tagLoving WivesLife's Turnarounds # 01

Life's Turnarounds # 01


I would like to thank my friend Gizzmo for the idea for this story and his input to make it what I hope is a great story for all of you to read.

Have you ever wondered how your life can go from good or some days even excellent to shit in a blink of an eye? Here I am sitting at the kitchen table looking at a pair of socks that my wife Ann wears and wondering how they could be covered with what looks like dried cum. Man cum and a lot of it in fact so much that the top was stuck to the bottom. I had to pull it apart!

There was a time when she used to wear these types of socks to bed. I would fight with her all the time as I undressed telling her about how non-sexy they looked on her feet. I would kid her about how she was trying to get me out of the mood by wearing those damn socks. Finally she agreed to not wear them at all and take them off when we would make love which was always been a few times a week since we have been married.

Besides the socks, she would insist on me turning lights turned down so low that I could hardly see her body and couldn't see much of anything between her legs when I went down on her. And then there was the way she would almost insist on having the covers over us as we started to make love as she called it. After we were going at it pumping our bodies against each other and cumming the covers would fall. But by then she didn't seem to care until it was over. Then she would almost immediately try and pull then back up over us. I did get her to take off the socks and for the past few years she didn't wear any to bed. After the sex was over and she cleaned herself up and would put on a pair of socks again before going to sleep.

She wasn't a virgin when we married, I mean there was no bloody spot on the bed the first night we had sex. But, she hadn't been with more than maybe 2 or 3 other guys.

When we were together making love in bed and I would say, "fuck and cum", she would tell me not to use those types of words. All these things I had to endure for the 12 years we have been married! But I loved her dearly and have wanted to be with her ever since I can remember seeing her the first time standing on the corner waiting for the bus.

This was always the way except for the past few years. Now when we would go to bed after showering, some nights we would both spoon and go right to sleep. We both worked and there were days when one or both of us were dead tired. But other nights we would make long slow love and she would remove the socks and bottoms to her pajamas before coming into the bedroom. That was her sign that she wanted to do it. I like the way the tops looked when she walked into the bedroom and stood in front of me with nothing but the top on. Not having any bottoms always made my cock rise as I watched her walking into the room smiling. Ann is tall 5'8" and a natural blonde. She is thin and has 34B breasts with a very small flat stomach and small shapely hips. Her ass is very nice, round, firm and sits up high. I always tell her she was made for fucking! At 32 she is in good shape and looks like she is 22 or 23 tops. With the blond hair and green eyes and being tall with a smile that would have melted the iceberg the Titanic hit, men always watch her coming and going. They always talk and hit on her when we go out and I'm not at her side. She smiles and thanks them and walks away or they do. We have both gotten use to it now and I tell her almost everyday how thankful I am for having such a wonderful beautiful woman.

"FUCK", I yelled to an empty house, "What the hell is she doing with some man's cum on her socks?"

I knew damn well it wasn't my cum. No, not now, now that she doesn't wear socks to bed.

OK! OK! In order for you to understand what was happening I need to go back in our lives a little bit. I write for a living and do most of my work from home. I write "Request For Proposals" (RFPs) For companies that don't have the in-house people to do the work. I also write instructional manuals and guidelines for various tools and other things plus I write jobs tasks on how to do certain things. Don't laugh I work three days a week hard and make nearly a 6 digit income. Plus I'm my own boss and take a vacation when I want and work when I want. It's a damn good life, or at least it was until I found the fucking sock.

Ann works for a recruiting company and works from 10AM to around 6 PM sometimes 7 PM depending on the workload. She loves her job and does a lot of interviewing. She has me writing the job descriptions for various firms who use her company as a recruiter. We are always home with each other every night unless there is a company function for her or a late meeting for me. Neither of these happened very often once or twice a month if that!

As I worked I would also surf the net and yes, I looked at porno. What man or woman for that matter left alone long enough doesn't look at sex on the net from time to time? And for me it was stories about sex that got me off better than pictures, or even videos. But I did check all of them out. As the days went by I found myself looking at porno in the morning and then working in the afternoon. I spent maybe 3 hours daily when Ann wasn't home looking at porno. I would jerk off sometimes and other times wait until my baby was home and then go nuts fucking her before dinner or after dinner. Hell sometimes we did it during dinner. She was happy with the sex as long as she could have the lights out. Anyway I would read stories and say, "Hell I can do as well or better than that!"

And I did! I was soon writing sex stories. I would write about first times and then about swapping and singles erotic sex weird sex and then I found my niche. I began to write about loving (or cheating) wives! Yes, I loved how a wife would fall into a trap and fuck some guy and then the husband would find out about it and take his revenge. The revenge always made me hard and happy! Then my Ann would come home and the sex would be like I was the man who my wife was cheating with!

I got good at it and many folks wrote me telling me how good my stories were and how they got off reading what the wife and her lover would do. The erotic sexual part was always my best part of the story. Both women and men loved my tales of cheating and pleaded with me to write another chapter and then another and then another. I was soon writing a chapter every two or three days. I had a huge number of stories on the site. It was fun and exciting to get good and bad input. My writer's name was "Needit". Hell some people told me I was great some told me I was lower than whale shit at the bottom of the ocean. I loved it! But when I was really busy there was a problem getting the stories done.

But now, I had a much bigger problem. My wife was cheating on me and I had to get to the bottom of this problem ASAP! I'm home almost every day and she is home almost every night with me. This had me wondering first off if she was cheating and from the looks of this fucking cum covered sock I held in my hand she was. How and when did she have the time to do it? It had to be during work. I would have to check that out first. Should I call her from time to time? Or should I play PI and stake her out?

I started to think what our lives involved. I mean when we were together at home we shared everything. I would cook most of the time since I was already home. Ann would clean most of the house. I would wash the clothes; actually that's how I found the socks! Ann would iron when needed. We both went shopping together and we always went out as a couple. When did she have time to cheat on me? And then my brain was flooded with questions! Who was it she was with? How long had it been going on? Was this the first time? And, finally the big one, WHY? Why did she feel the need to cheat? I realized as I sat there in my kitchen that I didn't have any answers just questions.

I placed both socks in a plastic bag and hide them in the attic. I was saving them as evidence if I needed it! Next I made arrangements on my calendar to check out Ann's work place. I would stop in to see her at different times. I would also see her near her lunch hour without checking with her first. I wouldn't do it enough to make her wonder if I knew I would be cool about it! But, I would never tell her I was coming only that I was in the area bidding on a project or meeting with some officials. But what I would really be doing was checking to see first if she was in the office, if not where was she. I would also take inventory of who was in the office with her. I was sure I could find out whom she was with.

Time passed and I was no closer to finding out whom she was seeing. Finally she told me if I didn't call her to tell her ahead of time that I was coming down to see her she wouldn't have lunch with me. She had a job to do and just couldn't take off whenever she wanted or I wanted. I told her I understood and called when I was around her office. Unknown to her, I was sitting in her parking lot two days a week now. Different days but I was sitting there for 4 or 5 hours. My car looked like I lived in it with coffee cups and sandwich wrappers, etc., all over the floor. I had to have it cleaned twice a week so Ann wouldn't see all the mess.

Then I saw what I had been waiting for. Ann came out the side entrance of her building with a man, a young guy, 20 maybe. He was definitely a college kid and was holding her hand as he let her get into her car. I watched as she opened her legs and showed him her long shapely thighs and God knew what else. Did she have on panties? I didn't know. But I saw the way she opened her legs and smiled up at him. I saw him looking down between her legs and smiling back. Then he got into the driver's side and drove her car away. I began to follow them.

The man drove fast and I had a hard time keeping up with them. Finally as they stopped to pay the toll, I was four cars behind them in line. As they pulled out I realized I would not be able to find them. The car in front of me must have given the toll taker a $1,000.00 bill. By the time I pulled away from the toll booth Ann's Mustang was no where insight! I drove fast and hard but I knew the man driving Ann's car was doing the same thing! I had no idea what exit they took. Finally I turned around and dove back to her office and sat waiting for them to come back. They didn't! At 6PM I drove home and started dinner. Ann had not come back to the office. She left at around noon and was gone at least 6 hours.

At around 7 PM Ann came in and looked very tired and said she had a gigantic headache and was going to bed. She kissed me hello and went into the bedroom. She began to undress until I walked in. She stopped and looked at me. She said, "Oh God Bud my head is hurting. I think I'm having a super sinus attack maybe even a start of a migraine! Please! Let me get a hot shower so the hot water can hit my face and then I'm going right to bed sweetie."

I stood there and helped her up. She still had on her panties and bra. As she walked into the bathroom she smelled funny. I couldn't place what it was at first. Then I realized it was after-shave, and it wasn't my after shave! I said, "What's that smell?"

Ann looked at me and said, "What smell Bud? I can't smell anything! Please babe! Let me get a shower and go to bed. I'm really sick!"

I stopped walking with her to the bathroom and watched as she went in and closed the door. Closing the door wasn't unusually; Ann always closed the door. But when I heard the lock click, I wondered why she felt she needed the door locked?

I walked back to the bedroom and picked up her blouse. It had the odor of after-shave on both sides of the collar. It smelled around the buttons and on the sleeve. I could imagine the man I saw with her earlier today holding her and hugging her and Ann wrapping her arms around him as they kissed and pressed their bodies tight together. I was upset. I picked up the skirt and lifted it to my face. I could smell his after-shave there too. But I also saw a stain. I held the skirt up and saw that the stain was on the back, the rear of the skirt where Ann would sit! I realized she was either very wet between her legs or it was his cum. I put the stain on my nose and inhaled. It was cum, his cum and her cum, cum!! I was fucking sure of it!

I walked to the bathroom door and yelled, "Ann open the door we need to talk now!" No answer.

I knocked hard and yelled again. She said, "A minute please Bud! I'm just getting out of the tub!"

I kicked the door with my foot and felt it give way. The lock was cheap and snapped with my kick. The door flew opened and hung off the top hinge! Ann screamed as the door busted opened. She looked at me like I was nuts. Then she said, "Are you crazy? What are you doing! Get out of here!"

She pulled the towel up in front of her body covering her breasts and pussy. She was so tall that the towel did hide all of her pussy but the tops of her breasts were showing over the top of it. She said, "Bud! What's.......what's going on! Why did you break the door! Please.....please just get out until I put some clothes on! You know how shy I am!"

I just stood there and looked at her. She was actually blushing a little. I didn't know if it was because I scared her, saw her nude, or she knew that I knew she had been with another man. I didn't say anything I just stood there looking at her.

She said, "Bud? Bud! Please let me get dressed. Oh God my head hurts so badly!! Come on........get out of here.....please!"

She started to push me with one hand as she held the towel with the other. I pushed her hand away and bent down and picked up her underwear. She reached for them but I was quicker. She said, "Give them to me Bud. They're dirty."

I didn't give them to her instead I said. "These are the pair you wore to work right?"

She looked at me and said, "Yes. Now please give them to me and get out so I can get dressed."

I held the bra and panties wondering if she had them on all day. Even if I wasn't sure if she had then on all day, and I was pretty sure she hadn't, they had more evidence on them. As she stood there with her hand out I lifted the panties up to look at the crotch. She tried to grab them but I moved back out of her reach. She said, "Give me my panties and bra Bud. Please! Why are you doing this to me? Give me my damn panties! Please, please Bud! PLEASE!Please..give...me...the....damn....panties!"

As she started to cry and was still talking to me, I lifted them to my nose and smelled and saw what I knew was the cum stain in the inside of the crotch of the bikini panties. Them I smelled his after-shave on her bra, both cups. I knew without a doubt my wife had been with another man today and had fucked him. And as she stood there crying, she knew I knew it too. I turned and walked out of the bathroom. My hearth was breaking and my head was hurting badly too. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed with tears in my eyes. I still had the panties in my hand and the bra was on the floor.

I don't know how long it was before Ann walked into the room. I was still sitting there on the edge of the bed and turned to look at her. She couldn't look at me. I said, "Why Ann why?"

She walked to the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers saying, "I don't know what the hell you're talking about and I'm just to damn sick right now to care. You're going crazy and I'm going to bed."

She had on her pajamas and a pair of socks. I asked again, "Why Ann? Why are their stains all over your underwear and skirt and a new after-shave on your clothes? I want to know right now not later."

She said, "I'm just too sick to talk about any of it Bud. I'm sick and need to sleep. We'll talk in the morning! Please I have to get rid of this headache."

I sat there not believing what she said to me. I turned and said, "WHAT? No not later now Goddamn it!"

She sighed and said, "Please Bud. Not now! We'll talk later. When this headache is gone. It's killing me!"

I was so fucking mad! Madder than I have ever been in a long time. Madder than I had been since I had killed the enemy in Iraq. I felt like pulling the covers off of her and ripping the pajamas off and raping her right there while she screamed for me to stop. I wanted to hurt her, hurt her lover and hurt anyone that was in the room. I knew I better leave the room before I did something I would be sorry for. So I said, "Ann!"

She didn't move or acknowledged me. I said, "Ann. Just tell me what it is on your clothes that smells like after-shave and on your panties that looks and smells like cum! Just tell me that! And be truthful for God sakes please be truthful! Our marriage depends on it!"

She moaned and didn't answer me except to tell me to get out and leave her alone. I pulled her up by the arm hard. She opened her eyes and looked at me as she groaning with pain! I said, "Five minutes Ann, five minutes be in the kitchen or when you wake up your clothes and everything you own will be on the street. Do You Understand?"

I let her go and she fell back on the bed. Her breasts were hanging out of the pajama tops she had buttoned incorrectly. Her nipple was red and looked like it hurt. Here's another question I had to add to the growing list I was making. I undid her buttons and she protested a little verbally but when she put her hand to stop me, I slapped it away. She didn't fight me. Once the top was undone I saw both breasts with red makes on then and her nipples red and angry! I knew the guy had left his make and sucked her tits hard and long. She loved to have her nipples licked and sucked but he had really gone at it and she had the marks to prove it. I just sat there looking at them. Finally I pull the digital camera out of the desktop and loaded it with a disk. I took three photos. I took one of each breast and her red angry nipples and then one of both with her face included. Each showed the red marks and sore nipples, more proof of what she had done.

I was just about to leave the room when I wondered what her pussy looked like now. I knew she had showered but was there still evidence down there too? If so would she fight me more to keep her pajamas and I'm sure her panties on? I had to see.

I moved the sheet and blanket off of her and she whimpered but didn't stop me. I moved to my knees and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her pajamas and panties and began to pull them down quickly.

Ann hesitated long enough for me to get the panties and bottoms of the PJs down to the start of her hairline around her pussy. She had always kept it trimmed but now there was only an inch of hair over the top of her slit. There was none around the lips but she was shaved much closer than I had ever seen her before. She grabbed the bottoms of the PJs but I was much stronger than she was and soon the bottoms and panties were down by her knees. She screamed at me, "God damn it Bud. Stop I! You SOB! Oh shit........my head!"

I pulled them down the rest of the way and off her feet. The panties came with the PJ bottoms and were now all twisted in the legs. But Ann was now nude. It was then I saw the suck marks that were all around her pussy. The guy ate pussy that's for sure and again he left his mark! Marks I should say, there were at least 6 or 8 of them on the top near her clit and more on each side of her inner thighs. I opened her thighs wide and saw a few more under her inner thigh and the near start of her ass. He had sucked her everywhere it looked like. She cried out, "Give me some covers! I'm freezing! Leave me along Bud! I'm fucking sick!"

I said, "What!? Fucking sick? Since when do you use that type of language?"

She moaned and pulled at the covers I was siting on. They didn't move. I opened her legs and held them with my knee and one hand as I used the camera to take four quick photos of her red swollen pussy. Yes, my dear loving wife had fucked some young guy this afternoon and from the looks of it she had fucked him good and long and hard. I have never seen a set of pussy lips as fat, swollen and red as Ann's were right now. I bent over her and kissed her cheek. She moaned, "Oh please Bud let me sleep!"

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