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Life in the Fast Lane


A familiar theme and structure for me with, I hope, ample stroke and the ultimate romance. I tend to get on a theme, in this case two people not realizing that they were meant to be together and almost letting it slip away only to find each other again down the road. It takes them each some time to realize how good they had it together. My beloved editor died several years ago as this story was completed. I've never found another with whom I could work. That and three rescue canines, curtailed my writing.


He knocked on the door of her basement apartment at the agreed upon hour to pick her up for dinner. This would be their first date. The previous evening they had enjoyed their first fuck. She had been the aggressor. Following a brief make-out session on her living room floor, she had said, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to bed," and led him to her tiny bedroom and its single bed.

She was twenty-five and he was eighteen. He looked older and she looked younger. If he was old for his years it was in no small part because he had skipped his senior year of high school and been packed off to college at fifteen by less than doting parents. He was in fact weeks away from receiving his bachelors just prior to his nineteenth birthday.

She was just one of those women who had the genes, bone structure and carriage of a younger woman and he assumed it would serve her well in maturity. She was in graduate school, doctoral level, psychology he seemed to recall. He was studying one of the more traditional, "hard" sciences.

Used to the concept of sex — if it was going to happen at all---occurring after several dates and following all sorts of mysterious hints and wordless signals, her boldness took him by surprise but he had no intention of complaining about it or getting hung up on it. He was eighteen and about to get laid by a strikingly attractive and experienced woman. It was best to just "go with the flow".

She was certainly more experienced than he was. While he had only fucked two other women, he more than made up for his lack of experience with enthusiasm, a willingness to be guided, staying power and an above average sized and seemingly perpetually hard young cock. He could fuck, cum and fuck again without losing his erection...not that remarkable for a healthy, physically fit eighteen year old.

It was that very proclivity which had marked the beginning of the end of his most recent relationship with a small college town golden tanned debutant, following a lusty double fuck during what for her was supposed to have been a "romantic" picnic. She had soon after declared in a fit of theatrical anger that he didn't "love" her and was only interested in her body. He'd found it hard to argue convincingly with her. He didn't lie very well.

Still the vivid Technicolor™ memory of fucking the nubile young beauty in the traditional way which she seemed to prefer and during which she hardly responded with enthusiasm and then repositioning her on her knees with her head down and milky white butt cheeks high in the air and then banging her hard like a bitch in heat with no cuddle interval made him smile.

She had squealed, grunted, whimpered. She had screamed "fuck me" and was more vocal and animated than was her habit. She had cum at least once and possibly twice which was unusual for her. The second time had been a marathon for both of them in terms of duration, certainly for him and most probably for her.

So what was the problem he had wondered? True it had been the first time they has just fucked with no pretense of, "making love". She'd enjoyed it and gotten off. Perhaps it had been more about what the episode revealed of her inner workings than about him. He had brought out a side of her that she wasn't willing to accept or embrace. At least he had the memory to jerk off to in the months since their break up.

He and the long, cool blonde with the perfect posterior on the other side of the door weren't strangers. He had met her two or three months earlier at a camera shop which he frequented where she worked part-time. She had been dating and fucking a friend of his, a man several years his senior who he knew from his own part-time employment at the local daily newspaper. That relationship seemed to have passed, evidently without major hard feelings. It had been brief, a matter of a few weeks.

He had liked her immediately. Perhaps she wasn't his type but she captured his attention. She was very bright and engaging and cute with her soft blonde hair, quick, mischievous smile, tight, long, athletic body and perky tits. Her round little rump, straining against the fabric of her strategically faded denim jeans had become the object of more than one masturbatory fantasy.

She had seemed interested. She listened attentively when he spoke, made eye contact, touched his hand or arm and flipped her tresses. He had demurred in view of the relationship she apparently had with his friend. He wasn't sure what made him stop by her apartment the previous evening. Perhaps it had been the hints of flirtation in their previous relatively brief encounters. She had been surprised to see him but certainly not disappointed.

He had made up some lame excuse about looking for their mutual friend. She had made it clear that she not only had no idea where he might be but that their brief relationship had ended. She invited him inside for a beer with no pretense. Like any sane and perpetually horny eighteen year old he had assented without protest.

Their first fuck had included its share of fumbling in the dark on the obscenely small bed with the overly soft mattress. There had been a sense of urgency in their first coupling. He needed to get off and she needed "comfort". Still, a young man's third fuck partner in less than a year was unlikely to have been unfulfilling. For, him it had been quite thrilling. This was a real woman, not another tentative and inexperienced eighteen-year-old girl. She was far more responsive than his previous two partners had been and more vocal. She was experienced; she had fucked before, evidently often, liked fucking and knew what she needed.

She had taken his rock hard young organ in her hot, wet and accommodating mouth within seconds. He had cum quickly. She had swallowed his load then whispered in his ear, "That was nice, thank you for cumming in my mouth baby." He had kissed her, finding the remains of his own essence arousing. The fact that he wanted to kiss her after she blew him seemed to please her.

His mouth had trailed down her body in search of the expected target. She had guided his efforts and provided softly spoken direction. He was a quick learner. She came in short order, pushing her soft mound into his mouth, caressing his blond locks. The release of her built up womanly secretions had excited him. He had stayed on target and quickly brought her to a second, longer orgasm.

They had then fucked in a traditionally face-to-face position. Hers was without a doubt the hottest pussy he had ever experienced. He mused that perhaps this was the first woman he had screwed who wanted — needed — to fuck as much as he did as opposed to doing so because it was expected as he supposed it had been with his previous two partners

They dozed. He awoke some time later to discover that she was between his legs, licking his balls and flicking her hard little tongue over his ass hole while slowly stroking his engorged young prick. She had advanced to teasing the proud head. In the moonlight which filtered in through the single window he caught her grin as she made eye contact. She was a very pretty young woman. The prominent swell of her firm young rump distracted him for a moment. Neither of his previous partners had an ass like that, so perfectly rounded, firm and alluring.

He sat up and she readjusted her body to give his hand access to her glistening little cunt. They evolved into a classic side-by-side sixty-nine. He lifted her lower body, placing her steamy pussy and perfect butt over his face. Her scent was intoxicating and his breathing became ragged. She thrust her pelvis slightly forward, which served to move her tight little pucker right in front of his mouth. His extreme state of arousal overcame any previous distaste he might have had for what naturally followed. Quickly he was caressing her dank hole with his lips and tongue, allowing the later to first dart inside and then to penetrate that forbidden place in earnest. She moaned and uttered ragged, whispered commands. "Yes, there, very nice ... oh, yes ... please ... don't stop ... fuck my ass with your tongue, baby!"

He sensed that her own slim fingers were engaged in her slippery slot but his own arousal was so extreme that he could have cared less. She began to move faster, moaning, cajoling, and encouraging before cumming with a muffled scream as she buried her head in a pillow.

As her orgasm subsided, she returned to her excellent oral attention of his rock hard organ. He would discover in short order that she loved sucking cock — loved every aspect of it, including the protein rich reward at the end. As much as he relished her oral talents he wanted something else, quickly indicating his preferences by moving over her, engulfing her long, hard, flawless body with his own and caressing her neck with his lips as his hands roamed over her soft, warm flesh.

She turned to kiss him, then spoke a single word: "bathroom." He released her to attend to her nature call.

She returned in short order, turning on the small desk light as she passed, bathing the room in a soft glow. She was one of those women who looks even better naked than in clothes. She kissed him, plopped on her stomach, placed a pillow under her hips, made eye contact and spoke.

"You are a wonderful lover! If you're up for it — oh, yes you certainly are! I love it like this from behind ... hard ... hold me tight ... don't let me escape ... not that I would ... but we can pretend, can't we? And, and, unless you don't want to ... grosses you out ... fuck me up the ass. You don't have to, I won't be upset if you don't want to but just in case, I'm squeaky clean back there and lubricated. I've never had a cock as big as yours there ... anywhere ... here ... you'll need this if you decide to ... lots of it ... again if you're not sure ..."

Her use of the phrase, fuck me up the ass had excited him. There was nothing squeamish or tentative in that particular choice of words. No code words, hardly a clinical depiction, no beating around the bush: "fuck me up the ass" made things clear. In their time together, she never used phrases such as anal sex, "the other way" or engaged in subtleties when she wanted to be butt fucked. She never asked him, she always told him: fuck me up the ass. He in turn learned to be every bit as direct in stating his desires and intentions.

He answered her wordlessly by moving behind her and burying his face in the tight crevice of her firm young buttocks and resuming his earlier oral attention to her tightly wound muscle. She squealed with delight.

"I think that's the answer I was hoping for. Wait! In the drawer on the right ... top drawer...my 'best friends'."

He retrieved the single object in the drawer in question, a small velvet clad box. It contained two objects, one a silver egg shaped device with a wire leading to a small battery pack, the other was a tapered anal toy. She rolled over and grinned l as he examined her toys. She spread her small labia and stroked her inner treasures.

"Pour a liberal amount of lube on the egg and I'll ... unless you want to do the honors? I need a little electric augmentation when I take a man in my ass ... you'll enjoy the feeling too."

He obliged, finding the process of inserting the smooth egg inside the young beauty to be perhaps the most erotic experience he had ever enjoyed. When he had finished, she reached up and kissed him again, and rolled back over.

"Our mutual friend did not get off on anal. He found it revolting, in his words. It's been a while since I've been fucked back there, hence the other toy in the box. I'm going to need a bit of gentle 'resizing' if I'm going to take your fat cock inside my rectum without discomfort. Are you sure you're up for this?"

"No problem."

"Good," she said. "No, wait! We need to get some things straight before you sodomize me. I'm, what, six or seven years older than you are? Hopefully you feel some affection for me, I certainly do for you. But let's be realistic, we're not going steady, we're not going to get engaged, married or produce rug rats in some idyllic suburban paradise with a white picket fence. I already know from your performance to date that I want to fuck you again and I'm damn near positive you feel the same way."

It was hard for him to listen when all he wanted to do was go back to fucking her, but he waited for her to go on.

"I know more about your sexual history from our mutual friend than you probably realize. I almost never fuck without a rubber. As much as I hate the feel, I've no interest in getting a disease. I took a gamble with you, because I'm of the belief that I'm only the third woman you've had sex with and you don't have a habit of sticking your dick where it doesn't belong. Let's see, what was her name? Suzy? You dated and fucked her for what, about six months? It ended three months ago and you haven't gotten laid since? How am I doing so far

"Right as rain."

"Our mutual friend, on the other hand, never got his cock inside my body without protection. He has a reputation for some skanky encounters but he can be fun. So here's the deal: I don't care who you date or even who you fuck. Jealously will never be a part of any relationship that may ensue between us. If you want to go out with someone else, just tell me and I'll commit to the same. You have no claims on me in that regard either, beyond honesty. I demand absolute honesty.

"But we make a pack right here and now: no unprotected sex except between you and me as long as we mutually decide to continue this relationship, if we in fact do so. As far as sex goes, I'm pretty damn sure you can make me happier, sexually, than anyone else I've ever fucked. If you ever want to know my sexual history, I'll give you every gritty detail. I'm also damn sure I can ring your chimes like no woman you could even imagine. When it's time to end it, we end it. And in a perfect world, we stay friends. Deal?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Our mutual friend makes fun of you. He admires and has a tremendous amount of respect for you, for being the most honest guy and the worst liar he has ever met. I hope he is right. For the record, I first got fucked up the ass as an eighteen-year-old high school senior by my guidance counselor. It hurt. He didn't use enough lube, just spit. He didn't want to risk getting me pregnant and I was okay with that.

"The second time was by the band director — I played the flute — after a New Years day football game. He had experience, and lubrication, and while it wasn't perfect I found it exciting and I came with a man's dick in my ass, a man old enough to be my father. Most guys aren't into it; a lot don't understand how uncomfortable it can be for the girl if they're not careful. From the excellent head you provided a couple of hours ago I know you take instruction well, so if you're up for it, pay attention to my directions."

"Okay, I'm fine with that. One question, though. Can we do it facing each other?"

"Why?" She gave him an odd look and waited for his answer.

"I don't know, but anal sex seems pretty...intimate? I guess I just want to be able to watch your face and know if I'm doing it in a way that pleases you...kiss you?"

"Oh, my! You are too good to be true! I think I like it both ways. Sometimes the anonymity of being butt fucked from behind has a certain allure, to both parties. What would work the best for me is to start from the rear and then we can transition to the other way. Look, I like to role-play, to pretend. Having a man who is strong and can control me, fuck me up the ass from behind probably fulfills some sort of sick anal rape fantasy for me. That's the clinical psychology education rearing its ugly head. After I get off that way, you're more than welcome to roll me over and make love to me. Is that what you had in mind? I'd like that. It would be a new experience for me. Most guys get so into fucking my hot, tight little ass that they don't have the discipline to hold off so they can turn me over and kiss me while they're cumming in my ass. That is very important! You have to, absolutely have to, cum in my ass."

"Yes sir." He smirked and gave a half salute as he spoke.

"You're funny."

"And you are quite adorable."

"Watch it stud! Words like adorable lead to words like love and all the messy things that go with it."

"Are we going to talk till sun rise or fuck?" he had said with a grin, emboldened by her frankness.

"Ah, there are those astounding eighteen year old hormones kicking in! Go for it tiger! I'd appreciate a little more tongue. Then a finger, and another, the probe, then that fat cock of yours, all the way up my ass. Make me your own personal anal fuck slut, doing me dirty, my special back door man. Oh, yes, very nice!"she said as they got in position. "Finger now ... another ... slow with that rubber mother fucker ... more lube ... okay ... cold but effective. Enough of that, I need some hot young cock ... slow ... uh! Oh, that is one big cock head. Slow ... very slow, very nice. Okay, slow in an out ... all the way in, all the way out. Uh, huh, Jesus I swear you're getting bigger in my ass ... ohhh ..."

He rolled her over without a word, and re-centered on the target, knowing that in spite of his previous orgasms, youth and concentration, that he would not---could not---last more than a few seconds longer in her hot, tight furnace. She sensed it.

"Now! I need to feel you cum! Don't hold back. Oh, baby, I feel you getting harder. Yes, that's it! Now! Cum for me sweet baby!"

He silenced her with his lips, thrust balls deep inside her and came with more intensity than he could ever recall before in his young life. He whimpered, holding on to her frantically, pulling her body tight against his own, making love to her as she and responded with the same affection he felt at that instant.

He felt a special tenderness and caring for this woman he hardly knew whose bowels he had just plundered. They had shared more than an intimate sexual encounter. They hadn't played any games; they had been brutally honest regarding the essence of their relationship. Something about the level of candor between them that he'd never before shared with a member of the opposite sex made this woman very special and exciting.

For her part, she had the same fleeting thoughts but quickly brushed them aside. Good sex, great fucking sex, he's a nice guy, not an ass hole. He's cute and smart. In her chats with him at the camera store, she had decided that he was someone she might enjoy getting to know as a friend.

She hoped he didn't get stupid and fuck things up. She assumed he would be around for a couple of years attending graduate school. She expected to spend roughly the same time in the area completing her doctorate, not that she expected that "they" would last that long. Shit, he was seven or at least six and change years her junior. She knew he wasn't in the same discipline at the university that she was in and doubted that they really had very much in common other than those familiar words from that song...Eagles?

Life in the Fast Lane? What was it they had in common? They were both good in bed. No question there. He was talented and well equipped, gentle but also all man. Under her tutelage, he would just get better. As a series of older men had educated her, she would teach him the finer points of great sex. When it ended, hopefully amiably, he would make some lucky little girl very, very happy.

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