tagFetishLife's Changes Ch. 01

Life's Changes Ch. 01


What do you do when you find out that your husband of eight years wants something different? All I knew was that Bill. That's my husband and I still had active sex life. Sure our frequency had slowed a bit. But what couples doesn't. Bill was the love of my life. I would do anything for him and too him. Bill stands about five foot eight. He's not very muscular but he is quit strong. He can lift and carry me quit a ways. But you also have to realize I'm only five foot one and I way eighty nine pounds. My measurement are 33 18 31. I know that doesn't sound that exciting. But considering my height I think it's pretty good. I have been referred to as "Quite a little minks" what ever that means.

On this particular Friday I took off from work. I was working at our home computer. When I notice that our hard drive was quite full. After running a few system checks to see if I had some miscellaneous files that was cluttering up the hard drive. Not finding any I started checking all the directories I open a directory labeled "Bill" and found another directory then another. All these directories seem lead to another directory I keep going deeper. Till I open one that had about five hundred Mbytes of stories and pictures.

I notice a lot of the pictures had names like "crmpie.jpg" and a number I open one of the pictures with a one first. The screen before me exploded with an image of a woman holding her legs apart. She was completely naked her pussy was shaved and there was what looked to be cum flowing out of it. Well it was white and thick looking and I've seen my share of cum, swallowed quit a bit of it too. I open the next picture #2. This one had a man's face right next to her pussy with his tongue sticking out. The third picture was with the man tongue in her opening, scooping up some of the cum. All the rest on the pictures where of the same thing. These pictures where pretty hot. After I read some of the stories I figured this was called cream pie eating, cum being the cream and pussy being the pie.

Living in the south I don't wear much in the way of cloths around the house. Most times I dressed only in a long tee shirt and panties and, some times I don't even wear the panties. Now don't get me wrong I like to dress up and go out on the town as much as any other girl, but at home I like to be comfortable.

As I read these stories I started to feel really horny the next thing I knew I was fingering my pussy thinking how it would feel having Bill eats me after cumming inside me. I came all over my hand just thinking about it.

I knew I had to find away to get Bill to eat me after he fucked me. I decided to go the bold approach. I took one of the pictures where a guy was eating a cream pie and changed it from a jpg to a bmp. I transferred it to my windows wallpaper list and selected it as my background. There it was on my 17" screen a little blurry but you couldn't mistake it for any thing else. Then I waited for Bill to come home and see it

Bill got home around five o'clock. I met him at the door kissed him hello. He asked

"When will dinner be done "?

"In about and hour" I said

"I think I'll go in the den and see if I have any e-mail then" He said

"Ok I'll get dinner ready" then I said "Oh by the way I put up a new background"

He just shrugged his shoulders and went in the den. I wanted him to know that I found his secret. I went to the kitchen and put the finishing touches on dinner. Then went and set the table with candles and flowers. I figured that he would be out as soon as he saw what I put on the screen. But he didn't come out. So I went to our bedroom and got dressed in my finest lingerie. I put on some sheer stockings and black with red hearts garter belt, pretty satin panties a matching half bra that exposed my nipples. A satin black blouse and leather minie skirt that barely covered my stocking tops.

I went back to the kitchen. Took dinner and put it on the table. Then I went to the den and knocked on the door and said

"Dinner's done Bill "

"Ah I'll be right there"

I went to the dinning room sat and waited for Bill. When Bill came in he looked a little pail so I said

"Is there something wrong "

"Ah no why do you ask"

"Well you look like you saw a ghost" "

"No every thing's fine"

I couldn't help trying to think what he was thinking. He had to see the picture. Why didn't he say anything about it? I could see he was nervous. I thought he must think I upset with him. About what I found. So I figured I tease him a little first. During dinner he didn't say much. Then I got up to get desert as I was leaving the room I heard a low wolf whistle from him. I guess he finally saw what I was wearing. When I came back with desert he said

"Are you going out tonight "?

"No why"

"Well your all dressed up."

"I got dressed up for you. Do you like" I said and did a little twirl

"Yea you look hot in that outfit"

"Well thank you, " I said

Sitting back down I thought. Why hasn't he said any thing? I knew I had to take the bull by the horns or I'd never get him say anything

"Bill, did you like the picture I put on the computer"

"I was going to ask you about that" I could hear the nerviness in his voice "Where did you get that from"?

"I got it from that directory you left it in"

"Ah what directory?"

"Bill you know dam well where I talking about and you know you put them there so why try and hide it"

You could see a look of defeat in his eyes. I couldn't understand why he was acting this way. He knew I knew and here I was dressed to the nines being real pleasant and he trying to act as if he didn't know any thing about it" finally he said

"Sheri are you mad or upset about what you found"

"Bill do I look upset am I ranting about it "

"No, You seem kind of excited if I'm reading you right"

"Bill I'm very excited, my panties have been wet since I read the first story"

"You mean you like the idea of me eating you after I cum inside you"

"Dam right Bill. I just got one question"

"What's that Sher?"

"Why haven't you said anything before about this"

"I didn't think you would understand"

"Bill why didn't you think I wouldn't want to try this you know how I like being licked down there"

"Yea you do like it, but this different I'll be eating my own cum"

"So you put it there I love sucking you cum out of you"

"But you a girl I'm not"

It finally dawn on me he thought I would think he was gay or something. One thing I do know about my husband is he's not gay he likes pussy way too much. But what if he was Bi could I handle that. To tell the truth I wouldn't mind watching him suck a nice hard cock. In fact I think it would be one hell of a turn on. So I said

"Bill, honey, if your worried I would think your gay because you want to do this I don't. I know you like my pussy too much to give it up"

"Thanks Sher. Your right about that I could never give up your pussy. So what do we do now "?

"Well for starters you do the dishes because I'm just dressed way to pretty to have to do dishes " I said laughing

"Your right there your just to foxy to be standing in front of a sinkful of dishes"

I thought to my self as he went to do the dishes. This wasn't to bad not having to do the dishes, but I wish he would hurry up I was so horny I wanted to have him in front of me with his lips? between my legs, licking me to orgasm. I put my hand between my legs And noticed how wet my panties where. I got an idea.

I stood up and slipped off my panties since they were over my garters and went in to the kitchen and pressed up behind Bill pushing my boobs into his back and reaching around him I pulled my wet panties over his head so that the crotch was over his noise and said as I started rubbing his hard cock thru his pants

"Does that smell good'

"Yea baby its what I live for"

"Well there's a lot more where that came from if you hurry"

Then he said "I never known you to be so randy baby"

" I know I can't believe how hot I am just thinking about what you going to do after you cum inside me"

As I said this I could feel his cock jump in my hand. I knew he was hot to; maybe too hot I might have to suck him off the first time if I wanted to get a good ride out of him before he cums in me. I remembered one of the stories I read that one girl had her man cum in her mouth then she feed it to him by way of a kiss. Just thinking about feeding Bill's cum to him sent a chill though out my body then he said

"Hey there Sher you better let go of my cock before I cum in my pants"

Not realizing what I was doing I pull my hand away from him saying "We wouldn't want that to happen would we'

"No I guess not"

Bill finished the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen all the while he was wearing my panties on his head. If I wasn't so horny I might have thought it funny. When he was finished he said

"I'm going to take a shower'"

"Wait come here a second" I said

He walked over to me as I sat at the kitchen table he stood in front of me I reached out and grabbed him by the belt. Unbuckling it I unzipped the zipper and let his pants fall to the floor. I pulled his under pants down to his knees. I grabbed his cock with my hand and pulled him closer. Bill has a nice cock it's about 8 or 9 inches long and I can barely get my hand around it. I gave it a couple of jerks I love the feel of it in my hand. As if I had some sort of power just by holding it. I leaned my head in and put my mouth over the head I licked up the tip getting all the pre-cum. I love the taste of his pre-cum. In fact I love sucking his cock. I gave his cock a couple of jerks to get more of his juice when he said

"Oh baby that feels great but if you keep that up I'll cum in your mouth "

Taking his cock out of my mouth I rubbing it against my cheek looking up at him I said

"That's the just what I want you to do sweetheart"

"I thought you wanted me to cum inside you so I can lick it out"

"Oh you will Love, but we need to take the edge off so you can give me a good fucking first"

I couldn't believe I was talking like this I sounded like a slut. I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked on the head some more. I work my mouth down on his shaft till it hit the back of my throat. Bill has a big cock and it wasn't easy for me the first couple of time I sucked his cock, but over the years I learned how to handle it so as not to choke on it and he knows to let me go at my own pace and not to try and fuck my mouth. I kept moving my mouth up and down on it getting it wetter as I went pulling a suction on the back stroke and blowing on the in stroke working it closer and closer to my throat I knew if I let it slide into my throat he would cum. So I kept it away from there for the time being. Looking up to his face with my mouth filled with cock. He loves when I do that. I saw in his face he was close so I pushed my mouth all the way down letting it slide into my throat. With my lips touching his pubic hair I swallowed a couple of times. I can only do this once or twice before I started to gag, but that usually all it takes and this time was no exception I felt his cock jump and jerk as he started to cum sending the first load to my stomach I pulled my head back to get the head in my mouth and started pumping his cock with my hand as load after load of hot thick cum was shot into my mouth. I had to swallow a time or two to make room for more. When he was done cumming I pulled my lips from his cock. I had some on my chin that leaked out. I stood and he took me in his arms. And put his lips to mine. I don't think he knew what I was about to do. As he open his mouth to push his tongue into my mouth. I open my mouth and pushed his cum into his mouth I saw the surprise in his eyes as he realized what I was doing. I could feel him swallow some the he pushed some back into my mouth and I pushed it back into his and he swallowed the rest of it and then his tongue searched my mouth for more. After there was no more to be had he pulled his mouth way from mine. I smiled and said

"Does it taste as good as you thought it would?"

"I didn't expect that but yes it was wonderful"

Reaching for his cock I founded it as hard as it was earlier "Well you seemed to like it"

"Yea I'm still hard," he said as his hands started to caress my ass. Which made me purr I love having my ass played with and he knew it

"Ok you go take a shower and I'll meet you in the bedroom"

He pulled up his pants and went to the shower I went to the bedroom and lit some candles and stripped down. Leaving on my stockings and garters I knew he loved when I did that and I feel so sexy being dressed like that. As I was lighting the last candle Bill walked up behind me I felt his hard cock against my ass and his arms wrap around me his hand went to my tits and he started playing with my nipples as he kissed my neck. I could stay like this forever.

"Do you know I love you as much as I did the day I married you Sher?"

"I love you too Bill as much now as always, but no more secrets ok. If you want to try something tell me we'll see what happens"

"Ok Sher. No more secrets"

I turned around and pushed my tits into his chest I pushed his cock between my legs and my arms went around his neck. I hugged him as tight as possible. Then I whispered in his ear

"Lets move over to the bed I need you in me"

We moved over to the bed and laid down side by side. We started kissing he was running his hands all over me. He started to play with my tits, which I love. He then pinched my nipples and pulled them, which had me moaning. I felt little shock waves straight to my pussy when he did this. Then his mouth moved down to my breast and he licked and sucked and bit all over my tits. He took the left nipple in his mouth and sucked it flicking his tongue over it making it hard and then moved over to the other one and did the same to it. He would switch from one to the other. When he was done pleasuring my tits he moved down to my belly planted kisses all over it and licked and sucked my belly button. Then moved down to my pussy. He loves to lick my pussy till I cum. And I love for him to do it

He put my legs on his shoulders and put his face to my cunt. Putting his tongue to my slit he licked up and down then he stuck his tongue in to my hole and wiggled it all around

"Oh baby lick me honey lick me good"

He moved to my joy button and licked it too sending jolts through my body. Taking my clit in to his mouth he sucked on it. When he pushed two fingers into my hole I cried

"Suck it baby suck my clit and shove those finger into me "

He continued sucking my clit and finger fucked my pussy He then pushed my legs back toward my chest. I took the hint and reaching behind my knees I pulled my legs back as far as I could to give him better access to my hole

"Oh yes lover I almost there make me cum make me cum hard"

He moved his fingers out of my cunt and then he moved his mouth to my hole and with the fingers of his other hand move to my joy button. As his fingers danced on my clit his mouth sucked at my hole. He shoved two slick fingers up my asshole triggering my orgasm. My body jerked and shook. My cum poured out of my body into his mouth I cried

"Oh god that's it I'm cumming honey suck my cum up baby"

Bill continued to suck my cum up till I had to pull his head away from my hole as he pulled his fingers from my ass. I let my legs go as he moved up next to me. He had a smile of pure joy on his face and it was wet from my pussy. As I looked at his face I realized it was covered with my cum and I thought if he could lick up his cum why couldn't I lick up mine. So I took a tentative lick and tasted it. It was pretty good it had a nice tangy taste to it. So I started to lick it off his face saying to Bill

"Boy I sure taste good no wonder you like going down on me"

"mmmm you sure do I could eat you forever"

We cuddled for a while so I could get my breath back. After about \ fifteen minutes of this I reached down and started rubbing Bill's cock to let him know I was ready. He said

"Yea baby what do you want"

"You know what I want honey"

"Yea I know what you want but I want to hear you say it"

" Come on lover don't make me say it like I was a slut"

"You know I like it when you talk dirty."

He knew I'd say it I always do. I can't help my self. I try to act proper, but when I'm horny I turn in to a foul mouth slut. But what can a lady do I had to have some dick in me?

"Come on Bill but it in me"

"Put what in you"

"Put your big cock in me" I knew that wasn't enough for Bill. He had to hear it all

"Put my hard cock were baby"

I thought to my self. Ok Bill you want me to sound like a trash mouth slut then here goes

"Come on Bill shove that long fat hard cock into my hot wet cunt and fuck me hard and fast till I cum all over it then cum deep inside so you can suck you cum out of me again "

Bill just about hurt himself trying to get between my legs. As he got into position and put his cock to my hole I did something that I never did before. I saw it in one of the pictures he had. I raised my legs up and rested them on his shoulders giving him a better view of my pussy and better access to my cunt. Bill froze in place and stared at me not believing I would do such a thing. So I said

"Come on Bill don't just stare at it fuck it" Bill just shook his head and pushed into me. I was so wet from all of this that Bill slide right to the bottom

" Oh Bill I think your in farther then you ever have before. I think I like this position"

"Your right baby I'm in deeper than ever"

Bill started pumping his cock into me. I love getting fucked by him. His cock is so big and fat it fills me up. Every time he fit bottom I could feel his pelvic bone hit against my clit. It would send waves of pleaser thru me. I started to pump my pussy back at him trying to give as good as I got. I looked down between my legs I and I could see his cock pumping into me it was such a erotic site his thick cock all cover with my wetness. I started feeling a tingle in my toes this is the first signal that my body gives me to let me know that I getting close to cumming.

" Bill almost there, fuck me harder, baby" I said as I grabbed hold of my nipples and pull them and pinched them, then gave them a little twist "Oh fuck Bill I'm cummmming Ohhh yesss baby fuck me harder" Bill really started to pound me as I pulled and twisted my nipples

"Yea cum on my cock, baby you're really a hot fucking slut tonight"

I could tell he was close too he was breathing hard and his face was red, sweat was running down his chest I kept cumming as me pounded with his fat cock into me, not big one's just little ones but they didn't stop cumming. Then I felt his cock expand inside of me and then give a jerk as I clamped down on his cock with my pussy

' Oh I going to cum sweetheart'

"Do it Bill pump you load into me, pump it deep into me'

"Nnnaaa ahhh ohhhh fuck "

I could feel Bill's cum pumping into me. I moved my legs down to his butt and pulled him to me so he would pump his load deep into my cunt. Bill collapsed on top of me as he kept shooting cum into me. I let Bill rest for a bit as I to need to catch my breath after a few minutes Bill's cock started to go soft and I could feel his cum starting to leak out of me

"Bill." I said "If your going to suck out your cum you better get started its leaking out"

I knew how he felt I didn't want to move either by I really wanted him to eat his cum from me. I knew he did too but you know how guys are after they cum. they just want to go to sleep. But I knew he wanted this so I reached between us and pinched his nipple, which caused him to bolt up. I giggled and thought well his nipples are sensitive too I never knew that.

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