tagIncest/TabooLife Long Fantasy

Life Long Fantasy


This all began with an incident that has happened to me when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream and as what all kids that age do when that happens they want to go sleep next to their parents. I got out of bed and tiptoed to their bedroom. The floor would creek if I didn't and I didn't want to wake up my parents and ruin their sleep. I saw that the lights were on in the bedroom and opened the door just a little bit to take a peek. My mother didn't like it when I walked in while she was getting dressed so I didn't want to get her mad if that's what she was doing. I peeked inside and saw something very unusual that I didn't know what it actually was until many years later.

My father was sitting on the edge of his bed with his pants down around his ankles. And my mother was kneeling right between his legs with the top part of her nightgown pulled down to her waste and I could see the side of her breasts. Also she had her head really close to his private area (That's what my family used to call it when we were younger). Her head was bobbing up and down on that area. I wasn't sure if my mom was bobbing her own head, or my father was doing it for her because he was grabbing hold of her hair and seemed to be doing it himself. He also had this funny look on his face that made me giggle. He was also saying some strange things to her, I can't remember much of what it was now, but it might have been something like "Suck it bitch," and "drink it all up."

At the end, my dad raised his all the way up and said "Here it comes, get ready." He made an even weirder face, let out a large moan and fell backwards on the bed. My mom left her head there for a few seconds longer before she lifted her head. I figured that they were done whatever weird game they were playing and that's when I walked in.

"Mom, Dad," I said.

They both freaked out when they saw me standing there. My dad threw himself over to the other side of the bed where I couldn't see him, and my mother pulled her nightgown back up and redid the buttons.

"David!" She yelled. "What the hell are you doing up at this hour?"

"I had a bad dream," I said. "Can I sleep with you guys tonight?"

"NO!" my dad yelled back. "Go back to your own bed."

"I'll handle this Mike," my mother told him and walked over to me.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to my room. She put me back into bed and tucked me back in. She was about to leave before I stopped her.

"Don't go mommy," I said. "I'm scared I had a bad dream." "Ok, I'll stay with you until you go back to sleep, alright?"

I said yes, but I still had some questions to ask.

"What were you and daddy doing, mommy?"

She thought for a long while before answering. Can you blame her?

"His underwear was stuck; I was helping him get it off." "Why weren't you dressed all the way up?"

"Because... Because, I was right in the middle of getting dressed for bed before your dad had that problem." "Oh, Ok," I said. I was only 5 years old, so of course I would believe whatever my parents told me.

Now let’s skip forward to when I was 13, when I was just starting puberty and getting interested in girls. At this point I had many friends of who never seemed to stop talking about sports or girls. I learned pretty much everything I needed to know about sex and basketball from all of them.

One day we were all invited to a birthday party at Jennifer Salby's house. She was one of the hottest girls in school, or at least in our grade. She was also the first girl to start developing breasts, which got the eyes of everyone in our class.

"Dude, guess what I heard," Tom said. Or was it his brother Brad. It's been too long to remember every detail. "I heard that Jennifer gives great head."

"Awesome," Jake said. "Maybe she'll give us each one at the party."

"What does that mean?" I asked. "What does giving head mean?"

"Dude, you don't know?"


And they explained it all to me, every part of what goes on with it. I soaked all that information up and understood it all. Later that day I got home and saw my mother in the kitchen making dinner. I lost memory popped in my head, and I think you all know what that memory was. My eyes shot open and my mouth dropped at that very thought of what happened to me many years ago. I have never before that day thought of my parents doing anything sexual like that before. I ran up to my room to play video games and doing ALL of my homework in hopes of trying to forget about that experience. But no matter what I did, I just can't stop thinking about it.

Now let’s skip forward to me as an adult. A 20 year old who just finished his third year of college and just got back home for the summer. By then my parents have split up. My dad is about three states away with his new wife and two stepdaughters. It was a mutual divorce, they both saw it coming for months, that's why mom didn't take everything he owned like how some wives do. She only took about a few thousand dollars a month for alimony, and she works as a secretary for some lawyer.

Let me tell you a little about my parents. They both got married pretty young, fresh out of high school. She was 17 and he was 18. I was born one year later. He joined the army for about 5 years before leaving and getting a job for his uncle as a salesman and later earned his way up the corporate ladder as an executive.

My mom was a very beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair which she ties back into a bun for work, face of a 30 year old, and a great body with 34d tits, a great ass and long slender legs. I know that last part because ever since I was 13 and I found out about the truth of that incident, I started to look at my mother in a whole new light and began a small infatuation with her. I started spying on her getting, in the shower, when she's wearing a bikini and tanning outside, and so forth. I always used her image to fulfill my sexual fantasies. Hell I even fantasized about that incident that happened to me when I was little, with me in place of my dad that is. I never felt guilty about all of this, but I knew she would be pissed if she ever found out.

On the first day I got back home for the summer I dropped my bags on the floor and ran upstairs to give surprise my mother by being home two days earlier and give her a big hug. The door was wide open so I looked and I was completely shocked about what I just saw. My mother, completely naked on the bed, standing on all fours, while some guy was behind her giving it to her straight up the ass.

"You like this bitch, huh? You like it up the ass bitch?" The man behind her said. He kept on saying all this sick stuff to her, calling her dirty names. Then I realized who this guy was, it was her boss, the lawyer she worked for.

I wasn't upset that she of catching her in the middle of getting fucked in the ass. As a matter of fact I was got aroused by it. I got the biggest erection that I ever had from watching all of this.

They were both looking in the opposite direction, so they couldn't see me with my hand in my pocket rubbing my cock. The lawyer was really giving it to her and the names he called her got worse by the minute. He smacked her ass cheeks so hard and so many times, that it almost looked bruised. And I loved watching my moms tits jiggle back and forth from every hard thrust that she received in her ass. She moaned louder than any other girl I heard moan during sex before, she must've had three orgasms while I was standing there.

"Here it comes you filthy slut!" the lawyer said. His thrusts got slower but harder, and with one final thrust he shot his entire load straight into her ass.

He got off of her and lay down on the bed. I turned away from the door and leaned against the wall to finish whacking off in my pants. It wasn't long before I shot my load in my pants.

"So," I hear my mother say to the guy. "Do I get that raise now or what?"

"Bitch," he said. "You keep this up for me, not only will I give you a raise, I'll buy you a new car."

SHIT! I thought. My mom was a whore. She had sex with this guy just for a raise. I never thought that she was capable of doing something like this.

I slowly walked back downstairs, picked up my bags and slowly left through the door. I got in my car which was parked across the street and drove off. I wanted to drive around for a few hours to make sure that this guy was gone. When I got back home I pretended that I didn't know anything.

"MOM, I'M HOME!!" I yelled.

"Sweetie, is that you?" she yelled back. "You're early."

"I know, come down here and give me a hug."

She ran downstairs in her pink robe. I could sort of see through the robe and saw that she was wearing underwear underneath. She came up to me and gave me a huge hug. I hugged her tighter to press those tits of hers as close as I can to my body.

"Whoa, honey" she said as she let go of me and began to readjust her bra. "Why is it every time that I hug you after you come home like this I have to readjust my bra?"

"Sorry Mom," I said with a smile. "I was just glad to see you again and wanted to give you a big hug."

"Oh really, I always figured that’s because you wanted to press my tits to your body."

She looked at me with a stern face and her hands on her hips. My smile went away and I looked at her in shock.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Don't play games David. I know you were watching me getting assfucked by my boss a few hours ago."

"YOU WERE? Why would you do that?" I said.

She slapped me hard across the face.

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. I also know what you were doing while you were watching. I guess you were too distracted from jacking off to notice that I got a few glances at you standing at the doorway."

I couldn't say anything. I was completely speechless. What would someone say in this situation?

"Do you have anything to say for yourself young man?"

"No, not really"

"How about something along the lines of 'sorry mom, but I've fantasized about you for years. I've spied on you getting dressed, taking a shower, masturbating to images of you in bed and whacking off with your panties when you are not home'"

I forget to tell you all about that panties thing, sorry. But damn, how did she know all that?

"In case you were wondering how I knew all that," she began to say. "You were never any good at hiding your evidence. You were never quite whenever you spied on me, you were never good at being subtle when you looked at my body, and a few times you forgot to clean up after yourself when you finished using my panties."

I guess I'll never be a good thief, but my mom can definitely become a detective if she wanted to. Boy was I busted, she knew about all those things about me. But then I realized something...

"Wait a second Mom," it was my turn to say something to her now. "If you knew about all that, how come you never stopped it?"

"Because I enjoyed it you stupid fuck."

Now, I really was shocked.

"You did?" I asked.

"Of course I did you idiot. I turned me on knowing that my own son was attracted to me. But what’s worse is that he never made a move on me before"

Ok, I said I was shocked a few times before. But now, shocked couldn't even describe how really shocked I was just now.

"You were waiting for me to make a move."

"Yes. Why didn't you? You obviously wanted to."

"I always thought that you would slap me and throw me out of the house."

"No way, I’d fuck you the very second you tried something on me.

"Well in that case--"

That's when I grabbed her and pulled her close. I pressed my lips against hers and we were instantly locked in a passionate embrace. It was like I wasn't even kissing my mother, but a totally different woman. Our tongues were intertwined and seemed as if they were working on their own without our help. We rubbed each others bodies, I got her robe off and she was now in a red lacy bra that lifted her 34d tits and she wore a matching g-string. I picked her up in my arms and ran upstairs into her room.

I got her on the bed still locked in our long, wet and wild kiss. She tore off all my clothes and threw them around the room. I got her bra off and started sucking on those wonderful tits of hers. I've waited years for this moment. I did everything I ever wanted to do on those tits. I kissed them, licked them, bit them, and sucked on the nipples, sticking my face right between them. I got off of her and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?" mom asked.

"Get on your knees now and suck me off."

And she did. She got out of bed and on her knees between my legs. First she started to stroke my cock with her hands. It was the best hand job ever. My mom definitely must've done this to a lot of men. Then she started rolling my cock between her tits, I never had that done to me before.

"This is strange," she said. "But I feel a bit of deja vu from all of this."

"I don't know what you are talking about, keep going."

She started licking the shaft now, covering every part of my dick with two coat of her saliva. She then pressed her lips at the tip of the cock than slowly took it all into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down slowly at first then picked up on the speed. Her lips were tightly sealed around the shaft and she worked her tongue all over it every time she bobbed her head downwards. And the vibrations of her moaning added to the sensuality as well.

"Oh that's right you stupid fucking whore," I said to her. "Suck it all up. Do what you did to a hundred other guys before me."

After fifteen minutes I warned her that I was about to blow my load. She got ready and when I shot it out she sucked every last drop and swallowed it all. She pulled away from my cock and looked up at me.

"Yummy," she said. "I hadn't tasted one that good in a while."

She moved up to my face and we started kissing again. I pulled her back on the bed and got her on her back. I pulled away the g-string that she was still wearing and got on top of her. It was now the moment of truth. The very thing I've been dreaming of for years now. I brought my cock up to the lips of her pussy and pressed the tip against it. I was getting very nervous now...

"Do it honey," my mom said. "Drive that monster right in"

And I did. I rammed that monster right into her pussy and it was the best feeling ever. My mom gulped and her eyes shot wide open. I started pumping my cock into her pussy. Slowly at first, than I picked up my speed. I was grabbing her tits with one hand and lifted one of her legs with the other.

"Harder, harder, oh yes, just like that."

We turned over and she was now on top of me. She was grinding her hips on my cock very hard and it felt like I was being drilled thought the bed. I just laid there letting her do all the work, watching her hair fly around wildly and enjoyed the sight of her bouncing tits.

I got her back on her back and took over. I rammed her faster and harder than I did before. I was pulling her hair and grabbing her tits as she dug her nails into my back and kept scratching it. She gave off loud ear-piercing moans as we did this. I could feel her orgasm twice. Finally, after twenty minutes of this wild passion I got myself ready fire load into her. She saw this coming and got ready herself. With one finally thrust I shot everything I had left right into her.

After that I laid down on her body with my head between her tits. I could hear her heart slowing down as we were both catching our breaths. She was stroking my hair as I took a nap on her body. From then on, our relationship had completely changed.

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