Life of Angela Ch. 04


I braced myself for the inevitability of feeling my own ping pong paddle landing on the tender flesh of my buttocks. I knew it would sting, but nothing can prepare you for the explosion of pain as the first spanking lands firmly on my left cheek. I grunt in agony and steel myself for the next. I am absolutely determined to be courageous in front of my good friend as I don't want her to see me start to cry like a baby.

However as the stinging blows continue to rain down I start to feel my resolve melting away. After twenty spanks I am blubbering to my roommate to please forgive me for my behaviour and I promise to be good. I realise I am only half way through the forty spanks she has promised me as my double dose of punishment, and I am certain there is no way I can endure another twenty.

I am so distraught it takes me several moments to realise that Bridget has not continued with my spanking. With tear-filled eyes and a running nose I turn my head to look back pleadingly at my punisher.

"No more, please," I plead, "I promise I will always do as you ask."

Bridget turns to gaze at a shell-shocked Emma. "Well Emma, what do you think? Shall we spare her the remaining twenty spanks even though she deserves them?"

Emma looks dazed and for a moment seems incapable of speech. As my best friend I would have expected her to instantly jump to my defence, and after what seemed an age she eventually does, but not as decisively as I would have hoped.

"I think she has probably been punished enough," Emma manages to murmur.

"You think so, do you?" Bridget pondered. "Why don't you put your hand on her fiery little buns and tell me if you still think they have been punished enough."

I groaned in misery, but did not move. Emma hesitated, as if considering her options, and then tentatively placed one of her hands on my right buttock. Although I was frightfully embarrassed her cold hand felt nice on my warm bottom. To my surprise Emma held her hand there, and then moved to my left buttock and touched me with the palm of her hand.

"She is really hot," Emma responded. "I do think she has been punished enough."

"Oh well," Bridget sighed dramatically, "Never let it be said that I am not able to forgive." She turned her direction to myself, still kneeling in the doggie position on the bedroom floor. "Stand up to attention."

Quickly I stood up, keeping my legs slightly apart, and reached behind and gripped my buttocks firmly. They were so tender that I could not help but grimace, but I held them tightly as there was no way I wanted to endure a further twenty spanks from my own ping pong paddle.

"Do you promise to behave and do exactly as I say, or do I need to punish you further?"

"Yes Miss, no Miss!" I confusingly spluttered out.

"Yes, I need to punish you?" Bridget smiled provocatively.

"No Miss," I quickly interjected, "I will do exactly as you ask and you will not need to punish me any more."

"Oh, I see. And by the way I like it very much when you call me 'Miss'.

"Yes, Miss." I responded, embarrassed. To tell the truth I didn't know why I had called her 'Miss'. For some weird reason it just seemed the right thing to say to appease Bridget and lessen the chance of being punished further.

"I can see Emma is very confused as to why you are walking around naked and having to be punished in this matter, aren't you Emma?"

"It is the weirdest thing I have seen in my whole life, and believe me I have seen some pretty weird things."

One only had to look at my gothic friend to get the feeling this was probably very true. What amazed me was that she had actually chosen to stay and witness everything, when she could easily have just walked out the door. I wondered whether she had stayed to give me moral support. Surely there was no way she could be enjoying seeing me punished.

"Why don't you tell her why you are being punished, Angela?"

I sucked in a deep breath. "Because I had sex with your boyfriend."

"You fucked my boyfriend. Well, my ex-boyfriend now but he sure wasn't when you fucked him, was he?"

"No, Miss," I was starring at Emma and saw the look of total surprise register on her face, causing me to actually hang my head in shame of what I had done.

"Lie on my bed in the diaper position," Bridget directed.

"Bit, Miss...." I began to protest but bit my lip.

Quickly I took the few steps to Bridget's bed and laid down on my back. The look on Emma's face was clearly saying 'what on earth is happening now?' To my shame she was about to find out. Slowly I bent my knees and lifted my legs so that my knees were hovering above my breasts. To my utter embarrassment my nipples were pencil hard. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and gradually opened my knees wide, totally exposing myself in the most indecent manner possible to a young lady, or any lady for that matter.

The room was deathly silent, and with my eyes closed all I was aware of was the pounding of my heart and the short raspy breaths I was taking. As I slowly opened my eyes I focused on Bridget and Emma both staring at me intently; Bridget with a small smile of triumph, and Emma with a mixture of what seemed to be shock and amazement.

"Open those legs as wide as you can," was Bridget's almost predictable command. She knew well that these little directives just served to reinforce her dominance and my own submission.

Without hesitation I obeyed, using my hands to lever my knees even wider.

"Don't you think your friend has a delightful little snatch?" Bridget winked playfully at Emma.

Emma opened her mouth as if to utter a response but nothing came out.

"See how puffy her pink little lips are? You know what that means don't you?"

Emma didn't respond, but continued to gaze at my vagina.

"It means your little friend is excited by the way I treat her. She might complain about the spanking, but underneath her sobs is a little slut who is finding it all very erotic."

I was totally humiliated, not only because of the manner in which I was exposing myself, but also because Bridget was right and I was getting turned on by having to degrade myself in this way.

Emma shook her head in denial. "I don't believe she is finding being naked and punished exciting at all," Emma finally found her voice and jumped to my defence like a true friend.

But Bridget was on a roll and there was no backing off. "You don't think so. Well shall we see who is correct?"

With that Bridget stepped forward and cupped her hand over my labia, all the time staring intently into my eyes. Deftly she opened my vaginal lips with her middle finger which then effortless slid into my moist canal. I could not suppress a low groan of ecstasy, which brought a broad smile to Bridget's face.

Slowly she withdrew her finger and held it up for all to see. It was soaked with my juices.

"Who is right?" Bridget grinned triumphantly at Emma.

"Incredible," was Emma's response.

"Would you like to see her play with herself?

Emma was silent, her mind seemingly in a turmoil.

"No," she finally managed to utter.

Grinning, Bridget gazed from Emma to myself, then back at Emma.

"Are you sure? Wouldn't you like to see her playing with her swollen clit? It will take your breath away."

"No," was Emma's slightly hesitant response.

"Shall we leave that pleasure for a future time?" With that Bridget suddenly declare it was bedtime and sent a stunned Emma on her way, and I carted my nude body to my bed, hot and frustrated that I was not going to get the release I longed for.

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