Life's Big Problems


"Mother," he said gently, "Has it never occurred to you that I love you very dearly? I may not have said much over the years, and more recently I didn't dare because my love was taking a sexual turn, but surely you must have known."

I looked at him in astonishment. Yes, I had recognised the sort of affection a son usually has for his mother, but I hadn't realised the depths to which his love had gone. I sat looking at him silently.

Hugh continued, "I wanted you so badly yesterday – so badly that I was willing to be totally selfish. I took you knowing I might hurt you. What sort of love was that?"

"The sort of love that has despaired of ever being at one with the object of that love," I said very tenderly. "Just as mine is the sort of love that is prepared to risk pain just so I can be one with you."

He said only, "Oh, mother."

More Action

I didn't sit up too late that night. Hugh fussed and fretted around me, fetching me this and that, until finally I went to bed. I slept soundly and woke feeling healed and happy. My first thought was, "My son loves me like a lover."

Hugh had prepared breakfast again, and after eating, then taking a shower, I felt on top of the world.

I sent Hugh out to do some shopping, while I did some work around the house. Later we took a drive in the car, and had a picnic lunch. We were both almost deliriously happy in each other's company. I knew this feeling. It is the delight two people passionately in love have in each other, the exquisite agony of being so near, yet not near enough.

Hugh held me close, and I saw the poor boy's erection rise. We were in a lonely place, so I said, "Let me fix it for you, darling." I took out his penis, and being unable to get it into my mouth, I licked and kissed it, then finished him off with my hands. I managed to keep clear of his spouting orgasm this time, which was just as well because it was bigger than ever.

We sat together on the couch in each other's arms during the evening. As it came time for bed I said, "I think I'm healed now." "Good," he said, "It's a great relief." I pulled his head down and kissed him deep and long. I saw his erection starting again, and said, "I'm glad you're relieved, it'll make it much easier for us in bed tonight."

I think he thought he hadn't heard correctly. "Mother, what did you say," he stammered. "I said, in other words, you and I are going to bed together to make love."

"We can't mother, we can't do that damage to you all over again." "Darling," I said firmly, "The damage was done when you broke through into me, it's been done once, it won't have to be done again. If you think I'm going to waste all that agony, you're very much mistaken. Now do as you're told, and get into that bedroom. He did as he was told.

We played with each other for a long time before attempting entry. I wanted to be sure I was well and truly wet, and he was discharging lots of precum. We again began with me on my back and Hugh pushing his penis against my opening. There was a moment's resistance, then he slipped into me and slid up my vagina. It was so beautifully tight I screamed, and then I had to reassure him it was ecstacy, not pain. He reached the top of my vagina and paused. "Go in, darling," I said, "please go in." He still had at least six inches to put inside me and I was determined to have it all.

He slowly and carefully pushed, then he was through. He had entered the place where he had begun life, and I was utterly lost in passion. He couldn't last long; he was too new to my body for that. Before he came I whispered, "My love, whatever noises you hear me make, don't, whatever you do, stop."

He fountained into me, plunging with all his strength as if he would insert his whole being into me. His sperm flooded me and spilled out onto the bed. I felt my orgasm coming and began to moan, and as it crashed within me my moans turned to screams, and broken cries of, Darl…need…want…kill me…don't stop…" I heard him crying out but couldn't distinguish the words. I was sobbing, the tears pouring down my face. I had my lovely son's huge penis inside me. He was mine; he would always be mine.

The climax passed and he lay inside me. He began to grow slack and started to withdraw, but I clutched him to me, refusing to let him go, tensing my vaginal muscles tight round his massive organ. He must not go.

Eventually we had to part, but only for a while. Four times, we came together that night.


Another wise old saw of my father's had been, "All good things come to an end." The good times for Hugh and I were drawing to a close.

During the remainder of the week we had made love over and over again. We just couldn't get enough of each other. We had sex all over the house, on every bed, sofa, chair and the floor. Once Hugh entered me from behind while I tried to peel potatoes at the kitchen sink. But tomorrow Steve would be home. What to do?

When a woman has once had a penis the size of Hugh's, it is hard to do without it thereafter. On his side, Hugh realised that I had been the only woman he had met so far who had let him try with her. If he didn't have me, he had no one to have sex with. So we were stuck with our need for one another.

There were only two viable options. Either we stopped having sex, or we carried on, but did so with the utmost caution. Of course, we chose the latter option.

When Steve got home he was, after a week away, as horny as hell. He practically dragged me to the bedroom and took me. He made only one comment. "Darling, you feel a little loose inside." Small wonder given what had been in there for the past few days.

During the following months and years, at every opportunity Hugh and I came together. We still lusted for each other with the same fury as when we first started. That is, until about one year ago. It was then that I noticed that Hugh did not seem so urgent in his need for me. I began to wonder, and my wonderment turned out to be correct.

One night when Steve was away and we had just finished having sex, Hugh turned to me and said, "Mum, I've got to tell you. There's a girl." My stomach turned over. I had relied on my being the only woman whose vagina could receive Hugh, but deep down I realised that if I could do it, so could someone else.

Hugh went on, "Mum, it isn't that I don't love you and want you, but there are things that can't happen between us, like making a home of our own and having children. You are never going to leave dad, and even if you did, you wouldn't want those things with me."

I saw the argument of youth all too clearly. Of course, he wanted those things, but what about what I wanted? I asked, "What's her name?" "Gabrielle," he replied, "but mum, I don't want to answer any questions about her now. Could I bring her to dinner Saturday night?" I was in turmoil, but what could I say but 'yes'?

Saturday night, 7-30 p.m., and Hugh arrived with Gabrielle. Steve was home, and I let him do most of the talking for fear my emotions might get the better of me. Gabrielle was no ideal model or baby doll. She was about five foot ten tall, with large breasts and a buxom figure. She had almost black hair and eyes to match. There was something very sensuous about her, and I noticed particularly that she had a very wide mouth. After about five minutes in her company, it was clear that she was intelligent. Longer acquaintance revealed her to be a very loving person. I wanted to hate her and hug her at the same time.

There were two questions that plagued my mind about this relationship, but it had to wait for an answer until Hugh and I found ourselves alone doing the dishes. Gabrielle and Steve were in the family room playing pool.

I dragged up my courage and asked first, "Can she take you, Hugh?" "Yes, mother," he answered. "Does she know about us?" I asked "I haven't told her, but somehow she knows," Hugh replied. "She says she wants to have a talk with you." I felt my knees go weak. "So it's all going to come out," I thought.

We went back into the family room and Hugh and his father took up the game of pool, and Gabrielle asked me, "Would you show me round the house?" I knew what this meant. This girl did not let the grass grow under her feet. She was going to have it out now.

We began the tour and Gabrielle started. "Mrs.James, I want you to know that I know about you and Hugh. He did not tell me, but certain things, when I put them together, just had to add up. First, I know that all the local girls rejected Hugh because they feared the size of his penis. I heard about this long before I started to go out with Hugh, but I did not share their fears for the simple reason that I am rather big. What I feared was that I would never get a man big enough to satisfy me. So, the other girl's fears have been my good fortune."

"The second is this. As soon as Hugh and I began to make love, I realised that he must have been having sex with someone. He was too good, too experienced, for me to be his first time. It was not any of the local girls for the reasons I just mentioned. So who was it?"

"Third, it was the loving way he talked about you that filled in the puzzle. It was a love beyond a boy's love for his mother. It had all the feel of a man loving a woman."

"Hugh and I want to get married and on the whole, our faithfulness is pretty well guaranteed. He would find it difficult to find any other woman who would take on his penis, and I would find it hard to get a man big enough to satisfy me. But that leaves you."

I tried to speak out at this point and began, "I won't stand in your way, I…" "No," she cut in, "That's not what I'm talking about. I understand how hard it will be now for you to be fully satisfied sexually with any other man. Obviously you must have been the one and only woman to introduce Hugh to a woman's body, and unless like me, you are very large, then the pain must have been awful." I nodded. "Right," she went on, "so I'm not going to beat around the bush. I want to marry Hugh very much, but I am not the possessive type. I've told Hugh this, and now I tell you, as long as Hugh can keep me sexually content, I have no objection to him being with you when it's appropriate."

I could hardly believe what I had heard. "Has Hugh accepted this?" I asked. "Yes," she answered. I stood still for a moment, then went to Gabrielle and put my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. We clung to each other, the tears starting down our faces. Through sobs Gabrielle said, "We are so lucky to be loved by this lovely man," and with a tearful laugh she went on, "and we're the only two women he can get that great sexual organ into." We laughed together still clinging to each other.

They married. Hugh and I still make love. Last week I was told, I am to be a grandmother. Life's big problems can carry their own bonuses.

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