'd screw until you blow." She smiled at him wickedly. "If the Vikings win, we fuck like rabbits. If they don't win, we won't. During the game, the yardage determines the number of thrusts or bobs during a blowjob.

He shook his head from side-to-side in disbelief.

"Don't blame me," she said playfully. "The rules are what the rules are. Get off me. The commercial is over. Here comes the kick-off."

In the third quarter, Herschel Walker scored on a 16-yard run. Jason pounded her sixteen times. He came. She didn't. He was amazed when she didn't complain. She cleaned up with a napkin and they went back to watching the game.

Walker scored twice in the fourth quarter on rushes of one and five yards. Jason drove his dick in languidly not getting a ton of pleasure from his small number of strokes.

Kim giggled as he penetrated her. She got a big kick out of seeing the frustrated look on his face.

As the game clock counted down to a sure Viking victory, 28-0, over the Cardinals, Jason said good-naturedly, "You smug, bitch. I'm going to pound the hell out of you."

"Good. How?"

"Get up," he ordered.

She stood. He led her around to the side of the sofa. He had her bend over the well-padded arm of the sofa. He diddled her pussy to get her ready and then placed the tip of his dick against her labia. He counted down with the game clock.

"Five. Four. Three. Two. One"

As he said "one" he drove his cock into her pussy

"Oh. Yeah!" he cried out.

"Ohhh," she sighed.

He fucked her hard and fast. They both loved it. They'd been on edge for hours, from the first kickoff.

When they exploded it was glorious. He came and she quickly followed loving the hot liquid he spewed inside her. They rode out their climaxes with him slumped on her back. Eventually, he rolled off her and sat on the sofa.

"Great game," she said.

"Yes. Great game," he responded.

Both knew they weren't talking about the football game.

^^^ Tuesday evening October 29th

Butch and Jason had been friends since they met in high school. They bonded over four great years of drinking beer and making fun of the smart kids. Butch had always looked up to Jason. He was bigger, stronger, more outgoing and more popular with the ladies. He could be bullheaded and an insensitive bastard at times, but mostly he was a decent friend.

Butch walked into the dive bar and saw Jason sitting at a table. A sports show played on the television above the bar. Two beers were on the table. "Hey," he said as he slid into a chair. "For me?" he gestured at the drink.

"Yes. Sorry about Sunday. Something came up and I couldn't come."

"Shit happens."

Butch drank deeply. He was nervous. Jason was his best friend and he wondered if they'd still be friends because he'd broken the guy code. He'd been seeing one of his friend's ex-girlfriends.

He mustered the courage to ask, "Jason, would you care if I was to date Amy Smith?"

Jason had dated Amy in high school and they'd hooked up a couple of times since. He'd never had strong feelings for her. She was fun and the sex was good. He got bored and moved on. He teased his buddy, "You want to see her fire crotch?"

Butch blushed and his face turned red. He confessed, "I bumped into her. We've hung out some."

The truth was they'd been dating a while and liked one another. They all moved in the same circles. It was only a matter of time before Jason found out. Butch thought it was best, to be honest and seek his friend's approval.

"I don't care. Have at it. She's a good fuck. Her ankles are a bit thick. I'm happy dating Kim Burton."

Butch wasn't the brightest guy. He should have shut up when he had permission to date Amy, but he aired his other grievance. He said, "Thanks. You know, since you've been dating Kim, you're with her all the time. You never hang out with the guys."

"That's because she has tits and you don't," Jason said with a laugh. He added, "She sucks cock like no girl I know. The things she does with her tongue..." he got hard just thinking about it.

"Dude, she owns you."

"You're jealous."

Jason recalled Amy's poor oral skills. He said, "Amy's cute and all. Is she still horrible at sucking dick?"

He imitated her. His face puckered up like he was eating a lemon. He held his thumb up to his mouth pretending it was a cock. He barely placed the tip in his mouth and pulled it out quickly. In a high-pitched voice, he said, "Ewe. Gross. I can't do it!" Then he faked a coughing fit.

Butch had to admit that was a damn good impression of Amy giving head. She'd balk and complain. If she tried, she gagged even though she never took more than the tip of his prick into her mouth. He laughed and agreed, "Yeah. She's terrible at giving head. It's never worth all the begging."

The guys drank another beer and enjoyed being together. Jason realized how much he missed hanging out with his best friend.

He said, "You're right about me spending all my time with Kim. It's not right to forget about your mates just because the sex is new and hot. Halloween is this Thursday. Let's grab the ladies and go out to my dad's fishing cabin. We can have one of our old 'Beer & Bong' parties. What do you say?"

"Yeah! Great idea. It will be just like old times. So you're good with Amy? And Kim won't object to your ex being there?"

"It'll be fine," he said showing that he didn't have a clue about the depth of his girlfriend's insecurities.


Halloween Thursday, October 31st, 1991

Kim wasn't thrilled about Jason's plan for Halloween, but Jason wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Look, we've doubled dated with your girlfriends, I went to your cousin's stupid birthday party, and I hardly ever hang out with my friends. This will be fun. We'll smoke some weed, drink some beer, get loud and have fun. Do this for me."

"All right," she reluctantly agreed.

Jason swung by Butch's place and picked up Amy and Butch. Quick introductions were made and they headed out of town.

It was snowing softly. They didn't know it would continue to snow for four days. Before it was over Duluth would have over thirty-nine inches of snow and that there would be thundersnow, gale force winds and plunging temperatures.

The 1991 Halloween blizzard would cover much of Minnesota with one to two feet of snow. The state would be shut down. People would die. Not all from weather-related causes.

The four young people drove to the fishing cabin. Jason parked the car and said, "Give me a minute to get the generator going."

He went to a shed. He checked the oil and gas and then fired up the generator. This cabin was off the grid. There was no phone or electric service here. Water came from a well. Heat came from a fireplace and electric heaters.

He returned to the car and said, "Now we have heat, water, and light. Grab the stuff."

The gang went inside. Jason turned on the light and the baseboard heaters. Then, he gave them a quick tour.

"This is the main room of the cabin. This side, by the fireplace, is the living room. The dining room and kitchen are over there." He pointed to a table and chairs. Beyond the table were a counter, some cabinets, and an electric stove with an oven. There was also a small refrigerator and a sink.

"The bathroom is through this door." He pointed to the right. "And in the back are two small bedrooms."

They stowed the beer in the frig. Everyone still had their coats on. Amy asked, "It's cold in here. Can we have a fire?"

"Sure," Jason said. He opened the flue. Paper and kindling were in place. Jason struck a match and got the fire started. He said, "Butch, go grabs some wood. We'll need more than what's here. You'll see it stacked outside to the right."

Jason built the fire up with the logs stashed by the fireplace.

"Brrr. It's fucking cold out there," Butch said. He had an armload of split logs. Jason unloaded him and stacked them on the hearth.

Then, they cranked up the music, smoked and drank. Within a half hour, the room was toasty. Everyone removed their coats. They smoked and drank more and also sang and danced to the music on the radio. Outside the storm raged. Inside, they partied hard and everyone was wasted.

Two hours in, Kim and Jason were making out on the sofa. Jason had her shirt and bra off. She didn't care that the others saw her tits. She was blitzed. They necked and petted as if they had the place to themselves.

Butch and Amy were laughing and dancing frantically to an up-tempo song. When the radio began playing Bryan Adams' song "Everything I do I do for you", Amy and Butch came together to slow dance. She put her arms around his neck. He placed his hands on her ass and they slow danced.

At first, they danced, standing together and swaying like teenagers at the school prom. Then, Amy began doing the bump and grind. She moved her hips provocatively in a circular motion.

Butch smiled and placed his right foot between her feet. She rocked her hips and humped his thigh. He also rolled and rocked his hips into her as if they were having sex. When their pelvic areas connected, she ground her sex against his hard-on and he rubbed his erection into her clit.

They were enjoying the contact and continued while Michael Bolton sang "When a man loves a woman".

By this time, Jason was kneeling in front of Kim. He's taken off her jeans and panties and was eating her pussy.

"Oh. Fuck!" Kim moaned. Her hands reached out and held his head in place. She felt she'd die if he stopped eating her pussy. The couple was so intoxicated they had no inhibitions.

A commercial came on the radio and Amy and Butch stopped grinding against each other. Kim groaned again and they looked her way. Butch stared at her bare tits. Amy watched a shirtless Jason going down on his girlfriend.

Amy said breathily, "I want that."

"Sure, babe," Butch said. He dropped to his knees, unbuckled her belt and started pulling her pants down. She placed a hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of her tight jeans and pink panties.

Butch ran his fingers through her pubes and said, "I love your red bush."

Amy groaned appreciatively as his fingers brushed across her clit. "Ohh."

He stood and removed all his clothes. Amy stripped off her shirt and bra. She giggled and plopped down on the sofa. She landed hard and jostled Kim and Jason causing them to both look their way.

"Hey!" Jason yelled annoyed at being disturbed while giving oral sex.

"Sorry, bro," Butch said as he stroked his hard cock. Kim noted it was bigger than her guy's. Butch said, "We saw you having a box lunch at the "Y" and thought it was a great idea."

He knelt in front of his girl and spread her legs wide. Everyone saw her red pubic hair. Jason smiled and said in a friendly way, "Hello, fire crotch."

Kim checked out Amy. She pursed her lips into a self-satisfying smirk. She wasn't impressed with Kim's copper-colored pubes. She was put off by her tits. The girl had bigger boobs than she did. She instantly disliked her.

The guys buried their heads into their date's crotches and ate diligently. Soon both women were moaning happily. They could feel their orgasms building. The guy's tongues and fingers were nice, but not enough.

"Fuck me," Amy begged. She slid her ass to the edge of the couch.

Butch rose and slipped his dick into her.

"Harder! Harder!" Amy screamed.

Kim too wanted penetration. She worried Jason was too small to fuck her properly from his knees. She ordered him, "On your back! I'm getting on top."

He rolled to his back and she quickly mounted him and fucked him on the floor. She rode him hard and soon cried out, "Oh! Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah!"

She spasmed and came. Jason came too.

Their actions and screaming triggered the other couple to come.

"Oh! Oh! OH!" Amy cried.

"Fuck!" Butch moaned as he fired off inside his girlfriend.

The room was quiet except for heavy breathing. No one talked or moved. They enjoyed the blissful feelings.

Eventually, Kim stirred and used the bathroom to clean up. When she exited, Amy took a turn. The guys wiped their dicks on their undershirt or underwear and got a beer. They all dressed.

Outside the storm continued to rage. They heard a big crash. One of the large trees had come down. It limbs weighed down by the snow, the trunk snapped in the thirty mile-per-hour wind.

They all rushed to the window. Amy said, "Wow. Look at all the snow."

"Dude," Butch said. "Your car is crushed."

They put on their coats and went outside to get a better look. They were high and laughed. Jason said, "Fuck! My car's destroyed."

They all heard a loud cracking sound. Another of the many trees on the lot was falling. This one landed on the cabin. It brought down another tree which landed on the generator shed.

The women screamed and the lights went out. Their world was eerily quiet because the generator had stopped running. The scared women grabbed their men.

"Uh-oh. That's not good," Butch said sagely.

The falling trees did a lot of damage. One crushed the shed and took the generator out of action and the other tree crashed into the backside of the cabin. It made a hole in the roof in one of the back bedrooms.

"What are we going to do?" Kim asked, worried and scared.

"We'll freeze to death out here!" Amy said.

The dire situation sobered Jason up. He said, "We need shelter. Let's see how bad the damage is. Kim, stay here."

Jason went to the shed. The building was flattened. The generator had been knocked off its stand. Even if somehow, he moved the tree, he didn't think he could reconnect the wires and restore power to the cabin.

Jason came back to the group and said, "The shed's destroyed. Let's check out the cabin."

They entered the cabin's main room. From the light of the fire, they could see the room was not damaged. Amy was frightened and asked, "Can you turn on the lights? Why is it so cold in here?"

Jason said simply, "We have no power."

He went to the kitchen, found the right drawer and pulled out two flashlights. He handed one to Kim and said, "You and Amy stay here. Butch and I will check the rest of the cabin."

Jason opened a bedroom door. They guys saw the tree. It had broken through the roof and also knocked down part of the rear wall of the cabin. Cold air was pouring in the cabin.

Butch opened the door to the other bedroom. He shined the flashlight around. This room was intact.

They retreated to where the women were. Jason said, "A tree hit the cabin. It damaged the roof and back wall in one of the bedrooms. That's allowing the cold air in."

"What are we going to do?" Kim asked.

"We'll have to hunker down," Jason said.

"We're trapped out here and have no heat!" Amy whined.

Butch said, "The car is out of commission. We can't drive back to town. We'll be safe here. We still have the fire. We won't freeze to death. We'll stay here until the storm is over. Then, we can decide if we should hike out or wait until the road is cleared," Jason said.

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