Life is a Soap Opera Act 03


"I love you, Gabriel," she purred.

They kissed again. "I love you, too, Bailey."

She hiccupped, but was too drunk to be embarrassed. Her inhibitions were gone. "Gabe . . . what if I want that threesome?"

Before he could respond, she kissed him again, unfazed. Gabe put her words aside in his mind, knowing that it was probably just the buzz talking. Still, it got his heart pounding just a little bit harder.

Bailey lay back and Gabe resumed his journey down her body. With her legs hanging over the side of the bed, she spread her pussy for her husband.

Gabe started by kissing the insides of her thighs. He bit her gently. She squirmed.

Bringing his fingers into play, Gabriel entered her easily. Soon he was kneeling on the floor and he began to piston his fingers in and out of her.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried out.

He could smell her excitement. He inhaled her scent.

Flicking his tongue against her, Gabe massaged her engorged clit. His fingers worked her pussy at the same time.

"I love it when you eat me," Bailey sighed.

She arched her back when drew her into his mouth with is lips.

Bailey was reduced to a quivering mass of flesh as Gabriel worked her over.

Her fingernails dug into his scalp. She thrust her hips forward into his mouth.

"Right there!" she screamed. "Right . . . fucking . . . there!"

Gabe continued with a full head of steam, taking his wife on that one way trip to ecstasy.

Unable to speak, Bailey mumbled and groaned. Her legs crossed behind his back, it seemed that she was trying to pull his head into her pussy.

Still, he didn't stop. Alternating his tempo, Gabe never let up.

His eyes looked up, but all he could see was her breasts heaving. She was thrashing about on the bed.

"Don't . . . stop . . . don't . . ."

Her voice trailed off and he felt her body tense. She tried to sit up and her legs drew him closer.

Gabriel's tongue never stopped moving. If anything, he worked faster and harder. His intensity never wavered.

Suddenly, Bailey threw herself back into the bed. She let loose with an ear-shattering scream and he felt her pussy flood with warmth around his fingers.

Her breaths came faster and deeper. Her hands pulled his hair so hard it was painful.

"I'm cum . . . I'm cumming!" she shouted. "Oh, god, Gabe . . . eat me!"

Bailey's cries devolved into an unintelligible stream. Then, with one final breath, she fell limp.

Gabe lapped at her for a few more moments, but her body stopped moving. Stopped responding.

He smiled to himself, satisfied at having pleasured her on their wedding night. Bailey's chest rose and fell rhythmically.

Standing, he checked to make sure she was okay. Her eyes had rolled back into her head. Kissing her on the cheek, Gabe went to the closet and hung his tuxedo up. He didn't bother to dress.

Bailey was still passed out on the bed. Between the orgasm and the champagne, she was probably done for the night.

That was okay; Gabriel just wanted to hold her. Taking great care not to wake her, Gabe slowly undressed Bailey. He set her clothes in the chair next to the bed.

She was snoring softly.

In the soft light, Gabe watched her sleep for a few minutes. He brushed the hair out of her face and she smiled in her sleep. Bending over, Gabe kissed her dimpled cheek before blowing out the candles.

Her body felt so soft. After rolling Bailey on to her side, Gabe spooned up behind her. He found that his cock was hard, so he slipped it between her legs. Her pussy was so slick he entered her easily.

He cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed the back of her neck. Gabriel fell asleep inside her a little while later.

More than the physical pleasure she brought him, Bailey returned the love to his life. The emptiness was gone. The loneliness forgotten.

Their lives weren't perfect, but Gabe felt complete. He knew their marriage was going to take a lot of effort and work, yet he looked forward to sharing his life with this woman. Half his age. From a different world. An ugly duckling turned swan. Built to hold him and made to be held by him.

That night, both dreamed of their future. Of children and vacations and fights and sex and most of all, of love.



The next morning, Bailey woke Gabriel with an enthusiastic blowjob to make up for passing out on their wedding night. They made love long and slow to fully consummate their marriage.

Then it was time to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

When her initial enlistment was complete, Morgan re-upped and stayed in the Navy. She retired with thirty-one years of service; her final duty station was as Command Master Chief of the USS Enterprise. Though she was often far from her home and friends, she was a constant in Gabe and Bailey's lives. Navy life was tough on her personally; she was married and divorced twice but had two darling children who adored their Aunt Bailey and Uncle Gabe.

Kimmy's promiscuous lifestyle eventually caught up with her. Excessive drinking and experimenting with drugs led to lots of unprotected sex which resulted in her contracting HIV after a night she didn't even remember. Thanks to friends who wouldn't give up on her, she got sober, went back to school and helped start a local women's shelter in Washington County. She died at the age of thirty-six, much too young for someone with so much promise.

After twenty-one years of marriage, Michael's wife filed for divorce. They were empty-nesters and with the children out of the house, she decided that she no longer wanted to be married. Their split was amicable; there was no infidelity, but in reality, they had basically been living separate lives for the last six or eight years anyway. Michael retired from his job as a CPA, married an old girlfriend from college and became executive director of a non-profit foundation that helps single teenage mothers finish their high school educations and either go to college or find a job.

Chuck and Teri were always there for the newlyweds. Teri ended up leaving show business when her kids started school. She couldn't keep up with their schedules and working on Broadway at the same time. After a couple of years of staying home, she started working as an agent, with a stable of several high-profile Broadway actors and television personalities. Chuck remained Gabriel's closest friend and became the big brother Bailey never had.

Several years after Bailey's wedding, Andy and Joanne retired, mostly due to his heart. They moved into Gabe and Bailey's house because it was closer to the doctors. He—and the high-powered rifle Gabe bought for him—took great pride in scaring off many of April's potential suitors, all of whom were worthless; Gabe had spoiled Andy on future sons-in-law. After receiving a pacemaker, Andy became the doting grandfather and Joanne the family matriarch.

Gabe never saw his father again. He finished serving his time for drug smuggling in Arizona and then wandered around the country for a while. While running a scam in Miami, he was gunned down in a gang shootout.

Despite years of trying, Bailey was never able to get pregnant due to the endometriosis. She was heartbroken, so April stepped in. Because that's what twin sisters do. On their fifth anniversary, April offered her womb to her sister and her brother-in-law. After two in-vitro tries (Gabe jokingly pushed for doing it the old-fashioned way; Bailey wasn't quite so amused), April bore her sister twins, a boy and a girl.

While she was pregnant and visiting Gabe and Bailey in New York, April was spotted by a talent scout. Enamoured by her raw beauty, he talked her into doing some photo shoots for maternity magazines. Even after giving birth to the babies, she did some more modeling but soon left the business, disillusioned and jaded at big city life. Aside from making a fair amount of money, the one thing she kept from her time in New York was a husband. They moved into the family house in Washington County where she taught elementary school and her husband managed a technology website. She hyphenated her last name and passed it on to her children so the Crawford family wouldn't disappear.

That leads us to Bailey and Gabriel. After the wedding, they moved to New York where he continued his run on The Sun Also Sets. Jeffrey and Celeste retired a few years later; the show continued on for a few more seasons, but was eventually cancelled as the rest of the cast struck out on their own and went their separate ways. Gabe continued to perform on Broadway for a while, but essentially retired once Bailey went back to work. He stayed home with their children and let his wife pursue her career.

Bailey finished her degree at City College of New York, but she gave up her dreams of being a nurse. With Gabe's encouragement, and knowing they had the money for school, she enrolled in the pre-med program and graduated a semester after her sister. She finished med school right after the twins were born and joined a private practice on a part-time basis until Gabe left showbiz. For the rest of her life, despite her husband's insistence to the contrary, she signed her name not as Dr. Bailey MacKenzie, but as Mrs. Gabriel MacKenzie. It seemed she was a little old-fashioned, too.

In keeping with the alphabet theme, they named their children Corey and Danielle (April's children were Erin, Faye and Gavin). When the twins started middle school, Gabe and Bailey moved home. She wanted to be closer to her family—especially with her father's health failing—and Gabriel had tired of New York. They moved back into their house, sharing it with her parents. That was an odd experience for Gabe, but to the folks from Washington County, it seemed pretty normal.

The years were kind to them. In his spare time, Gabe volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and the Cold Nights Shelter. He taught some acting classes at the university, but mostly threw himself into raising their children. He vowed to be the kind of father his was not. Bailey received a grant to provide health care to poor rural families who could not afford health insurance and spent her career working out of small backwoods clinics and making house calls.

As he promised, every day Gabe told Bailey how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. Even after joining AARP, they held hands everywhere they went and became "that cute, sweet couple". Their friends were envious—and a little jealous—of the love they shared.

For the rest of their lives, they never celebrated their wedding anniversary. Instead, on the third Saturday night in May, they dressed up and went out for prom.

As the soap opera that was their lives unfolded, from one small corner of Heaven, Libby MacKenzie looked down on her growing family. Though she had to wait a little while longer to hold her sons again, she knew she had done right by them. Michael and Gabriel had become responsible husbands, loving fathers and good men. All of her sacrifices, all of her love, everything she had given up for them. It was all worth it.

She knew because her boys's namesakes told her so.

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by Anonymous07/06/17

Well done. A sweet romance.

Thank you for your time and effort. The epilogue left out a very important issue: what does Bailey do after Gabriel dies in his 80's and she is in her sixties? Bailey could easily live another 30 years,more...

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