tagSci-Fi & FantasyLife Springs Eternal

Life Springs Eternal


The first rays of the orange golden sun peek over the mountains to warm Mother Earth. Could spring be on its way to the valley once again? The plants raise leaves and turn to worship the sun in all her glory, rebirth. But today in this quiet glen more than growth will take place as a soft wind stirs the dark green grasses. A dance older than time will take place for today, She will return. All of nature takes a collective breath in anticipation as the wind stirs the grasses, the trees, and the soil beneath.

She begins to form from mother earth, her skin the color of rich coffee and as soft as the delicate petals of the flowers, her eyes the green of fresh grown leaves and her long pale hair that resembles the dying beams of the sun. She awakens held in the loving grasp of the ground, the delicate brush of leaf, blade, and petal against her naked skin. A smile stretches across her beautiful face as she takes her first breath of the fresh warm air; Mother Nature walks amongst us again. The long cold winter finally behind her, the threat of frost and cold driving her deep underground to huddle in her warm soil chamber until at last it was time to return.

She runs hands down her body, a sleeper awakening, she cups her full breasts and their full chocolate tipped nipples. Her body tightens in response to her own touch, nipples hardening into tight pebbles against her palms even as a rush of moisture wets the deep folds of her pussy and life returns where once only barren soil lay.

Her reason for existence is ever clear to her; today she will return life in full force to the soil, to this aging world. Scars will be healed, things set right again, and life will go on. She presses her hands down the soft taut skin of her stomach until her fingers reach her thighs and she opens herself to the warm rays of the morning sun. Her core goes molten and she arches softly from the ground a sigh falling from her lips. Nearby the flowers turn from the sun to gaze upon her beauty, the grass reaches up to caress along her soft warm skin, and nearby the branches of a willow sweep low across her breasts.

She arches into the touch of her beautiful Earth, as a well-loved cat seeks the hands of its owner. She cries out softly as the willow snaps it's searching tendrils across her sensitive nipples, leaving behind light pink trails in its wake. Leaving her pussy spread to the sun she presses her fingers in against the wet folds and a moan slides off her tongue. For life to return in full to the Earth she must give of herself, she must give everything, and then lie back down in the folds of the soil and let it rock her like a lover.

The willow's seeking roots rise slowly from the ground and slide closer to the sounds of her cries, she uses fingers to open herself as wide as she can physically manage, an offering. The thick long root of the tree slides up her inner leg, cool and moist. She arches her hips softly and takes the root deep within her silken folds, a soft gasp and the coolness fills her, the only lover of warmth and birth that she will ever know.

The first deep thrust of root and vine forces an age old rhythm to begin, the branches wrapping around her nipples, the soft grasses caressing like a thousand hands as the storm within her begins to build. She undulates her hips as the her lover retreats and enters, each thrust going deeper into her, each retreat drawing cries and moans from her mouth as she fists the surrounding grasses in her hands and gives over to wild abandon.

The bucking of her hips increases as the wind begins to gather in the valley, rocking the tree in a primitive way in her core as she cries out to the skies as the first dark clouds spill in over the horizon. The storm deep within her begins to build and overflow between her thighs; she opens her eyes to the skies above her as one last thrust pushes her over into the great void.

She screams release to the heavens, arms thrown open to accept her fate, as the first drops of rain begin to fall on her hot sweaty skin, she wraps her thighs tightly against the willow root and milks it over and over with the wet hot folds of her pussy. The first roll of thunder is heard in the valley as the spring rains return, shaking the ground beneath her.

She smiles up at the sky, a bright glowing beginning to life once more. Her body begins to melt as each gentle drop of rain grows fiercer and retreat back into the ground. The flowers say their last good-byes and return their gazes to the heavens. The willow roots take one last opportunity to caress her silken skin, a promise for the coming year and a thank you, and then push back into the rich soil to partake of the falling rains.

The sounds of the rains fill the air, caressing flower, leaf, and tree alike. The ground begins to awaken, buds burst forth from trees, new leaves curling into the light. The gentle winds rock the valley, trees and grasses swaying to music as old as anything, branches twist and entangle like ancient lovers. The valley fills with life once more.

Spring had at last come.

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