tagIncest/TabooLife with Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

Life with Mother-In-Law Ch. 03


I uncuffed Sue from the bed while Kate retrieved the strapon and brought it over to us. Sue's face and lips glistened with saliva from her facefucking while a thick load slowly leaked from her pussy. She was the very image of lust and degradation.

Kate tossed the dildo onto the bed next to her mother. Taking Sue's hand, she pulled her up so that they were standing face to face. Kate kissed her mother hard and put one hand at Sue's dripping pussy. She quickly inserted two fingers, then removed them coated in a mixture of my cum and her mother's juices. She put her fingers to Sue's mouth, and Sue obediently opened for her.

"Swallow your treat," my wife commanded. Sue complied, gulping it down with eyes closed.

"Is mommy-slut ready for her reward? Ready to take over and be in charge and fuck me for a change?"

"Yes, mistress. I'm ready."

Kate helped Sue get the strapon harness properly fastened and tightened for the next chapter of our evening. The big rubber toy jutted out menacingly from Sue's petite frame, waiting to be put to use stretching my wife's holes.

"You," said Kate, turning to address me, "go sit over there. Watch." I moved over to the recliner in the corner, cock already hardening again in anticipation.

"Okay, mommy-slut. I've decided to give you ten minutes of reward time. For those ten minutes, you are in charge. You can do whatever you'd like to do with me. You are 100% in control, and I hope you'll act like it. My husband is also available for any services you might require from him. Starting... now." Kate set an alert on her phone for ten minutes and placed it on the bedside table.

Without wasting a second, Sue grabbed her daughter by the shoulders and forced her to her knees. Kate stared up at her mother past the monstrous cock that stood between them. Sue stared back, expressionless as she pressed the head of the toy to Kate's lips.

"Open your mouth and suck. Take as much as you can... dirty fucking cunt." Sue allowed an evil grin to overtake her features as she experimented with the dominant dirty talk. Kate raised an eyebrow in pleasant surprise.

"Wow, mommy has been practicing."

"Shut the fuck up, whore. Suck my cock." Sue slapped her daughter forcefully before grabbing a handful of her hair and shoving about half of the rubber cock into Kate's waiting mouth. My wife let out a squeal of surprise as her mother began to pound her throat. "Don't say a thing unless I tell you to." Kate nodded her compliance as Sue's thrusting continued.

It was hot hearing Sue talk like this and seeing my wife getting dommed by her own mother. After a minute or two of facefucking, Sue motioned for me to move over to the bed. I sat upright on the edge and waited to see what would happen next. Sue stopped fucking Kate's throat and pulled her up to her feet. In the same motion, she forced Kate's mouth onto my waiting cock and pulled her hips up level with the big, glistening strapon. My wife instinctively began to suck, bent at the waist with her backside exposed to whatever Sue had in store for it.

Sue seemed to consider plunging the cock into one of Kate's holes right at that moment, but instead decided to get down on her knees and place her face right next to Kate's, watching her deepthroat my dick.

"I love seeing how much you enjoy sucking cock. Especially your husband's big, thick cock." Kate looked at her mother and nodded, keeping up a perfect rhythm in her sucking. "Do you remember why our whole... arrangement first started? You weren't paying enough attention to that fine piece of meat, so he started to fantasize about me, his own wife's mom? I'm surprised you didn't predict that that would happen when I moved in with you guys. Dumb cunt." Sue punctuated her speech with a firm slap on Kate's ass, causing a quick squeal of indignation from my wife.

"Facefuck your wife, Tyler. Fuck her throat and make her gag. See how she likes it."

"Yes, ma'am," I smiled at Sue. I grabbed a handful of Kate's hair and started to thrust deep into her throat. Her eyes soon began to water, and I wondered if she was possibly regretting letting her mother be in charge. Sue moved back into position to fuck Kate from behind.

"Ass or pussy, slut? Where do you want it? Tyler, take her mouth off of your cock long enough for her to answer." I obeyed, pulling my wife's mouth away from my dick. She gasped for air, then answered.

"Fuck my ass, mommy. Please."

"Good answer." Sue picked up the bottle of lube from the bedside table and squirted liberally from it onto shaft of the big strapon. She then used her fingers to apply more to Kate's waiting backdoor. I went back to pumping my cock in and out of my wife's throat.

Kate began to moan as she felt the head of the toy against her asshole. It was a moan of anticipation and excitement; Kate loved to get assfucked more than anyone I had ever met. My wife gasped suddenly at the moment of penetration, pulling her mouth from my stiff cock once more.

"Oh... fuck, so big... go slow please, mommy. Please, it's so big... ugh..."

Sue pressed her hips forward at a slow and steady pace.

"I don't remember asking you how I should fuck you. You're the one who picked out this monster." Sue smiled at me over her daughter's back. "But don't worry, mommy won't hurt her little buttslut."

Sue was working the strapon steadily deeper in my wife's ass. I cupped Kate's face in my hands and brought her up to kiss me. Though she was clearly distracted by the massive toy invading her ass, we held eye contact and she gave me a reassuring look.

"So... fucking... good. So big," she whispered to me. "So fucking full. Stuffing my... ugh... my fucking ass."

"Louder, slut!" Sue interrupted our semi-private moment. "Tell us how good it feels."

"It's so good when you stretch my ass, mommy! I love your big dick in my butthole stretching me out like a dirty whore! I need to get used and fucked hard and put in my place! Pound me, mommy, please! Use my fucking shithole!"

I was surprised at how well Kate was adapting to the role of submissive; she really had meant it when she told Sue she was in charge for the duration of the timer. It was nice to change things up.

Sue fucked her daughter unrelentingly with deep, furious strokes that seemed to take Kate's breath away. When Kate went silent like this I knew she was close to orgasm, and just needed a little push to get over the edge.

"Don't forget about my cock, slut. Your ass is taking a big dick but your mouth has a job too." I grabbed a handful of my wife's hair and forced her down further on my slippery, throbbing manhood. Sue smiled approvingly at my dirty talk, urging me on. "That's right, nice and deep. You like getting double-teamed by her your husband and your mom? Yeah? Getting assfucked by your mom while your husband pounds your throat?"

My wife managed to moan out an affirmative mmm-hmm response. One of her hands massaged by balls while her other worked her clit furiously. She was on her final build-up to what I assumed would be a big orgasm.

"I think she's about to cum, Sue."

Sue looked into my eyes as she increased the pace further. A vicious snarl overtook her features as she violently pounded her daughter's ass. Sue's ample breasts swung enticingly as she pulled Kate by the hips onto the massive strapon. She noticed my gaze had become locked on her tits, and used this to further goad her daughter into orgasm.

"Maybe we can fuck you like this more often, slut. Your husband seems to love watching my tits bounce while I ram your asshole. Want to get spitroasted more?"

"Mmm-hmm... yes please... more. More, mommy! Ughhhh fuck! Fuck I'm so close!"

Sue redoubled her efforts, thrusting hard into Kate's ass as I did the same to her throat. A long, low moan from my wife started to grow in intensity, sending a wave of pleasure through my cock. Kate pulled her mouth away as she climaxed.

"Yes, fuck... cum... cumming... I'm cumming... Oh... oh..."

My wife stared up at me through half-closed eyes as she went silent and tremors overtook her whole body. She was experiencing a monstrous orgasm, and her face revealed the deep pleasure she was feeling. I cupped her face in my hands as she came, lightly kissing her lips, cheeks, and forehead as I whispered encouragement.

"Yes, baby, yes, cum. Cum for your mother. Cum for me. Show us how much you love it." By this point Kate was coming down from her orgasm, and was breathing heavily in an attempt to catch her breath.

"I... love... you," she managed to force out through a crooked smile. My wife wore a glaze of pleasure across her face. Her head still bobbed from the rhythm of her mother's anal assault, which was still going on at a slightly slower pace.

"I love you," I responded with a smile.

Kate moaned sharply as Sue pulled out of her ass.

"Glad my little girl enjoyed that. You took it so well. Such a good little buttslut."

Kate straightened up and turned to face her mother. As she was about to speak, the phone on the nightstand began to chirp out its alarm. I had almost forgotten about it. All three of us stared at it for a few moments as the alarm impatiently grew in volume.

Kate moved slowly toward it, picking it up and silencing the alarm. She turned back to us with an odd smile on her face.

"Are things going... back to normal for now?"

"Back to normal," I responded.

Sue went to her knees where she stood in the middle of the bedroom. The strapon still jutted out imposingly, but her position was entirely submissive as she folded her hands in front of her.

"For now," Sue said with a smile.


*Chapter 4 will cover the end of this evening, with lots of anal action and a return to the normal domme/sub relationships from the first two chapters. Chapter 5 will detail the changing relationship between Tyler and Sue as they become closer. After that, who knows? Thank you for reading!

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