Life on the Farm


In the fall of this year both my girlfriend and I lost our jobs at a car dealership that went bankrupt. After spending several weeks in a futile effort to find employment and under pressure to pay back rent, I agreed to go with her to live with her sister until we could get back on our feet financially. Her sister, Debra, it turned out was a country madam. Debra had a farm in a rural area not too far from a large city. Debra had built up a thriving bordello in the spacious "farmhouse" that had originally been built by gentry from the nearby city. Debra explained that she had an agreement with the local sheriff that he and his deputies would tolerate her operation in exchange for a monthly fee and free services. The sheriff insisted that the operation should not cater to locals and that a suitable "cover" for the operation be devised. Thus, the "farm" became a private "retreat" for urban "entrepreneurs."

Debra had assigned Alice and I to a nice large room and we started settling in to our new surroundings. During the first few days we kept a low profile during "business" hours. Most of the time I was the only male in the house with the exception of customers in the evenings and on weekends. During non-business hours, I began to get to know the women who worked and lived at the farm. I must admit that it felt a bit strange to be the only male in a group of women who frequently talked about their "work" amongst themselves when "off" duty. I think they deliberately tried to embarrass me with some of their talk just for the fun of it. After we had been there for about a week, Alice informed me that she had talked with Debra and planned to go to "work" for her sister. I was not wild about the thought of my girlfriend becoming a hooker, even if it was in her sister's bordello. However, she pointed out that we needed to "earn" our keep and this was a quick way to raise the money that we needed to get a new start. I reluctantly agreed to the logic of her argument and the recognition that she was a free agent and didn't need my permission to begin with.

Alice went to work and began pulling in a nice income. I found myself alone and sitting around in our room in the evenings and on weekends with little to do while Alice was busy at work in other parts of the house. Needless to say, I wasn't getting much sexual action from Alice and felt frustrated and a bit angry at her apparent satisfaction with and enjoyment of her new occupation. One afternoon, Debra and Alice drove into the city to do some shopping and I was left with the "girls." Being socially isolated much of the time, I always took any opportunity to join them during their afternoon get together where they listened to music, drank wine and socialized. On this particular occasion, the conversation focused on cosmetics and they began asking me for my opinion. I truly expressed my belief that they all did a great job with their makeup and could probably get work as makeup specialists. One of the women, Mari, suggested that someone go get a makeup kit and they could do a demonstration for me.

Mari soon had a makeup kit and suggested that the best demonstration would be to show what they could do with me. At first I resisted the idea but soon gave in to their pleading to be a good sport. Mari got a chair and put it in the middle of the floor and had me sit in it. The five women gathered around and started discussing possible approaches to making up my face. The first task was to get rid of my sparse facial hair and cleanse my skin. They then went to work beginning with my eyebrows. They then laid down a coat of foundation followed by work on my eyes. They groomed my eyelashes, applied eyeliner and then eye shadow. There was some discussion about the right shade of lipstick before the job was finished. Shortly, they stood back and admired their handiwork. Mari got a mirror and brought it over for me to have a look. I was amazed when I looked at the beautiful feminine face that was reflected in the mirror. The ladies in the meantime were whispering amongst themselves and giggling.

Mari came over and took the mirror from my hand and said that the group had a new proposal. Their proposal was to finish the job. They said that the facial had gone so well and that given my small stature and slight build they felt certain they could fully transform my appearance beyond recognition. Again I was reluctant to agree but the ladies were very persuasive and as they said it would just be for fun and no one would ever know except us. While this discussion was going on, Mari was standing behind me and I could feel her warm hands running over my shoulders and down over my chest which was very arousing and weakened my will. I finally agreed to go along so they could have some fun. Mari and I were very close in size and everyone agreed that her wardrobe would best serve the purpose. We took the wine and left the common room for Mari's private room.

Once we were in Mari's room the women began to undress me, which was very arousing. By the time they had me stripped, I had the hard of my life on and was in an almost total body blush, which the women found amusing. While a couple of the women began sorting through Mari's clothes two others began working on removing all of my body hair. As soon as I was shorn of all my body hair one of the ladies came over with some pretty pink panties with embroidery on them. She asked the other women if they didn't think that I'd look sexy in the panties and they agreed. However, at this point Mari objected to them putting the panties on me because she didn't want them stretched out by my rigid pole that still stood at attention. Mari also pointed out that it would look ridiculous and not at all like the effect they were trying to achieve. Mari suggested a plan and soon the group of women formed a semicircle around me. Each lady in turn reached out and grasped my erect cock and squeezed it until it almost hurt then she would stroke it a couple of times and relinquish it to the next lady. By the time the last lady had a grasp on me, I was ready to explode, which I'm sure was apparent to all of them. Mari handed me a washcloth and told me not to make a mess on her floor. I just had time bring the washcloth into position before my cock exploded and began spewing cum in large quantities into the washcloth. I could hear the women giggling as I reflexively thrust my cock into the washcloth while barely being able to hold myself up.

After I had completely drained the product of my balls, I wiped myself with an unsoiled part of the washcloth. Mari came over and took the washcloth and applied a sudden sharp slap to the head of my cock. This maneuver hastened its return to a flaccid state. One of the ladies brought over a modified Kotex strap and pad and explained that this would restrain me if I became aroused again as well as soak up any leaking fluids. I was then instructed to put the device on and a couple of the ladies made adjustments to it until they were satisfied. I was then instructed to put on the panties. Putting on a pair of panties with a group of beautiful women looking on in amusement was both embarrassing and arousing. I could feel my cock starting to respond but alas it could not assert itself having been expertly subdued by the device created by the ladies. From there the women went to work and soon had me fully clothed in a padded bra that matched the panties, then a garter belt and hose, next a slip was placed over my head. The feel of the slip sliding across my skin and my panties was very erotic. Shortly, they had me completely dressed, had added a wig and finally put me in high heel shoes.

One of the women led me over to a full-length mirror on Mari's closet door. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was amazed at how feminine I looked and my reflection in the mirror quickly began to draw out whatever femininity resided in my personality. I felt pretty and sexy. The women now said that I needed to be trained to walk in the high heels so that I didn't fall down and injure myself. We began with just walking about in Mari's room. When I reached a point where I was steady on the shoes, the women began giving me pointers about how to carry myself and move as I walked about. Next came some instruction on how to primly sit down and position myself in a chair as well as a few adjustments that could be made if I wanted a sexier look, which I didn't feel any need for but was enlightened nonetheless. With the transformation complete and the instruction in the basics of movement finished, the ladies suggested that I practice going down the stairs in the high heels and in the process we would return to the common room and resume our social. I negotiated the stairs without difficulty and felt proud of my accomplishment and the approval from the group accompanying me back to the common room. We selected some music and resumed drinking wine and talking. In no time I truly felt like one of the "girls" and they accepted me as such.

Late in the afternoon, Debra and Alice returned and walked into the foyer adjoining the common room. They were loaded down with packages from their shopping trip and came in to show off their purchases. We all gathered around as they opened one package after another displaying various articles of apparel about which we all made approving comments. I was secretly amused that neither Debra nor Alice had recognized me in my "costume." However, once the show and tell wound down Debra recognized that there was an extra in the group whom she did not recognize as one of her ladies. She looked me over carefully and approvingly and asked the giggling women about the visitor. Alice was still clueless though she stood only a few feet away from me and had looked me over carefully. The women excitedly explained about their afternoon recreation. Upon learning that the new girl was actually I, Debra gave me a long appraising look. She then told Alice that it looked like that maybe I didn't have to be useless baggage after all. She said that she had been thinking of taking on a hostess to replace herself as the greeter for clients when they arrived. She told Alice that it seemed to her that I would be perfect for this role and could thereby make a contribution to the operation. Debra asked the group what name I had been given, which was one item that we had not dealt with. They soon agreed that since my name was Ron that Ronnie should work just fine.

This is how I came to be Ronnie the greeter and placement hostess in a bordello. I was not overly enthusiastic about taking on this job but had to admit that it appeared to be something that I could do and I wouldn't have to feel like a deadbeat any longer. Thus, I settled in to my new role and became just one of the girls. I rapidly built up my own wardrobe and developed some skill with cosmetics and fashion. I soon stopped bothering with dressing as a male even when out with the ladies on various excursions and passed with flying colors. Several months after my transformation and employment at the farm, a night I shall never forget occurred.

One Saturday night we were exceptionally busy and all the girls were with clients and had clients backed up in the bar waiting for their turn. Debra came rushing up to my station in the foyer and took me by the hand and told me to come with her that she had a special job for me. She led me into one of the back rooms that I knew was reserved for "police" business. There I saw two young sheriff's deputies with big grins on their faces and bulging cocks in their trousers. Debra said, "I only have Ronnie here who has never sucked a cock, as far as I know, but I believe she'll try really hard to satisfy you gentlemen." With that she released my hand and left the room closing the door behind her. I just stood there in shock as the deputies leered at me. After a minute they took off their gun belts and started stripping off their shoes and pants. I turned and started for the door.

Before I could reach the door one of the deputies caught up with me and grasped me by the upper arm. He turned me back away from the door and said, "Don't be bashful Sweet-lips. We're on duty and in a bit of a hurry, which is why we only have time for a blowjob. By the way, you can call me Jack whenever you mouth isn't stuffed."

The other deputy laughed and chimed in, "We just need a little recreation before we spend Saturday night patrolling and you can call me Dick." While he was telling me this Jack was rubbing my ass with his hand. The feel of the skirt and the slip beneath it sliding across my panty-clad buttocks added to my feelings of being firmly in the grasp of this man that I found in a strange way to actually be exciting.

Jack gave me a smile and said, "Relax Ronnie and enjoy your first time. You're in good hands as me and Dick have lots of experience." He then gave me a serious look and said, "You know the continued operation of the farm depends on your doing a good job. If we aren't satisfied we will be back as part of a vice raid. We will shut down this operation and throw the bunch of you in the slammer. Do we understand one another?"

I knew that Debra's business was at stake here and Alice and I could end up in jail instead of on our way to financial recovery. It was also apparent that I couldn't get out of this room, if the deputies didn't want me to leave. I felt trapped and completely at the mercy of these two well built young deputies. Softly, I said, "Yes, I understand."

The two deputies bracketed me between them and started running their hands over my body. I could feel their rigid cocks pressing urgently into my body. One of the deputies reached over and pushed me to the floor. Once on my knees, I was faced with two rigid cocks with gleaming pre-cum on their tips. They were obviously primed and ready for action and they were looking to me to provide that action. One of them cupped my face in his hands and thrust his cock against my lips. As he pressed the hot sticky head to my lips something in me gave way and I was reconciled to sucking off these two deputies. I gave in and opened up and let the deputy push his cock into my mouth. As he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth I heard him say to his partner, "Sweet-lips here won't a virgin cock sucker much longer."

I began to work on the hot throbbing cock in my mouth. I remembered the things that I liked Alice to do when she sucked my cock. I sucked the cock hard squeezing it with my mouth. I then let it slide part way out of my mouth so that I could work on the head with my tongue. I rolled my tongue around the soft plump head and felt and tasted the cock's pre-cum oozing out onto my tongue. The deputy grasped my face between his hands again and began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth as I tried to hold on to the hot shaft with my lips.

Dick who was just watching at this point said, "Go Jack, go baby, hump that bitch. Show her what it feels like to deep throat a cock. Fill her up with ball juice." Jack responded by thrusting harder and deeper. All I could do was open wide and take the pounding cock meat down my throat. Finally, with one final thrust Jack lodged his cock so deep in my throat that I could feel his pubic hairs brushing my lips. I was almost in a panic because I couldn't breathe. As the deputy held my head firmly in place his hot rigid cock began to convulse and I could hear him groan as I felt wave after wave of his thick cum erupt from the head of his cock and slide down my throat. Just as I thought I was going to suffocate, the deputy pulled back and his cock popped as it cleared my lips, which reflexively were still tightly grasping the shaft. A long strand of cum stretched between my lips and the tip of his pole.

Dick whooped out, "Man, you had Sweet-lips' throat fully packed with cock meat. I could actually see her throat twitch when your cock started unloading. Shit man, you were so deep she got pubic hair stuck in her teeth."

I could feel myself blush as Dick gave his descriptive summary of my submission to Jack's need. My hand instinctively went to my lips in search of Jack's pubic hairs and broke the strand of cum between my mouth and Jack's still rigid pole.

Jack looked down into my eyes and his face reflected contentment. He whispered, "Lick that dick clean girl. Get every bit of the goodie off that bad boy." I complied and licked cum off the head of his cock and Jack milked the shaft and squeezed the last globs of cum from the cock for me to lick up before they could dribble to the floor.

Dick who had been watching the initiation exclaimed, "Sweet-lips is no virgin cocksucker now. Move over Jack and let me get in there for some "professional" cock sucking." Dick pushed Jack aside and took his place in front of my face. Dick laughed and said, "Suck Dick's dick Sweet-lips." By this point, I was highly aroused myself and could feel my own cock pushing against its restraints. I eagerly took the second cock into my mouth and began sucking and tonguing it. The cock felt hard as steel in my mouth and was radiating heat. Dick was too far-gone to face fuck me like his partner. I grasped the base of his cock wrapping my hand around the shaft and began bobbing my head up and down on the rest of the cock. I could feel his excitement as his cock slid back and forth between my lips and my excitement mounted as well. After several strokes, I felt him tensing up and prepared for his climax, which soon arrived. Dick's throbbing cock began to gush huge globs of hot sticky cum into my mouth. Jack's spunk had all gone straight into and down my throat. This time I got a mouth full of the thick warm creamy cum. At about the same time I felt my own cock convulse and attempt to spew a load into my panties. My orgasm was so intense I thought I would pass out. Dick pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and told me, "Suck me dry Sweet-lips then lick me clean." It took two big gulps to get all his cum down my throat. I then grasped his cock and began milking it like I'd seen Jack do with his cock. As the remaining sperm came sliding out of Dick's cock I took the head in my mouth and moved the sperm along by sucking his cock like a straw. This nearly drove Dick wild and I had to slack off a little.

Jack handed me a handkerchief and said, "Here wipe the rest of the juice off your face before you go back out in public." He then said to Dick, "Man I have never seen a woman have an orgasm just from giving head. She must be one hot piece." While I was wiping my face, the deputies had put their clothes on and were in the process of putting their gun belts back on. Just as they were ready to leave the door opened and Debra and Alice came in to the room. Jack said, "Ronnie just gave us the best blow jobs we've ever had here. She's got a real talent."

Dick then chimed in saying, "We'll be back to see Ronnie again. Hell, we may have to let some friends in on this."

Debra turned to me and said, "Ronnie, I'm really pleased that you were able to satisfy the deputies so well. I was confident that you could do this little job for me and the for the good of the Farm." She then turned to Alice and told her, "I watched the whole thing on a monitor in my office and Ronnie really does have a talent for sucking cock."

Alice smiled and replied, "I always knew Ronnie would find a niche here at the farm."

Debra said, "Ronnie it looks like you now have two jobs. You will continue to be the hostess but can also pull extra duty giving blowjobs to special clients like the sheriff and his deputies. Of course, there will be extra money given your expanded role and some of the clients tip really well after getting great head."

The next day during the afternoon get together by all the ladies I was mortified and humiliated when Debra opened up a cabinet that contained a large plasma screen TV and began to play back my initiation as a cocksucker, which she had apparently recorded with hidden cameras in the room reserved for law enforcement officers. The women shrieked with delight at the sight of me going down on the deputies. They kept calling out things like "you go girl" and clapping their hands. There was a lot of giggling and glances in my direction as they watched the recording of me cleaning up the spent cocks. After the recording ended, they all gathered around and offered experiences of their own along with tips for handling future business. All of them gave me hugs and kisses on the cheek and I felt completely accepted by them and fully integrated into their little "sorority."

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