tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 02

Life with Torrie Ch. 02


Married ‘Life with Torrie’ didn’t start off exactly as I had envisioned. Since we had decided only a week before to go ahead and get married, we didn’t have the money to go on a honeymoon. Instead, after the ceremony and a great steak dinner, we went to ‘our new home.’ Actually, it was a small mobile home we had just purchased the morning of the wedding. Not only did we purchase it that morning; we had to spend the rest of the day cleaning it so we could stay there that evening.

By the time we got ‘home’ about 10 PM, we were exhausted. After putting sheets our ‘wedding bed,’ we got in a real bed together for the very first time. It was so natural to lay there holding my new bride. Soon we found ourselves not fucking in a car but gently making love (I won’t bore you with the details of a simple missionary position fuck.) in bed. We quickly fell asleep and slept soundly in each other’s arms until morning.

Over the next few weeks we were inseparable. Since we had gotten married so quickly and neither of us had a job, we did everything together. We shopped together. We cleaned together. We cooked together. We bathed together. And of course, we made love or sucked, touched and fucked together every time we had the chance. Torrie actually sucked my dick so much it became almost too sore to fuck with and I ate her pussy so often her pubic hair rubbed my chin raw. But we enjoyed ourselves. What’s that old saying about ‘no pain, no gain?’ It must be true.

A couple of weeks after we were married, we began to make plans for our delayed honeymoon. We still didn’t have jobs or much money so we decided to go camping at the beach. Since I already had all the camping equipment we needed, we just had to buy gas for the car, take some groceries and pay for a camping site.

When we arrived at the beach, the weather was cool and it was misting rain but it didn’t stay that way long. It turned cold and started raining hard about the time we got our tent set up. The next few days were miserable. It was too rainy to cook or be outside for anything. We either stayed in the tent or spent our time at the pavilion walking through the tourist shops. The walking around we fun but the time in the tent was better. Since we only had one cot, we were very close as we touched, sucked and fucked.

Torrie and I even began to experiment with some anal stimulation that week. Although she wouldn’t let me fuck her ass and she didn’t really like my finger in it, she immediately enjoyed it when I reamed her asshole with my tongue. She would stick her ass in the air and tell me: “Lick my asshole!” or “Fuck me with your tongue!” I was more than happy to oblige. Over the years, I never fucked her ass but a couple of times and she quit letting me lick her asshole but she learned to like being finger fucked in the ass. She even learned to like being ass-fucked with a vibrator. She always said she wasn’t willing to suffer the ‘pain for the gain.’ But that’s ok!

In the months to come, there wasn’t a lot of change in our lives. We moved a couple of times and each time was an improvement in our standard of living. We got a dog. We got a newer car after our Volkswagen caught on fire and burned one Friday afternoon. I started back to college. We simply had a good life together because we didn’t have a care in the world most of the time.

We did get caught in an embarrassing situation one afternoon. We had moved into a house that was close to my parents. (Right next door!) It was a warm spring afternoon. Torrie and I were in bed fucking. Neither of us had thought to lock the front door. Without knocking, my father walked in the door and across the living room. Suddenly, he was standing in front of our open bedroom door. There we were naked as the day we were born. We didn’t have any covers and I was pumping my dick into Torrie’ pussy. After getting what I’m sure was a good look at Torrie’ pussy with my dick in it, my father made a hasty exit. We never had that problem again because we learned to lock the doors and even close our bedroom door.

We continued camping. Each time we went, we seemed to take at least one of Torrie’ sisters with us. It was almost like having children of our own. We ended up taking them just about everywhere we went, although there was one place I hated taking them. At least there was one place I hated taking Jean.

Jean was Torrie’ oldest little sister. She was 14 by this time. All kinds of trouble seemed to come into her life and it seemed she caused most of it herself. Just like the time she went on a walk-a-thon to raise money for some charity. She met 5 guys and decided instead of walking, she would go riding around with them. They took her for a ride all right. They took her straight to the woods and either forced her or talked her into giving all of them a blowjob. She claimed it was force but I don’t believe her because her future actions showed just how much she enjoyed sucking dicks.

What happened to BJ (BJ was her initials and her nickname even before her ‘rape.’) isn’t why I hated taking her places. I really didn’t mind taking her every other place we went. I just hated taking her swimming at a nearby lake. It seemed like every time we went swimming, Torrie wanted to lie in the sun while I got in the water with the girls. The younger sister (PJ) wasn’t a problem because she wanted to stay in the shallow water but BJ always wanted to go in the deep water with me. At first I felt guilty about what would happen because I would always get an erection I couldn’t hide from BJ.

Then I began to realize what was happening. BJ was teasing me! She would wrap her legs around my waist and hold on tight in deep water. While she held on she would float back in the water with her eyes closed and her arms spread to the side. It was impossible not to notice two things that always happened. First, her nipples would get hard and her ample breasts would float freely under her loose bikini top. Second, her crotch would rub against my groin area.

These two things would always stimulate the erection I mentioned. As soon as BJ could feel my dick pressing against her pussy, she seemed to deliberately press against it. With her holding on tightly, the movement of the water caused a sensation that was almost like ‘dry fucking.’ She would never open her eyes. She never said anything about what would happen although I decided she knew what she was doing and enjoyed it.

It was difficult to resist the temptation to go further with BJ and I never did until one night the following winter. Torrie was sick and had promised that she would help BJ with a school history project. Not wanting to let her little sister down, she asked if I would go pick BJ up, bring her to our house and help her with the project. I agreed and after supper went to pick her up. She was very quite as we rode along. In fact she was so quite, I was worried about her.

“What’s wrong, BJ?” I asked.

“Nothing. Nothing you would be interested in.” she replied with a teary sounding voice.

“Try me. Tell me what’s wrong.” I tried to say in a reassuring manner.

“No. You’ll only laugh.” she mumbled.

“Ok. But if you change your mind, I’ll be glad to listen.” I told her.

“I’ll tell you if you’ll stop the car before we get to your house. I can’t take a chance on Torrie hearing me talk about it. Can we stop for a few minutes?” she asked.

“Ok. We’ll stop but just for a few minutes. You…No, we have a history project to do.” I replied as I approached the road Torrie and I lived on. Just before we got to where I needed to turn, there was a vacant lot where a house had burned years before. Quickly, I pulled into the yard, left the car running and turned off the headlights so no one would think something might be wrong.

Again, I asked her what was wrong. She didn’t say anything at first, then it seemed she started crying harder. Trying to comfort her, I put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a ‘brother-in-law type hug.’ BJ’s only response was to lean close to me and put her arms around my neck. As she held on tightly to my neck, I reached to put my other arm around her in a comforting manner. Now it seems that was a mistake because my hand accidentally brushed across her breast.

Before I realized what was happening, she pulled my face to hers and pressed her lips to mine. I tried to pull away but she held on tight and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. I knew I shouldn’t give in but I kissed her back. For a 14 year-old girl, she seemed to be a very experienced kisser. We continued kissing for a few moments and I began to get aroused. My hand soon moved from her side back to the breast I had accidentally touched earlier. The touch of her softness was exciting but it also startled me back to the reality I was kissing my sister-in-law.

Abruptly, I pushed BJ away. Before I thought about what I was saying, I called her a ‘little prick tease.’ She actually had the nerve to look me in the eye, smile and say, ‘So what. You like it, don’t you? You know you always get hard!’

I lied to her when I said I didn’t like it because I really did. I just didn’t want to get caught by Torrie with a hard dick in her little sister.

Immediately, we drove straight to the house. Torrie was in bed asleep, so we got busy working on the project. Several times during the evening, BJ looked at me and licked her lips seductively. It was very distracting but I ignored her. By the time we finished the project, it was too late to take her home. She called her Mother to ask if it would be ok for her to spend the night. Of course, my mother-in-law said it would be fine.

While I went to check on Torrie, BJ gathered her school stuff together so she could watch television for a while. By the time I got back in the living room, she had already settled down on the couch. At first I didn’t notice what else she had done. Then I realized she had changed into a nightgown. It wasn’t just any nightgown. It was one that belonged to her little sister. PJ was 6 years younger than BJ and considerably smaller in size. So her nightgown was way too small for BJ.

Sitting down on the couch, I tried not to stare at the obvious as I covered my legs with a blanket. Before I got comfortable, BJ had moved closer and put her legs under the blanket. At least I wouldn’t be tempted to look at them even though all the rest of her feminine charms were right there in my face. The thin blue gown was stretched tightly across her breasts. It was so tight across her hard nipples that every detail was obvious. The gown clung to her belly and showed the impression of her sparse pubic hair. It was clear she had taken her panties off and was sitting there in just the gown.

Nothing inappropriate was said or done as we watched television. When the news came on, BJ announce she was going to bed. She quickly leaned over, kissed me lightly on the lips and said, ‘Sweet dreams.’ before getting out from under the blanket. As she stood up, I got a good look at her bare ass. Nothing was said when she walked in front of me going to the bathroom. She looked as me with a knowing smile as she walked back by on her way to the front bedroom.

As the 11 PM news was going off and I was getting ready to watch ‘The Late Show,’ I decided to check on Torrie. She was fast asleep so I decided not to wake her. Just about the time I sat back down, I heard BJ call me. I couldn’t tell what she was saying and I didn’t want to wake Torrie up so I stepped to the bedroom door to see what she wanted.

I tried to ignore the fact that she was lying there without any covers and that the gown seemed even tighter that before. When I asked what she wanted, she asked if Torrie was asleep and would I talk to her about what happened in the car. Hoping she had realized it was wrong, I thought we had better talk. Stepping close to the bed, I asked what she wanted to talk about. She informed me she wanted to talk about our kissing. When I started to tell her it was a mistake on both our parts, she stopped me. She informed me she liked it and she wanted me to kiss her again.

Standing straight up I told her: ‘No! We can’t do that.’

That was when she shocked my again by smiling, looking at my zipper and saying, ‘Take it out.’

‘Take what out?’ I asked with a puzzled voice.

‘Take it out so I can suck it.’ she replied as she reached for my zipper.

‘No! You can’t do that!’ I said as I pushed her hand away and turned to walk out of the room. I was glad my back was to her so she couldn’t see my erection.

I was so confused and had such a hard dick, I didn’t even stop in the living room. I walked directly to the bathroom and took a shower. I might add that I took a long shower and jerked-off thinking about my slut sister-in-law. Even though I had just jerked-off in the shower, when I got in bed next to Torrie I immediately developed an erection. I moved close to her and slipped my dick between her ass cheeks. I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction because she wiggled her ass against me. Without a word she spread her legs enough I could slip my dick into her pussy. Then without Torrie knowing, I ‘fucked BJ’ for a long time before depositing cum deep in her pussy. When my dick softened and slipped out of ‘BJ’s pussy,’ I fell asleep beside Torrie.

The next morning Torrie was still sick and I had to drive BJ home. Along the way she made several comments about us ‘doing it’ and her telling people about what happened the night before, if I didn’t ‘do it with her.’ Her threats worried me but I simply told her that if she told anyone, I would call her a liar. We never had any more physical contact. The times when mentioned that night to Torrie and other people, I’m thankful no one believed her.

‘Part 3’ of ‘Life with Torrie’ will tell you about a couple of sexual experiences I had with other people early in our marriage. ‘Parts 4, 5 & 6’ will be back to sexual adventures between Torrie and I, plus a few other people may be in the stories. You can find ‘Part 3’it right here in the ‘Loving Wives’ stories. Don’t forget to let me know if you enjoy reading about ‘Life with Torrie.’

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