tagFirst TimeLifeguard for the Summer

Lifeguard for the Summer


After graduating from high school I was working for the summer as a lifeguard for the neighborhood pool. Four of us split the shifts so the pool was open all day, every day. Janie and I had just gotten certified while the other two were veterans, back from college. All four of us had been swimmers at the Y and word got around about good money and sunshine.

Most of the time it was lame. Most of the girls that came to the pool were 10-15 years old. The guys were always trying to show off and from time to time we had to throw someone out for rough housing. They all spent more time on their tans than in the water. In the first month I only got into the pool once as a life guard. One of the guys tried to do a reverse tuck off the board and hit his head. The girls were not impressed.

Usually, I would be the one to open the pool. Then after my shift I would spend the day laying out next to the life guard stand. Janie and I got to be good friends, but Frank and Anna never stayed beyond their shifts.

Every year, the neighborhood has a huge 4th of July bash at the pool and all four of us were required to be there all day. There was food all day and beer all over. Neither is a good match for a pool full of kids. Three of us were on watch at all times. We each got a chance to get some of the food but were not allowed to drink since we were working. Finally, the evening ended with the fireworks. Three kids stepped on burnt out sparklers while barefoot, but there were no other problems. The adults took most of their trash but there was still a mess for us to clean.

Janie and I were walking back from dumping the last of the trash to find Anna and Frank making out on one of the loungers. Janie grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the shadow of the pool house. Anna's one-piece was down to her midriff and her breasts were squeezed against Frank's chest.

Janie broke the silence, "That explains why they're never here after work."

"Are we going to spy on them or something?"

"No, I have a better idea. Let's hit them with a couple of cannon balls."

"Very mature... You sound like those teenage kids we watch all day."

"You just want to stand here and hope for a look at Anna's tits?"

Truth be told, I would not mind seeing those melons. My eyes had not left the kissing pair since we came back in the vain hope of catching a glimpse. Instead of answering I pulled the strap on the back of Janie's suit and let it pop her back.

"YoWWWIE! I'll get you for that!"

But I was running towards the pool. I executed a perfect cannon ball right in front of Frank and Anna, splashing the two of them. As I was coming up Janie nearly landed right on top of me with another. As I was choking and spluttering the water away I indeed caught a good look at Anna as she and Frank broke their embrace. I was about to say something catchy when I felt a tug on my swim trunks. Distracted as I was, I was easily dunked by Janie and felt my trunks pulled all of the way off.

Laughter was coming from the pool side. I looked up and saw Frank holding my trunks. He handed them to Anna who had pulled her suit back up and she tossed mine over the fence. Janie had scrambled out of the pool and was standing beside the two.

"Very funny. Someone want to go get those?"

"No, I don't think so. You can stay in there and prune up or get them yourself." Janie was quite full of herself at this point.

Anna moved closer to the pool, "Oh, look. Does the water make things look smaller?"

I moved closer to the edge of the pool in modesty. "C'mon, someone get my trunks or a towel at least."

"I'll get you a towel for a kiss," Janie replied.

Now, I would have kissed Janie anyways if given the chance, but she had made it pretty clear she had a boyfriend at the beginning of the summer. She grabbed a towel and held it behind her as she approached the pool. She got down on my level and puckered up. I gave her a quick peck.

"That just won't do," and she kept the towel out of my reach.

I leaned in towards her and she retreated slighttly. Then she reached towards me with her free hand and pulled my face to hers. Our lips mashed together. Her mouth opened and her tongue darted forward. My tongue met hers and electricty shot through my body. For what seemed forever she sucked my tongue into her mouth and kissed like I had never been kissed before. Her other hand came around and both were running through my short cut hair.

And all at once she ended the kiss and stepped away from the pool, "That kiss would have woke the dead."

"My towel?"

"Sorry, I lied. Come and get it." The three of them sat on the lounge chairs by the pool.

Of course, I am not dead. But that kiss definitely woke me up. My hard on was stiff as a rock. I could wait for it to go down, but which would be more embarrassing? They were obviously going to wait me out. I pushed myself up on the edge of the pool and climbed out. My seven inch tool stood out straight and proud. I walked right up to Janie. "This is what you wanted?"

She reached out and stroked my ball sac, licked the underside of my cock, and handed me the towel, "Yuck! Chlorine!" She stood up and wrapped another towel around her waist.

"What? You're going to leave me like this?" I barely noticed Anna and Frank move off as I stood naked in front of Janie.

"I'm sure you have some experience in taking care of the situation at hand." With that she started walking towards the parking lot. I was dumbfounded. What was that all about? I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. The explosion of fluids was greater than anything I had ever had before. Finally, I retrieved my trunks and went home.

The next morning I opened the pool and got things ready for the day. It was pretty quiet for the first few hours but finally some kids started showing up. It was a little subdued after the 4th of July party. At one o'clock Janie showed up to relieve me. She walked right up to the chair, climbed the steps, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before shoving me out of the chair and into the pool. She definitely had me off kilter. I came up to the sounds of laughter all around.

I took my usual lounger next to the lifeguard chair and lay down on my stomach. "So, what about Roger?"

No answer.

"Janie? What's going on?"

No answer.

"If you're not going to talk to me, I'm just going to sleep." My timer went off and I woke up and rolled over. "What are you doing for dinner tonight?"

Still, no answer. I looked up and she was definitely there. I drifted off for the afternoon. When I woke up Janie was straightening the pool chairs.

"You know, you probably shouldn't sleep out here."

"Don't worry, I won't burn."

"It's not that. You seemed to have some pretty nice dreams out here today," she said laughing.

I looked down and sure enough I had the remains of a bulge in my shorts.

"I don't think anyone else noticed, but you might get in trouble if one of the parents comes in and sees your pole at full staff."

I walked home and jumped in the shower. I put on a clean shirt and slacks before going downstairs. "Hey mom, when's dinner?"

"Aren't the two of you going out?"


"You and Janie. She got here a couple of minutes ago. She said the two of you are going to dinner and a movie. She's waiting in the family room."

I walked past my mother and into the next room. There was Janie, looking at the family pictures and talking to my dad. She was wearing a beautiful light flower print dress. It set off her tan and blond hair. Their backs were to me and I used the time to regain my composure. At least I would have if my mother had not run right up my back, "I brought us all some drinks before you two go out."

Janie and my dad turned around. Her smile was radiant. "Thanks, Mrs. Roberts." She grabbed a drink and sat on the sofa.

"Charlie, I can't believe you didn't introduce us to Janie yesterday at the party. When did the two of you start going out?"

Once again, Janie had me off balance. "But, but..." was all I could say.

"You know Charlie, he is so quiet. This is actually going to be our first real date. But as you know, I've seen lots of him recently."

Dad spoke up, "Yeah, Charlie was never a ladies man... But he did talk about you at the beginning of the summer. Said you went through certification together."

"Yeah, my ex-boyfriend used to pick me up there every day. It's how he met our instructor. They were sneaking around behind my back for weeks before I found out about it. Charlie has always been a good person to talk to. He finally asked me out this afternoon."

"If we are going to the movies tonight we ought to leave for dinner Janie. Dad, can I take the Jag?"

"I have to go close the store this evening or you could."

"I have my Mustang. I'll let you drive if you know how to handle a stick," Janie smiled.

"He's really good with a stick Janie. I taught him everything he knows."

I felt the blood rushing to my face. We had to get out of there. "Let's go." I took Janie by the elbow. "Goodnight mom, goodnight dad. Don't wait up."

She tossed me the keys, "You could have said something..."

"You are so much cuter when you don't know what's going on."

Dinner was better than I any meal I could remember. Janie talked and I listened. I got a few words in here and there, but she obviously had some things she wanted to say, so I let her. I was lost in her looks. Before we knew it, they were ushering us out of the restaurant and it was too late to see the movie.

"We could go swimming instead," offered Janie.

"We don't have our swim suits."

"Does that really bother you after last night?"

"Last night bothered me when it happened, but now... Are you sure?"

"I want to see you again. And I want you to see me. And I want to be with you."

"Isn't this sort of sudden?"

"We've known each other for years... the swim team, school, and now life guarding together. I mean, if you have a girl..."

"No, it's not that. I've never really had a girlfriend. And you've just been cheated on..."

She pushed me against the car door and looked up into my eyes. "Charlie, I don't know if I love you. I'm not asking you to love me. Maybe this is just a rebound thing. But I know you have been there for me this summer. You may have just been working on your tan, but instead of flirting with the girls at the pool, you've sat by me every day when you could have left. You've listened to me. Yes, I know you slept through some of it. But, our talks have been more real than anything I ever had with any guy before." She pulled me down to her lips and gave a gentle kiss. I opened my eyes and saw a tear roll down her cheek. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately.

We stood there together for what seemed forever. Finally I broke our embrace and put her in the car. I walked around to the driver side and climbed in, "I hope Frank and Anna aren't there."

Janie laughed, "We'll just kick them out. This is our day."

The pool was deserted. We went into the pool house and I put a couple of towels out for us. We disrobed in the cubicles and wrapped the towels around. We walked hand in hand to the pool. "You go to that end and I'll meet you in the middle," Janie suggested.

We both dropped our towels and did shallow swimmer dives into the pool. I looked up and headed in her direction. As she reached the middle of the pool, Janie started treading water. I went under and swam around her getting my first look at this beautiful mermaid. Her pubes were cut short but not shaved completely. Her nipples stood erect and proud from her firm B cups.

I came up for air behind her and kissed her lightly on the neck. She reached behind and grabbed my hands bringing them around to her waiting tits. "Aren't you supposed to be good at the breast stroke?"

"I was state champ," I said, massaging her chest. My erection was stick straight out so, of course, it ran right into her ass.

"I think someone is very happy to be here."

"I hope we both are."

Janie turned around to face me. Our lips once again found each other. Her breasts crushed against my chest. My cock slipped between her legs. She squeezed her legs together making a nice warm spot for my stiff member. She broke our liplock, "You feel so hard."

"And you feel so soft. Let's sit on the steps." We moved towards the shallow end of the pool. As we were walking her hand found its way down to my shaft.

"Oh my! Look it breaks the water and we aren't even waist deep." I looked down and sure enough the head was sticking out of the water with the hand on it.

"You're hand feels so good there. I wish you'd never let go." I heard a splish splash sound as I felt her bringing her hand up and down the shaft of my cock.

"Is this the way you like it?"

"Baby, anyway you touch it would be great. But I tell you, I am not going to last long the first time."

"Really? Are you about ready to blow?"

I turned and sat on the top step. "Any... any.. time now. Ohmy, oh oh here it comes!" She stepped directly in front of me and directed my shot at her stomach and breasts. I shot and shot. Last night was nothing compared to this. She stroked me even after I was finished, rubbing the dribbling ooze over the head. Finally when it was over she let go and started smearing my cum all over stomach.

"Best thing about being in the pool is easy clean up," and she ducked under water and began washing.

"That's my job tonight," I said drawing her towards me. She straddled one of my legs and I brought my lips down to her waiting breast. She took my hand and guided it to her other. She took my fingers and made them gently pinch her nipple. At the same time I nibbled lightly on the other. I felt her body shudder at the contact. I felt the prickly sensation of her shortened pubes running up and down my leg as she ground her hips back and forth. Her hand found the head of my cock, once again sticking out of the water. She rubbed over and around.

I turned towards the edge of the pool and sat her out of the water. "How far have you gone before? You know this is my first time."

"I've never been this far. Probably why he was cheating on me."

"His loss," I started kissing her body. I started with her neck and moved down to her tits. Her body was my play place. My hand cupped the mound between her legs. The middle finger slipped through her folds and found paradise. I continued kissing down her body. Her moans told me I was doing something right. I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her love canal. My lips reached her navel. She giggled as I kissed in and around it. Then her fingers found the top of my head and pushed me down further. Her legs were undlating back and forth. Here it was, her beautiful self. For a second all I could do was stare. I nibbled the inside of her left thigh. I moved to the right. I stuck out my tongue and ran it from the bottom of her gash all the way through her short hairs, parting her as I went. She whimpered in ecstasy.

"Please, please... lick me, eat me... don't stop." Her wish was my command. My tongue worked back and forth. My fingers moved in and out. She brought her fingers down and parted herself. Her clit exposed itself and my lips were there. Her hips started bucking and her moaning increased. I held on as best I could and kept my tongue and lips going. finally she screamed out, "Yes, yes, oh yes. Give it to me! Oh Gawd, oh Gaawwwdddd!" And she went limp.

I kissed my way back up her body. When we finally met lips to lips she smiled. Her eyes shone like the stars above. She reached down between our bodies and pulled my stiff cock to her. She directed it up and down her slit getting it newly moistened with her juices. "I'm ready, and it feels like you're ready too. Stick this beast in me!"

With her help my cock found the greatest entrance known to man. I sat there on the verge of losing my virginity, the head of my cock right at the doorway to heaven, "I do love you. whether you want it or not. I love you," and I shoved my cock into her waiting pussy, past her hymen and into the great unknown. She made a small cry out and we both sat there adjusting to our new situation.

"I love you too,' she whispered in my ear. I started making very short strokes trying to make the moment last as long as possible. "You fill me so completely. Do it now! Do it hard!" And I responded, not holding back. she spread her legs wide and I began to pummel in and out. I think I lasted a whole four strokes before succumming. I screamed out loud as I erupted inside her. She screamed as well, another orgasm wracking her body. She clamped down on my cock and I felt another surge from deep inside. I barely kept from collapsing on top of her. Instead I looked into her eyes and kissed her once again.

My cock was still hard, being in such a wonderful environment. I lifted Janie and brought our bodies together. Impaled on my erection I walked her towards the middle of the pool. We continued to kiss as I walked, her body seemingly weightless in my arms. "Will you marry me?" I couldn't believe I asked.

Janie leaned back from our embrace, "Are you serious?"

"My turn to throw you off balance... but yes, I am serious."

"What about college? What about our parents? Where would we live? Am I actually considering this?"

At that point I thrust my hips forward and she leaned forward biting into my neck. "Oh god... o god" I thrust again, "Yes, yes!" And I thrust repeatedly, Janie holding on and biting as I erupted deep inside her for a second time that night. I squeezed her so tight I thought I might accidently crack her ribs. My legs failed me finally and we slid into the deep water.

We swam around for a few more minutes our juices and sweat washing away in the pool. finally we climbed out and wrapped in the towels we had waiting at either end of the pool. We went into the pool house to get dressed.

It was a shock to both of our families. I think my parents took it better. We were married the week before we started college. We were both on scholarships that included a stipend for housing. Ten years later, I'm a doctor and she has an MBA. And yes, we are still married. we have one kid, born April 1 the following year. She was a swimmer from day one.

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