tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 05

Life of Angela Ch. 05


Despite my frustration at not getting the release from an orgasm that I so badly desired I somehow managed to drift off to a restless sleep that was interspersed with dreams of me walking through college and suddenly realising I was naked and everyone was staring at me. When I awoke I groaned at the memory of what had happened the night before when I was exposed and naked in front of my best friend, Emma. I was sure she would never want to be friends with me anymore.

I quickly got up and had a pee and showered, with the bathroom door open as required by my roommate Bridget, thankful that I managed to get finished before she appeared. I slipped quietly back into my room and began to get dressed in my school uniform. However when I pulled the drawer open that contained my knickers and bras I was aghast to find it totally empty. Disbelieving what I was seeing, I closed the drawer and opened it again, as if by doing so my underwear would magically be there. Alas this was not to be. I checked in my laundry basket but it only contained the white cotton blouse I had been wearing yesterday.

I now began to strongly suspect that my roommate had been up to no good, and my stomach tied up in a knot of anxiety. Hearing a noise behind me I turned to find my glamorous roommate standing in my doorway, dressed only in her school regulation knickers and bra. Even though they where only plain white cotton underwear, Bridget could make the unflattering look very flattering. It only served to make me more aware of my own nakedness and how inferior I felt my own body was compared to her. I knew I shouldn't feel this way, but I had never been confident about my naked body. I saw myself as being skinny and with boobs that were far too small for an 18 year old. My pubic hair was also sparse and this only served to make me feel younger than I really was. Granted, I had firm compact buttocks and tight, muscular legs from all my athletics, but I felt this didn't really compensate for what I perceived as the other inadequacies of my female body.

My eyes locked on Bridget standing in the doorway and for a long moment I couldn't help but stare at her in envy. I noticed she was suppressing a smile.

"Have you lost something?"

"I can't seem to find my underwear," I muttered stupidly.

"Oh," Bridget responded, before finally adding, "That is probably because I removed them."

"Removed them?" The knot of anxiety in my stomach grew even tighter. "Why would you do that?"

"Because from now on you will only be allowed to wear knickers or bras if I say so. I have decided this will be a part of your punishment." My first instinct was to complain bitterly but I managed to bite my tongue. I did not want to give Bridget a good reason to increase my punishment.

"Can I please have a pair of knickers and a bra so I can get dressed for school?" I quietly pleaded, trying not to sound anxious.

"Actually, no you cannot."

"No!" I squeaked. My attempt to keep the anxiety out of my voice failed miserably. "Please, I must have them. You cannot seriously think I can go to classes not wearing any panties or a bra?"

"Well done, Angela. You have just managed to earn yourself extra punishment for tonight." Bridget turned and left me standing, naked and dumbfounded, in the middle of my room.

I petulantly stomped my foot on the floor, but did not dare to utter another word of protest. For a long while I just stood in the middle of my room, naked, hoping upon hope that Bridget would come back into my room and inform me that it was all a joke, or that she had changed her mind. But of course she never did. I looked at my clock and realised I was running out of time to have breakfast in the food hall downstairs then off to my first class that commenced in less than 30 minutes.

Hastily I put on my white school blouse, my tartan skirt, and my white socks and shoes. Even though I was clothed I still felt naked. I was so aware that my skirt was only lower than my pubes and buttocks by about four or five inches. Plus my nipples were pressing against my blouse and were clearly visible to me. Even though I have small breasts and my nipples are not all that big, they do jut out a long way when erect. And for some horrible reason they were choosing to be erect now. I loosened my blouse out of my skirt and tried to fluff it out so that my nipples were not visible. When this failed I desperately tried to flatten my nipples by pushing on them with my thumbs, but if anything they just sprang back more erect than ever.

I glanced nervously at the clock and realised I was rapidly running out of time. Bridget did not have an early class so she had plenty of time to get to breakfast, and she was no doubt preening herself in her room, knowing only too well how I would be squirming in my room next door.

With a big sigh I mustered up all my courage, grabbed my school notes, and made a dash for our front door.

As I walked down the corridor I felt as if ever set of eyes were upon me, when in reality nobody was paying me any attention, as per normal.

I kept my head down and tried to be as inconspicuous as I could at classes. I could hardly contain my intense embarrassment when I bumped into my friend, Emma. However to my total surprise she mentioned nothing of what she had witnessed and treated me as if almost nothing had happened.

All morning I walked around awkwardly holding my books up to my chest to hide my nipples that continued to thrust against my blouse, while using my free hand to hold the front of my skirt down. In class I kept my hand raised nonchalantly in front of my chest, my knees firmly closed, and desperately tried to focus on what the teacher was saying.

Somehow I managed to get through the morning sessions without any major embarrassment. At lunch I quickly sat down at an empty table and tried my best to be inconspicuous. To my surprise Emma sat down opposite me, and for a long while she eyed me curiously while she ate her meal but said nothing. I was so embarrassed by what she had witnessed the night before that I couldn't even look her in the eye.

Eventually Emma put her sandwich done on her plate, leaned over and whispered to me, "You are going to have to explain yourself, you know. You totally freaked me out, and that is really saying something."

"I know," I blushed, "But not now, please. I am struggling to even explain it to myself."

Emma muttered, "I am not bloody surprised," but to her credit she let the subject drop.

Frankly I was staggered she was even still talking to me. I was thankful that I managed to keep my braless state hidden from her.

By the time I had my second class of the afternoon, which was biology, I was beginning to relax just a little. Our teacher, Mrs Hipkins, had a reputation as a firm disciplinarian, but I had never had any issues with her as I was always one of the top students in our class. Given my lack of underwear, it was perhaps more than a little ironical that the topic she was covering was human anatomy.

"Where on the body can one expect to find the sternocleidomastoid muscle?" Mrs Hipkins enquired of the class.

When no one responded, Mrs Hipkins turned to me, "Angela? You are generally such a whiz on anatomy. Surely you know where it is?"

The eyes of the class turned to me and the sudden and unwelcome attention made me instantly blush.

"The neck, Ma'am," I managed to mutter.

"Come up to the front and point it out to the less industrious members of this class. You can also show them where the pectoralis major is located."

I was mortified. There was no way I could stand up in front of the class. Frantically I tried to think of an excuse, but before I could open my mouth Mrs Hipkins was standing beside my desk and urging me to stand.

"Now come on, Angela. I know you don't like to flaunt your scholastic excellence in front of the class, but hopefully they can see the fine example you set for them.

It was not my scholastic excellence I was worried about flaunting! I could feel the sweat running down my back. It was my worse nightmare. Awkwardly I stood and walked to the front of the class. I felt for sure that everyone new my dirty little secret.

Keeping my front facing the anatomy chart and with my back to my classmates I pointed to the pictorial to illustrate where the sternocleidomastoid muscle was located.

"We cannot see with you standing in front of the chart, Angela," Mrs Hipkins was sounding a little impatient. "Is it too much to ask you to turn around and demonstrate on your own body?"

Reticently I turned to face Mrs Hipkins and my classmates, trying to keep my right arm nonchalantly in front of my breasts. Not trusting myself to speak, I used my free hand to point to my neck.

"Yes indeed," Mrs Hipkins responded, "And the pectoralis major?"

I was so eager to get away from the limelight that without thinking I took my right arm away from my breast and pointed to my pectoralis major muscle, which is one of the major muscles on the chest. Without even thinking I drew everybody's attention to my braless small breasts with their rigid nipples. There were several gasps, and as I quickly gazed down I realised how much I was on display to them. I felt like I was going to faint, but incredibly my arms would not seem to move to cover myself.

Above the thumping of my heart I became aware of Mrs Hipkins quietly addressing me. Sweat was trickling down my forehead as I turned to face her.

"Pardon, Ma'am," I managed to stammer.

"Am I correct in assuming you are not wearing a bra to class?"

Most of the class were sniggering at my predicament, enjoying my utter humiliation.

"No, Mrs Hipkins," I whispered.

"You know full well that is against school policy. Go and wait for me in my office and I will deal with you after class."

The sniggering of my classmates echoed in my ears as I skulked out of the classroom and walked the short distance down the corridor to Mrs Hipkin's office, where I nervously waited for the next thirty minutes until the bell rang to finish class. I could not believe how totally stupid I was to allow myself to be drawn into this predicament. I was mortified that I had even possibly placed myself in the position whereby I could be expelled from school.

Suddenly the office door swung open and Mrs Hipkins stood framed in the doorway. She was a well endowed, immaculately manicured woman in her early thirties who always dressed with a touch of class, unlike most of the other teachers who seemed devoid of any real fashion sense. I knew that a lot of the male students thought she was rather pleasant to the eye, but I rather cynically think that teenage males fancy anything in a skirt and big tits. Or perhaps I was just reacting jealously.

Without saying a word or even looking at me Mrs Hipkins sat down at her desk and began to check her messages. After what seemed an eternity she finally looked up at me and after gazing up and down she stared directly at my breasts. I was incredibly embarrassed and felt a need to cover myself up but I forced myself to keep my arms by my side.

"Explain yourself, Angela? You are a model student, who has never given a moments trouble up until now. What is going on, girl?"

I could feel the sweat running down my back. How could I explain to my teacher what was going on? I could not even begin to explain it to myself.

"It was just a dare, Mrs Hipkins," I managed to respond feebly, even though it was far from the truth.

"And just what was the dare, Angela?"

" I don't wear a bra to class, Mrs Hipkins," I mumbled.

Mrs Hipkins' gaze was locked onto my breasts.

"Indeed, indeed. It must have been some dare for you to be so bold, or perhaps I should say stupid enough, to not wear a bra to class. What were you thinking of girl?"

"I am so sorry," was all I could manage to mumble.

"And may I ask what else it is that you are not wearing?" Mrs Hipkins enquired of me, with a hint of a smile on her face.

"Pardon?" I stared at her, mortified.

"If you are not wearing a bra, what else are you not wearing?"

I could only stare at my teacher.

"Are you wearing panties?"

I blushed bright red. I glanced down at the floor, no longer able to look my teacher in the eye.


I looked up at Mrs Hipkins with pleading eyes.

"Angela, look at me. Are you wearing panties?" Slowly, and very reluctantly, I raised my eyes to again look at my teacher. "No, Ma'am," my voice sounded strangled as I forced the words out of my mouth.

"Lift up your skirt."

"Please, Mrs Hipkins," I begged. "Don't make me do it. Someone could come in," I added pathetically.

"Very well. Fortunately for you I have a class to teach."

"Oh, thank you, Mrs Hipkins." I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and could not believe my luck.

"Not so fast young lady. You are far from being off the hook. You know where I live in the flat on the campus?"

I nodded.

"After dinner you are to come to my flat, and bring your homework."

"Yes Ma'am."

"And you are not to change your clothing. If it good enough for you to come to my class dressed like a little slut, then you can come to your punishment time at my flat dressed the same way."

I opened my mouth in shock and was about to protest when I decided it was perhaps best not to make a scene. I was, after all, already in enough trouble.

With the school day thankfully over I returned to my empty dorm accommodation I shared with Bridget, thinking the day could hardly get worse. Bridget had told me I was going to be receiving extra punishment for being disobedient about not wearing knickers and a bra, and now Mrs Hipkins was going to be giving me punishment time for not wearing my underwear. My submissive behaviour was getting me into all sorts of trouble. However there was worse to come. I went to the toilet and groaned in total dismay when I realised I was beginning my menstruation. I didn't want to even contemplate the humiliation I would feel if I had to reveal my private parts while displaying the telltale signs that I was having my period.

This was my first period since I had been submitting to Bridget, and I was totally freaked out about what to do. I knew that Bridget would be home from school shortly and would be expecting me to be naked. But surely she would make an exception when she knew I was menstruating? Hastily I decided on a compromise that I hoped would keep Bridget satisfied that I was not being disobedient. After inserting a tampon I put on my gym shorts, but stripped off all my other clothing so that I was naked apart from the shorts.

I was seated at my desk working on my art project when Bridget arrived home a few minutes later. She breezed happily into my bedroom, seemingly without a worry in the world. "I have had such a great day," she blurted out. "I have been asked out on a date by Pete Simkins."

I knew vaguely of him. One of the jocks and it was not surprising that my beautiful room mate had managed to snare him.

"How how was your day?" she raised an enquiring eyebrow. "I bet it was great with no underwear. I am sure those little radar nipples of yours were beaming all day."

Barely able to keep back the tears, I blurted out how horrible a day it had been, and how humiliated I had been in class when Mrs Hipkins found me out. Finally I told her that I also now had my period.

To my surprise Bridget actually looked sympathetic. "My poor little darling. You do realise that Mrs Hipkins is one of only two Head Teachers that is authorised to punish female students?"

I did not know, and it gave me a sinking feeling. "Punish them how?"

"With either the strap or the cane, depending on the seriousness of the offence."

I couldn't help have this horrible feeling that not wearing either a bra or panties in class was going to be regarded as somewhat more serious.

"Given that there is a possibility you may receive some form of punishment from Mrs Hipkins, I think the least I can do is let you off the punishment I had planned for you tonight."

I actually managed to mumble a thank you.

"But just because you have your period it is no excuse for wearing shorts. Remove them now or I will punish you."

"Please," I begged. "At least give me a pair of my knickers to wear?"

She did not even bother to respond, instead just choosing to hold out her hand. I knew that continuing to plea was going to be fruitless so reluctantly stood up, quickly stepped out of my gym shorts so I was totally naked, and sat down again.

"I am going to have a shower. When I am finished you are to come into my room and stand at attention." Before I could object Bridget departed for the bathroom.

Fruitlessly I tried to focus on my art project but was terribly distracted by what lay ahead of me with both Bridget and Mrs Hipkins.

Finally Bridget came out of the bathroom. Wearing only a towel wrapped around her body and one for her hair she leaned in my doorway and beckoned for me to follow her. Like a lamb I dutifully followed her into her bedroom. After entering her room I put my hands behind me and gripped my buttocks firmly, then opened my legs as I was required to do. I always felt so humiliated by having to present myself like this to my room mate, but even more so today knowing that the string of my tampon would be clearly visible. Even though menstruating is just a perfectly natural thing that happens to females every month, it is something that one likes to keep very personal and not put on display for others to see.

Bridget eyed me up and down as she dried her hair with the second towel. I blushed with shame as she focused on my pubes and the evidence of my inserted tampon.

"Are you gripping your buttocks tightly like you are supposed to?"

"Yes," I quickly responded.

"Turn around and let me see."

I turned away from her, ensuring I kept my hands firmly gripped to my buttocks. If anything the view I presented to her from the rear was even more perverse. By having to squeeze my buttocks tight I knew my little pink anus would be fully on display, as would my vulva, with the telltale string hanging from it.

"Good girl," Bridget praised me, and I actually felt a warmth surge through my body. "Now lie on my bed in the diaper position."

I groaned as I did not want to have to put myself on display like this, but despite my reluctance I made my way over to her bed and lay down on her beautifully soft duvet. It smelled of the sweet scent of the various perfumes and creams she used and I found it intoxicating. As Bridget gazed at me I bent my legs and pulled them up to my chest, then opened my legs widely so that I was fully on display to her.

Stepping over to the bed, she sat herself down at the end so that she had a full view of me. She reached up her hand and gently stroked it over my labia. Despite my intense embarrassment it still felt very good. As she reached forward to touch me the towel she had around her body fell open, revealing her delightfully full breasts. She made no attempt to cover herself.

"Do you get horny when you are menstruating?" Bridget enquired, "Cause I certainly do."

"I don't think so," I blushed at the intimate question.

"Then why is that cheeky little clit of yours trying to poke itself out?" Bridget grinned.

I could only moan in dismay as my body betrayed me. There was no doubt the gentle brushing of my room mate's fingers across my labia was having a pleasurable impact on me.

I sucked in my breath as I felt Bridget take hold of the string of my tampon between her fingers and gently play with it, rotating it around in a circular motion so that it rubbed against her labia.

"Please don't," I pleaded.

"Don't what?" Bridget smiled mischievously.

"Don't play with my tampon, please." I whispered. "It makes me feel so degraded."

"Oh, and I would have thought lying on my bed with your legs wide open was already degrading?"

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