tagNonHumanLife Under the Sea Ch. 02

Life Under the Sea Ch. 02


The more time they spend together in Riley's home, the more Jesse finds herself thinking about the coming night. Her eyes are even drifting towards his manhood more than she'd like. It distracts her to the point that she forgets the previous concern over her own nudity.

"Erm.... uh... Riley... do you mind if I go out for a bit of fresh... water? asks Jesse.

"Sure... Just be sure to be back before it gets dark. It gets pretty hard to find your way back without the sun. I'll see you later then." says Riley with a curious smile.

Jesse smiles back uneasily before hurrying out the portal. The thought of spending the night with Riley still upsets her. She doesn't want to make the wrong move and feel like an outcast among everyone. Right now, she has only one other person in the whole world to tell her problems to, Nikos. She hurries as fast as she can to where she remembers that secluded beach is. She finds that beach after half an hour of swimming in one direction. She also sees the lone hut standing on that beach. Eager to talk to Nikos immediately, she shouts his name from the water. Inside the hut, she hears something drop before the door is violently forced open. Nikos runs out towards the voice that he heard. Upon seeing the familiar mermaid in the water, his run slows down to a casual walk. Jesse pouts at him seeing the irritating smile on his face.

"Back so soon, Jesse? I was expecting you to come back at one of two times since we last saw each other: today, which is the day after your transformation, or someday, which would be months or years from now." says Nikos.

"What do you mean?" asks Jesse.

"Well, coming back today, I thought you'd find that the merman you loved was not as you thought he was or something superficial like that. If you came back a long time from now, it would mean that you've grown tired and weary of life under the sea." replies Nikos.

"Oh. I see..." says Jesse, upset at Nikos' pessimism.

"So... Am I right about today?" he asks.

"Actually, no. I came here for some advice about something mermaid-related." says Jesse.

"What? Why?" asks Nikos, surprised. "Do I look like I know mermaids inside-out? I have legs if you didn't notice the first time we met."

"You knew enough to help me transform into one." responds Jesse. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

"Sure I have. You're not the first person to come to me." says Nikos. "If it's a big problem, you can ask Poseidon for advice."

"It's nothing big. I just think it's... a personal problem." says Jesse.

"Well?" asks Nikos, staring at her intently.

"It's about the whole nudity thing. The merman I like, Riley, welcomed me into his home and I most likely have to share the same hammock with him. I am more than sure he does not expect anything from me during the night but I can't stop thinking about the possibilities." confesses Jesse.

"Well, being naked together and touching would be tempting. Just close your mind to it like he probably does." says Nikos.

"Is that what he's doing?" wonders Jesse out loud.

"I'd expect so. He probably did so at first when he found out the power of a mermaid. I guess that merpeople just get used to being exposed to each other since it's just part of daily life." says Nikos.

"Then why can't I shake off the feelings and thoughts about taking him for my own?" asks Jesse, frustrated.

"Listen. When is the only time when humans feel the need to shed their clothing completely in front of one another?" asks Nikos.

"I can only think of sex off the top of my head."

"Exactly. You're clothed all the other times around others. You also grew up in a world that emphasizes sex and sexuality. Since sex is the only time you see a man unobscured, you think of sex when you saw that merman exposed. Still, that's only part of your little problem. Let me ask you another thing: what did you think of all the merpeople you saw in that village?"

"They were breathtaking. I couldn't believe anyone could be that perfect-looking."

"True. However, you don't see many people who look that amazing concentrated in one place. I think I'd get bored of seeing pretty mermaids left and right all my life. The thing is, despite the outer beauty, their inner beauty has quite a range. Some merpeople can be pretty evil, some merpeople can be called saint-like, while the rest fall between those two extremes, just like humans."

"What are you trying to tell me, Nikos?"

"Look beyond their good looks. You really shouldn't be surprised."

"If looks don't matter, why do they look the way they do?" asks Jesse.

"It's a stupid reason, I think. They were born that way."

"Ex- Excuse me?"

"It's not really important. Anyway, I have some things to take care of. See you later." says Nikos as he turns around to go back to his hut.

"Hey! Wait! You're just evading the question!" exclaims Jesse. She then pauses for a second. "You jerk! You just want me to come back again!"

Nikos stops in his tracks. He turns his head slowly towards Jesse. She flinches upon looking at the furious expression on his face. Suddenly, Nikos smirks and says, "Maybe?". The man turns once more and disappears into his isolated hut.

Jesse just sits there as the waves crash around her. Her mouth opens, but nothing comes out. The mermaid barely whispers "Idiot!" before diving below the water. She thinks about the conversation she just had. Nikos didn't make her feel any less nervous about the night she would spend with Riley. She tries to look for things in the water to keep her mind off of the merman, but there's nothing but water and sand all around her. She keeps swimming in one direction even as it gets darker. She can feel herself getting closer to Riley. To her delight, she soon sees the familiar chasm in the sea floor.

Just after Jesse swam out of the room, Riley wonders what to do for the rest of the time being. Before he even has the chance to make up his mind, Lily enters the place. She looks around before opening her mouth.

"What happened to Jesse? I thought she'd be with you. Especially with that look she gave you when she first laid eyes upon you." says Lily.

"I don't think she's used to staying inside too long. She just went out to stretch her fins." responds Riley. "And yeah, I saw that look she gave me. It was an interesting look, like she's never seen a merman before."

"What do you think of her?" asks Lily. "I saw where her eyes were going. Do you think she'll be trouble for you tonight?"

"I... I hope not. I hardly know her enough. If she is expecting something, I doubt I can refuse." says Riley.

"You're too nice, Riley," says Lily with a frown. "I'd at least say no a couple times to see if they're really interested in me. Though, I guess I do like that you're nice. It'd be a pity if we were both naughty."

Riley looks back at her in surprise at what has just been said to him. She moves quickly towards him, and he feels Lily peck him on the cheek. She surprises him again by embracing him tightly with his face pressed against her chest. Riley blushes at this show of affection, scarcely aware of the soft flesh pressed against his cheeks.

"Riley, don't let her or any other mermaid break your heart. If that happens, tell me. So that she will regret it." says Lily.

Riley tilts his head up and meets his sister's eyes. Despite the slightly disturbing words that came from her mouth, he knows she just wants him to be careful.

"Thanks, sis. But don't worry about me." replies Riley.

Lily just smiles and lets go of him. She swims out the portal without another word. The merman doesn't know what to think anymore. Lily's words make him wonder anxiously about Jesse even more and about when Jesse herself will be back soon. Luckily, his thoughts are interrupted by Shane coming in.

"Hey, Riley. Have you seen Lily just now?" he asks.

"Yeah. She was just in here." responds Riley. "Why?"

"Brynn said that she and a few friends were going to sleep on that deserted beach after watching the moon and the stars. She wants to know if Lily wants to come along with us."

"Lily just went out. You should be able to catch up with her."

"Thanks, Riley." says Shane as he bolts out the portal.

Riley slowly swims to the opening in the wall to look at the rest of the village. In his head, he wonders at his sisters' remarkable ability to manipulate his love life. True enough, he sees no sign of Lily, Brynn, or Miek the rest of the evening. As the darkness grows more intense, he wonders if Jesse got lost in the open sea. He stays calm, however, as the only threats in this part of the sea comes from humans alone and humans rarely go this far at to sea in the dark.

Jesse swims into the chasm and sees the village. She sees all the shops and stalls closing as darkness falls. A few mermen and mermaids swim around, apparently looking for some fun. Jesse even receives a few winks and naughty smiles from a few of them. The mermaid who was once a human pays little attention to them though. In her mind, a bigger prize is waiting for her. She swims through the portal to Riley's home and finds him there staring at the ceiling.

"Daydreaming?" she asks smugly.

"Huh? Ah! Hey! Yeah, sorry about that. It's a bad habit of mine." replies Riley rather quickly.

"That's all right. So... Where are the others?"

"Brynn, Miek, Lily, and a few others went to the surface to spend the night looking at the sky."

"Why didn't you go with them?" asks Jesse, suddenly feeling guilty for keeping Riley at home.

"It'd be rude of me to just leave you here."

"So we're alone for the night?" adds Jesse, desperately trying to hide any elation in her voice and face.

"It appears so." muses Riley. "C'mon. It's late. Let's get to sleep now."

Jesse eagerly follows Riley into the bedroom. She sees the three hammocks that are set up. Riley shows her to his hammock and she obligingly gets in. The moment she does get in, the hammock closes quite a bit over her, leaving a long thin slit of an opening. From what she can imagine, the closed hammock looks like a peapod from the outside. Riley sticks his hand into the hammock's opening and slightly pulls it open.

"Are you fine by yourself in there or would you like me to join you?" he asks.

"I really would like you to join me in here." says Jesse coyly.

"No problem. Let me just make sure this hammock can hold the both of us."

Jesse lies alone in the hammock, waiting for Riley to finish whatever he's doing. Knowing that whatever he's doing shouldn't take more than a minute, the seconds seem to pass like hours. Just as she is about to peek her head to check what Riley is doing, the merman's head pops out at her and the two of them collide at the forehead.

"Ow!" exclaim the two simultaneously.

Jesse looks up to see Riley gently rubbing a reddish bump on his forehead. She luckily got away with minor pain and no visible bruises.

"Sorry about that, Jesse. I didn't expect your head to be coming out of the opening." says Riley.

"No, no. It's nothing. Anyway, you are the one with a bump, not me. Are you all right?" she asks.

"Yeah, I think so." says Riley. "Let's get some sleep though. It'll help with the stinging feeling."

Jesse almost hesitates to move when Riley enters the hammock. She slides to the side as the merman she desires the most lies down right next to her. Right now, all she can see is the smile on his face, which is something she has started to be thankful for. Riley casually puts an arm around her before closing his eyes to sleep. Jesse continues to look up at his face. It is just as serene and beautiful as when she gazed upon his unconscious form on the beach a couple days ago. The arm that he has wrapped around her has its hand strongly and warmly holding her shoulder. Finding herself in a somewhat uncomfortable position, Jesse slowly shifts her position. She moves her body against his and ends up brushing a breast against his bare side. The feeling and exhilaration of the entire movement leaves her flesh with an enjoyably tingling sensation. Jesse sighs as this is more comfortable than before, with Riley's side gently nestled in the valley of her bosom.

Mere seconds after falling asleep, Jesse drifts off into a miniature world inside her own head. She is alone on a beach. For the first time ever, this dream stars her in her mermaid form. Just as the illusion starts, Jesse feels a shiver down her spine and decides to get into the water. Safely submerged, she is shocked to find that the source of the danger is none other than herself, her human self. The mermaid Jesse finds a conveniently large rock to hide behind as the human version of Jesse casually walks onto the beach. As this all unfolds, the Jesse hiding in the water wonders what the point of this dream is. A large wave crashes against her back and almost smashes her against the rock. She makes a loud yell, but the sound is hidden by the loud roar of the wave. The mermaid Jesse looks up again and sees herself holding and checking her purse. The Jesse standing on the beach suddenly looks out over the sea, in the general direction of her other self. The mermaid quickly pulls back so the no part of her will be seen. She turns around and rests her back against the rock that is her hiding place. She makes a soft gasp to see Riley's unconscious form floating towards the shore.

This dream is remarkably similar to what happened on that Greek island beach a couple days ago, except of course that there was only one Jesse the first time this happened. It looks like it could be just a perfect re-enactment of past events, but something seems amiss to the Jesse in the water. The mermaid counts several seconds before peeking around the rock again. If this was proceeding just like the first time, then her human self would be delicately inspecting Riley's succulent form, paying little attention to anything else. When she does peek, her human counterpart is currently moving her hand up and down the smooth torso of Riley. Even though the woman on the beach is herself, Jesse the mermaid can't help suppress the feeling of jealousy. Watching those gentle hands glide along the contours of the merman's body, Jesse floats closer to the odd couple on the beach. The dream is accurate and precise with every moment, but the mermaid in the water still feels distressed, as if something is about to go awry. And it does, Riley awakens.

Both Jesse's gasp at the same time, but it is the one in the water that freezes. The Jesse on land stares into Riley's open eyes. Riley just lies there motionless, pretty much like the Jesse in the water. The mermaid gasps again as her human self strips off the very same clothes she had been wearing days ago. The Jesse on land slowly lies down, completely naked, next to Riley. A tingling throughout her entire body tells the mermaid Jesse that this whole dream scene is turning her on.

The human Jesse has Riley speechless though in a fearful sort of way, as though he is at a loss at how to escape. Soon enough, however, the Jesse on land has the merman quite literally in her grip. The mermaid lets out a soft moan as the gentle hand of her other self glides down Riley's chest and stomach before enclosing his manhood in her fist. Before anything more happens, the scene before her disappears and Riley's curious face suddenly comes into view. Jesse gives a quick and audible gasp before looking left, right, up, and down. With a sigh, she realizes the dream is over and she is back in the hammock.

"What's wrong, Jesse?" asks Riley.

"Nothing." replies Jesse. "I just had an interesting dream. That's all."

"Heh. I'm glad that's all it was. Better than a nightmare."

"Was I moving around much?"

"Not too much. Your hand moved up and down a bit, but you woke me up when your tail started twitching."

"Oh sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, let's get back to sleep. I'm still tired."

As soon as Jesse opens her mouth to respond, Riley's eyes close once again as he drifts off to sleep. The mermaid sighs in relief that Riley did not question her more on what actually happened in her dream. Jesse slowly and carefully moves her right arm, the one resting across the merman's chest. She then moves her hand in the same way as her arm. Her pinky finger playfully flicks a nipple before resting on his chest. She then looks down at the limp flesh shaft, which in her dreams, was taken into the much envied hand of her human self. The mermaid knows she can't do that now, in real-life. Still she can't help but nudge his hips with her waist and smiles at what happens: his flesh moves back and forth before pointing at the place where she'd love to have it most. With a happy thought, she, too, falls asleep.

Meanwhile at the surface, Brynn and the others are lying on the beach with their backs to the sand. Every single pair of eyes is focused on the stars in the enchantingly clear sky above them. Brynn is lying down next to Miek; both of them with an arm around one another. Lily has a brown-haired, green-eyed merman holding her tightly. His dark green tail is securely wrapped around like her own in the same way a snake grips a tree it climbs. Earlier in the night, the merman's stealthy arm reached around the mermaid's back and curled around her body to grasp a breast. Lily hadn't objected; from the start, she had known that this was what they had both wanted. Even now, the tightening and releasing of his hand's grip excites her. She tries to keep the sounds she makes only audible to herself and the merman. Not too far away are Shane with his girlfriend as well as three more couples, each sharing loving embraces.

As the night becomes early morning, most of them had already fallen asleep. The only ones who remain awake are Lily and the merman who still holds her in his arms, Varon. Thanks to the lengthy foreplay while stargazing, the two of them are incredibly restless. In his eagerness, Varon releases Lily from his hold only to roll up on top of her. She can feel his burning hot manhood pressed snugly against her belly. Varon looks into her eyes lustfully. He then lifts himself up and slowly slides his length deep into her. Lily looks left and right to see his hands planted into the sand on both sides of her with his heavy tail pinning her tail down. As he explores deeper and deeper into her, Lily lets out a soft groan. Varon easily slips in and out rhythmically even without the help of water to keep them wet and slippery. The two of them smile at each other as the pleasure rises. The merman energetically gives her his all, which is exactly what she had been craving for the past few hours. Something inside Varon builds up quickly up the point where he can barely contain it. He lowers his body down onto hers. Lily can tell it's coming soon from the tell-tale surge in heat emanating from her lover. Varon digs his arms into the sand under Lily and holds her body tightly to his own. In his hold, Lily feels her soft bosom squeezed against his firm chest. Varon then drives himself deeper into her body as the climactic moment arrives.

Both Lily and Varon clutch each other tightly as the merman explodes within the mermaid. Lily gyrates and grinds on and around Varon, eager to take in every drop of his essence. The pleasure of having him pour into her like the wildest currents of the sea is almost indescribable. The intense warmth of his body overwhelms her body. Each burst and twitch from Varon's body as well as each move and grind from Lily, bring the couple to the brink of almost moaning out loud. Counting the initial climax, Lily endures four more bursts from the merman. Right after the fourth, Varon collapses on top of her, his chest heaving. Lily, too, is out of breath; she can barely lift a finger, though it is fair to mention that she is feeling the entire weight of the merman on top of her.

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