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As read by WickedVoyce

***Please note: Unlike many of the other audio stories on this site, the audio is the second half of the story that begins in the text.***

"The Hell have I gotten myself into?" Sam muttered to no one but himself. How he, a shy, mid-thirties white-collar exec, found himself striping naked in the tiny back room of an art classroom was beyond him. His mind had always been practical to a fault and in this case the math just didn't add up. Mind swimming, he removed his shirt, exposing his lean muscled frame. Undid his belt and thought back only four days prior...

...Cathy's fault. Had to be. Sam's old college friend was now an art teacher at a small night college. Thought she was attractive with her long dark-hair and yoga conditioned body, they had only been friends for these many years and had stayed in occasional touch even though their careers had gone different paths. His to the corporate world, hers to a flighty patchwork of different jobs, currently that of an art teacher.

Four days ago Cathy had invited Sam to a reception and though he had tried to get out of it she had insisted he could skip being his usual wallflower self for one night at least. Sam had winced at the bad art, but three plastic cups of cheap wine later he and Cathy were laughing about old times. Walking to once again refill their cups, he saw the most striking woman. She looked to be in her late 20's with big brown eyes and a killer body. A short T-shirt kept ridding up to expose her tanned, flat stomach. Where Cathy was lean and tall, this woman was on the shorter side but busty and muscled. As she passed Sam he wondered "Did she just lock eyes with me?" Sam watched her move off, the most perfectly curved ass he could ever remember, small dimples on her lower back...

Cathy knew the woman, her name was Michelle and was happy enough to make the introduction. From that point Sam broke out of his shell and flirted incessantly. As the night unfolded Sam and Michelle had talked and laughed, virtually ignoring everyone around them. It was only hours later when he had gone to get more drinks he would return to find Michelle gone.

And Sam wanted to kick himself for not asking for her number.

But on the phone with Cathy the next day he discovered she knew how to contact Michelle, and would, for a price. "What price?" Asked Sam, curious but no stranger to Cathy's games. She smiled, "You have to come to my art class tomorrow." Sam had sighed, nodded but she continued... "Not so fast - You have to model. Life model."

His mind reeled, he sputtered "Naked?" When Cathy nodded he only laughed. But she was serious, asked him... "How far will you go for the right woman?"

Every excuse with Cathy, begging-pleading-bribing, nothing had worked. So here he was. The back room had one dust-covered mirror and Sam looked over his body, in shape no doubt, but he couldn't help but feel silly in just his boxers. He could hear the class assembling just outside. Cathy had told him it had only twelve students, all female.

The door opened and Sam instinctively covered up as Cathy entered. Her skirt was short tonight, low cut top with the imprints of small nipples poking through. Ever the free spirit, she smiled "No need to be shy around me." As he nodded she added "Now strip off the rest" Sam could only sigh, "You're enjoying seeing me like this - Looking stupid." She shook her head "You don't look stupid, you have a very nice body, but that's not why I'm smiling." Cathy took a step forward, touched his bare shoulder. "You're doing something very hard for you, it's brave."

Sam thought back to the painfully shy college student he'd been when he and Cathy were students together. Remembered they had both slept with two of the same girls, Cathy never shy to indulge her free-love philosophy.

Cathy motioned to his boxers. Sam reached down and slipped them off. Totally exposed now. As his shyness began to take hold Cathy chimed in... "You look like the statue of David" Opening a cubby she tossed him a robe, then headed back out, adding... "Count to thirty and go through the second door. We'll all be ready for you."

Cathy was gone. Sam tired to dispel the butterflies in his stomach, started to count, thinking back on how Michelle and he had laughed, how much they had to talk about, both speaking fast and excitedly. Surely she was worth anything, right? His mind wandered further, those eyes! Her long legs and the trace of orange thong that snuck out of her skirt. At this he looked down, realized he was getting an erection. Nervously he pulled down on his cock, made it a little more passive. He took a breath, realized he was shaking, and headed through the first door...

Bright lights illuminated his robed body. The classroom looked to be several rows of desks. He squinted, couldn't see Cathy but there was a lean, tall female instructor along with ten or so studious-looking girls all seated, books on their desks. The place was silent as he undid his robe dropped it. Sam had been given two days to prepare and he felt tired from the manic-amount of sit-ups, orange from his first visit to a tanning salon but most of all he felt naked. Very, very naked.

Shrieks erupted through the cavernous room as the instructor stared at his body, gasping... "Can I help you?!" As Sam tried to understand, Cathy ran in from the back room entrance yelling, "Sam, you're in the wrong class!"

In moments, Sam was led by Cathy back through the door he had come and then into the art class. He was red-faced, trying to recover from every high school / public speaking nightmare of being naked in a room full of people. Cathy steered him from behind, hand on his bare hips, more like his ass, the robe had been left in the other class.

They moved through the back of the room, passing within arms reach of most of the dozen female students. The women all turned making Sam feel as if he was on display. Resisted the urge to cover himself, it wouldn't matter in a moment. Up ahead was a small stage, draped sheets and seating area and, another model.

She was female and already nude, Sam could only see her from behind as she was faced away from the class. The woman was seated, her long, slender neck was angled, catching just the right amount of light. Tanned and toned back, slim hips. Sam felt the tiniest relief, at least he wasn't alone! Cathy led him onto the stage, had him sit on the available stool, a good fifteen feet from the nearest student but inches from the turned model, her mouth right at his ear.

He let Cathy position him, light touches on his bare skin. Then Cathy released him, gone, speaking to the class. Sam took a breath, hoped the hard part was over, tried to slow his racing heart. He glanced at the model out of the corner of his eye, wondered what the protocol was in these situations, wish he could thank her for taking some of the heat off him. Sam snuck a quick look, and his jaw dropped as he discovered...

...The model was Michelle!

Sam turned back to his position, his mind reeling as Michelle began to speak to him in a voice not loud enough for anyone else to hear...

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (16.5 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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