tagFetishLife's Changes Ch. 11

Life's Changes Ch. 11


I woke to a gentile shaking of my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Pam sitting on the side of the bed facing me. She smiled when she realized my eyes were open. And said

"Good morning my Mistress. You said you didn't want to over sleep today. It's eleven thirty and I have a nice hot cup of coffee ready for you. I sat up and leaned my back against the headboard of my bed. Pam handed me my coffee and I said

"Well you seem to be in a cheery mood today. I gather you and Jenny had a good time last night?"

"Oh yes it was great. I really like the present you gave her. It works really well."

"Oh it does? How many times did you work it?" I asked

"Five." Pam said looking at the floor and turning red with embarrassment."

"Five times? You mean to tell me she was able to get it up five times in one night."

"Miss Jenny found out that if she used it and made it go away. When she called it back it would be hard again. And it didn't matter how long it was gone, even seconds." Pam told me more excited then one would think.

"I'm going to have to talk to Jenny about abusing you that way." I told her

"Oh no need to do that Mistress, I really enjoyed it." Pam said then blushed deeper.

"So you asked her to do you?" I asked

"Asked is putting it a bit mildly." Jenny said from the doorway "Begged it more like it. Do you know she likes getting fucked in the ass? I didn't want to do it, but she begged me so sweetly I just had to, both times."

"Both times. Well I think I may have turned you into a slut." I told Pam Then Jenny said

"Come on get up we have problems."

"What kind of problems." I asked

"Can you people make anymore noise?" Kim asked

"Oh sorry Kim, we'll leave." I told her.

"No stay I'll never get back to sleep. Hey, I smell coffee is there anymore?"

"Yes Miss Kimberly, I have a cup for you right here." Pam said pouring another cup for Kim.

"Thanks Pam if you don't mind its Kim. Kimberly makes me sound like I'm five years old."

"Ok Jenny what kind of problems do we have." I asked

"Mary and Jeff showed up this morning about six o'clock. It seems Debbie wasn't as sorry as she appeared. She threw them both out last night with out a stitch of cloths on. Luckily Jeff had a key to his car stashed on the car in case he locked his keys in the car. Apparently he's done it before. He had two blankets in the trunk. They drove over here because they didn't have anywhere else to go. They slept for a couple of hours. Mary's beside herself, she starts crying at the mention of Debbie's name."

After Jenny was done I asked, "Did they tell you what brought this on?"

"No Jeff won't say and Mary cries every time we ask. All I know is Debbie wanted them to do something and they refused. Then she beat them with a belt but they still refused. That's when she threw them out. Deb called ten minutes ago she knows their here and she's on her way to get them." Jenny told them

"I'll be dammed if they're going to be leaving with her. Let me get dressed and I'll be right down." I told them, I was furious. After a quick shower I dressed and went down stairs. Mary and Jeff were at the dining room table with Jenny and Pam. Glenda and Ginny grabbed me in the kitchen and Glenda said

"Ginny and I talked it over and they are not going back with her."

"Well it might not be that easy. Don't forget she knows quite a bit about us and she can use it as leverage." I told them

"We don't care she's not leaving here with either of them." Ginny said

"Calm down both of you, let me find out what happen then I'll talk to Debbie and hear her side." I told them. Kim came down the stairs and asked

"Has anyone seen my cloths?"

"I washed them this morning I'll get them for you." Glenda told her. I turned to Kim and said

"I need your help. When Debbie gets here I need you to give her a bewilderment smile to stall her until I have time to talk to Mary and Jeff."

"Sure no problem. What are you going to do?"

"I'm not sure, I need to find out what happen then I need to see what Debbie would do when she finds out that they won't be going home with her."

"I'll bewilder her but you know it won't last all day." Kim reminded me

"I know I just need about an hour that should be long enough." I told her. I went to the dinning room and asked Mary to come with me. The poor girl was devastated. Her eyes were swollen from crying so much. I walk her into the den then I looked in her face and smiled a calming smile to relax her. Then I asked

"Mary what happen. I need to know so I can help you." I could see the smile worked

"We left here last night and Debbie drove us home. We didn't stop at the Wal-mart like she said. When we went in the house she started screaming at Jeri that she was his Mistress and that he wasn't supposed to tell you anything about what we do. Then she called me a whore for wanting Jeri to fuck me. After she was done yelling at us she told me to get on my hands and knees so Jeri could fuck me like the dirty whore I was. And that the only way Jeri was going to fuck me was up my bottom."

"When I told her I wasn't going to do it that way she slapped me several times across the face. Then she ripped off all my cloths and threw me over the arm of our sofa with my bottom in the air. Then she held me down and told Jeri to fuck my ass. Jeri told her she would rape me no matter what she did."

"Debbie got really mad then and punched Jeri in the mouth. Jeri was knocked out, then Deb tied him up and when he came to she said that he had better get a hard so I could fuck my self in the ass with it. Jeri wouldn't do it she stayed soft. Then Debbie started whipping her with a leather belt. When I tried to stop her, she tied me up and whipped me too."

"She whip us for about hour stopping every once and a while to see if we were ready to do what she wanted. Finally she had enough and threw us out side in the back yard and told us mangy mutts belonged in the back yard."

"Jeri was finally able to get the ropes off his hands about an hour before sunrise. He untied me and got his key he keeps in a box under the fender of his car. He had blankets in the trunk to cover us with then he drove us here. Why would she be like that we're in love she's not suppose to treat me like that?"

I really felt sorry for her she didn't deserve what had happen to her. Not from some one that's suppose to love you. "I don't know Mary. I really don't know I need to ask you do you want to go back to her?"

"No never she's been getting like this for a while I think she's gone off the deep end and there's no way I'm going back to her."

"Why don't you go take a shower and I'll have Pam get you something to wear." I told her I sent a message for Pam and Jenny to come to the den. When they came in I told Pam to take Mary for a shower and to have Jeff come to the den. I said to Jenny after Pam left

"I want you to hear what happen and then give me you opinion."

"Fine just so you know Debbie's here." Jenny told me with hate in her eyes.

"Did Kim do what I asked her to do"?

"I don't know what you asked her to do, but right now Debbie couldn't find her ass with both hands." Jenny told me sometimes Jenny could be a bit vulgar.

Jeff came in I had him sit and tell me what happen. He gave me the same story that Mary did. He embellished more on the things Debbie said to them, but the story was the same. When he was done I asked him to go and wait with Kim and to have Glenda and Ginny come in. When he left Jenny asked

"Is that the same thing you got from Mary?"

"Pretty much. He was more descriptive but the stories the same" I told her

"So what are we going to do?" Jenny asked

"Lets bring our husbands in and tell them what's going on then we'll see what Debbie has to say."

"You're going to listen to her. You know she'll lie just like she did last night."

"I don't care what she has to say about last night I want to know what she going to do when she finds out that Mary and Jeff are lost to her." When Glenda and Ginny came in we told them what Jeff and Mary told us. Glenda right away said

"That does it, there's no way their going back to her. I don't care if we have to take them to the mansion with us they are not going with that bitch."

"I gather we're all agreed that they're not going back to her. I don't think we could get them to go any way. Now I want to hear what she says when she finds this out" I called to Kim to bring in Debbie.

When they came in I had Kim put Deb in a chair? I worked a spell to hold her there. Then Kim released her from the bewilderment. The first thing out of her mouth was

"Where are those two pieces of shit? I want them back how dare they run off on me." I let her rant on till she tired herself out then I said

"Mary and Jeri don't want anything to do with you anymore. They asked us to help them and we are."

"Who the hell do you think you are? I want them and I want them now." Deb said

"Well they're not going with you and there's nothing you can do about it." I told her

"Oh yea. How about it if I start telling every one of Jim's clients that he's a cock sucking fag who dresses up in women's cloths when he's not in the office. And his new partner is his gay lover. And I'm sure you boss will love to find out your a lesbian and you have a live in sex slave." I threw a ward around her so she couldn't hear what we were saying and thankfully we couldn't hear her. I turned to Glenda and Ginny and said

"Well there you have it right from her own mouth. Now Glenda and I don't need to work. I'm pretty sure you two don't have to either. And if you did I'll give you what ever you need." I told Jenny and Ginny. I continued "But I still want to live in this town. I grew up here and our families here."

"I have to agree with Sheri on this one. Put I will not give them to her I don't care what it costs." Ginny said Jenny and Glenda both agreed with her. Once I had them agree. I said

"Will you all agree that if I could make her leave this town this state and never to hear from her again that would suit all of you." They all looked at me like I was a nut then Jenny asked

"Your not going to kill her, are you?" I almost laughed I guess it did sound that way.

"No I can spell banish her." After I told everyone what that was they agreed that it would be the best way to handle it. I released the ward around Deb and then recited the spell for banishment. Debbie was ranting then she quieted down and said

"You know I don't need this." Then she stood and said, "You can keep those two. And you can tell Mary she can have the house I'll take the car and what's in the savings account. I'm going to get me a new life somewhere else maybe I'll go to Florida." Deb walked out of the den and out the house, never to be heard from again.

"You mean that's it. We'll never see her again." Jenny asked

"That's it in a month or two we'll barley remember she existed. Jim all you'll remember is she worked for you and was a good employee. Mary will remember they were lovers but it didn't work out. Mary's name won't appear on any of their bank records or on the car's title. Deb's name won't be on the house title or the loan records. Deb will go home pack all her things and only her things and will be out of the state by midnight." I informed them.

"Well that's pretty slick." Jenny said Then Ginny said

"No it's not. Don't you realize what she just did? She just changed two people's live in a blink of an eye. It's an awesome power and one I wouldn't want to have."

"It is an awesome power. And one I won't use lightly. It changes so much. In the time before the forgetting it would have almost killed the banished one. Now it's not so bad. But it's still something I don't do easily."

"Then why did you? We were all willing to not give them up to her no matter the cost." Ginny asked

"Because you were willing. If any of you weren't willing then I wouldn't have. But when you all said you would, I did it to save a lot more peoples lives then just two. And I knew you would because you had to tell me the truth." I told them then I stood and said "Now I have to go tell Mary the women she loved is leaving her life forever." I left the den feeling emotionally drained; the spell took a lot out of me. I walked up stairs and found Mary in one of the spare bedrooms talking to Pam. When I walked in I asked Pam to leave us, I sat and took Mary's hand in mine and said

"Mary I sent Deb away. You'll never hear from her again." She griped my hands and said

"I know. I watched her get in to our car from the window and I knew I'd never see her again. I'm not sorry she gone. She's been getting meaner all the time. But what am I going to do. I can't go back to that house not after what happen last night."

"You can stay with us for now. The house is yours to do with as you please. Keep it or sell it but it is yours. Debbie's got the car and the savings account. I'll give you enough money to make up for the loss of the account and you can use my car. I'll use the Porsche. After a couple of weeks you may think differently about the house." I told her

"Can I stay here like Pam does? And be you sex slave." She asked. I wasn't ready to make any kind of commitment at that point and I didn't think she was either.

"We'll see, lets give it a couple of weeks then we'll talk about it." I stood and said to her "We're going to the mansion today if you would like to come your welcome or you could stay here and sleep."

"If you don't mind I'd like to come I'd rather not be alone." She said. I told she could come. Then I went down and talked to Jeff.

I was going to have to handle Jeff differently. First he wasn't as attached to Deb as Mary was, but I was the one that got him into this mess in the first place. I gave him something I think he wanted and it was taken from him before he had a chance to really enjoy it. I knew he would accept it but I hated myself for my failure at not seeing Debbie's cruelty. What would have happen to him if he weren't able to untie himself and Mary?

I found Jeff still at the dinning room table with Jenny and Janie, they were both consoling him. Janie stood and came over to me and said. "We'll be going now. Your going to the new house and you have plenty of trouble of your own right here." She then looked a Jeff and said. "You know I use to hate him. He was always such a shit head, but now I just feel sorry for him. He though he found someone that could give him what he wanted. Then she dumps on him and now she's gone." Janie stopped talking as she looked at him.

"I know and I feel like I'm the one who betrayed him." I told her, and then I said "I'll talk to you in the office tomorrow. I need to talk to Jeff right now."

I took Jeff by the hand and led him into the den. I sat him down on the sofa then sat down next to him. I turned myself so I was facing him and said "Jeff I'm really proud of the way you handle yourself last night. You could have given into Deb and did what she wanted you to do, but you didn't. That was a very brave thing you did. I don't think you deserve the reputation you have."

"Sheri I've never rape anyone or even come close to it. Every woman I ever had sex with wanted it. It would have been wrong to do what she wanted and I could have hurt Mary." He told me

"I'm sorry I got you into this. If I knew how it was going to turn out I never would have gotten you involved." I told him

"I know you didn't know. I know you were just trying to help me. The sad part is I thought I found someone who knew what I wanted and was willing to give it to me. I could have lived with the humiliation but I couldn't live with myself if I raped Mary." I saw the sadness in Jeff's face as he told me this. I felt I owed him something. After I thought about it I said.

"Can you go and tell Glenda I want to talk to her?" He did. When Glenda came in I had her sit next to me and said

"Do you remember when you said that if you had to you would take Mary and Jeff to the mansion with us?" He said he did. "Did you mean it or was that just talk. Because if it was just talk my next question will not be asked."

"Sheri I knew this question was coming. I knew it when I said we should take them to the mansion with us. Mary has to go with us. She just to vulnerable on her own. I wouldn't mind Jeff he's a nice enough guy. And to tell you the truth Ginny and I wouldn't mind another guy or she male or what ever you want to call us, around to help with all you girls. Even though you girls all like girls you all want what we have. And five girls and two guys is just not fair to us guys. Don't forget we like guys too."

"So you're asking me to bring in Jeff so you two can have some help?" I asked laughing. "You know there's a lot of guys out there who would love to be where you are right now?" I finished

"Not if they knew what we do," he told me. I could see he was serious by the look on his face.

"Ok I'll ask him if he wants to became part of my harem. I doubt he'll say no."

"Instead of calling it a harem why don't you call it a court? You are a queen after all."

"Yea that sounds better. And besides you and Pam are going to need help keeping that mansion clean." I told him in jest.

"Wait one minute I thought you said something about hiring help to do that."

"I don't want a bunch of strangers walking around while I walk around in the nude. Or when I decide I want some dick. I won't have to get up to go to the bedroom, I can do it right where I am." I told him teasingly.

"No help then. I'm not sure I like this."

"I'll tell you what you can have help during the week while I'm not there. On weekends and holidays the four of you can manage. How does that sound"?

"Sounds great to me. Who's going to make sure every thing gets done." Bill asked

"That's up to you after all you are my first mate, my consort, the love of my life." When I told Bill this I could almost see his chest fill with pride. "Do you think you can handle it?"

"Of cause I can. Now I think we should be leaving if we are going to get there by one." Bill told me. After we kissed passionately for a few minutes I had Jeff come in.

"Jeff would you like to be one of my submissive. To always do what I say and when I say. And you must do as Bill or Glenda says as well because she is my first mate and first in my heart."

"Oh Mistress It would be a dream come true. To be one of your servants would be more then I dare ask for." I stopped him there. Some how I knew he would go on for a while if I let him.

"Ok we're going to go to the mansion now I want you to come. Then I want you to go to Mary's house and get your keys. I need you to stay in you apartment until we move into the mansion then you can live there. I'll need you to set up the computer network in the mansion. Plus you still have to go to work everyday."

"What ever you want my Queen."

"Mistress will do." I told him Jenny came in and said

"If we're going I think we should leave. If not let me know and I'll take one of these beauties to bed."

"Jen, is sex all you think about?" I asked as we walked out of the den.

"No I think about food too. Speaking of which can we stop on the way and get a burger or something?" We all laughed but everyone agreed she had a good Idea. As we walked out to the car I heard Ginny ask Glenda

"Did you ask her?"

"Yes, she agreed." I heard Bill answer.

"Thank God." Ginny said I laughed and Jenny asked what that was all about. I told her

"Apparently our husbands need some help in satisfying our sexual urges." Jenny laughed and Bill said

"It's not you two were having a problem with it's all the others."

After a quick stop at a fast food place we pulled into the gate fifteen minutes late. As soon as we pulled in the gate I felt I was home. It was strange the contentment I felt. I told Bill how I felt he said

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