tagFetishLife's Changes Ch. 14

Life's Changes Ch. 14


I awoke to a gentile kissing of my neck. It felt so good that it brought a smile to my lips. I was almost positive that it was Bill kissing me, but I couldn't sure. I enjoyed the feeling so much that I made believe I was still asleep so whoever it was would continue. I next felt my sides being touched then a hand on my tummy

"I can see you smiling, you sneak." Bill whispered in my ear.

"I don't want you to stop what your doing. If I let you know I was awake then you'd stop." I told him

"How do you know I'd stop?"

"Because you know how I feel about sex in the morning. The only reason you would wake me this early is because you needed something." I told him as I rolled over on my back so I could see him.

I was never one to wake up and make love to someone right away. I had this fear that I would smell bad or my breath would stink and my lover would reject me for it. Now if I could get up and take a quick shower and brush my teeth. Then I'd be ready and raring to have sex with anyone. I know I'm a fanatic about showers and being clean, but if my lover can't wait for me to shower then he or she won't be my lover for long.

"Your right I would never dream of waking you this early on your day off, but we're going out for our morning run and we can't get out of the bedroom." Bill told

It came back in a flash. I put up a ward so Kim couldn't come back in to find out how to make her body go back to its original shape. I other words I wanted her to be stuck with a penis all night. I giggled to myself remembering seeing her standing out side my bedroom door. Yelling for me to let her in and I not hearing a word of it.

"I guess I have to face her sooner or later." I told Bill. I sat up and waved my hands and removed the ward that surrounded my room. As soon as the ward disappeared, Kim came charging into the room.

"Who do you think you are leaving me with this thing all night. Do you know after it shoots off a couple of time its dam useless?" Kim said pointing at the lump in her running shorts.

"Hey your the one that ran out of here with your ass on fire." I told her.

"Did you have to put up that ward to keep me out?"

"I was busy I didn't want to be disturbed. Besides you didn't seem to worried about it when you left." I told her as I lay back against the headboard.

"Ok I'm sorry I ran out the way I did, now would you please tell me how to get rid of it. Do you know how much it hurts being trapped in these tight running shorts?" A smile came to my lips as I rolled over onto my side and said

"You don't think my ass is fat do you. Wouldn't you just love to take you cock and shove it up my tiny ass."

"Sheri don't start I'm not in the mood. This dam thing has been getting in the way all morning. And that slut Pam did everything she could to get it up for another round. She's insatiable." Kim said with a whine to her voice.

"Do you agree I have a tiny pretty ass?" I asked

"Is that what this is all about, your still mad at me for saying you have a fat ass. Well dam girl you have a fine ass now please tell me how to get rid of this dick."

"Do you agree I have a tiny pretty ass?" I asked as I let a finger slid between my cheeks.

"Oh god. Yes Sheri you have a tiny pretty ass." Kim said then I heard a sigh of relief from her. "Thank you now what did I say to get rid of it?" She asked

"You said. Yes Sheri you have a tiny pretty ass. That's what you have to say to go back to normal."

"Your are a diabolical bitch aren't you? I can't believe your going to make me say that every time I want to fuck someone."

"Hey you don't have to say it as long as you don't say the other part of the spell." I told her with a giggle.

"Oh I will say it because I loved fucking Pam last night. That was a real power trip. Besides you really do have a tiny pretty ass." She said as she rubbed her hand on my bottom. Then she tucked her finger to my hole and gave it a rub saying "I would love to fuck you in your tiny pretty ass sometime. I think you'd love that too." I'd have to admit I would love it. And I was sure I'd have her dick up my ass very soon. Kim pulled her finger away and gave me a slap on my bottom and said

"Well enough of this playing around I have to get moving. If you weren't such a lazy ass you'd be running with us." Kim said as she stood up and went for the door.

She knew how to get to someone. With in fifteen minutes I was dressed in my work out cloths and out in the driveway doing my warm ups. Everyone else had already taken off and I was waiting for them to come around again. As they went passed I took up position next to Mary who was last in line. Kim and Bill was up front while Pam and Jeri were in the middle. Mary was already breathing hard and so was Jeri.

After the second go round for me. The third for every one else, Mary and Jeri dropped out. I moved up abreast of Pam. By the time we passed my house for the third time for me. I was already breathing hard and my leg muscles were starting to burn. On the fourth pass Pam and I both dropped out. Kim and Bill kept going, neither of the seem to be winded.

I rested against the car in my drive way as I continued to work my leg muscles so they didn't tighten up while I got my breathing under control. Once I was breathing normally I looked at the car in my driveway.

It was at least thirty feet long, probably longer seeing my drive way was thirty feet long and this car; really a truck was just a little bit longer. The back end stuck out over the sidewalk. A definite no, no, in this subdivision. It was big and black with four doors and the windows were blacked out. It was one of those SUV's you see all over but this one was a stretched like a limo. From the name plate on the back of the vehicle I found out that it was a Cadillac Escalated. I remember Bill and Gavin talking about one yesterday. So I figured that this was what they were talking about. I then realized that the Porsche and Kim's mustang were gone.

I open the garage door and saw that the viper and my Lexus where also gone. I thought to myself, and so it begins once we were out of the house everything else would just disappear. I went into the house and Pam handed me my first cup of coffee. Pam told me that Jeri and Mary were upstairs showering and getting dressed. After I finished my second cup Bill and Kim came in. After Bill had a bottle of water and was able to breath again I asked

"Do you know why that land yacht is in our drive way?" Bill laughed and said

"I figured why drive two or three cars if we could get away with one big one. I gather you don't like it?"

"It's not that I don't like it, it just so big. Can you drive that thing?"

"Sure the biggest problem will be finding a parking place for it." He told me I figured that getting it to turn a corner would be a problem too, but I didn't say anything. If that's what he wanted then let him have it.

Bill and I went up for a shower and to get dressed. Bill decided to drive up as Bill and change to Glenda after we checked in to the hotel. As of yet no one knew what I had arranged for in the way of accommodations. I dressed in a short skirt and a tee shirt, on my feet I wore anklets and tenies. I figured that I was going to do a lot of walking so why not be comfortable. I packed up my make up case while Bill brought down the bags.

When I went down stairs I found that Jenny and Ginny were there as well as Sharon and Sal. I was disappointed that Sally hadn't showed up yet. After Bill had gotten everything in the SUV I realized that this was the last time that I would be in this house as an owner. If I ever came here again it will be as a guest. My mind raced over the years that Bill and I had here. They were great years. I remember the first time Bill and I made love in this house, it was on the staircase going upstairs. We were too excited to go up. He took me on the bottom step from behind. We made love in every room including the garage. I felt the tears come to my eyes and I quickly took a handkerchief from my purse and dabbed away the tears. Jenny came over to me and said.

"I know I went through the same thing a few minutes ago. You start remembering all the great times you had and the next thing your balling like a baby." Jenny held me close as I cried. Bill came in just as I was getting myself under control, but as soon as I looked at him I started crying all over again. He knew why I was crying; I cried when we left the apartment we first lived in the same way. He took me from Jenny and held me till I cried myself out. Finally with my make up a total wreck he walked me out of the house for the last time.

Bill helped me into the back of the Escalated then he got in the front. Kim Jenny and I sat on the back seat. Jeri Mary and Pam sat on the right seat while Sharon and Sal sat on the left. Every one knew the somber mood I was in so they where quiet as we pulled away. I turned back and looked at the house once more. While I looked I saw Jenny and Sal's car disappear. I turned around and faced forward knowing that everything I cherished in the house was also gone.

About ten minutes later I was feeling a lot better and realized I must look a mess. Bill had thoughtfully put my make up case in the seating compartment instead of in back with the luggage. After cleaning off my face and reapplying my make up I turned to Jenny and asked.

"Well do I look presentable?"

"Oh yes now I'm the only one with raccoon eyes." Jenny said as she took my make up case from me.

I looked over to Sharon and Sal I noticed that the seat they were sitting on was big enough for four to sit comfortably but they sat almost on top of each other. It seemed that any part that could touch the other person was. Bill and I use to be like that and to an extent we still were. They were in love anyone could see it. I had a feeling that someday soon there will be a wedding. I thought what better place to get married then in the rose garden at the mansion. If they did I would offer the use of it. After another ten minutes of silence I figured that every one was waiting for me to say something.

"Sal I hear your unemployed." I said not knowing where to start.

"Only till Monday then I start my new job. My old employer didn't want me to stay because he was afraid that I would steal his trade secrets. Little does he know I already have them. If I wanted to sell them to his competitor I could have. I wouldn't but I could. Besides his secrets aren't that secret."

"I hope you enjoy your new job." I told him

"It sounds like it's a good place to work. Mr. Franks seems to know quite a bit about computers. He grilled me on them for almost an hour. I wasn't sure if I would get the job until he called me to offer it. He also told me that the VP in charge of us was extremely educated in the field. Which is a plus, it's always nice to have the man in charge know what your doing."

"So the VP's a he then?" I asked

"I guess so. You usually don't find a women VP in the technical field."

"Did Mr. Franks say the VP was a man?" I asked shooting a look at Jeri. I could see her cringing in the corner of the seat.

"Well no he didn't I just assumed that the VP was a guy. Mr. Franks never really said if it was a male or a female."

"Won't you be surprised if it was a she and not a he?" I said with a slight irritation in my voice

"Sheri don't get me wrong I'm not a male chauvinist. It doesn't matter to me if the VP was a woman in fact I would like it better that way. I work better with women then I do with men, but normally you don't find women in technical fields. And it's not because women can't do the job it's just you never see it."

I could see that Sal was trying to work his way out of a hole I just put him in. And he was right I was more the exception then the rule. I really wanted to see how he was at thinking on his feet, I guess you could say I was giving him an interview too. I liked what I saw. He wasn't trying to placate me or to agree with me just to be sociable. I liked that aspect of his personality. I could see he was going to do just fine. I didn't want my managers agreeing with me because I was the VP. I wanted them to feel free to tell me I'm wrong as long as they can back up their statements. Jeff knew this, we had gotten into some shouting matches before but once he proved me wrong or his way was better I would relent.

"Your right of cause Sal you usually don't find women in the technical field as VP's but the are a few." I told him to get him off the hook

"Well there should be more. I think the business community as a whole would be a lot better off if they did start promoting more women, but they have to know what their over seeing."

Both Kim and Jenny were going to say something and I was afraid that they would tell him I was a VP. My hands had been resting on their thighs through this whole discussion I grabbed a hand full of both thighs to stop them. Thankfully it worked I didn't want Sal to find out I was his boss until Monday. I didn't want him to have any inhibitions this weekend. Once this weekend was over then he would know I knew all about him and I didn't care.

"I hope it's okay with everyone here I made reservations at Benders for tonight." Jenny informed us.

"Oh good I forgot to make them. I hope you brought something suitable to wear Sal?" I told him.

"What is Benders?" He asked

"It's a supper club that also has dancing. It's for an exclusive clientele." Sharon told him. I could see she was amused by the fact that she knew what kind of club it was.

"I didn't bring along anything to dressy." He told her

"You forget love I helped you pack. I know you have the right cloths to wear." She told him.

Ten minutes later I got a call from Bill up front to inform me that we were getting close to the city. I picked up the other phone and called the hotel. Once they found out who I was I was put through almost immediately. I told Stanley that I was almost there, he told me that he would meet us at the house to get us settle in. I then called Bill and gave him the address.

"I know that area there isn't a hotel there. Their all small mansions." Jenny told me as I hung up the in car phone.

"There wasn't enough room at the hotel so they offered me this instead. They said it would be quite comfortable." I told her

"I would say so if I remember right those places were quite nice. What about room service?" I told everyone what I had arraigned they all agreed that it sounded perfect.

Half an hour later Bill pulled into a driveway. Luckily for him it was a half circle drive that emptied back onto the street. The house was three stories tall. It wasn't very wide maybe forty feet but it was quite long taking up most of the lot. When Bill came to a stop both back doors where open from the out side. On Kim's side was a gentleman, elf really, about five ten or so. He gave Kim the once over then he turned back to the car and helped me out. He went to say something till I raised my hand palm out hoping to stop him from saying anything about me being a queen.

"Mrs. Macon so glad you could join us this weekend. If you would show the bell hops which bags are yours they'll put them in the master suite if that is your wish." Stanley told me in a slight English accent.

"Thank you Stanley it's a pleasure to finally meet you. If you would give us a few moments to look around we'll let you know where to put what bags."

"Of cause Ma'am" He said to me then to the bellhops he said. "Boys bring the luggage into the living room while I show Mrs. Macon and her party around."

Stanley held my arm as we made our way up the stairs. The first floor was the living room in front of the house then we moved to a rather large dinning room. There was a large kitchen in back of the house. There was every appliance you could want. The fridge was industrial size and as Stanley showed us it was stocked with a large assortment of food. Mostly food you could eat cold or pop into the microwave. There was a table that would seat ten.

The second floor had five bedrooms and the third had three. I decided that I would take the master bedroom and Jenny would have the next largest. Sharon and Sal would take the next largest. Kim and Pam shared a room as well as Jeri and Mary. The smallest of the bedrooms was still larger then any I had at home. So every one was pleased with the choices I made. After I informed them that the bedroom assignments only counted for changing cloths and not where they were going to sleep.

Once the luggage was in they're respective bedrooms Stanley and the bellhops left. Jenny and I were down in the kitchen munching on some food waiting for Bill to get changed when she asked

"How come you didn't want Sal to know you were a vice president? I assumed that's why you grabbed my leg in the car."

"I guess you don't know but I'm his boss now he's coming to work for me." I told her

"Really and he doesn't know?"

"I didn't want him to know till Monday. I don't want him to be self conscious this weekend."

Bill came in the kitchen to see if we were ready to leave. We spent the next six hours going from one clothing store to the next buying all matter of cloths for Jeri and Mary. I also purchased quite a few for Pam and Glenda as well as myself. While we stopped to get something to eat at the food court in one of the malls. I walked into a jewelry store to get some earrings for my girls. While I was in there I saw Sal looking at one of the glass cases. I walked over to him and took his arm in mine and said

"Hey good looking what are you doing here?"

"Oh hi there I'm just looking at the rings." He said I looked down were he was looking and saw what appeared to be engagement rings and wedding ring sets. He then asked, "Which one would you like."

"Well it all depends on what its for. Those look like engagement rings. Are you thinking about buying one to wear or to give to someone?" I asked trying to figure out what was his thinking

"To give to someone I was thinking of asking Sharon to marry me." He said. I was shocked

"You do realize you two just met. I don't want to sound callus but shouldn't you wait a while?"

"Your probably right but I can just feel there something between us. Like she's the one I've been waiting for. I know this is going to sound silly but I feel like she's my soul mate." I could hear the sincerity in his words. He really felt this way

"If you really serious about this and I know where you coming from, I felt the same way about Bill when I met him. I personally like the marquee cut. It's more expensive but it looks so much nicer. There is a formula something about two months pay, but you could go smaller or larger. If she feels the same way about you she'd be happy with a cigar ring." I told him. Sal laughed and said

"Your probably right but I think I'll get a diamond." I told him he was making a good choice.

Sal picked out a two-caret marquee cut diamond on a yellow gold band. He definitely spent more then two months salary on that ring but it was gorgeous. After he made his purchase and after I made mine he asked me not to say anything. I told him I wouldn't.

Once we were done shopping for the day we went back to the house to rest and to get changed for dinner. Jeri Pam and Mary saw to it that all the cloths we purchased were now up stairs. Sal and Sharon went up to their room while the rest of us crashed in the living room. Bill sat next to me with his arm around my shoulder. About a half hour later Sal and Sharon came down. If Sharon could get any closer to Sal she would be inside him. I noticed that she was wearing the engagement ring on her left ring finger.

"Obviously you two must have had one hell of a time up stairs or you have something to tell us." Jenny said after looking at the smiles on their faces.

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