tagBDSMLife's a Gamble

Life's a Gamble


It had been an unusually quiet shift so far. You had the $100 blackjack table and while the lower stakes were doing a business you had been standing there for almost two hours without customer one. As you stood there, a million miles away, you heard a soft voice say, "May I play?"

You look up to see a man standing there. He looks like the sort of individual that if you passed him on the street you really wouldn’t have noticed. About 5’ 10, brown hair, blue eyes behind his glasses and he wore a mustache. "Certainly sir" as you began shuffling the cards and he took a seat. Seconds later you looked at him and say "chips?" and he pushes a $100 bill forward. "You want one chip?" and he just nods a shy smile on his face.

You slide it forward as you take the bill. He puts the bill out and you wish him "good luck", seconds later it’s over. "I’m sorry, sometimes it just happens that way." The smile never left his face as he looked down to see your two overturned cards, one an ace the other a queen. "That’s okay, thanks" as he stood up to leave. He took a single step, turned and asked; "May I ask you a question?"

Before you even had a chance to say yea or nea he said, "Will you have dinner with me tonight."

"Oh, that’s very kind of you sir but I don’t have anything but the clothes I’m wearing and after a full day here I’m not really in any….."

"If that wasn’t the case, would you?" You struggle trying to decide what to say and during that silence he says, "Wonderful, I’ll pick you up at eight" and with that he was gone.

Your mind raced as you thought of all the reasons and all the questions you should have asked. Well, that was different you thought and as the hours passed it grew further and further from your mind. As you left the area to go on your final break before your last shift you were surprised to see the casino’s hotel concierge, a striking woman, a redhead with green eyes named Suzanne waiting for you.

"Hi, are you Sherry?" You nod your head and wondered what this was all about. "I need your measurements, your exact measurements. It’s for new uniforms." You couldn’t help but wonder what in the world but you figured whatever and tell her. "Thanks" and with a smile she was gone. This has been the strangest day as you sit down to relax for a few minutes. Soon enough it was time to go back to work and as the minutes of your shift dwindled down you remembered the gentleman from earlier today. Well, I get off at six so I guess I won’t be meeting him at eight.

Your day done you head back to the employee area where there is a note on your locker to please see the concierge prior to leaving. Great, now she probably needs my shoe size or something. You begin to walk through the casino towards the hotel and there she is at the front desk. "You needed to see me?"

"Well hello again, are you ready?"

"Ready for what" you ask and she just smiles and motions for you to follow her. "We have a suite for you, I just need to get the key and we’ll go on up." As she reaches into a slot and pulls out a single key you feel a little like Alice In Wonderland, nothings making sense. You start to protest but she just smiles, takes your hand and begins heading toward the bank of elevators.

"Here we are" as she puts the key into the door for suite 1801 and opens it to show a dazzling view of the city at dusk below. "Now, eight is when he’s expecting you so we don’t have time to waste. You need to bathe, I have the hairdresser and nails coming at six thirty, your makeup is to be done at seven and everything else is here and waiting for you. I’m to assist you in any thing you need." You stand there in stunned silence and notice that the bed is full of boxes and parcels of all shapes and sizes. "Well come on, get going" as she ushers you into the bathroom and closes the door behind you.

It’s a dream, just a dream you think as you turn to see the claw footed tub filled to the brim with steamy hot water, filled with bubbles and scented like roses. You look into the mirror and as you begin to undress you feel like it’s someone else there, not you. The bath is wonderful, just the right temperature and you find yourself so relaxed that you begin to think maybe a dream is not so bad. As you wash, the day washes away and you find yourself smiling wondering what’s to come next.

You step from the tub and see a white robe laid out for you. It feels divine and as you open the door and step back into the main room there are three people now, instead of one. "Come, come my dear. We’ve got work to do." A quick shampoo and then the stylist begins his work, meanwhile your nails are being manicured and bright red polish is being applied to them. Fifteen minutes later he declares himself finished. "Makeup is next" and yet another new face shows up and begins his work.

It’s 7:30 when he finishes and the concierge ushers everyone out of the room. "Well, the only thing left is to get you dressed. Here you’re going to need my help with this." You look to see her holding a white corselet and you bite the corner of your mouth as your nerves start in. "Oh, come on don’t be shy, we haven’t much time left." Slowly you move towards her, turn and drop your robe. She takes the garment and slips it around in front of you and begins lacing it up in the back. You can’t help but notice that it leaves your breasts open just supporting them underneath.

As the laces grow tighter and tighter, your waistline grows smaller and smaller and your nerves begin anew. "There, all finished" she announces, "Why you’re shaking like a leaf, here sit down on the bed and let me do this." You sit down as she begins rolling one stocking up your leg and attaching it to the corsets garters. All of a sudden you realize she is looking directly at your most private of areas and the look in her eyes is one of almost animal like lust. You feel the heat rise to your face and you know how you must be blushing. Seconds later both stockings are on and you’re instructed to stand up. She helps you step into the white lace bikini panties, taking her time sliding them up your legs and then making sure they fit just right. You feel as if you might faint right there and then.

Your head is spinning as she helps you slip into your dress, then a pair of high white heels and finally jewelry. It’s all like trying to make your way through the fog until suddenly you hear a voice saying, "My god, you look good enough to eat." Waking from your momentary lapse you see the woman who was attending letting her eyes run up and down you while you notice she is licking her lips. You turn so that she can’t see your embarrassment and with a gasp see yourself in the mirror. Your shining brown hair frames your face beautifully, cascading down your back and the makeup has brought out the sparkling blue in your eyes. The dress fits you like a second skin, off the shoulder showing the tops of your breasts, almost inviting another’s touch.

You can’t help but stare into the mirror, mesmerized at the incredible creature reflected back at you. Two hands encircle your waist and her soft voice whispering in your ear says "I meant what I said, you look delicious." A chill runs down your spine as her hands slip from your waist and smooth the dress over your hips. She comes around in front of you and has that same look in her eyes but says "It’s almost eight, come along, you mustn’t be late. She takes your hand as you leave the room and make your way back to the elevator. This stop requires a private key which she pulls from her jacket and the next thing you know you’re on a floor not advertised by the hotel for public use. There is a single door in front of you and she motions for you to go. As you turn and watch the elevator doors close you can’t help but feel but she was taking her pleasure from you as she went.

The doors shut and you turn to look at the door. It doesn’t seem any different from any you’ve seen here but you do notice that it doesn’t have a number on it. You remember how your mind raced when all of this went into motion earlier that day and that’s nothing compared to the way you feel now. You walk back to the elevator but notice there’s no button to push, you need one of those keys. There’s no hallway leading either way, the only thing there is that door and you. You take hesitant steps until you’re standing in front of it, take a deep breath and you knock.

Seconds later the door opens and he’s standing there. He has that same shy smile but you can see his eyes dancing in delight as he takes you in. "Please, come in. I hope you don’t mind eating in?" You step inside and find yourself holding your breath. The entire skyline of the city is lit up and you have a view of it all. There’s a table set up for two with food awaiting and you notice that he’s standing behind a chair and has pulled it out for you. You sit and can’t help but notice that he holds the chair just a second or two because of the view from above that he’s getting of your magnificent breasts.

As he moves back over to his seat you can feel the flush rising from your face and you’re glad that the only illumination comes from the city below and the candles that are lit. He pours from the bottle, a wine and he offers some to you for a taste. You can’t help it, your hand shakes slightly as you reach out, take the glass and your hands touch. Like an electrical spark going off you pull the glass back quickly and down the contents. He still has that smile as you hold your glass out and he fills it for you. As the minutes pass and the small talk begins you hardly touch your food but you continue to enjoy the warmth that the wine is bringing you.

He stands up, walks towards you and asks, "Dance with me?" and for the first time you notice the music playing in the background. You rise and as he takes your hand he pulls you in closely. Your body touch and you feel yourself beginning to tremble again. He leans back, looks at you with that smile and pulls you close again. Your head on his shoulder, your bodies moving as one, you dance. In your mind you feel the corsets restraint, the sheerness of the stockings, your breasts rising with your breathing and the raw sexual beat that is your heart.

You dance for what seems to be forever until he slows and looks at you once again, the smile a fixture on his face. "I have an idea" he says, "You had all the luck today at the blackjack table. Will you play another game with me?" The combination of the wine, the dancing, the evening, everything combines and you smile happily and nod your agreement. He walks over to the bar area and pulls out a deck of playing cards. As he shuffles them he says, "Let’s cut for high card. If I win the night goes on and we do what I would like to do. If you win, then it’s your choice for the rest of the evening. Fair?" He spreads the cards out facedown on the table and motions for you to go first.

You reach out shakily and pull one of the cards out; a bright smile fills your face as you turn the king of clubs up. "That will be tough to beat, but let me try." He reaches down, picks up a card and looks at it. You stand there not knowing whether you’re happy you won or sad and then he looks up at you with smoldering eyes and shows you the ace of hearts. Now it’s your heart, which seems to skip a beat as he walks toward you and takes you by the hand and leads you towards the bedroom.

As you enter the room you see the same panoramic view of the city alight and he stops you directly in front of the window. Your body trembles as you feel him behind you, his hand on your shoulder and then slipping down to the zipper for your dress. It tumbles to the floor and you see your reflection and him behind you hungrily looking at the feast before him. He takes your shoulders and kisses you gently on the back, moving slowly up to your neck and then to your ear. "Wait here" he whispers and he moves away into the dark.

You hear your heart, hammering at a pace caused from a combination of fear, lust, excitement, all these things that this day had come to symbolize. You feel frozen to the spot, helpless to move, to run, to do anything that might change the coming events. Then, he was back. Once again he moved closer to whisper, "Are you familiar with sensory deprivation?" You turn your head from side to side and he continued, "When one sense taken is take away the other become more acute. Here, let me show you." A white silk scarf came around in front of you and seconds later you were blindfolded.

He was so very right. The moment you couldn’t see anymore your hearing took over trying to find where he was. His hand went to your face and your sense of touch was magnified like never before. You jumped as if bitten and you heard the soft chuckle that came forth from him. "Now, put your hands behind your back." As if hypnotized you hands seem to move of their own free will as they freely obeyed. You felt the scarf as he took both wrists and put them together. And then you had lost her ability to touch.

Now all you could do was stand there. Your hearing trying so hard to compensate for the lack of your other senses heard him as he walked all around you. Viewing you from each side, the sound of your own breathing as loud as the heartbeat which continued to pound in your ears. He moved close to you, close enough for you to feel him and then with his arm behind your back and his other moving down past your hips he picked you up and carried you to the bed. Gently he lowers you and you lay there, hands tied, unable to see what’s happening and your mind wondering what’s next.

As the seconds pass they begin to feel like an eternity, no touch, and no sight and for some reason she hadn’t heard him. Had he left the room? What was he doing? She tried to move her wrists just to see and sure enough they had been tied securely, there was no escape from the knots he’d used. Just when she felt that she should cry out she felt his rough kiss, his mustache on her legs as he began to kiss his way up the nylon stockings. She heard a murmur of pleasure escape from her lips as his kiss left the stockings and began to caress bare flesh.

His kisses and his warm breath continue, moving ever so slowly, almost painfully slow. As he nears the spot that might send you over the edge he simply sighs and moves on. So this is what insanity feels like, you’re going nearly crazy from it. He’s kissing your garment now, the studs on the front as me moves closer and closer to your heaving breasts. Then, just as he reaches them, he inhales deeply from the spot of your cleavage and then moves on to your neck. Almost crying out now from the frustration, he nibbles at the tender flesh there until moving up and with a single thrust puts his tongue between your lips and kisses you passionately.

It felt like you were going under, like you dare not breathe or you would break the spell. Suddenly, the kiss stopped, his lips were gone and you were left gasping for air. You turned your head frantically from side to side trying to decide which way he had gone. Then, hands this time move onto your hips and slide the lace down off your legs. Next, your ankles, the feel of silk as it’s being tied and one leg is attached to the bedpost. Moments later, the second. It’s quiet once again and you feel like you can’t get enough air as you’re helpless to what is to come next.

The bed moves as another joins you and it only takes the tongue touching you to start your orgasm. Your hips buck and the tongue moves with them, lapping at the moisture which comes flowing forth. You remember his words about sensations being so much more intense and almost scream as you writhe under the force of your bodies’ reaction. Wave after wave of pure pleasure and that tongue spurring you on to greater and greater heights. As you rise to your crescendo and your body begins to relax you begin to realize just how light the touch of the tongue was and how long the fingernails seem that are holding your lips apart.

And then, they were gone. Your head spun from the orgasm that had wracked your body. Who had it been? Or, had the wine, the taste of bondage, all the effects of the day caused you to imagine it? Before you could decide a weight was placed on the bed and the familiar scent and rough texture of the mustache began kissing at your neck, moving downward. "I, I think that there might….." you tried to speak in a voice filled with the passion of the night and maybe, just a little fright. "Shhhh, quiet my dear" as his lips took a new course and once again they touched yours, his tongue darting into your mouth. His kiss again left you breathless and by the time you caught yours he was down to your breasts and you knew words were going to be impossible.

His tongue flicked across the sensitive skin, never quite touching where you so desired. Little bites, nibbles of skin and you felt the familiar tingling that always starts in your tummy, you knew that the moment he would touch your nipples that you would be lost. But that time continued to be in the future as he let his tongue, his teeth travel from one to the other. That feeling now ran from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Your breath coming in short gasps, you could hear your voice whispering "oh, please, please…" and you could feel your nipples as they hardened to tiny points even without his touch. A small chuckle came from his throat as he said "Do you remember what I told you about senses? Even though you’ve lost your ability to touch, the feeling of touch is so, so much more incredible isn’t it?" as he placed the nipple clamps over yours.

Set as they were on the lightest touch, the pressure of the clamps against the skin that had been eagerly awaiting any type of contact sent you into a writhing mass. This wave of pleasure triggered by the pain, at least your body believed it was pain, combined to take you to a place you had never been before. You wonder if this might be what madness feels like, you can almost see yourself from above, your beautiful body in the throes of pleasure, a man watching the effect the night is having upon you. You know you’re babbling nonsense but you don’t care. All you care about is the moment and the moment is incredible.

You don’t know how long it goes, you just enjoy it, welcoming each new peak, each new sensation. Finally, with almost a burst of fireworks going off inside of you, you feel yourself coming down to earth. But wait, now he’s between your legs, your bound ankles giving him access to your most hidden secret. "Sweet, so very sweet" he murmurs as his lips meet yours and the ride begins all over again. He is incessant in his attention, no sooner does one end than another begins and you are helpless, you are simply the recipient of pleasure, the vessel from which it arrives. Time after time until time seems to know no boundaries.

Just when you think you can take no more the final wave passes and you feel yourself growing limp as every nerve in your body is at it’s most alive. The weight on the bed shifts and his voice whispers in your ear. "Just one more thing before I claim my prize. Your cries are getting louder and we don’t want to alarm anyone." With that he takes another silk scarf and places it between your lips lifting your head gently and then ties it securely behind your head. "There, now when I return I shall take my pleasure." Seconds pass and then a weight on the bed, much lighter than before.

You feel someone as they straddle your face and then voice whispers just as you remembered it from earlier tonight. "You were good enough to eat and now you will return the favor." The gag is slipped from your mouth and before you can issue a sound she has planted herself on your face. The animal like lust which has controlled you all evening takes over and quickly you put your tongue to work, delving into each crack and crevice you can find. Her hips roll with the pleasure you’re bringing her and seconds later she sighs and you taste the fruit that her pussy bears. She lifts up suddenly, quickly puts the gag back in place and is gone, again.

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