tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 05

Life with Torrie Ch. 05


The ten-minute drive from Donna and Rudy’ house was very quite but that was good. It gave me a chance to think about the unexpected events of the evening. Not only did I think about what had happened; I continued to wonder about what would have happened if Torrie had been successful in pulling Rudy’ briefs down. What would have happened if she had exposed his hard dick? Would she have managed to get her hands on it? Would the situation have changed so Rudy would have be the one to fuck her on the hood of the truck? I even wondered if it had all been a plan Torrie and Donna dreamed up so we could swap partners. Then Donna and I could fuck each other and Torrie could fuck Rudy. I was lost in erotic thoughts when Torrie’ voice startled me back to reality.

“I’ll go in and send Jenny out. You take her home while I make sure the kids are in bed. Think about me while you’re gone. By the time you get back I want this hard because I want to be fucked again!” Torrie said as she traced the outline of my dick through my pants.

With those words still ringing in my ears, I began searching through the car’s console for enough money to pay Jenny. Torrie was out of the car, in the house and had Jenny on her way out very quickly.

“Hi, Mr. James. How was your evening?” Jenny asked as she got in the car.

“It was great.” I replied as I backed out of the driveway and headed toward her house.

It was only a block to her house. I would have her home and be back home in less than three minutes. As Jenny sat close beside me in Torrie’ tiny sports car, I could smell her perfume. Stealing a good look at her I noticed she didn’t have a coat or sweater on and her young nipples were about to tear through her blouse.

“Are you cold?” I asked.

“It’s cold outside but it’s toasty warm in here. Why don’t you at least drive around the block so I can warm-up?” Jenny asked with a sexy smile.

She looked down at her hard nipples, leaned back and pushed her chest out while at the same time crossing her legs. As she crossed her legs, I could see almost as much leg as I had seen earlier in the evening when Donna and Torrie slid out of the back of the truck. Before I realized what I was doing I drove right by her house. Then as quickly as I drove by I came to my senses and made a U-turn right in the middle of the street.

“Why did you turn around?” Jenny asked as she reached over and touched my arm.

“So neither of us get into any kind of trouble!” I said as I turned into her driveway. As I came to a stop, Jenny took the twenty-dollar bill I was holding out for her. Opening her door, she looked over her shoulder and smiled.

“Think about it until I baby-sit again. You will like it!” she said as she stood-up giving me an extra wiggle of her ass.

I was back home in about five minutes instead of the three it should have taken. The house was completely quite when I opened the front door. After locking the door, I walked toward our bedroom. Along the way I peaked into each of our kids rooms. Much to my surprise and delight they were already asleep.

Our bedroom door was closed so I opened it slightly and looked in without saying anything. There was Torrie lying on the bed. She had taken the caftan off and was lying on the bedspread naked. I was intrigued to see her lying face down with her legs spread apart. Her ass was moving up and down. She was fingering her clit. After watching for a moment, I went in and closed the door. I immediately stripped off my clothes. I only made one quick stop as I moved toward the bed. And that was to get a real looking penis vibrator out of the dresser.

Stepping up close behind Torrie, I turned the vibrator on and began moving it up and down the crack of her ass. The longer I massaged her ass and she fingered her clit, the more her ass moved. Just as I sensed she was about to cum, I positioned the vibrator at the opening to her pussy and pushed it completely in with one swift motion. That sent her over the edge, but she still didn’t stop fingering herself.

“Get on your knees so I can fuck you.” I instructed Torrie.

She responded immediately by getting up on her knees while continuing to rub her swollen clit. Her clit, pussy and the crack of her ass were soaked from our fucking earlier and her just having an orgasm. Kneeling between her legs, I removed the vibrator and leaned forward replacing the vibrator with my dick. After taking several long and slow strokes, I pulled out and slid the vibrator deep into her.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I positioned the head of my dick against her asshole.

I had fucked her ass with my finger before but she always objected when I suggested fucking her with my dick.

“Just relax and push back against me. If it hurts, you can stop.” I told her.

My dick was well lubricated with a mixture of our body fluids. Torrie didn’t move away. As she reluctantly pushed back against me the head slipped past the tight opening of her ass.

“Oh, that hurts.” Torrie said as she stopped pushing.

“You can stop if it hurts too bad.” I reassured her.

After a few moments, Torrie began to slowly move against me until my dick was soon buried deep in her hot ass. With long slow gently strokes, I began fucking her. The sensations were unbelievably hot as we fucked. Soon, I felt myself getting ready to cum. I could feel her hand brush against my balls as I thrust deep into her ass one last time and began to cum.

Suddenly, we lost our balance and toppled over forward on the bed. I lay on top of Torrie with my dick still buried deep in her ass for a couple of minutes before my soften dick slipped out. Then I moved over beside her on the bed. I must have dozed off very quickly. Soon Torrie was causing the bed to shake so much she woke me up. She still hadn’t gotten enough because she was fingering her clit again. I looked around, found her vibrator and turned the speed up on high. Then with one firm motion, I pushed it deep into her.

I knew she had the situation well in hand so I got up to go into the bathroom to pee. After peeing I came back in to find Torrie still lying on her stomach with her legs together. She was holding the vibrator in her pussy. What surprised me was that she had fallen asleep. As I spread her legs slightly, the vibrator slid out leaving her pussy stretched open.

It was about that time I noticed her asshole was stretched open also. No only was her pussy leaking cum, there was cum dribbling out of her ass as well. Both of these sights were very erotic but I decided after such a busy evening we probably both needed our rest. After turning the vibrator off, I covered us both up with a blanket before we drifted off to sleep.

I never did take Jenny up on her suggestion. On the few occasions when she would baby-sit, I made sure Torrie drove her home. I may have daydreamed about fucking her or her sucking my dick but some things are definitely not worth the risk. Fucking or being sucked-off by an underage girl is definitely one of those things.

Don’t forget there are more of my sexual adventures with Torrie in the ‘Loving Wives’ stories. They are listed as ‘Life with Torrie – Chapter?’ Hope you enjoy them!

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