tagIncest/TabooLife of Tanya Ch. 02

Life of Tanya Ch. 02



I was still naked when I woke up at 10 am next morning, Tanya wasn't around. I was feeling ashamed of what I did to her last night after all she was my stepmom, and what I'd done was incest. I remembered that she said she loved me that, but I couldn't imagine how she was feeling now, so wrapping a towel around me, and I went out to see where she is?

"How's my son feeling today?" she asked giggling from behind.

"I don't know, like one of those bad motherf...... Wow!" I was shocked to see she just had my shirt from last night on, and it wasn't even buttoned up. Indian conservative women who wore saree till yesterday was looking like urban wife on honeymoon now.

"Don't be," She said, "I know another mother-fucker who is pretty proud to be one, and also he calls his mother his whore."

I needed to say nothing on that. It was already late, so I called my office to call in sick for today, HR asked me, "for how many days?"

I looked at Tanya, she was bent over refrigerator to take out something, and the sight of her pink pussy lips from behind made me hurriedly end that call, I could just say, "This whole week."

"what, this whole week?"

Reaching out to her body from behind I said, "I called in sick in office."

I started to kiss her on the neck and knead one of her full breast when she asked again, "it's five days to this whole week, what are you going to do these days?"

Throwing towel away, I grabbed her pussy and said, "Fuck this."

"You are......" but before she could complete herself, I pushed my cock into her from behind. I took both of her hands to the top of refrigerator, and taking hold of her breasts, started pummeling her pussy again.

"All men want is to fuck."

Such demeaning statements only enrage men, so I had to grab her ass, and gave her extra hard hammering; she closed her eyes, and didn't say anything further. Later when she turned to look into me writhing in pain from my pussy pounding, I said, "You know Tanya, your body is so silky and smooth, I can never have enough of you."

"You can have me, my love, whenever you want."

I was elated hearing that, because that's exactly what I intend to do to her in the next few days now. I knew I could go a bit rough on her, so I took off her shirt and lifted one of her leg on my hand to get better leverage to ravage her pussy. All the animalistic lust I had is literally translating into animalistic screams of her now.

"Just like that, just like that" was all she could blabber, and this went on for the next 10-20 minutes, before I came inside her again.


Afterwards, she went to shower, and I went to order breakfast for us. When she came out for breakfast, she was dressed in red saree and looked very beautiful.

"Do you always dress up this beautifully?" I asked

She nodded no, so I said, "Well, you should"

She said, "Why would I? When servants are gone, they prefer me wrapped in towel or sheet."

"God, how many times they want it!" she remained silent. So, I had to ask her again, "For example, when I was at home, how many times they f**, do It to you?"

Looking out of dining hall window she started saying this, "First, your dad before heading office in the morning, then Amit came, he had me late in the noon too when you were working on computer, after dinner, you dad again, then Amit, he sent me to you too, and then again he twice. Next morning, Amit did it two more times, when you saw us. "

It was disgusting to hear they were treating her as sex-doll, I said, "And they even made you to tie your tubes?"

"Yeah, your dad didn't want to have babies, Amit couldn't have babies with me, and to prevent the risk of my pregnancy if anyone forces himself on me, they made me do it" she said with smirk.

"Amit was such a nice boy, how it started with him?"

"Yeah, when I came home marrying your dad, Amit was just enamored by me. He couldn't take his eyes off my upright full boobs. Every opportunity he could get to talk to me or touch me he was all in for it. Whenever he found me sitting alone in my bedroom, he brought up things to come to talk to me even silly ones, so he could put his head on my lap, and stare at my slender waist while we talk. You know when you are dressed in saree, your waist remain open to prying eyes, and that's what he wanted, sometimes he even kissed me there too. At times, I like that sudden affections he showed me... after all, I was married to old man who was just into fucking me, and here Amit was young handsome man swooning over me.

Later, when it was fifth week of my marriage, Amit had his results declared. Your dad called me in the evening saying he has sent Amit to enjoy with his friends, so we will be alone tonight, and he would love to see me in apron only, naked under it tonight. It was strange for me as he usually just have me disrobed even before getting hard, but just to see the kinkier side of him, I wore the smallest apron I had, apron that barely covered boobs and was short at my pussy too. It was quite late when I heard his car pulling up, so I ran to kitchen to give him surprise and busied myself with dishes or something.

A minute later when I heard footsteps, I shouted to him that I am in kitchen. At kitchen's door I heard footsteps stop, I didn't turned back as I wanted him to have a good look on me, even pushed my ass back a bit. At this point, I heard him throwing his shirt off, and pulling his pants down. Feeling horny, I smiled inside, knowing how he's going to take me. He came up, I felt him pushing aside my hair and his kissings on my neck. Then pushing his hand inside my apron he grabbed both breasts and started squeezing them vehemently. I said to him, "Easy, easy."

"I always wanted to squeeze them hard, mom."

"Amit!" I turned my face, and was shocked seeing indeed it was him. "What are you doing, where's your dad?"

"He's gone to Lucknow. He won't be back till morning."

I said this is mistake, he should leave me, but he said, "We had a deal, he said if I would top my class, he'd give me his most precious gift --you."

How could a man offer his son his wife, it left my mouth open in amazement, he rather find it tempting and stared kissing me. He had me tightly in his grasp so I couldn't get away from me, and he smooched on my mouth all he wanted.

"You can't imagine how dearly I wanted to do this!" He had his hand slided to my pussy and started to finger me. I smelt whiskey breadth on him, and saw animalistic lust raging in that young muscular man's eyes. After all those breast-squeezing and smooches, this fingering had made me wet and horny, and knowing I'm helpless and alone with him tonight, I asked, "Just this once, right?"


This was all what he needed, my consent, and then he replaced his finger with his cock. I looked down to see; the sight of his 7 inch hard made me shudder a bit, but he grabbed my pussy and pushed its head inside.

"Oh, mom. I worked hard for this. Tell me you want it too!" he said, and gave me one huge jolt from his waist, he was all in with that, a moan escaped my lips. He asked again, "Tell me, you want it too, mom"

I nodded. He gave me another full thrust. "Tell me you want it mom"

"Yes. Yes, I want it. Now fuck me hard, please!"

He said nothing hearing my plea, but spread my legs, and grabbing my boobs from behind started what a young hard cock could do to a willing pussy -- pummel it to the core. I was never fucked this hard; he was like wild stallion on me. Later he had me bent over a slab, and grabbing my waist with both his hands he gave me extra hard poundings. I was quivering under him, writhing in pain, but he kept pounding my pussy, till he came in me.

For a moment, we were just like that, his cock inside me, and I bent over that kitchen slab. I knew he could get harder any moment, so, I said "Alright, Amit, now you had your gift, let me go."

"Dad said you are safe this time of month?"

This indeed was night of surprises, but I said, "Yeah, don't worry, take it out and let me go."

He took his cock out, turned me face-to-face, and said "Dad said I could have you for tonight, and night isn't over, mom."

Now that he had fucked me, he grew balls on him. He lifted me up and took me to bedroom; I was helpless in front of him, so submitted to him once again hoping this ordeal will end soon.

In bedroom, he literally threw on bed, and before I could slither up, jumped on me. He spread my legs apart, took my hands up with his hands, and started plundering into my pussy. This time I had my eyes on him, and the look on his face while he was fucking his stepmom's body made me realize probably he needed this. So, to lighten things a bit, I asked him to not call me mom tonight, just Tanya hoping he won't be much stressed out in morning about this, and forget easily.

But it back-fired on me, now that I had made him my equal, he started treating me like one of those girls he could buy off. So when he was close this time, he pulled out his cock on my face, and came buckets on me, murmuring, "oh Tanya, oh Tanya, you are suck a sex machine!"

Later, when I was getting up to clean, he grabbed me by hair saying, "I'm not done with you, Tanya." He fucked me like animal two more times that night before we drifted to sleep.

Next morning, now that ordeal was over, my well-fucked body felt very satiated inside, I went to bathroom humming songs, later I decided to wore my best saree with a low cut blouse that's completely backless to instigate both your dad and Amit, as Amit couldn't have me anymore I wanted to tease him while he will be sitting beside me at table. At the breakfast table, your dad asked him, if he's decided he wanted to stay and help him in business or go Delhi like you, he said he's finalized it yet. Then he asked Amit straightforwardly about how he liked his gift last night. I was awestruck hearing my husband asking Amit this question in front me, even Amit couldn't reply back a while. Then he looked at me, and like father like son, he pulled me by my waist, and planting kiss on my cheeks said, "Yes, I loved it."

He took a while before saying, "If you decide to stay and work on our business, you can keep having your gift. Have her for today, and let me know in evening."


Tanya and I ate our rest of the breakfast in silence, I couldn't ask or hear her anything about her past experience. So, I informed her of my plan of going to movies, and park later, if she would like it, but she was still in that mind frame.

"You know Ajit, I was still getting fucked in evening when your dad came home, Amit said him that he would love to work in family business, and then they both did me together."

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Story + grammar -

I like this story but your grammar needs some work. It is starting to distract from the reading. Please get an editor, proofreader

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Not Incest

Doing one's stepmom is not incest. It is morally wrong just as all extra-marital affairs are, but it is not incest and does not belong in this category.

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