tagLoving WivesLife of a Wife Sex Slave Ch. 04

Life of a Wife Sex Slave Ch. 04


At 4pm I go to my room and prepare myself for my master. I remove my panties. I take off my bra. I place back on my revealing outfit. I have a white very low neck t-shirt that hangs just below my tits with a brown pinafore on. My nipples start to perk up at the feeling of being bare with material rubbing over them. I put on my heels on and then proceed to the kitchen where I am preparing dinner as I am most evenings. He likes to see me here when he comes home. He being my Master.

As he walks in I follow him to the bedroom. He turns around so I pull my top down to display my tits for my master to offer them to him. His hand reach to them and he grabs them roughly tugging me slightly towards him. His hands ravish them rubbing my mounds in circles pressing each breast against the other.

"Good evening master. How was your day?" I ask

"Good and yours?" he asks.

"It was good thank you. Is there anything that I can do for you before I finish making dinner?"

"Yes I want you to suck me off like you did this morning." He replies.

He pushes me down to my knees.

"Put your hands behind your back." He instructs aggressively.

I do so and then he goes behind me and ties my arms together with a scarf. He reaches down and lifts my pinafore up revealing my bare pantyless cunt. His fingers find there way into the folds of my labia and he begins to rub my clit in circles. I almost immediately start to grind against his hand. He rubs me and then shoves a finger into my cunt. He pulls his finger out and then brings it up to show me. His finger is wet and slippery. He puts his finger on my lips and pushes my mouth open. I lick my own juices clean off it.

Then he moves in front of me and pulls his already hardening cock out of his pants and presents it to me. I place my lips around it and gently kiss up and down the shaft as I had done this morning. I then lick from the bottom to the top.

"No licking! Just open your mouth!" He tells me roughly.

I do so obediently. He shoves his cock into my mouth with no hesitation. So deep I start gag straight away.

I feel a slight panic coming on but I don't want any trouble so I quickly try to supress the gag feeling. I have to let him push me so I can learn this skill.

He keeps moving his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. I am eventually taking him deep into my throat. I love the fact I am learning this art. He starts thrusts hard and fast abusing my throat. He holds onto my head controlling my every move. Quickly and suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and says, "Give me your tits."

I do so as he is stroking his cock and it starts to squirt his creamy cum out onto my chest which is heavy with my breathing. His cum is running down my chest off the tips of my nipples. He then leans towards me.

"Lick me clean!" I am instructed.

So I open my mouth and bring my head up and suck and lick the length of his cock clean.

He then puts his cock on my chest and smears his cum into me.

"Lick me again!" He says. I do so again, licking every part clean.

"Right get yourself to the bedroom and get on your hands and knees I want to see your pussy." I hear him say as he unties my hands

I walk slowly and seductively to our bedroom and assume the requested position.

"Where is your vibrator?" He asks.

"In my draw over there," I answer.

He walks around the bed to my draw and pulls out the vibrator. And then comes back to me. He turns it on and places it on my back. I feel him teasing me with it. Then he takes it down to my bum and I feel it rubbing up and down the outside of my cunt. It is cold and feels good. He then pushes it against my clit. He rubs it here for a while. Then I feel it slide inside my pussy. It feels thick, hard and the vibration alway makes me wild. He starts to move it in and out of my cunt making me wetter and wetter. I can hear my own juices as he shoves the vibrator in and out of me.

I feel like I am about to explode. I can feel an orgasm mounting but he pulls the pulsating penis out of my cunt.

"You're dripping wet slut!" He says.

"Yes master I am. Thank you Master." I say.

"Stand over by the wall please." He instructs me.

I go over to the wall and turn around. My master stands behind me. I can feel his sex slightly against me it feels like it is getting hard again.

"Arms up and stand with your legs apart." I put arms up on the wall and spread my legs.

He takes his cock and rams it into my pussy. It feels so hard in me as he pulses in and out of me. I feel my orgasm building again. He reaches around and puts his hands on my tits, yanking them with every thrust. He starts to pound into me and as I feel his cock start to pulse a second lot of cum into my pussy filling me, I am overwhelmed by my own orgasm I grind back towards him. My cunt milking him hungry for his cum.

He pulls out and lets the cum drip down my legs.

"Clean up...Oh by the way I have a surprise for you later." He whispers in my ear.

He slaps my ass and then gets dressed and leaves to go watch the news.

I clean myself up and go and cook dinner, serve it and then finish up my bits and bobs for the night.

Later that evening:

I go to my room to get myself dressed up for the evening. I find a note on the bed with the outfit he had picked earlier: Don't wear this. Just your slut heals and nothing else.

I put on the heels and walk out to the lounge. He stands up.

"Give me your hands." He tells me. I do so and he puts rope around them bounding me. He then takes my nipples in his mouth suckling them.

"Follow me." My master instructs me.

He takes me outside and leading me to the shed. I follow him. I am wondering why we are going to the shed.

In the shed I see a chain hanging from the ceiling and I start to feel a bit nervous. He grabs the rope that has my hands in it and attaches me to the chain hanging from the ceiling. I feel a little more nervous.

I feel his hands on me. He feels my tits cupping them and massaging them softly and he runs his hands all over my body. They move down to my ass and he slaps it a few times. His fingers enter in my cunt lips and he finds the very sensitive bud and rests his finger there and every time he moves it I find myself bucking uncontrollably. He then runs his hands down my legs and I find him putting some cuffs around my ankles. I can't move my feet the cuffs are chained to the floor. He stands away from me looking very pleased with himself.

"Well slut, how do you like that?" He askes. "It suits you."

"But...But...we never talked about this." I start to say.

His hand reaches up and on the wall I see a switch. He pushes it and all of a sudden my arms are being pulled and I am being forced to bend over. Then I hear another click and my legs are moving apart. My master walks over to me and he pulls my vibrator our of his back pocket. He attaches it to a pole which is poking out of the wall and he pulls it to me. He places it just by the entrance of my cunt and then walks over to the wall. He pushes a button. The vibrator then slowly starts to move in and out of me. He stops it and then comes over to me. He removes the vibrator and puts his fingers in me. I am so dripping wet.

"So you liked that did you?" He asks

"Yes Master." I reply slowly as my breathing recovers

"I want you to be fucked in two holes at once." He says and he pulls out his very erect and hard cock. He then shoves it in my mouth. I am powerless and so horny. He pushes the button again and the vibrator starts to move in my cunt and he moves to my mouth. His cock is placed into my mouth and he fucks my mouth hard. Down my throat while the vibrator machine pumps my pussy. I feel an orgasm come and take me over the top as his cum fills me.

When he is finished he pulls out and walks out of the shed. I hear the door lock and I am left in the dark. It seems like hours before he returns to use me more. In similar ways and in other positions as he explores different ways to have me suspended and in my chains.



These were some of the experiences I have had as a sex toy and slave to my husband. I love him, my master. And I wish to serve him in anyway that I can. He is a selfish master in the respect that he wants me only for himself and he won't share me with anyone. If that is what he wants that is what he gets.

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