tagInterracial LoveLife's a Gamble

Life's a Gamble


"Please, not here", I sobbed. My blonde hair falling across my eyes as my shoulders shook. His eyelids heavy, bored, watching me in silence. He knew I would. I had no choice. "Not here. These people know me. They know my family." Pleading, tears in my eyes. No answer. He just lifted the napkin from his lap, leaned back a bit in the booth. Those eyes crushing my will, waiting for what we both knew would happen.

I glanced nervously around the restaurant. People I knew. Ellen and Stephanie over near the window. People we went to church with. Our children played ball together. Barbeques and dinner parties at each others homes. My husband played golf with Ted Sanders and his law partner sitting at the bar.

His arm around me, maybe they wouldn't see. We were in a back booth. My fingers fumbled with his zipper. Hands below the table. If I hurried.... As I touched it, pulled that huge piece of meat from his pants, I felt it stir. Shifting in my seat I felt slippery between my legs. Felt the dildo in my pussy rub that damn ass plug with only a thin membrane between.

How could this happen? How did I get here? Me, Andrea Wilson. Mother of two wonderful boys and a beautiful girl. Husband to the best cardiologist in this part of the state. My own successful real estate business.

How did I wind up sitting here in my home town stroking this enormous black cock knowing it would soon cum in my mouth. How did I become his whore? They'll see me. Everyone will know it's not a client luncheon. My husband, my children, how can I face them? I bent below the table straining to get my lips around that fat delicious dick. Tears in my eyes as my hand reached under my dress and I began to finger myself.... Drool and pre-cum beginning to run down my chin. How did I get to this point?

Three months earlier

"Wow Andy, that's a lot of money. Are you sure you want to bet that much?" Kelly's eyes were wide looking at the pile of chips I had on the roulette table. She and Cindy had long since spent their "pocket money" and were ready to leave. They'd been the ones who'd insisted that I go to the casino. I don't gamble. At least not until they dragged over from the hotel. Tomorrow would be the third day of the real estate conference that we'd all driven to Tunica for. Two more days and we would head back across the Mississippi river to our homes in Conway, Arkansas.

Conservative, traditional, Conway. My hometown. Where I was born and raised. Where I went to high school (Prom queen thank you very much). College at the Methodist University. Married my high school sweetheart. The only time we left was while Phillip (that's Dr Wilson to you) did his cardiology fellowship in Dallas. When the children entered their teens, I gotten board and looked for something to do. We had recently moved into our new house and I'd become involved in selling the old one. Passed my test and started selling other people's houses. Kelly and Cindy were long time friends who helped me part-time. I'd just opened my own business and this was our way to celebrate.

Maybe that's why I'd given up on the white wine and started on martinis. Can you believe they just bring them to you while you play? I didn't know anything about the card games. Dice seemed so shady. Then I saw roulette. It seemed so easy. If you put enough chips on the board, you almost always get some back. It's such a thrill to wait on that little ball to drop.

"It's getting late Andy," whined Cindy. "I want to go to bed."

"Black 20" Called out the man with the crooked stick. He took most of my chips on the board but did give me some back for my chips on black. Even when you loose you win. How exciting.

"Ya'll go on. I'll be up in a little bit" It's not like I would disturb them coming in late. Kelly and Cindy were sharing a room. Tina had backed out at the last minute and I'd ended up alone across the hall. "I won't be much longer".

After thirty minutes and several promises, they finally went upstairs. I had another martini and continued to play. Not as well as before. All of that nagging must have changed my luck. My stack of chips dwindled steadily.

As fast as I lost, the man sitting next to me seemed to win. What with talking to the girls, the martinis and the excitement, I hadn't really noticed him. He was so quiet. With my chips almost gone, I began to watch him. No hesitation. After each play, he placed chips around the table in a relaxed and confident manner. It was as if he didn't care. But he won. Time and again he collected more chips than he bet. And the chips looked so small in his hands. I guess it was probably his hands that I noticed first. They were huge. And black, dark black hands with rings on nearly every finger. Gold, diamonds. They flashed and caught the light when his hands moved.

Gradually my eyes traveled up his arms. I realized he was wearing an expensive suit. It looked like and Armani, but was clearly tailored to fit his enormous shoulders. A Countess Mara tie. His handcrafted shirt fit him perfectly. I just had time to take in the large muscular shaven head when he turned and caught me staring. I looked away quickly, but not before seeing those eyes. Heavy lids, half closed. He looked at me, or rather, he looked into me. He knew me. And we had never met. Suddenly it was hot in the room. I had never had much interaction with black men, and certainly had never been around one who looked right through me like this. He looked to be in his mid thirties. Six or seven years younger than my 42.

"Red 17" I turned to see that I had lost all but a couple of chips. Damn. I didn't want to go. Actually, I'd spent rather more than I intended. Phillip was not going to be happy. He didn't like my "little real estate thing" as he called it anyway. I had taken out a loan to start the business and he had been angry. I was determined to make a go of my business, but I'd created a very tight budget. Tonight I'd done some serious damage to that budget.

"Oh well," I thought. I placed my last two chips on the number three for my three children. As I did, I bumped that big black hand putting a big stack of chips next to mine. "I'm sorry" I murmured as I jerked my hand back.

"No problem ma'am" came this deep rich voice. Actually I think rather than hear it; I felt it vibrate in my stomach.

"All bets are in." My attention was back on that ball rolling around the wheel. Slower now, it began to hop around the slots. "Number 3, Red three" said the croupier. "We Won!" I shouted. I watched in anticipation as he counted moved chips to pay us. Two stacks to match the black man's original. "Wait" I said. "What about me?" The croupier didn't even look at me as he raked my chips away, "Red 3 lady, your chips were on Red 5".

"They most certainly were not!!" I shouted. Then I realized that when I had collided with the black man and jerked my hand back, I'd dropped my chips on the wrong square! I felt sick. As I stood to leave, that huge black hand held my arm. Shocked, I looked up.

"Bad luck ma'am" I felt that deep rumble again. "That's partially my fault. Here let me help" He pushed one of those big stacks of chips in front of me. "Why don't you play off of these for now? I'm Anthony, Anthony HC Taylor".

I was mad, and frustrated (and a little tipsy). Besides, it WAS his fault. He owed me! "That would be fine Mr. Taylor. I'm Andrea Wilson" I said a bit primly.

"It's Anthony or HC ma'am. Not Mr. Taylor." He rumbled. "Andrea, please" I replied. Reaching for my drink, I finished it off just as the waitress brought me another. For a bit we turned back to the table, caught up in our own play. I won a bit, not much. Bolder with somebody else's money, I began playing aggressively. Anthony continued to win. As we played, he began to talk to me. Small talk like where I was from. I found myself telling him about my life, my family, my business and how my husband didn't approve. Nothing exactly intimate, but far more detailed than the usual chatter with a stranger.

As before, my stack continued to shrink. I was getting more and more animated with each loss. Finally I knocked over my drink, spilling it onto the lady next to me. "I'm so sorry!" I cried out, shocked at what I had done. Grabbing what was left of my chips; I bolted from the casino and headed for my room. I reached the elevator and pounded on the buttons. The door opened and I started in only to run up against a tide of people pouring out. The doors were starting to close and I wasn't on yet. Suddenly an enormous black hand covered with rings reached out to hold the elevator door.

I entered, followed by Anthony who handed me my purse!! I was so upset/drunk that I had left my purse. "Thank you "I sobbed. I was so ashamed of my actions.

He said nothing, just stared at me with those heavy eyes. Calm, cool, his presence was making me uncomfortable. The elevator stopped on my floor. As I rushed off, he got off as well. "Maybe I'd better see you to your room Andrea". "That's ok," I said quickly as I reached my door. I fumbled in my purse for the key card. It looked tiny in the huge hand that reached past me and keyed my door. Now I was scared. I rushed in and tried to close the door. His body filled the doorway. "Please leave", I raised my voice firmly.

"Not until our business is finished Andrea," He said as he advanced into the room, letting the door shut behind him.

"What business" My voice more frantic.

"You left without paying my chips back" He rumbled, standing there in the middle of my room. I hadn't noticed how tall he was, well over 6 feet. More like 6'4 or 6'5 I thought. Instinctively I back up. He just stood there.

"Pay them back? You gave them to me!!" My voice anxious.

His laughter was deep and sarcastic. "Listen bitch, HC doesn't give anybody anything. That was a loan and you owe me $5000."

"That's ridiculous" I cried. "Everybody around that table saw you give them to me. Now get out!"

"Lady, are you really that stupid? You'll never find any of the other players. They've all scattered to the winds. And the croupier is my cousin Willie. He'll state he heard me make the loan offer and you accept. Now where is my money? Do I need to take this up with your Doctor-man husband?" He stepped towards me and I took another step back. He was between me and the door. How did I get into this?

Phillip would kill me if he found out. I had to take care of this myself. "I don't have that kind of money with me. It'll take a few days to get it to you. "I stalled to give myself time to think.

Suddenly Anthony was right in front of me his huge hands grabbing my arms and shaking me. "You're trying to fuck with HC and HC don't like to be fucked with cunt. You may not have the money tonight, but you are sure as hell gonna get it for me tomorrow. And I'm not letting you out of my site until you do. You got that bitch?"

I was crying, shaking, scared. His grip was hurting me. Gradually I noted his thumbs were pushing into my breasts. Digging in, painfully. He was going to hurt me. "Oh God, what have I done?" I cried, tears rolling down my face, I was gasping with fear and pain.

"Please don't hurt me" I begged. My legs had given out and he was holding me up with no apparent effort. "Please".

Anthony laughed as he let go of me, I fell in a heap at his feet. He looked down and smiled, I have never been so scared of a smile in my life. "It won't hurt....much" he laughed. "But you're gonna pay a little INTEREST on your loan tonight". As he spoke, Anthony began to undo his belt and trousers. I scooted back on the floor only to come to a dead stop against the bed. "Stop movin' bitch, I ain't gonna chase your ass around this fuckin' room." His hand reached out and grabbed a fistful of my hair. With his other hand, he continued to expose himself to me. Crouched where I was his penis seemed like a thick black rope being lowered down to me. It continued to pour out until the tip dangled in front of my eyes. I was speechless!! No human could possibly have an organ that big. I stared at it in fear and awe. The musky smell invaded my head. I felt Anthony pull my hair towards him. I couldn't resist, he was so strong. He pulled my face against his penis, rubbing my face all over it. It felt rubbery against my closed lips.

"By the way cunt, I forgot to tell you that HC stands for Horse Cock" he laughed again, his shaking causing it to bang against my face. It felt heavy, solid. "Now open up that white bread mouth and make me feel good". He twisted my hair causing me to cry out as he pulled my open mouth onto the tip. I felt it stir and begin to harden. Anthony began to push it into my throat. I had no choice. None. "Lick it bitch" I touched the tip with my tongue. He continued to push into my mouth, forcing my tongue underneath his....cock. There was no other word for it I thought vaguely.

Breathing through my nose was hard with all of the crying I had been doing. Even though his....cock... was still just inside my mouth, I fought to breathe around it. Saliva began to leak out of the corners of lips. He was going to rip my mouth open! Or, worse yet, I'd suffocate. I tried to pull my head back to breathe and I felt him begin to pull my hair back and forth in a pumping motion his cock going deeper into my mouth with each push. My hands were on his thighs trying to push away, but he was so strong.

Anthony continued pumping, by now the drool had coated my chin and neck and ran down my V-neck blouse covering the exposed parts of my breasts. When his cock rammed the back of my throat, my eyes flew open. I could feel it in my throat and yet there was still more cock outside of my mouth than the total length of my husband. Not that I'd ever had Phillip's penis in my mouth!!

I was gasping, moaning, and crying trying to survive this invasion. With each sound I made, I could feel Anthony's cock twitch. "MMMM, bitch knows how to give a hummer" he growled. He tilted my head back farther and began to drive into my throat while looking down on me. It must have been the pain and fear in my eyes, because the strokes got quicker and more forceful until he pulled my face down on his cock so far that my throat began to spasm. Grey spots appeared before my eyes. I heard him groan and I felt something pouring down my throat. Swallowing as best I could, I gulped and gulped, but felt more liquid leaking from my mouth and now beginning to spurt from my nose as I coughed.

After a while, Anthony released my head allowing me once again to fall to the floor. Thick creamy liquid poured from my mouth. The same liquid dripped steadily from Anthony's cock down onto my face and hair as I lay there panting. "Not bad for a rich white bitch" Anthony laughed. "Don't worry cunt, you'll get better with practice..."

Laying there crying quietly, I was startled when those huge arms grabbed me and lifted me onto the bed. Weakly I tried to fight. Anthony slapped me once, twice, and I lay still. "That's better bitch. The less you fight me, the sooner you'll get what you need" He growled.

I felt his hands pulling at my clothes. In one huge painful motion, Anthony ripped my blouse and bra right off over my head. My 36 DD breasts bounced with the motion. Thick fingers squeezed the nipples causing me to yell. Anthony twisted and pulled them away from my body stretching my boobs to inhuman lengths. I squirmed to get away. He let go and they slapped back into my chest quivering. The nipples were distended and red. His giant black head leaned forward as his mouth began to suck harder than anything I'd ever felt. MY GOD it felt like the nipple was 5 inches long. Suddenly Anthony bit down, hard. I screamed and screamed. Surely someone would hear me. Help me. Save me.

When Anthony pulled back from by chest, the left breast was covered with a dark purple/red bruise centered over distinct teeth marks. "A little something to remember me by 'ho" he chuckled. His hands moved to my skirt. Pushing it up, reaching those monster fingers underneath. I felt them touch my panties. They came off like my top in one motion. I heard him laughing. "The bitch is wet. We got us a black cock slut here for sure". He shoved my panties in my face. They WERE wet!!. Impossible! I was being raped. How could this happen.

"No, no, no" I murmured over and over more muffled each time. Anthony kept pushing the crotch of my panties into my face until they were stuffed in my mouth. Then I felt his fingers again, between my legs. I instinctively closed them until he pinched the back of my thigh causing me to yell and let my legs fall apart.

I felt him probe. One finger. God, it was as big as my husband's entire penis. Another. He brought them up and smeared them under my nose. I was sloppy wet and the musk was unmistakable. How could this happen?

I felt the bed creak. Strong arms lifted my legs up and apart. NO!! It can't fit!!! I'll die!!!. But all I could do was lay there. The fight was gone. Useless. Anthony's cock was at the entrance to my vagina.....pussy....cunt? Pushing. Tight. God so tight!!. Pulling me toward him as he pushed. He paused and growled "Good thing you got three kids, else this'd tear you open. Still might".

He stopped and drew back a bit. It felt like my....cunt...was turning inside out. Tight, uncomfortable, but not painful. Back in, back out. Gradually more and more of that cock deep in me. The discomfort was gone. I felt soooo full. Faster now. That hurts!! Feels like my stomach is stretching. Moaning into my own panties. My arms flop uselessly on the bed. Faster, harder, deeper. Each thrust forces a grunt out of me. I feel his hand move between us. To my...GOD MY CLIT!!!!! He's rubbing it, pinching it. I'm bucking. Flailing. Screaming into my panties. I cum harder than I have ever cum before an explosion of nerves and sensations that make me feel like I'm dying.

And still he pounds me. I open my eyes, this black giant his cock pistons into my white stretched middle aged cunt and I want it. I NEED it. My hands weakly make their way to his back. Strong. I pull him to me. Can't talk but everything else about me is begging him to fuck me. Use me. His face laughing at me. He knows I'm his slut now. He grabs my ass and pulls me harder into him. I feel a huge cock of a finger against my ass. NO! But I can't say that. I can't stop him. He works his finger into me and there it is again. I cum hard. Grey lights, room dim. Did I pass out?? He's still fucking me. GOD. How many times have I cum? I feel him tense. Shorter more forceful strokes. Suddenly he's deeper than ever. I feel a hot burning in my belly. He's cumming. How can he have so much cum? He's washing me out with his black baby sperm. Vaguely I remember that I stopped taking the pill when my husband had his vasectomy. SHIT!. I feel it running out, down over my ass. Suddenly he pulls out. Air rushes out of my cunt along with what seems like gallons of sperm.

Anthony reaches up and pulls my panties out of my mouth. I lay there gasping. Mouth dry, throat sore. Is he going to kiss me? But then he moves up over my head and as he feeds me his softening cock to lap clean tears roll down my face as I realize I'm only a slut........

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