tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 04

Life with Torrie Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Riding Around With Torrie, Donna and Rudy

It was already dark when we arrived at Donna and Rudy' house on Friday evening. Of course that wasn't surprising since it was almost 8 o'clock in late January. It was also very cold. As a matter of fact, it was as cold as December 5, 1969. That was the night I fucked Torrie for the first time.

As we settled in at Donna and Rudy' for an evening of conversation, food, beer and wine, the house seemed a little empty since we had left our children with a baby sitter and their children were visiting his parents for the night. The conversation and beverages flowed freely as we ate oysters roasted in the oven. The heat from the oven soon heated the kitchen and family room up until it became uncomfortable.

"Come with me. It's too hot in here!" Donna said to Torrie.

Immediately, Torrie got up and followed Donna down the hall to the back of the house. Rudy and I knew better than to question where they were going. We just knew they would be back when they got good and ready so we settled down in front of the television to wait. We didn't have to wait long for them to come back to the family room. When they walked in Rudy and I exchanged surprised looks because they had changed out of their jeans and sweaters and put on loose fitting caftans.

"We decided to change into something more comfortable. These will be much cooler than jeans and sweaters." Torrie announced as she walked across the room and sat down on the floor in front of my chair. I could only imagine what Rudy was thinking when Torrie walked in front of him. The caftan was thin and silky. Although you couldn't see through the material, it was obviously the only thing she had on. Much to Rudy' and my delight the loose caftan clung to every curve of Torrie' beautiful body. Her nipples were hard and looked as if they would explode through the material. The outline of her neatly trimmed pubic hair was evident as she walked. There was a small indention in the material indicating the location of her bellybutton. When she turned to sit down, the material clung to her ass leaving no doubt as to how firm it was. She looked absolutely stunning.

Rudy and I both looked at Donna at the same time in order to see if her feminine charms were displayed as beautifully as Torrie'. As she stood across the room, the light from the hallway silhouetted her body through her equally thin caftan. Sure enough she was naked under her caftan as well. Although she was a little bit heavier than my wife was, she looked very good. As if knowing we would definitely be looking closely at her, she seemed to wait for Torrie to sit down and get comfortable before she completely entered the room. Her breasts jiggled slightly and her nipples hardened as she walked across the room and sat down not far from Torrie. I was a little bit disappointed, and maybe even a little jealous, because her caftan didn't show off her body the way Torrie' did. It was obvious she was naked and that her nipples had gotten hard but I really couldn't make out anything about her ass or pussy.

Sitting there on the floor cross-legged, Donna pulled her caftan up to mid-thigh as she reached for her cup of wine. Taking a big drink, she quickly emptied the cup. Turning to Rudy she asked him to refill her cup which he gladly agreed to do. I sat there waiting and hoping she would move in such a way as to give me a look at her pussy but she was careful and I continued to be a little disappointed.

When Rudy returned with her refill, Donna emptied her cup again and asked if anyone wanted to go for a ride. Sitting back down, Rudy reminded her that there were two MG's and a small pickup truck in the driveway and neither of them had enough room for four people to ride in.

"That's ok. Torrie and I will take a couple of blankets and ride in the back of the truck." Donna stated matter-of-factly to Rudy. He tried to reason with her but she got up, took Torrie' hand and said, "Come on. Let's get the blankets and meet them at the truck." Just as quickly as they disappeared before, they were gone again. It wasn't but a couple of minutes before Rudy and I heard the front door open. Torrie called out to us to "Hurry up." Then the door closed and there was silence.

Bewildered we looked at each other and agreed we might as well get up and go for a ride. I put on my warm-up suit jacket and went outside while Rudy went to the bathroom. As soon as I stepped out the door, I could see Torrie and Donna climb over the truck tailgate and get into the back. By the time I could walk from the house to the truck, they had already settled down under the blankets. When I walked over and looked in the back, I could tell they were already cold but they wouldn't admit to it when I asked.

Reaching over the tailgate, I reached under their blankets and caftans where I began to gently rub their legs. I know Torrie knew I was rubbing her leg but I don't know if she realized I was rubbing her friend's leg also. Ever so slowly I rubbed higher and higher until the fingers on my left hand brushed Torrie' pubic hair and my right hand reached Donna's upper thigh. I met no resistance from Torrie as I slipped one finger between her already wet pussy lips but I could feel Donna tense, then immediately relax, as I rested my hand on the inside of her warm thigh. Much to my disappointment just as I was about to move my hand higher up her thigh, Rudy walked out the front door and said, "It's time to ride."

Not knowing how he would react to my hand on his wife's thigh, I discreetly moved my hands as he approached the truck. "Let's go." Rudy said as he and I got in the front of the truck. As soon as the engine started and the heater was turned on, we began riding around the neighborhood they lived in. After a time we ended up where the main road dead-ended near a large lake. Just as soon as the truck was almost stopped so we could turn around and continue our ride, we hear 'it.' "Stop!"

Immediately, Rudy stopped the truck. We turned around to see what was wrong. We quickly discovered nothing was wrong. Since it was a clear night with a full moon, our wives had wanted us to get a good look at the moon or more correctly the 'moons' over the lake. Not two feet from the back window of the truck were two beautiful asses. Our wives were 'mooning' us. They were standing there with their feet apart, bent over at the waist with the caftans up over their asses. Rudy and I were both shocked as we sat there staring at four great looking legs, two gorgeous asses and two extremely tempting pussies that were visible in the bright moon light. Then just as quickly as they yelled "Stop!" they pulled their caftans down to cover their asses. Then as they got back under the blankets, one of them shouted, "Let's ride some more!" With that command, Rudy finished turning the truck around and we were off again.

Soon, Rudy turned off the main road. "Let's give them a real ride." he said as he started down a dirt path that paralleled a farmer's field. Without notice he turned the truck out into the field and told me to "Hold on." After going only a few hundred feet we heard someone again yell, "Stop!" Obediently, he stopped the truck. Again we turned around hoping to be 'mooned' but we were disappointed.

"We've got to pee! Come help us out of the truck so all this bouncing doesn't make us pee on ourselves and the blankets." Someone shouted.

"I'm not getting out. It's too cold for me!" Rudy said.

Since I knew what would happen if we didn't help them, I got out, walked to the rear of the truck and lowered the tailgate. I was glad I was the one standing there because their caftans slipped way up exposing their legs. I was instructed not to watch as they both lifted their caftans and squatted to pee. Although I was not supposed to watch, I did anyway. As they squatted by the truck, I stepped up to the driver's window and told Rudy he needed to get out and see what was happening. Reluctantly, he got out just as they finished peeing and dropped their caftans.

"You missed a sight almost as good as the two moons over the lake." I assured Rudy. About that time Donna whispered something to Torrie, who smiled and said, "Ok!" Then Donna whispered something in Rudy' ear. He began to grin. Before I knew what was going on, Rudy had stripped off all of his clothes except his jockey shorts and Torrie had sat down on the tailgate. I was the only one 'in the dark' about what was going on. But I got the idea very quickly when Donna took Rudy' hand and started leading him past the tailgate where Torrie was sitting.

I probably shouldn't have been surprised but I have to admit that what Torrie did next really surprised me. As Donna and Rudy started walking out into the field, Torrie grabbed the elastic waist of Rudy' briefs and tried to pull them down. She looked a little sad and very disappointed when Donna pulled Rudy out of her reach before Torrie was able to expose his obvious hard-on. I've always wondered what would have happened if Torrie had been successful in exposing Rudy' dick. Would Donna have gotten mad or would she have just continued leading him away from the truck? Maybe she would have stopped and fucked him right there where Torrie and I could watch. Who knows what Donna would have done and who knows what Torrie would have done! Would she have liked getting her hands on his dick? Would she have been willing and ready to touch, suck or even fuck him? Who knows? Of course, I did find out some time later that at another time when I wasn't around, Rudy tried to get Torrie to let him fuck her. She told me she didn't let him but you never know, do you?

All that is just speculation though. Torrie then lay back in the truck bed and propped her feet up on the tailgate. As she pulled her caftan up and exposed her pussy, she looked at me and demanded, "Fuck me!"

Seeing those four long legs as the ladies climbed out of the truck, watching the erotic show as they peed and then seeing my wife reach for another man had given me a ready erection. Pushing my sweat pants down to my ankles, I quickly stepped between Torrie' legs. That was all I had to do because Torrie reached down and guided my dick straight to her waiting pussy. With one swift push we were joined together. I began fucking her with long slow strokes. Then I heard it for the third time. "Stop!" I was a little startled as I stopped and asked what was the matter.

"There's nothing wrong. Follow me!" she said as she moved causing my dick slip free of her pussy.

Getting up off the tailgate, Torrie began walking toward the front of the truck. She looked back at me standing there with my pants around my ankles and my dick sticking straight out and said, "Hurry up!"

Pulling my pants up enough I didn't trip, I quickly followed her. By the time I got to the front, she was already lying on the hood with her caftan around her waist and her feet propped on the bumper.

"This is so warm! Now you can fuck me some more unless you want to eat my pussy first." Torrie said with a wicked grin.

Never one to turn down eating pussy, I jumped at the chance. Her swollen lips were already spread apart from our short fuck session and I immediately began to lick her clit. As I licked her erect clit, she began moving her hips and fucking my tongue and face. It was only a matter of moments before she began to cum. Maybe it was because of everything that had happened that evening or maybe it was because it was so cold but no matter what the reason she had a very long and intense orgasm.

"Now finish fucking me before they come back." Torrie said as she pushed my mouth away from her pussy.

I was already between her legs but I still had trouble getting my dick back into her pussy because of the height of the hood. Finally, by standing on my tiptoes and two of the field rows, I slipped back in her waiting warmth. The long slow strokes were replaced with more hurried anxious strokes as we fucked like two teenagers. Almost as on cue, when we heard Donna and Rudy walking up, I shot cum deep into her pussy.

Looking over to my right, I saw Donna smiling as my dick slipped out of Torrie' pussy and I moved from between her legs. Immediately, I pulled up my pants and wondered if Donna had seen my exposed dick.

At first I didn't understand why Torrie didn't move off the hood. Then I saw Rudy standing there in the headlights. Torrie was obviously lying there giving him an unobstructed look at her just fucked pussy. He watched with a grin as cum dribbled out of her pussy, across her ass and onto the hood of his truck.

"Did everyone have a good time this evening?" Donna asked as Torrie slowly moved off the hood.

Looking at the cum smeared on the hood, Torrie said, "I had a great fucking time but I guess I'll have to wash Rudy' truck tomorrow so no one will know we were out riding around."

"You can forget the fucking truck or fucking on the truck. It's too cold to wash it this time of the year. Let's go back to the house now. It's freezing out here!" Rudy said as he stepped to the back of the truck and began putting his clothes back on.

Rudy dressed quickly before all four of us crowded into the tiny cab of the truck. Rudy drove. Donna sat in the middle. I sat on the passenger side with Torrie sitting in my lap. As we drove the short distance to their house, cum and pussy juices from Torrie soaked a large wet spot on the front of my sweat pants. Since it was much later than we had expected to be out, Torrie and I left to go home almost immediately. Torrie didn't even bother to change out of the caftan; she wore it home with the promise of returning it the next day.

What happened after we got home is another story I'll tell you about in 'Life with Torrie - Chapter 5!' You'll find it in the 'Loving Wives' stories. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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