tagIncest/TabooLife's a Bitch

Life's a Bitch


I always knew that Carol and her mother Amanda were very close, and over the years I was to find out just how close. Carol and I met on a blind date, well it wasn't so much a date as a gathering. Two couples were celebrating their engagement and each agreed to bring along a friend, each guy to bring a male friend, each girl to bring a female friend so there would be eight of us. When it came to meeting girls I was always a little on the shy side, whereas the other guy was slick and picked the girl I was keen on, and of course I was left with Carol. In the night club we talked a little, ate a little and danced a little, and I drank a lot. The following day John, my best friend who invited me, read me the riot act informing me just how obnoxious and rude I was to Carol, who walked out on the group halfway through the evening. Of course I never remembered a thing in fact I didn't even know how I got home. I didn't care, it wasn't as if I would see her again.

Three months later I received an invitation to an eighteenth birthday party from a girl at work who shared a flat with two other girls. Of course I don't have tell you who also was at the party, yes it was Carol. She was standing on the opposite side of the room talking to a small group of friends, and when she saw me arrive turned her back. While she was standing talking, occasionally one of the group would lift their eyes to look at me, she was having a field day at my expense. Plucking up courage I began to cross the room, one of her group warned her that I heading over. She turned as I tapped her on the shoulder. "Carol could I have a quick word with you please." She pulled that I wonder what he wants face to her friends, then nodded. I pointed to the balcony and she followed me outside. "Carol I want to apologize for my behaviour, John told me just how rude I was to you and I'm really sorry. I have no excuse apart from my being nervous and drinking far too much, and to be quite honest I don't remember much of the evening, obviously because of my drinking and inebriation. If there's anything I can do for you to make amends for the way I acted, please don't be afraid to ask."

She looked at me, "Is that it." I nodded and she went back to her friends.

Later in the evening one of Carol's friends stopped me as I circulating around the room. "Carol said that should she need help you would be there for her," I told her that was correct. "Well, Carol has a problem getting home tonight and since you have a car I thought you might take her home."

Carol was standing in a corner talking to friends, as she saw me approach the smile on her face faded. "I understand you have a problem getting home, well unfortunately I have a car full, however, if you can hang on another twenty minutes or so I could drop my passengers off and come back to take you home." Strange how you expect people to react in certain ways, I thought Carol would be pleased to get a lift home, but that was not the way she reacted.

"I'm not letting you take me home you've been drinking all night."

"No I haven't, I've not had one drink."

"Every time I looked you had a glass of beer in your hand so don't tell me you haven't been drinking."

I stormed off went over to the table picked up a bottle of beer walked back to where she was standing and shoved the bottle in her hand. "That's what I've been drinking non-alcoholic beer," then stormed off again. A few minutes later I saw her crossing the room towards me with a sheepish look on her face.

"I'm sorry Mike, I admit that I thought the worst, but I am truly sorry, and I would like that lift if the offer is still open."

"I'm sorry to, I suppose it's only to be expected after our first disastrous date, but I do have to take some people home first, but will come back if you can wait a little longer for me." Carol smiled touched my arm and said thank you and that she would wait for me.

She lived further out than I imagined practically and hour's drive, it was no wonder she would have a problem getting home. We didn't talk much during the journey, I found out that she still lived at home with her mother, didn't have a boyfriend and worked not too far from where I worked. We pulled up outside her house, she thank me for the ride home and just as she was getting out of the car I asked if we could meet up sometime for lunch. Carol rummaged around in her handbag and gave me her card with her works number on, saying, "It's not always possible for me to leave work at lunchtimes, but give me a ring when it's convenient for you and I'll let you know if I can get away."

Carol and I did meet for lunch, the first time I phoned she apologised saying she couldn't make it but would I phone again, which I did and we met. At this point I must admit that Carol was quite attractive with a nice figure improving each time we met. Our lunch together was nice, she was very sociable and we got on quite well and parted with me thinking I would like to meet her again. A couple of days later I phoned her up at work and asked if she would like to go out with me. Carol wanted to know what I had in mind, I wasn't sure, suggesting we could go to see a film, go for meal, Chinese or Indian or whatever she would like to do. She thought a Chinese restaurant would be nice so that's what we did, taking her to the best one I knew. That night I took her home parked outside her house and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek goodnight. From there things began to develop, a month later she invited me to dinner at her house where I was bound to meet her mother. Mother turned out to be charming, beautiful even, when introduced said, "Mrs. Rogers now I know where Carol gets her looks." Of course her mother giggled and asked me to call her Amanda.

Over the next month we went out eight or nine times together, we kissed when we met, we kissed when we parted, nothing passionate but it was nice. I wondered if Carol would like to take our relationship to the next level, and one evening when we were on our own at Carol's, sitting on the couch together, I plucked up sufficient courage to ask her. She wanted to know my thoughts on what I considered to be the next level, and there was no possible reason why I shouldn't tell her exactly what I thought. For my part I wanted to see certain progress, if Carol didn't want the same or similar, there was no point in continuing our relationship because it wouldn't go anywhere. Having considered what I wanted, said, "At the moment if you went out with another guy or I went out with another girl neither of us could complain because that is how I see our current relationship, carefree. First let me tell you I like you a lot and think and have feelings for you, and would like to go steady. If you feel the same about me as I do you it would mean we would be exclusive to each other. Over the next three or four years the way I see our relationship developing is initially romantic, becoming sexual, getting engaged and finally married. However, if you have the slightest doubt about having that type of relationship with me, tell me now and we can end this as friends.

Carol moved and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, not just a kiss it happened to be the most passionate kiss to date saying, "I think that I'm falling in love with you. I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her close returned her kiss. She never said anything just pushed my hand away when I placed it over her breast, but took no notice and continued to kiss me when I began to fondle her breast for the second time albeit on the outside of her blouse. After a while I began to unbutton her blouse to open it sufficiently to slip my hand inside her bra. Carol didn't complain about my hand being inside her bra but she was concerned saying, "We must be careful mummy will be back soon." My immediate thoughts were perhaps I could get my hand inside mummy's bra as well. I admit being sexually attracted to Amanda, she had a more voluptuous figure than Carol, bigger breasts and quite a lot bigger ass, and generally get a hard on just looking at her.

The second Christmas of our relationship I invited Carol and her mother to our companies Christmas dance. Paul, a friend and work colleague agreed to make it a foursome on the understanding that he could dance with Carol, and not be lumbered with her mother all night. I happily agreed because Paul had not met Amanda and when he eventually did, he would kick himself for insisting on such arrangements. The evening went well swapping dance partners, and drinking a little more than we should have done, not that we were drunk, just happily flirtatious, and perhaps a little promiscuous. Towards the end of the evening I was dancing with Amanda, our bodies close, very close, and with the heated dance hall things became a little too much for her. She asked to get some air so I escorted her outside.

Several minutes outside she began to shiver saying that she should have worn a dress that was not quite so revealing. I took off my jacket and while I was slipping it around her shoulders she placed her arms around my waist and kissed me. She took my hand and pulled me around the corner into a secluded spot, where we ended up leaning against the wall deep within the buildings shadow, and hidden by shrubbery. Amanda wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again, and while returning her kiss I fondled and squeezed both breasts, before sliding my hand down the top of her dress. Struggling a little to finally get my hand inside her bra in an attempt to wrap my hand around as much of her breast as I could, while searching for her nipple to tweak. I couldn't make out her expression as she said, "You're always looking at my tits now you have the chance to feel them I hope you're not disappointed. Carol sometimes says that I should be careful what I wear in front of you, because through some of my clothes you can see the shape of my nipples. Little does she know that I dress deliberately that way just to see your face and how much you watch my tits bounce around, and here we are with your hand down my dress."

We continued to kiss and I continued to play with her tits until I felt her hand seeking out the zip on my trousers. Amanda asked me to put my hand up her dress and touch her, I lifted the whole bottom of her dress up above her waist, the problem being it was so dark that neither of us could see much of the other's body. "Fuck me Mike I want you to fuck me." I was a little surprised, not about what she wanted but her language, I'd never heard a woman talk like that before; it really turned me on. I told her to give me her panties and she slipped the off while I fumbled around to release my cock, I shoved her panties in my jacket pocket, little did she know that I intended to keep them as a souvenir.

Between the two of us we managed to get me slipping back and forth inside her, and all I could think about was that I was fucking the mother before the daughter. Whispering in Amanda's ear I told her she was some sexy bitch and if she didn't have my jacket over her shoulders I would have reached behind and unzipped her dress, she said the zip was at the side. She lifted an arm to give me access to the zip which I pulled down and shoved my hand inside her dress forcing her bra up and over freeing her tits. Fucking and fondling it couldn't get much better, unless of course we were alone in her bedroom. Eventually we both reached the point of satisfaction, it was quite a show those final few seconds having to remain quiet in case someone heard us, with me desperately wanting to advertise my conquest just like a rutting animal. Amanda asked me to kiss her tits before replacing them back in her bra, then cup them on the outside of her bra before finally zipping up her dress and asking for her panties back. Of course I refused informing that I was keeping them as the start of my memorabilia collection. She asked me if I expected her to go back inside without any panties on, I told her yes.

How long we had been outside I couldn't say having lost all track of time, but by the time we got back to the main entrance I was wearing my jacket, having retrieved it from Amanda. Once we were inside Carol who was getting agitated was relieved to see her mother, asking us where we had been. Amanda said the she had to go out and get some air and I kindly escorted her and remained to ensure she was okay. Carol noticed brick dust on the back of my jacket, I just said it must have come off the wall when I leaned against it. I felt that Carol had her suspicions but she never said anything to me. The following day when I visited Carol it was difficult for me, and I think for Amanda also to make eye contact, but she was still walking around with her nipples on display forming those little mounds beneath her jumper. At one point when Carol left the room and we were alone, I apologised for my behaviour, however Amanda didn't seem to mind saying she was as much to blame, then added that she enjoyed every minute of it, she was referring to the dance of course.

Over the next couple of years mine and Carol's sexual practices blossomed, well at least to a certain extent, encouraged by several holidays in Spain and the Canary Islands. Amanda's attitude towards me was one of suspicion and caution, believing that I was sleeping with her daughter at every opportunity. As with my mother she made sure that we slept in separate bedrooms when we stayed weekends at each other's house. Her attitude towards me softened when we became engaged allowing us to sleep together, and even bought Carol several sexy nightgowns. Initially Carol slept in the smallest of the house's four bedrooms, the one next to her mothers. It wasn't small by usual standards it was just that with the older type house the other bedrooms were very big. Amanda suggested that if we were going to sleep together Carol should move into the second largest bedroom, which also had an en-suite and furthest from the master bedroom giving us a little privacy.

The time came when we started to discuss marriage, at this point you need to understand our working arrangements. Carol and I both worked in the city, Carol a 9 to 5 job, me shift work, four weeks on the early shift, 6 until 2:00 p.m. four weeks on the late shift, 2 until 10:00 p.m. then back on early shift. Amanda worked flexy hours locally, which meant she could work pretty much what hours suited her, providing she completed a certain number of basic hours each week. The first question was where would we live, we couldn't afford to buy a house because we didn't have sufficient monies for a deposit, so it looked as if we needed to rent. Amanda made a suggestion about living with her and proposed that she and Carol switch bedrooms giving us the master bedroom with an en-suite. With the death of Carol's father the mortgage had been fully paid up, with Amanda suggesting that we pay half of the house and living expenses, such as the services, rates, electricity, gas and water. That would also include food and house maintenance. Amanda offered to do the cooking and cleaning if I was responsible for maintaining the house and taking care of the garden, which she said was getting too much for her, or if Carol wanted to share or even take over the kitchen the choice was hers. She said she was prepared to fall in with our arrangements, however she said that should we decide not to take her up on her offer, the house was getting too much for her and would have to consider downsizing in a year or two.

Carol and I discussed the pros and cons of living with her mother over the next week, Carol wanted to remain living there, I really wasn't bothered either way. If we declined her offer, in time she could sell her house and perhaps move into a flat, with Carol possibly losing her inheritance, we would also have a readymade babysitter should we ever start a family. Amanda was delighted when we eventually agreed to her proposal, with her insisting that she and Carol swap bedrooms immediately. Thus we began to plan and prepare for the wedding and our new lives together.

Over time we began to get into a routine. When I was on early shift and first up meant that I had to drive to work leaving about 5:15 a.m. I would take a cup of tea up to Carol who needed to get up around 6:00 a.m. to leave for work around 7:30 a.m. traveling on public transport. Carol before she left would take a cup of tea into Amanda. When I was on late shift, Carol was first up and take in Amanda's tea as usual, Amanda would then bring me in a cup of tea before walking to work leaving just after 8:30 a.m.

As I said earlier I was sexually attracted to Amanda and the odd occasion in the morning, especially weekends when I caught sight of her walking around wearing a nightdress or slip, didn't help. Apart from that time at the company's Christmas dance when we had been drinking, Amanda wasn't interested in me, sexually that is, but I had my suspicions about her and Carol. Not that I thought they were actively having a sexual relationship it was just the way they interacted. They were always touching each other especially if they were sitting close, one would place a hand on the others arm or thigh, perhaps brush the hair from the others eye and placing it behind the ear. Every night just as we were going to bed the two girls would hold and kiss each other on the cheek, sometimes the embrace would linger. Then there was the time the three of us went shopping and I went off to do something and they were to catch me up, as they approached they were walking arm in arm. Each in itself was innocent enough, but when it was all linked together I did begin to wonder.

We'd been married about a year when we received an invitation to the wedding of Carol's cousin, well one of them anyway. The wedding service was as expected as was the reception with the wedding breakfast and drinking and dancing afterwards. Carol and I danced most of the dances together while Amanda remained sitting at the table. It was getting late into the evening with not a lot of time for many more dances, Carol suggested that her mother was looking bored and that I should ask her to dance. Our first dance was the usual popular swing type dance with which we struggled slightly, but the second dance was a slow smooch with the lights dimmed. Amanda moved in closer, I could feel her breasts touching and rubbing against my chest as we drifted around the floor.

I whispered in her ear, "You look great in your new dress."

She whispered back, "Is it because it's tight on me and shows off my body? Tell me what else you like about it?"

I told her, "I like the feel of the dress."

Amanda surprised me by saying, "While you're feeling the dress you can feel me as well?"

When we arrived back at the table Carol, who had obviously had been watching us said, "You two looked as if you were cosying up together what were you talking about?"

Amanda put her hand on her daughter's shoulder, "You darling, we were talking about you." Meanwhile Carol had placed her hand over Amanda's, just before she kissed Carol on top of her head and slipped away.

In itself it was just a mother and daughter thing, but with all the other incidents my suspicions deepened, and of course then there was Amanda's encouragement for me to feel her body while we were dancing. Also there was her quick response, albeit a lie, to her daughter's question referring to our closeness and whispering while we were dancing. I was receiving all sorts of massages from these two, could it be that they both wanted each other and me. That sounded very much like a challenge, one which I would certainly be up for, to end up with them both together in my bed.

Monday was the start of my last week on the late shift before reverting to the early shift again, giving me the opportunity to turn over and snuggle down as I heard Carol leave. Five minutes later Amanda opened the door and just walked in, no knocking or indication that she was coming in. Perhaps she thought she might catch me doing something out of the ordinary, placing my tea on the bedside cabinet she sat on the bed next to me, wearing her blue dress.

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