tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife in Hawaii Ch. 05

Life in Hawaii Ch. 05


All characters are over 18.


It had been a year since Kat's last checkup at the doctor. That morning, she had gotten a letter from her new doctor's office, saying that she should schedule an appointment. She called them up, and, surprisingly, they had an opening later that afternoon. She quickly agreed to fill it.

Kat decided to wear what amounted to a standard outfit for her. She grabbed a white thong, a miniskirt, and a low-cut top, forgoing a bra. Leaving Riley behind, she drove off to the doctors.

After she arrived and checked in, Kat sat down in the waiting area. As always with doctors offices, she had to wait about fifteen minutes before they called her in. Her new doctor walked in a few minutes later. However, to her surprise, Dr. Jordan was a man! However, he was quite handsome. "Hi, Kat, I'm Jordan, your new doctor," he greeted her.

"Uh... Hi!" Kat replied.

"Here, I'll need you to put this on," he said, hander Kat a standard hospital gown.

Kat nervously waited for the doctor to leave the room. After a few minutes, he said, "Well? Are you changing?"

"Uhm... Aren't you going to leave the room?" Kat asked.

He rolled his eyes, and said, "It's not anything I haven't seen before. Please, I'm on a tight schedule."

Kat nervously took her top off, exposing her luscious boobs to the doctor. Well, I guess he's gonna see 'em some point during the check up anyways... she thought. Sliding her miniskirt down her legs, she began to put on the gown. "Panties too, please," the doctor said.

Her face red, Kat turned away from the doctor before removing her thong. She then put on the hospital gown he had give her. To her horror, it was incredibly revealing. It seemed to be a few sizes too small, as the thin material probably went only a few inches past her pussy. Due to her big boobs, the ties on the back wouldn't reach; her entire ass was exposed to anyone behind her. The top had a diving v-neck, so most of her boobs were exposed as well. "Are you sure you don't have anything, you know, larger?" Kat asked the doctor.

"Nope, sorry. That's the only size we keep in stock."

As he said this, Kat noticed that he had never shut the door! A boy was standing outside, peering in, and had watched her change! "Uhh, doctor? Could you shut the door?" Kat asked, embarrassed.

"Sorry, this door's handle is broken. It drifts open."

"Well, could we go to a different room then?" Kat asked.

"Sure. Follow me." the doctor obligingly said.

He walked outside, and Kat followed. As they walked down the hall, the same boy that was outside their room followed them, staring at Kat's totally exposed ass while pretending he was just headed further down the hall. As they neared an open door, Dr. Jordan spun around, and said, "I almost forgot! We still need to take your weight."

He began walking back towards the lobby, and Kat followed him. The other boy, having no excuse to continue following them, went into one of the rooms nearby. As Kat saw that the scale was on the other side of the lobby, she became mortified, as she would have to walk past everyone in the waiting room! Remorselessly, her doctor continued onwards, and Kat followed.

Soon they passed the waiting room, and Kat was totally embarrassed as all heads in the room turned to watch he shapely ass pass by. She thought she saw someone from her school! After they passed, Kat got up on the scale, and the doctor weighed her. He stood right behind her, and reached around to the scale, so that his arms were brushed up against her boobs. After he finished, with a result of 120 pounds, he said, "120, very good. I bet I know where a lot of that weight is!" as he grabbed one boob in each hand and squeezed a little.

"Doctor!" Kat angrily replied.

He grinned a little as he let go and walked back past the waiting room. Kat embarrassedly followed him, again turning red at the attention her ass received. However, after she once more crossed, the doctor said, "Oh, look. Someone else seems to have taken your room. We'll just head in here, then."

With that, he turned back, and went into the room directly across from the waiting room. Annoyed now, Kat followed him in, giving the people there another good look at her ass. She slammed the door behind her.

Dr. Jordan did the normal stuff then, such as the standard knee-jerk reflex test, and checked her mouth and nose. Next he got out his stethoscope, and said, "Alright, I'll need you to take the gown off, or, at least, the top part."

Kat obligingly slid the gown down to her waist. The doctor put the earpieces in, and moved the icy stethoscope right onto her nipple. Within seconds Kat's nipple was rock hard, and poking out. He did the same to the other side, took a few notes, and remarked, "Well that all looks good. Let's take your temperature."

He walked over and got a thermometer. "Alright, hands and knees!" the doctor said to Kat.

She sat for a moment, confused, before she realized that it was a rectal thermometer! Kat slowly got onto her hands and knees on the exam table, horrified. "Here, now, we can't have this getting in the way," the doctor said as he pulled her gown off of her.

She was now totally exposed! He proceeded to push the thermometer into her butt, wiggling it slightly. Eventually it was far enough in, and he said, "Alright, now we wait five to ten minutes for it to fully stabilize."

Kat was sure it didn't take that long, but he was the doctor. After a few minutes of waiting in awkward silence, she heard the door open behind her. Glancing back, she saw a young man entering, and the doctor said, "Ah, James! I was hoping you'd show up. Kat, this is James, my intern."

James... James... do I know this kid? Kat wondered. After a few seconds, she realized with dread that he was in her first period class! If it was at all possibly for her to turn redder than she already was, she did. He was dutifully inspecting his teacher's firm bottom. "Here, now, I have something to show you." the doctor said as he moved up the table.

"Today, you'll learn how to check a women for breast cancer!" he told James. As he firmly grabbed her boobs with both hands, he said, "It's simple, really. You just gently massage the breast, feeling for any lumps. Be sure to pay special attention to the nipple region."

At this, he let James put his hands on her boobs, and he began squeezing and playing with her tits. As he pinched and twisted her nipples, Kat began to get wet.

"Ooh, looks like we're having a little problem here," the doctor said as he put a hand up to her wet pussy.

Kat moaned as he plunged a finger in. James continued playing with her tits, twisting and pinching her nipples lightly. After a few minutes, the thermometer beeped, and the doctor ceased fingerfucking her. He gently wiggled it out of her ass, looked at it, and said, "Alright, everything seems normal back here! You're good to go!"

As he finished saying this, he took her gown from the floor and tossed it in the trash. Kat sat up and turned around, only to see that the door was open! James must have left it open when he came in. Every pair of eyes in the waiting room was turned onto her naked form. About 20 people has just watched her get fingered by a doctor while his intern played with her tits! Kat was once again mortified. However, she then realized that her clothes weren't in this room. She had changed in a different room, and left them there. She was going to have to walk out to there completely nude, with her pussy still dripping.

Better get this over with... Kat thought as she timidly walked out of the exam room. Everyone's heads swiveled to watch her. She ran down the hall, one hand over her pussy, one trying to cover her bouncing boobs. Which room was it?! She questioned. She tried a door at random. Two men, another doctor and a patient, both turned to look at her. Damn!

But wait! The doctor was holding her panties! She walked over and snatched them out of the doctor's hands. "Where are the rest of my clothes?" she asked angrily.

"Er, another patient decided that they looked good, and, since no one knew whose they were, she took them. I don't think she saw the panties, though. I was just about to throw them away!"

Kat nearly broke down. All she had to wear now was a thong. She slipped that on, grateful for the mild coverage. And walked back outside. She now had both hands free to cover her big tits from the prying eyes. She dashed to the exit, and then across the hall to the elevator. After it arrived, the doors opened, and she saw that it was completely empty! Well, at least something's going to my way... she thought.

The doctor's office was on the 10th floor of a big office building. She hit the ground button, and the elevator began to descend. As it got to eight, it stopped. Kat cursed under her breath. To her horror, the doors opened to reveal a good 10 men standing there, chatting amongst themselves. All conversation stopped when they caught sight of the nearly-nude babe standing in the elevator. As one, they moved into the small elevator, packing Kat in. She could feel someone behind her squeezing her butt, and everyone was looking at her. One said, "Hi, I'm Joe," as he reached out and grabbed her hand.

Another introduced himself, and grabbed her other hand to shake. Now both of her tits were exposed! The two men wouldn't let up the handshake, either. Two hands reached forward from behind her, and grabbed onto her tits. By the time they got to the first floor, probably everyone in the elevator had groped her, or still was. About four pairs of hands were on her tits. As the doors opened, she pushed them aside, and dashed out of the elevator. She hurried over to the parking garage, and jumped into her car. She got home without too many people seeing her boobs as she drove.

Kat was never going to that doctor again!

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