tagIncest/TabooLife with Grandpa

Life with Grandpa

byNo Panty Girl©

Mom left us when I was two years old. By he time I was six Dad was serving ten years in the slammer on a drug bust. I went to live with my granddad, my only relative.

Granddad was an ordinary hard working man who lived on a small farm outside of Preston, a small manufacturing town about ten miles away. Granddad worked at the Preston Stove works during the day and operated the farm in his spare time.

Granddad was good to me, he helped me and encouraged me with my schoolwork and ensured I had everything I needed to do well in school. He did not expect me to help out on the farm but wanted me to concentrate on school.

For twelve years grandpa made sure I was on the school bus every morning on the way into Preston to school. He bought me a $250 prom dress for my high school prom with his hard earned dollars.

I was eighteen and after much deliberation was off to the Barbizon Modeling Academy in Toronto. It was my first time away from home.

After a tearful farewell I boarded the bus off to pursue my career.

I did well in Toronto. Found myself an apartment to share with a girl from Kitchener, a city near my hometown. I found a job working nights at "The Station", an old railway station converted into a bar. Working as a waitress with my cute little ass in my short shorts the tips was good.

Grandpa's checks arrived every month along with his weekly phone calls to see if I needed anything. I always ensured me if I ever needed anything all I had to do was ask.

I lost my cherry in Toronto. He was a suave underworld character with plenty of bucks to spend in all the best places.

I was a pushover for a guy like Tony. I was naive country girl fresh off the farm. He told me he could help me with my career so it wasn't long before I was in bed with him.

Basically all Tony wanted me for was to fuck and show off. We would spend afternoons fucking in the Holiday Inn while he would make phone calls to his associates and wife waiting at home. One time he did get me up to sing at a swank nightclub one of his friends owned.

The only modeling assignments I got were car shows and expositions. Just hanging around in skimpy outfits providing eye candy for horny guys. Discouraged I decided to return home to grandpa.

Returning back to the farm I found grandpa had taken in another border to help him with the chores around the place. Owen was a twenty-year-old son of a woman grandpa had an affair with many years ago. Because of the resemblance I suspected Owen might be grandpa's son?

Grandpa was surprised at what a woman I had blossomed into. No more the gangly teenager but a graceful woman with a body that excited most men.

The old house on the farm was not really that big. Owen was using my old bedroom and the other bedroom was being used as a storage room. Rather than upset the house I told grandpa I would be willing to share his bed.

He was quite surprised at my offer but I could see the gleam in his eye.

"C'mon Grandpa, we're all adults now." I convinced him.

Grandpa made room in his closet and drawers for my stuff.

It was strange but nice that first night, cuddling up to grandpa in my tee shirt and panties. We just snuggled and had a beautiful night's sleep.

Grandpa informed me that dad was doing another five years on a trafficking rap and wanted to know if I wanted to go visit him. I told him I considered him to be my father and wasn't interested.

The next night I woke up in the middle of the night to find grandpa's hand in my panties on my pussy. It felt comforting so I went back to sleep. I was awaken early next morning with my panties off and grandpa's cock in me fucking me from behind. I slammed my ass back on him and had a beautiful climax as he pumped his cum into me.

From that night on grandpa and me became lovers.

Grandpa was in his sixties but still in good shape thanks to working on the farm daily. He was like a love-starved teenager, fucking me every night.

Our love life did not escape Owen's attention. One day he came right out and asked me: "Are you screwing Nick?"

I admitted I was and he asked if he would let him fuck me too?

Of course I agreed, Owen was a good-looking lad and grandpa was in his sixties. I would have to fuck Owen secretively because I knew grandpas would not agree, especially if Owen was his son. It was bad enough he was fucking family without including his son in a threesome.

I took Owen into my bedroom and stripped. Grandpa was not due home from work for another hour. Owen watched closely as I uncovered my charms. Stark naked I jumped onto the bed.

Owen quickly stripped to join me. My heart skipped a beat when he pulled down his shorts and his hard cock sprung out. It was beautiful, at least nine inches of rock-hard cockmeat.

"Tit-fuck me." I said as he got on the bed.

I have the perfect tits for tit fucking, 38C and firm. Owen laid his log between my mounds and I squeezed them together trapping his cock. He started thrusting up between my boobs.

Playfully I tried to catch his helmet in my mouth as he slid up to my chin. Once or twice my tongue licked him before he unloaded a load of pearl white cum onto my chest.

Owen rolled the head of his cock in he puddle of cum at the base of my neck and fed it to me. I licked the delicious cream from him greedily.

After my fresh cream appetizer I was ready to fuck my uncle, nephew or whatever.

Own moved down and placed my ankles on his shoulders. Almost folded in half he entered me and went where no man had gone before. I was still a virgin where Owen's cock reached.

It was the fuck I had been longing for. Owen's cockhead was knocking on the door of motherhood and I was going to let him come in.

"Fuck me Owen, give me a baby!" I pleaded.

I never suspected I had to worry too much about grandpa knocking me up so I had quite taking the pill after I stopped fucking Tony. Now Owen's virile cock was almost touching my cervix.

I was prepared to have Owen's baby. Grandpa would think it was his and dot over me as my belly swelled.

I slammed my hips up to meet Owen's thrusts so when he cum his sperm would find its way into my garden.

"Now!" I cried as I felt my orgasm breaking loose.

Owen grunted and I felt his warm cum flooding my womb. It was bliss, my body quivered as Owen inseminated me.

Owen and I continued to fuck secretively and soon my periods ceased coming. I happily informed grandpa he was going to be a father again.

Both Owen and grandpa are proud of my son Chad and we are working on a brother or sister!

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