tagBDSMLife of a Slave

Life of a Slave


She lie on her stomach, her hands bound behind her and attached by a rope to the collar around her neck. She couldn't move as her legs were tied apart, spread open to each bed pole.

She felt the hands gripping her ass cheeks as a swift tongue probed at her rectum. She moaned softly as the licking tickled across the puckering hole causing it to clench itself with the evasion. "Lubricate her ass." A deep male voice ordered.

Lips wrapped around the hole and suddenly she felt him spit into her hole. It felt strange, and caused her to gasp with shock. "You like that?" The man to the right of the bed asked sitting in the chair.

"Yes sir." She bit her lip

As she wondered what was next she felt the tongue probe its way slowly into her anus making her moan with surprise. "Relax your asshole." The man ordered.

"Yes sir." She responded trying to relax only to gasp with shock.

Every time she tried to relax her sphincter the tongue would push in further making her clench tight before she could relax again, only for it to move deeper. Once the tongue was three inches in her anus it stayed there. The tongue switched from soft to hard causing her anus to spasm around it when it changed. "Oh!" She moaned her toes curling.

With the tongue deep in her anus she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. "Make it stiff in there, and keep it light that." The man in charge ordered the other man.

She felt the tongue go tense expanding her anus a little. She groaned at the feeling. "How does it feel?" The man to her right asked.

"I... it feels full." She told him.

"Leo, pull out and prop a pillow under her hips." the man in charge ordered.

She sat up long enough for two pillows to be placed under her hips, thus propping her ass up high. "Start putting in the beads." The man in charge ordered.

"Yes Master Quintin." Leo nodded pulling a long string of anal beads from the bag beside the bed.

She felt the first tiny bead push inside, and then the second which was a bit larger. "Oh!" She moaned as Leo pushed the rest of them into her one by one, each bead bigger than the last.

"Get used to the feeling of something filling your asshole Kelendra. Slaves only serve their masters with their anus. You will learn this, and repeat these words with conviction." Master Quintin stated watching the helpless raven haired beauty writhe a bit.

"Yes master." She whimpered as the beads got bigger the closer they got to the end of the rope.

Her toes curled as the last bead was pushed into her anus leaving out the pull tab. "Let's see if she can push them out one by one on her own." Quintin suggested as Leo took a step back staring at her rear end.

She groaned as she started to push them out of her anus. "Good girl, the man buying you will be very pleased. He likes girls with strong anus muscles. He's a sick pervert, and you'll serve him well."

Kelendra panted heavily as she struggled with the last bead, it was far too small to push out it seemed. Quintin chuckled a bit nodded to Leo to pull it out. He pulled it from her butt with ease.

"Good girl. Put in the butt plug. We don't want to play with her too much and have her anus to lose the tightness before her new master gets a chance to bugger her." Quintin informed Leo.

Kelendra closed her eyes as a five inch long plug was inserted into her asshole. Quintin stood up once it was inserted. "Let's go Leo, time to let the beauty rest." He smirked before leaving her well decorated slave room.


Kelendra was brought to the slave dungeon by her new master. "You'll address me as Master Max. You're my anal slave, and you will be until your dying day. Got it?" He held her by her collar watching her eyes water.

"Yes Master Max." She responded.

"Good girl, now get on your knees." Max ordered.

He was an overweight man in his early twenties, but his father owned a successful business making her his little toy at an expensive cost. Max took off his clothes and sat down on the bed lying back. "You're going to start off by using your mouth on me." He ordered excitedly.

Kelendra approached him and noted his penis was a fair size despite how big his gut was. She leaned down taking him into her mouth. His jaw dropped and he groaned loudly as she bobbed her head, he turned to the right to see her ass clearly in the mirror, he reached up to groped her cheek enjoying himself immensely.

Kelendra sucked hard as she had been taught. She felt his finger probe at her butthole and remembered her training. She proceeded to moan for him allowing him to think he was pleasing her. She shoved in a sausage finger and twisted it around her very tight opening. She groaned a bit and sucked hard. "You like my finger up your bum slave?" He asked nearly drooling with excitement.

"Mhmmm..." she continued to suck hard on the tip.

"Tell your master the things you want him to do to your bum." He ordered.

She pulled him out of her mouth, "I want you to put your big cock deep inside my asshole, and fuck me for hours."

"Mmm... get on all fours on the bed... let me see your asshole." Kelendra obeyed planting her face into the mattress as she reached back to hold open her cheeks.

Max groaned and moved closer to her ass. He licked up the crack listening to her gasp with shock. He did it again watching her jump at bit at the feeling, "Someone likes their little pucker licked." he wrapped his lips around it sucking on it.

She bit her lip and moaned, she did enjoy the oral stimulation to her anus. He held his lips to her anus and pushed his tongue up the tight hole. "Oh!" She moaned as she felt him flick it around inside of her.

He left his tongue inside for a little while just tensing and relaxing it, enjoying the way her sphincter clenched around it tightly. Suddenly he moved and she felt the hand on her hips and something hard poking at her anus. This was it. She clenched her eyes closed and screamed as she felt him push his hard erection up her virgin ass.

He kept it in and groaned loudly, "Oh how big does it feel slave?" He thrust.

She screamed, "Oh god! It's huge!" She screamed loudly.

He snickered as he continued to pump, "This is your first time isn't it?" He asked as she continued to scream in pain.

"Yes! OH god!" She screamed loudly.

He pushed it all the way in and didn't move. "Alright, tell you what. I'll stay still, but I want you to flex those muscles around my cock."

She bit her lip and attempted to flex, "Harder than that slave!" He smacked her ass.

"I, I don't know how!" She kept trying to push.

"Stop pushing, pretend you're cutting a turn, clench." He ordered.

She clenched her eyes closed and proceeded to suck in her asshole as instructed listening to him whimper, "Oh thats it..."

She relaxed and did it again, and again. "Oh that's it girl... you'll be a pro at this..." He panted heavily as her asshole convulsed around his penis.

Kelendra groaned as he pulled all the way out. She felt him press his lips to her butthole blowing raspberries against the tender hole. She giggled at the feeling and felt his tongue slip inside. He began fiercely making out with her asshole, and she couldn't help but moan.

"Oh God! Master Max!" She squealed loudly.

He reinserted his cock into her anus and pumped hard listening to her scream loudly, "Oh God! Oh! It's too big!" She screamed.

"Thats right... tell me its a big cock." He pumped hard one after the next.

"It's too big! Oh God!" She screamed panting heavily.

After a few more aroused thrusts he finally released into her bowels moaning. He let his oversized body rest on top of hers. "mmm... nothing like a tight asshole..."

He rolled off her and lie on his back and relaxed. She lie panting heavily. "Lie on your stomach slave, face the wall." He ordered.

Kelendra did as she was ordered knowing her was simply staring at her ass. She lay like that for a while before she felt him licking her hole again. She felt the spit later before something hard was pushed in there. "This is your butt plug slave. You have to keep it inside at all times, only I can take it out." He instructed.

"Yes Master Max." She nodded.

He toyed with it pumping it a bit before locking her wrists and ankles to the bed. She felt him pull out the toy and she groaned a bit. He pushed his hard erection back inside meaking her moan loudly. She felt him enter and stay still, "I'm going to keep drilling your cute little butthole slave. Any last words before you're too busy screaming to speak?"

Kelendra shook her head, she knew this was going to hurt. She felt him begin his thrusting. She screamed loudly as it began to get painful, "Please master! Lubricate Please!"

"Where does it hurt baby?" He continued to thrust hard.

"My asshole! Please lubricate master! Please!" She screamed.

He chuckled a bit before going into his drawer pulling out some water based lubricant. He lathered it all around his cock before pushing some into her anus with his finger. "Since you're such a good girl I think I will keep your asshole greased every time I use my cock." He inserted himself again and this time it slipped in with ease.

She moaned once it was entirely inside. He pumped hard, and she felt herself getting wetter with each movement. It felt good. Kelendra lifted her ass more for him. "Someone likes a cock up their ass..." Her master commented drilling into her harder.

"Yes master! Oh God!" Seeing as it wasn't hurting she figured she'd encourage him along hoping for slave points. "Please Master Max! Don't stop fucking me up my ass! This slave wants to please you!"

Max was nearly drooling with pleasure as he continued to force his way in and out of her tight hole. "Every day slave... I'm going to be fucking your asshole."

"Yes master! Please fuck it!" She screamed gripping her chains.

He held her hips and looked down at her ass as he fucked her, "This ass is mine.. I'll do anything I want to it." He informed her.

"Yes master, this slave loves your cock in her ass." She moaned loudly trying to keep the appearance of being appeased by it for her own sake.

In some ways it did feel good to her, and something about being controlled was also arousing. She felt his hand smack her ass hard. She moaned, "Thank you master!"

"Good slave!" He was getting close.

She felt him shoot his load inside her bowels and then felt him pull out. He looked at her gape amused. "Mm... that felt good didn't it?"

She nodded, "Yes master, I love your cock."

"Tomorrow I'll give you an enema. For tonight I'd better feed that hungry hole." he smirked pushing her buttplug back in.

She moaned and relaxed her body noting he was done with her for the night. "Thank you master..."

He began snoring indicating he was out like a light. Kelendra closed her eyes wondering when her hell would end.

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