tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 06 Pt. 02

Life with Torrie Ch. 06 Pt. 02


For the entire ride home, the same thing kept going over and over in my mind: ‘Torrie looking for men.’ When I arrived, Torrie was already home. She was sitting on the couch watching TV and our children were in their rooms doing homework.

The first place I went was to the bathroom. Then I asked Torrie to come into the bedroom so we could talk about something important. Smiling she walked to the room and sat down in the middle of the bed. I sat down and leaned across the pillows facing her. She had no idea her happy little world might just come crashing down any minute.

“I have something I need to ask you.” I stated.

“What?” she asked.

After pausing for a few seconds to gain my courage, I asked, “Have you always been faithful to me?”

“What do you mean?” she inquired with a shocked look on her face. It was a look that answered the question without words.

“I mean have you always been sexually faithful to me?” I explained.

Torrie’ face went blank for a split second. Then an inquisitive, shocked look covered her face. Tears began to swell-up in her eyes.

“Well, have you always been faithful?” I repeated.

Without hesitating again or trying to avoid my question, she quietly answered, “No.”

“How many times have you cheated?” I demanded.

She hesitated and looked away.

“I asked how many times!” I demanded again.

“Two but there wasn’t sex involved.” she meekly admitted.

“What do you mean there wasn’t sex involved? How can you cheat and there not be sex involved?” I demanded to know.

“You don’t drink so you probably won’t understand. There was a lot of alcohol involved and there couldn’t be sex.” she explained.

“That doesn’t make any sense. You’re going to have to explain that to me.” I said.

“Both times the guys couldn’t get it up because they had drank too much. There was kissing and touching but no sex. Do you understand now?” she asked.

“I don’t think I believe you. Are you telling me that you tried to fuck two guys and neither of them could get a hard-on? Neither of them could fuck you?” I responded.

“That’s what happened. I’m so sorry. I wish it had never happened. I wish you had never found out because I really didn’t want to hurt you. Will you forgive me?” she tearfully asked.

I wasn’t sure how I felt at that moment. All I could do was sit there and stare at her in disbelief. Of course, I remembered times during our marriage when there had been sexual teasing between us and other people but I never had reason to believe either of us had ‘gone all the way.’ Sure there had been kisses, rubs and even quick feels but never anything farther than that. Or at least not that I knew of until now. I wasn’t sure at the moment if I appreciated Hazel bringing all of this to my attention or not.

I don’t know why but as I lay there watching Torrie sitting in the center of the bed, I began to get an erection from thinking about someone else being with her. It was exciting imagining some stranger stripping of her clothes and then enjoying kissing and tasting her body. I envisioned some faceless stranger slowly moving up close between her long legs as she guided his hardness into her wet pussy. Then I could see them fucking uninhibitedly until they were drenched in sweat. Finally, in my minds eye, I could see them collapsing in each other’s arms, resting before getting out of bed and dressing.

“Will you forgive me?” Torrie repeated.

“We can’t talk anymore right now. I’m going out and get a drink.” I told her.

“But it’s so late all the stores are closed. Please don’t go off and leave me. Don’t go right now when you’re so angry with me.” she pleaded.

“Since it is late, I’ll just walk down on the golf course to the rest station and get a drink out of the machine.” I said to Torrie.

“Can I walk with you?” she asked.

“You can walk but I don’t want to talk any more right now.” I said as I got up and headed toward the door.

Quickly Torrie followed me out the door and through the house toward the back door. In just a few moments we were walking silently down the 14th fairway toward the rest station. Neither of us said a word until we arrived and I asked if she wanted something to drink also. She said, “No.” After getting my drink we started walking back to our house. I really don’t understand why but I had an uncomfortable hard-on the whole time and couldn't get my mind off Torrie’ pussy.

Without saying anything I slipped my hand into her pants and quickly worked my finger between her pussy lips as we walked. This would have probably been impossible or at least difficult if she hadn’t had on loose fitting sweat pants and no panties. As we walked I rested my finger firmly on her already erect clit. I guess the walking movement caused excitement to build in her because her pussy was soon dripping wet.

When we got to our house we continued walking down the fairway until we got to the putting green. Suddenly a secret fantasy of mine came back to mind. I tossed my drink can into the sand trap and walked over to the middle of the green.

“Come sit on my face. I want to lick your pussy!” I told Torrie as I lay down on the cool damp grass.

Torrie didn’t say a word as she walked to me and pushed her pants to slip down to her ankles. Quickly she stepped out of them and straddled me. Carefully she knelt down and allowed her pussy to come into to contact with my waiting mouth. By this time I had released my erection from my pants. I could only imagine what a sight we made with her sitting on my face as I licked her pussy and me jacking off in the moonlight.

After Torrie had a quick orgasm, she moved off of my mouth and sat beside me on the grass. Before she could react, I pushed her back and moved between her legs. Just like I had imagined her doing to someone else, Torrie guided my dick toward her waiting opening. Instantly, I was all the way in. I didn’t waste any time and began roughly pumping into her wetness. I was fucking her just as I imagined someone else doing. That was when we heard it. One of our neighbors had come out on the golf course to walk their dog before going to bed.

“Quick! Let me get my pants before they see us!” Torrie whispered as she struggled to move. This was ‘bad fucking timing’ I thought as she and I stood up. With her pants in her hand, Torrie rushed me off the green before anyone could see us. She didn’t put her pants on and I didn’t take time to put my dick in my pants as we retreated into the darkness. That was when we heard the voice come out of the shadows. As the invisible voice asked, “Nice night, isn’t it, folks?” I saw Torrie quicken her pace. I thought it was funny as I watched her naked ass move in front of me. I was about to laugh out loud when I remembered the question we had just been asked.

Since I had recognized the voice, I simply replied, “Sure is, Richard.”

When Torrie reached the gate to our patio privacy fence she stopped and put her pants on. She was just going through the gate when I walked up.

Turning to me she said, “Put your dick back in your pants so the kids can’t see and meet me in the bedroom.”

With those words she disappeared in the house. Those were the last words spoken between us that evening. I stood still for a moment before working my hard, wet dick back into my pants. Following Torrie to the bedroom, I entered, closed and locked the door before stripping of my clothes. There was no need for words as I walked to the bed. I knew what was about to happen and if she didn’t know, Torrie would soon find out. Roughly I jerked her pants down and off. I didn’t even bother to take her shirt off, I just moved between her legs and forced my dick into her pussy. There was no love, passion, tenderness or anything caring involved. There was only fucking and maybe a little rage or anger.

I roughly pounded away at Torrie until I noticed the look of pain on her face. Even with that look, I kept fucking her. Looking back now it seems impossible I could have fucked her so long. Normally I was caring and tender but that night I guess I wanted to punish her. I guess in reality I raped her because I didn’t care anything but fucking her. I just wanted to have the control and power to fuck her regardless of anything or any objections she might have. Eventually, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot what seemed like gallons of cum into her. By that time I was exhausted and collapsed on the bed beside her.

When I awoke the next morning, Torrie was standing naked in front of the dressing area mirror. She seemed to be examining her breasts.

“What are you doing?” I inquired.

“Just looking.” she replied.

“Looking at what?” I impatiently asked.

Torrie didn’t say a word. Slowly she turned to face me so I could see for myself. Her breasts were covered with bruises that resembled teeth marks. Even though I didn’t remember doing it, I must have bitten her during the ‘rape.’ At the time, I felt bad about the bruises but I didn’t say anything as I got up and walked past her into the bathroom. After peeing, I took a long shower. When I came out Torrie had already left for work.

Right after 8 AM, I left to go to work too. Driving out of our neighborhood, I decided to stop by Hazel’s house first. I knew we had to discuss our conversation from the previous evening but I didn’t know what to say or do. I just knew I had to see her. You can read about my morning visit with Hazel in ‘Life with Torrie” – Chapter 7. Don’t forget it’s in the ‘Loving Wives’ stories.

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