Life's Changes Ch. 04


"Yes Jim knows everything including you."

"Oh my god what must he think." I could hear she was upset.

"Don't worry, he thinks it's a great idea. Pamela you still coming over tomorrow right?"

"Oh yes I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Ok wear something sexy and bring something to lie around in. And you might want to bring you makeup and something to where to work on Monday in case you would like to spend the night."

"I don't have many sexy things put I could run out and get something."

"We'll have to remedy that I can't have my new submissive not wearing sexy cloths for me." I heard her moan over the phone. "Pamela are you playing with yourself?" She hesitated to answer so I said. "Tell me are you."

"Yes ma-am." I could her the shyness in her voice

"Then stop and don't do it again till I tell you can. Now I like my submissives hairless below the neck make sure you are when you come over tomorrow. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress. I understand and will do my best to full fill your wishes." I felt a sexual charge go though me when she said this. I gave her directions our house and told her to be there at three and hung up.

I came back on to the patio. Everyone was sitting around the table. I sat down between Bill and Jenny. And said "Now that, that is settled what do we do now."

"Oh no you don't. You have to tell us what's going on." Jenny said. I told them about the conversation I had with Pamela. Then Jenny said. "It looks like you have another love slave."

"Yes it does look that way doesn't it? So what do we do now." then Jenny said

"I don't know about the rest of you but I'm hungry. We could all go out for dinner and then come back here and fuck like bunnies or we could get Glenda and Ginny to make dinner. And then fuck like bunnies. Or we could go out for dinner and then to a club before coming back here and fuck like bunnies." Then Ginny said

"Jenny is food and fucking all you think about?"

"I only think about food to give me energy to fuck. Fucking's my main concern."

"Glenda and I have a appointment at ten tomorrow morning to have Nicole fitted of a French maid's uniform. So we can't go all night again." I said Bill blushed as I took his hand in mine. "Ginny can I ask you a question?"

"Sure ask me anything you want." She said

"Did you get your slave ring before or after you got your tits."

"Before why do you ask?

"I just wanted to know if it would have any affect on you breast enhancement. Glenda wants to get one to show her servitude to me and I want to know if she decides to get boobs too if it will have any effect." Bill looked up at me with hope in his eyes. "So I was thinking If we could get Ginger to dress her up real pretty and Sam wouldn't mind we could go and get her a slave ring of her own. Would you like that Glenda?" Bill's look turned from hope to shock with the thought of going out in public in a dress. No one said anything we all waited for Bill to speak. Bill swallowed once and said

"Yes I would. I would like that very much." I could feel her hand shaking in mine.

"Ginger do you think you could dress her up good enough to pass? I don't want her to get hurt. If not we could go with her dressed as Bill." I was giving both Ginny and Bill a way out.

"I'll have to see what kind of cloths you bought her but I'm sure I could." Jenny went to call Sam. When she came back she said.

"Sam's not too busy today. She said come on up and she'll take care of it. Ginny before we get two involved would you make some sandwiches. I'm still starving.

"Yes my love" Ginny picked up some sign from Jenny then turned to Bill and asked, "Who would like to give me a hand?" Bill volunteered. Then Jenny said to me after they left.

"Your trying to take her out in public aren't you?" I nodded my head. "When we get done at Sam's we can go to Benders to celebrate if that's ok with you."

"I don't want Glenda hurt or humiliated in public. I don't want to take him anywhere dangerous. I'm not even sure about Sam's." I said I was a little worried myself.

"Sam's isn't that bad. The rougher crowd stays away from there because it's mostly a gay biker's area. Bender's is short for gender bending. Do you know what that is?" I said no. "Gender bending is what Glenda and Ginny are doing. Men dressing like women and women dressing like men. Their clientele are all gender benders so it's safe for her. She's pretty close to passable. In Benders if she makes a mistake no one cares. She might be asked to dance with some guy that likes she males. That's what Ginny and Glenda are." I though this over then asked.

"Is it a dive or does everyone dress up?"

"Benders is a high class place you have to be a member to get in. If your dressed as a man it's suit and tie and if you dressed as a woman its dresses. Nothing outrages or in bad tasted. There's a dinning room and a dancing area with a live band on Friday's and Saturday's. So do you want to go I'll have to see if I can get reservations?"

"Your sure it's safe?" I asked still not sure and sort of worried. Bill had come a long way I didn't want him ridiculed. I wanted him to be more like Ginny. "Ok make the reservations but the first sign of trouble and we're out of there." Ginny and Glenda came back with the sandwiches as Jenny was leaving. She had Ginny follow her into the house. After a few moments she came back and sat down and said

"You know Glenda since this is your first time out in public why don't we get all dolled up." Bill looked at me I could see suspicion in his eyes he knew something was up. Then he said.

"I trust Sheri not to humiliate me in public. So if you think I should get all dolled up I'll do it." Bill had just put me on the spot. He trusted my judgment. I took his hand in mine I could feel it shake but he was willing to do what I wanted. Then Ginny said

"I have a dress that I think will fit Glenda perfectly we're the same size pretty much. Sheri why don't you go home after you eat and get dressed and we'll drive over and pick you up." Jenny came back in and sat down and started eating. Glenda wasn't eating she was just starring at me. I couldn't eat with him starring at me, I felt like I was betraying him. I took my hand from his and said

"Go ahead and eat sweetheart. We should be going soon." Ginny turn to him and said

"Go a head and eat. I know your nervous going out your first time but everything will ok I've been where you are you can trust us." Bill seemed to relax some and started eating. Which meant I could start eating. I could only eat a little, my stomach was in knots. After Jenny and Ginny had finished eating Jenny said

"I'm going to get dressed the rest of you should as well." I went to put on shorts and a tee shirt for the drive home. I kissed Bill before I left and he asked.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes love of my life everything was going to be fine. You trust me and I trust Jenny and Ginger. You'll be ok."

"Would you like to tell me what we're doing after we get my nipple pierced." I didn't have to tell him, but I felt I owed it to him.

"We're going to a night club called Benders as in gender benders it's a place that caters to people that wear other sexes cloths. Jenny and Ginger both feel it's safe. It's a members only club and their members." He took my hands in his and kissed them and said ok. I couldn't believe he wasn't putting up a fight. "Ok. Ok That's all you got to say is ok. Here I was thinking you would hate me and all you say is ok. I should get my whip and beat you." Bill laughed and took me in his arms and said.

"Honey I love you. All I ask is you tell me what your doing. It's the lawyer in me I don't like the unknown. If Ginny and Jenny says it's ok then it must be. You know it sounds like fun." I couldn't believe he was taking this so calmly. I tried to put a wrinkle into his euphoria

"You know they have a live band you might get asked to dance." Bill came back with.

""Would it be ok if I did dance with some guys?" He got to me on that one and he knew it.

"Just remember your coming home with me tonight so I'll be the one fucking your ass."

"Yummy is that a promise?"

"Ok who are you and what did you do with my husband?" Bill just laughed took me in his arm again and kissed me. I felt his cock start to rise between us. Yea this was my husband. I rubbed my tummy on his cock and said, "You better not do that when you're dancing it's not very lady like." We both laughed. I kissed him and told him "I'll go get dressed."

I drove home and showered and dressed. I wore a black with gold glitter cocktail dress. Gold four inch spiked heels. I finished my makeup and hair just in time. Jenny pulled into my drive in Jims Lincoln town car.

I got in the front passengers side. Glenda and Ginny where in the back. I couldn't see how Glenda was dressed or made up in the back because the dome light didn't seem to work. Jenny was wearing a dark green cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that stopped two inches below her breasts. You could see the side of her breast clearly. Jenny drove at a record braking speed. We arrived at Sam's around eight.

Glenda got out of the car. I could see she was nervous. I took her hand I could feel it shake. We walk in to Sam's shop and thankfully it was empty. I could finally see what Glenda was wearing. It was a gold sequin dress that stopped four inches from her knee; she wore gold four-inch spiked heels. Her make up was impeccable even under the harsh lights of Sam's shop. Her hair curled in waves even though it was short it had a girlish style. Sam greeted all of us with kisses and told us all how foxy we looked. Then Sam turned off the open sign and locked the door and pulled down the blinds and said.

"We don't want prying eyes to see what they shouldn't. Now who gets the ring? Glenda raised her hand. " I need you to take down you top and sit in the chair." Sam could see Glenda was jumpy. And said "Don't worry honey I'll be as gentile as I can." Ginger walked up behind Glenda and unzipped the dress. Glenda pulled down the top and took off her bra you could see her face turn a bright pink even thought the makeup. Then Sam said "There, there sweetie we can't all have big tits like Jenny there, we just have what god gave us." Which got a laugh from everyone. Glenda sat in the chair and I sat next to her and held her hand. "Which nipple?" She asked I told her the left the same side as the wedding band. Sam froze and pierced the nipple and installed the ring. I could see it was painful but Glenda never made a sound. Once done Sam taped a gauze pad over it. She told Glenda how to clean it while she got dress.

"So where are you going all dressed up." Jenny told her and invited her to come a long. "I'd love to but I have a biker coming in shortly that's got a big tattoo on his back that we've been working on. It's the gas tank and handlebars of a Harley so it looks like your riding a bike while your fucking him it's really neat. If you stick around you can see it." We beg off and left. We arrived at Benders a little past nine thirty. Before we got out of the car Jenny asked

"Are we going to eat or just dance? I vote to eat first the dinning room closes in an hour so we should eat first if where going to eat." I didn't have much of that sandwich and I know Glenda didn't. So I said

"I vote to eat, how about you Glenda." She agreed

We walked in the club and was greeted by a very large man with a goatee he must have stood six five weighted three hundred pounds and very little if any was fat. "Jenny, Ginger it's been a long time where have you been."

"We just found new friends to go clubbing with and yours is the first place we brought them too. Max this Glenda and Sheri." Jenny introduced us

"Very lovely women they are too. Any friend of Jenny and Ginger's are friends of mine. But I am going to have to see some I D." Glenda looked shocked that he would ask. He turned to Glenda and said "not yours the little one's." I pulled out my driver's license and showed it to him. "Thirty well could have fooled me. I hope you don't take it personally but you barely look twenty."

"Of cause I take it personally." I could see he looked troubled. "Any time I get a compliment on my age I take it very personally." Which got a roaring laugh from him. Then he said.

"Jenny I like this one you bring her back anytime. Are y'all going to dine or just dance?"

"Dinning first then we'll work it off on the dance floor. Are there a lot of single guys here tonight?"

"Benders always has a lot of single guys. They can't seem to get enough of the ladies I get in here." Max winked at Ginger." Let me show y'all to a table" Max put his arm around Ginger and Glenda and walked into the dinning room. The dinning room was very large but there wasn't many people eating. Max escorted us to a table for four and held our chair for all of us. I was the last to sit down. "And last but not lease the little one."

"Max if you ask me if I need a booster seat I'm going to kick you where it hurts." I told him. Max roared again with laughter.

"Sheri darling I'm only having fun but I like you if Jenny will sponsor you I let you join my little club. And compare to me you are a little one, you are all little ones." Max laughed his way back to the entrance.

"Well Sheri you seem to hit it off with Max. I never saw him that friendly to a real girl. Usually he just ignores us. He like girls like Ginger and Glenda."

"He probable thinks I'm a guy then." Jenny giggled then said

"Honey you could never pass for a guy. Besides Max knows he can always tell. You saw the way he put his arms around Ginger and Glenda didn't you. The man is infallible.' The waitress came up and we ordered champagne when it arrived. Jenny held up her glass and said.

"Congratulations Glenda this is your coming out party. Long my you pass." we all drank up. After dinner Jenny asked for the check. The waitress said

"There will be no charge for dinner Max says the little one made him laugh so the dinners on him." Jenny and Ginny were impressed after the waitress left she said.

"I guess you did hit it off with him I've never seen him pay for a meal and definitely not four." After dinner we went into the dance hall and found a table near the dance floor. The band was playing. As soon as we sat down a gentleman around six one came over to our table and asked Ginny if she would like to dance. She left with him Then Jenny said to me "There only on problem coming here these guys only dance with cross dressers. So if you are asked to dance most likely it's a cross-dressing female. If you have a problem with that decline any offer."

I asured her I didn't have any problem with it then excused my self to go to the bathroom. After I finished as I was coming out I ran into Max

"Max that was really nice you to buy dinner for us."

"Your welcome little one anyone who could make me laugh the way you do deserves at least that."

"Max can you tell me how you knew Glenda wasn't a real girl." Max roared out laughing again then said.

"To tell you the truth little one and I better not hear you tell anyone my secret. I couldn't tell on her, not right a way. So I used my little trick I asked for ID's. As soon as I saw the shocked look on her face I knew. You tell her I think she's really pretty." I had him lean down and gave him a hug and a kiss. "What was that for?"

"I think you're really sweet. And I think you're just a big teddy bear."

"Don't go spreading that around I have a reputation to protect." I went back to our table and it was empty. I looked on the dance floor and saw Ginny still dancing with the same guy and Jenny and Glenda each had partners. I was just about to sit when, what I believed was a women about five eight in a dark blue suit asked me to dance. I wasn't the only one who was going to be left at the table. We dance and chatted thru a couple of songs then I made my way back to the table. Jake my dance partner held my hand as we made your way back to the table. When we got back to the table I found Jenny Glenda and Ginny sitting on the laps of there dance partners. Jenny said

"There wasn't enough chairs for everyone so we decided to sit on the guy's laps." Who was I to argue I had Jake sit and sat on his lap. His hand went straight to my lap he started rubbing the exposed part of my leg. Jenny leaned over to me and asked me to go to the bathroom with her. Then she asked Glenda and Ginny to join us. Once in the bathroom she asked.

"Are we all going home tonight together? Be cause if we are we need to tell those guys so we don't lead them on. They might want to score tonight and if they spend the whole night with us and we leave they might get a little upset. I know it won't get rough Max would never let them. But it's only fare to them to try and find someone else."

"We came together. I think we should stay together and Glenda and I have an appointment tomorrow." Glenda and Ginny agreed we shouldn't separate. Then Jenny said

"We can play kissy face and touchy feely but no one leaves ok." We all checked our make-up and when back to the table. Jake took me to the dance floor. We danced as I snuggled up to him I could feel his breast as I rested my head on his chest. His hand rested on my bottom. Normally I would have asked to have him take it off but I was feeling horny so I let him keep it there. Then he said

"Come home with me. So I came make sweet love to you. " I was tempted. I would have like to see what she would do to me.

" I would love to but I can't Jake. The four of us drove up together and we need to drive back together."

"You could all stay at my place and leave in the morning." As tempting as it sounded I knew Glenda and I couldn't be see coming home all dressed up so early in the morning. It would be all over the neighborhood by lunchtime.

" I don't think that would be wise if I had brought a change of cloths then maybe. If you want to leave me so you can try for some one else I'll understand." He pulled me close and kissed me. We kissed and danced till I was out of breath. I pulled my mouth from his and asked to sit down. As I came to the table I saw everyone kissing there dance partner Jenny's partner was openly fondling her tits and Glenda's partner had his hand up her dress what he was doing I could' t see but Glenda was obviously enjoying it, her hand was in his pants Ginger was doing about the same thing as her partner's hand was up her dress. I felt out of place having told Jake she could leave. Jake could also see what was going on and asked

"Do you want to go to the bar and get a drink?" At the bar we talked and kissed till the bar tender call last round. Jake gave me his card and said

"If you're going to stay in Atlanta over night give me a call." Then a woman came up to us and said to Jake

"Jake any luck tonight." she was a cute blond about Jake's height with blue eyes.

"No how about you." Jake asked

"I spent most of my time with some jerk, then he tells me he has to go home to his wife but I could blow him out in the car. Yea like I'm going to do that. Hey Jake who's your cute little friend here?"

"Oh I'm sorry. Sheri This is my husband Julie." we shook hands as Julie asked

"So you have a husband here too that would like a sweet thing like me?"

"Julie don't be a pig. Sheri and her friends have to go back home tonight." Just then Bill came up to me.

"Jake, Julie this my husband Glenda who needs to go fix her makeup." Bill looked like she just got out of the back seat of someone's car.

"Oh sorry. Hi Jake, Julie. Jenny wants to know if you're ready to leave."

"Go fix your make up then we can leave." Bill scurried off with Julie right on her heels saying something about helping. "I better get back to my friends. I'll call you the next time we get in town and plan to stay." It sounded like a brush off but it really wasn't. Then Jenny and Ginger came up.

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