tagBDSMLife in the Harem Ch. 07

Life in the Harem Ch. 07


Modern day harem life of slaves and their struggles for alpha slave status.

Master is unaware of the intrigue and back stabbings that go on when he is away from the harem between his sex slaves. Or is he?


Calista: Lead character

Master: Master and owner

Sir Jon: Master's longtime friend

Lady Martha: Master's first wife

Lucinda: a very ambitious slave who takes an interest in Calista

Jacinta: Paired off with Calista, she too is a house slave

Mildred: Mother hen to the slaves, she is the eldest house slave

Jasmine: Arab slave girl who took over for Calista as greeter

Clara: den-mother to the harem slaves

Petra and Paulina, Roxane, Quan-Yi, Gretchen and Barbie: harem slaves



That evening, as I slept in the chair beside the bed of my Master in the infirmary, our host visited Master and woke me up. He was tall and dark, with a very close cropped beard. His eyes had deep set circles which showed him to be much older than on first impression.

"I hear he will survive?" He said as I stretched out the tightness in my shoulders and neck.

"Yes," I said, not knowing what else to say.

He looked at me and smiled. "I am called Darabi, as you probably know, this is my place here."

He extended a courteous hand to me and I grasped it.

"Thank you for saving us," I said.

He shrugged and looked at my Master's sleeping bruised body in bed.

"He was my protégé. I taught him many things. He is like a son to me..." His face turned hard, he seemed to be trying to hold back a tear. He composed himself and turned to me.

"I have a room for you to rest, please come with me."

I was torn. I wanted to stay with my Master, but it seemed like he was in safe good hands here. Reading my mind Darabi said, "He is safe and we will make sure he is unharmed."

I reluctantly followed Darabi to a small room just down the hall from the infirmary. The room was modest and Spartan, a bed a chair and a desk. It did have the luxury of a window that looked out into the plaza where I had long ago wrestled the other slave girl in a match to entertain the other slave masters.

Just before he left he informed me that some food would be coming up soon. I was to eat and get some sleep. I would be allowed to travel back and forth from my room to the infirmary, but I was not to go exploring anywhere else. I nodded my understanding.

"You have done well slave." He told me as he was leaving. "Your Master has mentioned you to me and thinks very highly of you. He saw potential in you. I think you have shown us all something these last few days."

Potential? I was a little taken aback by his words. I knew that Master had singled me out but I was not aware of him mentioning me to anyone, especially his mentor. I was very glad for the praise, and I was very happy to be safe, for the time being.

I looked around the room and wondered if this room would be where I stayed for the rest of my life. Sir Jon had made his move and he certainly would have made the Duquette Estate inhospitable to Master. I wondered how the other slaves would take this turn of events? How would Gretchen and Petra and Paulina and Roxanne react? How would Lucinda?


Surely she would profit from this? I thought about all the attention she paid to Sir Jon recently. Could she have been involved in this coup? They had many long discussions and certainly plenty of time to plan things recently. Could she have helped orchestrate this? She certainly acted like she would have something to gain.

I thought about how recently my status with Master had usurped her status as first slave. Lucinda had always been power hungry. She was always a step ahead of everyone else. The more I thought about this, the more I was convinced that Lucinda might very well be the brains behind Sir Jon's brawn. Sir Jon had been with Master all their lives. If he had not tried anything like this before now, he most certainly would not have come up with this idea by himself!

I got excited as the food arrived and I ate quickly. I could hardly wait to tell Master when he woke up about my suspicions! I found sleep to be difficult as I tossed and turned on the bed until the sky brightened with the coming dawn.

Master regained consciousness the following evening. I was right there by his side when his eyes flickered open. The medics had been able to patch him up fairly well save for the teeth. He would have to see a dentist to replace them.

"Master!" I cried out as I hugged him. I started crying. He smiled weakly and tried to return my embrace. It took me a few moments to realize I was hurting him with my weight and I slid off him chagrined.

He looked around and smiled. He was safe. He turned to me. "How are you doing?" he asked me. Here he was in pain and agony in bed and his first words were concern for his slave.

I blushed. "I am fine Master, I am unharmed."

He stroked my cheek, wiping my tears away.

"Did anyone take you?" he asked. He meant sexually.

"No Master, I was untouched. They left me in the cell while they tortured you."

At the word of torture, Master flashed a pained look.

"I'm a callous sadistic bastard and I have done my fair share of torturing people, even for my own pleasure..." he said. "But having it done to me...I'm not so sure I enjoy it." He stared far off out the window at the sky. We were silent for a while. I stayed kneeling beside his bed.

The following morning, after I had served Master his breakfast, I proceeded to explain to him my suspicions of Lucinda. He was very quiet while he listened.

"I think you may be right," he finally said after I had finished. "Sir Jon has been acting differently for sometime now, ever since we had that run in with the Russians. His reasons for meeting our new client just seemed so out of character for him."

He seemed to be speaking to himself more than to me, his slave, as he verbally working the progression of events out in his mind.

"He never has found clients...he has always followed orders and done what was asked of him...he never showed initiative. Now he comes up with a client? I had to meet personally with them? Very fishy. I was suspicious... Lucky I had a plan. What does he think he can do? I have the contacts. They trust me. He doesn't even know them."

I piped in. "Surely Sir Jon would know that? He couldn't possibly think he could take over your business."

"No," he said still thinking. "Lucinda on the other hand is graceful enough to convince Sir Jon that he is better off than he thought he was..."

At this point, Master was getting worked up. He turned to me and grabbed my neck. He pulled back his bed sheet exposing his cock to the stifling hot air. Knowing what to do, I latched onto his growing cock with my mouth and started sucking him as Master continued to mutter to himself in deep thought. His cock grew rock hard. I was pleased that the torturers had not thought to damage him down there as I would certainly be taking pleasure from his tool very soon!

"Could anyone else be involved?" He asked himself.

"Lady Martha? She certainly wants more money...no...she would not make a move like this..."

I continued to suck and lick his sweaty cock and balls. Soon he tensed and erupted into my mouth. His salty stickiness was quickly swallowed as I again clamped down on his cock with my warm wet mouth.

Just then Darabi entered the room. I paused for a moment, mid stroke, until Master tapped me on my head to continue my attention to his manhood.

Darabi took a seat behind me and out of view. I concentrated on Master's cock.

"How are you, my son?" Darabi asked.

"I'll survive." Master said.

"It seems like you always do!" Darabi said. I'm sure he had a smirk on his face when he said that!

"Any news?" master asked.

"I have heard from a competitor that Sir Jon has contacted them and made an offer to do business in your name."

Master laughed. "Who?"

"The Japanese." Darabi said.

There was silence as I continued to suck Master. His cock was growing harder still, a good sign that he was excited again. Perhaps he would cum again!

"That's not good." Said Master. "They'll eat him alive."

"Perhaps," said Darabi. "That would be a good thing for you?"

Master Grunted. "He'll fuck up my whole product and will wind up being a slave himself if he gets in with them. Everything I have built will be wasted."

Darabi made a long sigh. "Maybe it's time for you to retire. You've had a good run. Perhaps it's time to move on..."

Master was quiet for a spell. I thought that he was going to climax, but at the mention of retirement, his cock had deflated. I knew that his orgasm would be hard to come by now. I continued to lovingly suck and lick him.

"I must point out that you have excellent taste in slaves." Darabi finally said. "She has performed very well the entire time you have been here. I think she truly feels something for you. It is rare to see this kind of devotion in anyone, let alone a slave."

I was thrilled to hear Darabi say those kind words about me to Master.

He scratched the back of my ear like an owner that showed affection to his dog. "I am very proud of Calista. She has performed admirably throughout this whole ordeal. She is someone I can trust, unlike some of my other slaves."

I felt so proud to be Master's slave!

"We've all tried to buy her from you." Darabi said. "But you must have known that she was special. No amount of money would part her from you!"

Master grunted his affirmation. Just then his cock shot out jets of cum into my mouth. It was unexpected and I gagged a little before swallowing it all down. Master released me from my cock and I knelt again beside him and the bed.

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