Life's Changes Ch. 02


"Well don't you dare I want to feel your cock pumping in and out of me. So start pumping me and let's see how good this feels."

Bill slowly started to pump his cock in and out only a little bit at a time at first till he could see I wasn't having to much trouble with his size. He then started to pick up speed and the amount he was pumping in and out. Finally I could feel his cock head just inside me and then he would ram it home. I have always like it when he would ram his full length in to my pussy. And my ass seems to like it too. I could feel my pussy juice flowing out of me. I reached down with my right hand to play with my clit. When my hand touched my pussy lips the I could feel Bill's and my cum flowing out of me. I dipped my hand into my cunt and then pulled it out. I looked at my hand and I could see Bill's white cum stuck to my fingers. I looked up at Bill and I could see he was watching me closely to see what I would do. I moved my left hand to my clit and started rubbing it. Then I put my right hand that was covered in pussy juice and cum into my mouth and sucked it clean.

This performance must have really got to Bill because I could hear him moan real loud and his cock grew bigger in my ass. So I dipped my right hand back into my pussy and wiggled it about to get some more cum and cream. Then I lifted my hand to Bill's mouth. He open his mouth and suck my fingers inside his mouth. Feeling him suck my fingers clean of cum and him pounding my ass and my fingers stroking my clit send me into an orgasm. My cunt tighten up as my asshole also clamped shut around Bill's cock. Which caused him to groin out loud around my fingers. His eyes clamped shut as he tried to hold back his cumming. I felt his cock expanded even larger in me, which sent another wave though me causing me to clamp my ass hole even tighter. Bill groaned louder yet. Bill was trying to hold out till I told him it was ok to cum. I took my fingers from his mouth and dipped them into my pussy one last time. Then shoving them back in to his mouth I said

"Cum Bill, cum in my asshole. Spray my insides with your hot cum."

Bill let out an animalistic groan as he shoved his cock all the way inside of me. His cock jerk in me as it pumped me full of hot cum. I moved my legs to his sides as he fell on top of me catching himself on his elbows. Bill panted and shook as his cock continued to pump cum into me. Every time Bill's cock would jerk it would send another shockwave through me. Bill cock finally stopped cumming and he laid still with his cock deeply embedded in me. We both laid there catching our breath.

We laid there about ten minutes or so till Bills cock soften and started to slide out of me. I knew I had to get in the shower before all that cum and whatever else started oozing out of me. I said to Bill.

"Bill I need to get in the shower before I leak all over the bed."

"I could clean you with my mouth if you wish." He said with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"No, I would rather take a shower." I said because I felt sweaty

Bill slid his arms under my back and lifted me to his chest. I though he wanted a hug. So I wrapped my arms around his neck. He then stood up taking me with him.

"Bill what are you doing." I asked

"Taking my Mistress to the shower." he said

There I was my legs and arms wrapped around Bill. His cock still in my ass just barely. As he carried me to the shower. Bill held me in his arms as we waited for the water to get hot. His cock was slowly slipping out of me. We got in just as it popped out of my ass. I slide from Bills arms and leaned against the cold tile walls. Bill took the shower puff and started to wash me up. I felt like a queen. Bill turned me around and washed the cum and what ever from between my ass cheeks then he took two soapy fingers and ran them in side me. I could tell my asshole was gapping open Bill's fingers slid in without any resistance.

"I hope my asshole closes back up." I said a little concerned. Bill laughed and said.

"I felt the same way yesterday. It'll be back to normal by the morning."

"Well that's a relief I'd hate to have to where diapers the rest of my life."

After Bill was done washing himself and me we dried off and got dress for bed. Bill put on panties and a camisole top and I put on a silky nightgown. We crawled under the covers set the alarm tuned off the lights. I curled up to Bill and said.

"Bill do you mind wearing silky things to bed."

"No I like the way we feel next to each other. Why do you ask?"

"I was just thinking. If you would like, I could get you some night gowns to wear like I have."

"I would like that. If you wouldn't mind me being dressed like a girl."

"As long as you have that cock to fuck me with you'll never be a girl in my eyes. And besides I'm starting to like girls too." I said as I kissed him.

"As long as you don't like girls too much and stop likeing me."

"You have the one thing I crave the most." I said as I squeezed his soften meat.

Tuesday morning I awoke with the alarm. After I silenced it I turn to Bill, he was already up. I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom showered and shaved my legs brushed my teeth. I went to the make up table did my hair and make up. Bill came into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.

"Well now that's a first. I didn't know you could make coffee." I said as I kissed him good morning

"You wouldn't have said that if you tasted the first patch I made." He said a little embarrassed.

After I finished my coffee I went to my closet and pulled out a business suit and started to put it on. When bill asked." Is that what your going to wear today."

"Yes. What's wrong with it? I always wear these to work." I asked a little confused Bill has never questioned me on the way I dressed.

"Well I don't know what a women finds sexy in another women but I don't think that's it."

At first I didn't know what he was talking about then it hit me. Jenny "Well I couldn't wear anything that sexy to work. I'll just have to take some thing with me. And change in the work out room. It has a shower there too."

"So what are you going to wear?" Bill asked. He seemed to be enjoying this.

"What do you think, the black leather mini and a silk blouse?" I asked. I knew he liked that outfit.

"No I don't think so. How about some thing more girlie. I know the pink silk flower print dress. It shows off your tits perfectly and it's short enough. If you wear a half cup demi bra and four inch stiletto heels you'll have to get her a drool cup so she doesn't slobber all over the place." I couldn't believe we where having this discussion.

"Bill do you realize what your doing? You're telling what I should wear to attract another girl."

"You asked me what you should wear and I told you what I though would look good. That's all. You know you want this. You said so last night to her on the phone."

"You can't count that I was in the heat of passion." I said trying to defend my actions.

"Look Sheri you want this. And I want you to have it. I want you to enjoy it, but I want you to come home to me."

"Your sure this is ok with you? " I asked giving him and myself a way out.

"Go enjoy your self. I'll be with Jim anyway. If nothing comes about it than at least you got dinner out of it."

"Where are you two going tonight?" I asked trying to change the conversation.

"Jerome's on tenth and central."

"That's a steakhouse isn't it?"

"Yea Jim said he likes a nice piece of meat when Jenny's not around." "Is that exactly what he said?" I asked looking at Bill to see if he got the double meaning that sentence suggested.

"Yea that's exactly how he put it. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason." I said. Bill didn't see where I was going with it. And I could be wrong. So why make him any more nervous then he was all ready.

I placed the dress in a garment bag and my shoes and under wear in a gym bag along with makeup and a fresh pair of stockings along with a towel and washcloth. I went down stairs to make breakfast for Bill. I saw on the table two plates of fruit and toast. I asked Bill

"What kind of eggs do you want today?"

"No eggs. I'm going to try your diet for a while I'm starting to get a little thick in the middle. And before it gets out of hand I want to try and control it."

"A girdle will control it too you know." I said kidding. Then Bill shot back with.

"When you wear one then I will."

"No thanks I'll starve myself before I wear one of those." I told him

When my staff saw me walk in with my garment bag and gym bag they knew I wasn't going home for dinner. I got plenty of razzing from them till I said they better start looking for someplace else to work. Which of cause I was kidding it took me two years to get this staff together I wasn't about to let any of them go. Everything went well that day so I let most of them go early since they worked so hard yesterday.

At five o'clock I went to the work out room to shower I put on my stocking and garter belt and my panties over them. Then my dress I curled my hair and put on my makeup a little heavier then normal. I put on my heels then looked at myself in the mirror. Bill was right I was one foxy lady. Now if I could get out of the building before someone saw me. I barely got out of the ladies changing room before I ran in to Jeff

"Oh baby you are one foxy lady did you get all dressed up for me." I had to put him in his place as soon as possible or he'll be chasing after me for a long time to come and that I don't need.

"Now why would I get all dressed up for you?" I asked

"Because you know Jeff's got what you need to feel like a real women," He said thrusting his pelvis at me.

"What would that be Jeff." I asked knowing where this was going.

Jeff took my hand in his and placed on his crotch. I knew from a couple of girls that Jeff had dated that what he had in his pants was a lot smaller than he lean people to believe. I grabbed Jeff's crotch in a very tight grip and said

"I'll tell you what Jeff I make a deal with you." I could see in his eyes that my grip was causing him some pain but he wasn't going to admit to it.

"What's kind of deal." he asked. I could hear the pain in his voice.

"I'll take you home with me tomorrow." Jeff's eyes lit up at the prospect. So I continued. "And I'll measure you against my husband. And if you got more cock then he does I let you have me."

"And If I don't?" He asked pretty sure of himself

"Then you have to satisfy my husbands sexual needs. And he's good for at least three times a night. And he loves it when I deep throat him. Oh and if you don't take me up on this challenge I don't want to hear another word on how great you think you are in bed. Do you understand me?" I gave his crotch another squeeze this time a lot harder. I knew I was being a bitch with a capital B but I needed to put him in his place.

"Well How big is he?" He asked. I could see tears in his eyes from the pain I was giving him and I could hear it in his voice.

"That's what you'll find out tomorrow. I'm going to release you now, you only have to do one of two things either you turn and walk away or you say I'll see you tomorrow. Now what will it be." I released my grip on him and He turn and walked away. He took two steps and turned and asked.

"Just for curiosity sake how big is he." I didn't have to answer. I already put him in his place. But just to give him something to think about I circled my right arm with my left hand about eight inches down from the wrist and balled my hand into a fist. He got the hint and was glad he walked away. I picked up my things turned and walked down the hall. I was meet by four girls from the phone pool. They gave me a standing ovation one said to me.

"That's putting the jerk in his place."

I was embarrassed by the attention I was getting from them so I slipped out as quick as I could. Put it did feel good to put him down like that. I put my work cloths in the car and walked over to Fathoms it was a beautiful spring night still warm from the day but not the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer. I walked in to Fathoms It was one of those dark places with lots of booths where bosses take there secretaries. Too try and get laid before they go home to their wives that they'll never leave no matter what they say. I started looking for an empty booth figuring I got there before Jenny. Then I felt a hand on my bottom. I figured it was some guy trying to cop a feel so I spun around to tell the guy off. I came face to face with Jenny.

"Ho girl I didn't mean to startle you. " She said.

"I thought you were some guy coming on to me."

"Couldn't blame them dam you're hot. I guess you did dress sexy for me. Come on let's get you in a booth before I have to fight them off. Jenny put her arm around me and guided over to a booth and slid in next to me. She turned to face me as a waiter came to the table. We both ordered wine.

"Now tell me why you where so jumpy." She said .I told her about my run in with Jeff and how I handled it. She got a kick out of it. And said

"Serves the bastard right. I hate pricks like that. Thinking there special because they have something swinging between there legs. So Bill has a impressive package huh." I looked at her dumb founded

"How do you know that? I didn't tell you how big he was." Jenny just laugh and the said.

"Silly you had the jerks meat in your hand and you still made the challenge. So I figured Bill had more?"

"Yes Bill has more a lot more. Jeff wasn't hard but I have felt Bill when he wasn't hard and there was a lot less to feel on Jeff." We both giggle at that. Throughout the telling of my story Jenny held my hand under the table. She now placed my hand on her thigh and started rubbing my thigh with her hand. She made little circles with her fingers and I slowly caressed her stocking clad thigh.

"I'm glad you came tonight I have always wanted you to be my friend but I couldn't trust myself around you. You're too sexy for me to keep my hands off. I have to be careful about who I come on to. When I saw you in Brenda's I thought I test you to see how open minded you where. And when you didn't even bat a eye when I said the panties where for Jim well I was so relieve I just had to kiss you and then you kissed me back I wanted to make love with you right there."

"I like you too for such a long time but you always seem to avoid me. Now I know why." I said as my hand slowly work its way up her thigh it was just past the tops of her stockings. "But if you made a pass at me before this weekend I'm not sure how I would have reacted."

"Why is that?" She asked as her hand slid up my thigh.

"Until this weekend I was not very open minded about sexual things. If you told me you were bisexual I wouldn't have said anything. What a person does in there own bedroom is there business" Jenny's hand had stopped its movement in fact in started to slowly move down my leg. I placed my other hand on top of it to stop its decent and continued on with my confession.

"But my eyes where open to a new world of wonders this weekend. I've decided to try new thing and with Bill's blessing I want to try some of them with you." Her hand hadn't tried moving since I placed my hand on hers.

"Have you ever been with another women before?" I shook my head no. "How does Bill fit into this? Is he putting you up to this so he can watch two women having sex."

I explained to her about the things I found on the computer that Bill put there and about his wanting me to dominate him. I didn't tell her about his bisexual fantasy or me dressing him up.

"Is Bill Bisexual? Has he ever had sex with a man."

"I don't know if he has ever had sex with another man. He never told if he did." I was taking a leap of fate here. I was betting Jim was. "He has had fantasies of having sex with another man. Why do you ask?" Jenny's fingers had started making circles on my thigh again.

"Let me tell you about Jim and me. We met after we graduated from collage. He was working as a tax lawyer for the same firm Bill is working for. I was just starting my career with the same company I with now. Jim was our tax lawyer so I met with him a lot. We started dating six months later. A year later he asked me to marry him. I loved him so much but I couldn't marry because I was bisexual and I knew if I did marry him I would end up cheating on him with another woman. I told him I couldn't he asked me why I wouldn't. I didn't want to tell him. I didn't want to hurt him. He kept after me. Finally I told him just so he would stop asking. When I told him why he told me that it didn't matter. He loves me enough to share me. That he had desires for other men but never did any thing about it. He said that we could make it work if I loved him as much as he loved me. I did love him. We sat in a bar just like this one. We told each other how we felt about sex and what we liked and didn't like. He told me he wanted to explore his bisexual feelings. We decided to have an open marriage as long as we knew what the other was doing and of cause we had to be discreet his mother could find out. So we find other couples just like us who are bisexual and discreet and financially well off so no one would try and black mail us. Jim opened his own practice a year later so he didn't have to play corporate games and wait to make partner. We haven't had a much luck finding other couples lately. We still visit friends we had affairs with in the past but we're looking for some thing closer to home. After Sunday I thought I found some one we could connect with Jim has always found Bill attractive. He even saw him in the shower at the club and was impressed with him. But if Bill isn't bisexual then I won't be able to see much of you it wouldn't be fair to Jim or Bill."

"Jenny I could see you're disappointed with the situation as it stands. I can't speak for Bill's feelings toward Jim lets wait and see what happens between them. We'll go and have dinner. Then we'll go home and see how the boy's made out."

"Yes that's what we'll do. Do you want to ride with me to Rick's or take your own car."

"How about if we walk it's only five blocks and we still have thirty minutes to our reservation time. And it is such a lovely night."

She agreed to the walk. We walked arm in arm to the restaurant. We had a lovely dinner and gossiped about people we both new from the club. All through dinner I kept feeling Jenny's foot rubbing my leg. And from time to time I would do the same to her. After dinner we walked to Jenny's car and she drove me to mine. In the parking garage before I got out she took my head in her hands and kissed me on the mouth and pushed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a long time each of us taking turns sucking on the other's tongue. She place her hand on my breast and played with the nipple. I placed my hand on her breast. It was the first breast I had ever touched besides my own. It was soft yet firm and her nipple stood up hard against my palm. We broke our kissed I laid my head on her shoulder my hand was still on her breast and hers was still on my. She said

"Let me call Jim and see what they're up to." She removed her hand from me and picked up her cell phone. After dialing the number she said. "Jim, love are you two done with dinner. Good. We where just going to go home. Oh you all ready are. I guess everything when ok. We'll talk about that when we're alone. We'll be there in about thirty minutes." She hung up the phone and kissed me lightly on the lips and said. "Jim and Bill are at my house Jim say's to bring you over for an after dinner drink. Do you want ride with me, or would you rather take your own car. I could drive you back in the morning."

"I better take my own car at lest to my house then you can drive me from there." Jenny looked down at my hand, which hadn't left her breast since I first touched it.

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