tagLoving WivesLife's Turnarounds # 02

Life's Turnarounds # 02


Confession time:

I drank the rest of my drink and finished loading the photos of my darling wife's nude and very used body into the computer. Then I waited. I waited for her to wake up from the sleep she said she so desperately needed. I knew I would have to wait until she got over whatever was medically wrong with her if there was anything wrong. I stood up and paced back and forth. Then I walked into a room and looked out the window then walked back to the bedroom. I did that for over an hour. She was still asleep; so finally after 2 hours I couldn't stand it any longer, I went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. I took her shoulders in my hands and shook her not hard but not gentle either. I said, "Ann! Ann! Wake up! Wake up Ann! We need to talk and talk now! Right now! Get up! Get dressed and NO I'm not leaving the room."

Ann rubbed her eyes and sat up slowly she looked at me and then said, "OK! OK Bud! Move so I can get my feet out of the bed."

I moved around and stood by the door making sure she was up and began to dress. She sat on the bed and looked up at the sun coming in the window, Then she looked at her face in the mirror that was hanging on the wall between the two windows on the side of the house. She shook her head and ran her fingers over her hair. Then standing she looked back at me as I watched her stand. I saw her back and beautiful ass, her long legs and athletic thighs all from the back. It only lasted for a few seconds before she put on her robe and went into the bathroom. I waited. After a few minutes I walked to the brokered door and was about to open what was left of it, the toilet flushed and Ann came out still in her robe. She looked at me for a second or two and seeing tears and the anger in my eyes, she turned her head lowered it and walked towards the bedroom door. I followed her and we walked into the kitchen. She asked me if there was any coffee and since I had made a pot earlier I gave her a cup as she sat there holding her head and looking down at the floor.

I said, "Now we will talk!"

She sat looking at the floor She didn't look up. I said, "And we don't stop talking until you answer all the questions truthfully and baby I have a lot of them. The only reason your ass isn't out of the house is because I still have some love left for you but my anger and hate for what you did to me and what you have done to our lives together is burning a hole in my guts. Now first I want to know why, why you have cheated on me. No bullshit Ann, no denying it and please don't make me any more angrier than I am right now. Be honest with me please if you don't want me to throw you out of the house. You owe me that much at least! Why did you do it?"

She took a drink of coffee and still not looking up at me she said, "It was the stories you read on the Internet. The stories written by an author named "Needit." That's how this all started Bud."

I looked at her and said, "I......I don't understand. You read a story on the Internet that made you cheat on me? Is that the fucking excuse and reason you're giving me? Come off it Ann."

She said, "No! I'm serious. I didn't read one story by him or her, I read them all. I felt them stimulate my body and my brain. I'd enjoy reading about another guy fucking the cheating wife and I really loved the sex part in each story. It was like it was me they were writing about. I masturbated furiously every day when you left for any reason. On those days you didn't leave I did it in the bathroom with the water running so you won't hear me moaning as I climaxed. It was something I couldn't get over, I just had to read the stories, and it became almost an addiction. And it......it ate away at her God help me Bud I'm so sorry but it was like this throbbing deep in my body that wouldn't stop even after we made love. It was driving me nuts. And finally I had the chance and I took it. I'm so sorry but I did....I fucked another man....well he's a boy actually. He's only 20 years old.

I was stunned. She had sex with a young man who was more than 15 years my junior. I mean I didn't know what to say except scream at her. I did and she jumped. Then I calmed down enough to say, "Twenty years old, my God Ann he could be your son. As far as the stories I read on the Internet, I know you know I read them. I read them most every day when I'm home alone. And yes, I visited porno site too. But I never erased the history of where I went on the Internet; I didn't seem to think I needed to cover my tracks. I mean I read stories and look at photos and videos but I'm home giving you all of my love and sex when you're here. Anyway, that doesn't really matter when it come right down to it Ann. It has nothing to do or gives you a reason, any real reason, why you felt you should have gone out and fucked another man. I mean if anything the stories and the various sex sites made me hotter and horny for you. I never cheated on you Ann, never! The sex we have been having has been great, and I think you would agree to that."

She said, 'Oh yes Bud.....yes! Oh Bud it had been fantastic. The new things and different ways of having sex have been great. I did wonder how you knew about them or learned about them. That's why I checked the Internet. I wondered if you got the idea off the net. And I saw that you did. I know it's no excuse for what I have done. I'm so sorry, you can't imagine how I feel right now. Sitting here with you my loving husband and wondering if we can ever get over this or have I destroyed our love and our union. I'm so sad and so upset I hurt you like this, I could die."

I said, "Well if you think you feel bad, then you should feel what I'm feeling baby! You have no idea how bad I feel right now! But I want to know, no I need to know why reading these stories made you cheat and how did it get started."

She took another drink and said, "Like I said, I had started reading the stories written by some guy named "Needit". They were the same ones you read or at least that's what the history told me."

Ann didn't know it but I was "Needit". "Needit" was my Lit name. I wrote the stories that turned my wife on so much she cheated on me. God what have I done? What has she done?

She told me, "So I read each story and they excited me tremendously. I mean they really excited me beyond what I would have sworn I could be sexually excited. And by reading them, they excited me so much I eventually knew I wanted to try it. Try it, with another man to see what sex when I was cheating, would feel. The stories all said that the thrill of fucking someone behind their husband's back was so better, more thrilling than fucking their own husband. It took weeks, no more like months but slowly very slowly I decided I had to try it just once. I felt like I was on fire with passion and lust as I read the one story after the other and had an orgasm or two sometimes three. It was the part about how the other man fucked the wife you know hard, long and filled her with his cum that really got to me.

It wasn't love, and it wasn't even a friendship, it was more like I was a whore and he just fucked me until he shot his load into me. But God Bud when it actually happened, it drove me wild with lust and need and it was amazing. OH God I feel like such a whore Bud! I'm so.......so very sorry I hurt you! It was only going to be once and I was sure you wouldn't ever find out. I remembered all the things in the stories that told me how the husband found out about the wife cheating. I made sure I didn't do any of them."

I sat there stunned. I had given my wife ways to cheat and not get caught too. I said, "So it was only once are you sure? Was it only once Ann, or was there more. It sure looked like you and your young friend have been together more than once."

She said, "You saw us? How......why didn't you stop me?"

I said, "I tried! I followed you the other day from work around lunchtime. I saw you hold his hand and how you got into the seat of the car showing off your legs to him. Were you wearing any underwear or did you flash him your pussy too Ann?"

Ann hung her head lower and said, "No underwear Bud. I took them off in the lady's room just before we left. I showed him my pussy shaved like it is now because I wanted him to see how wet I was and how badly I wanted him to fuck me. I'm so ashamed Bud, so ashamed."

Ann hung her head lower and said, "No underwear Bud, I took them off in the lady's room just before we left. I showed him my pussy shaved like it is now because I wanted him to see how wet I was and how badly I wanted him to fuck me. I'm so ashamed Bud so ashamed."

I said, "And then I saw him driving your car. You let him drive it and yet you fight with me and won't let me drive it at all, your loving husband, unless I beg you again and again to let me drive it."

She said, "I wanted him to drive so I could........."

I said, "So you could show off your shaved cunt to him and.......and play with his cock?"

She said, "Oh God.........yes Bud. That's exactly what I did."

I sighed loudly and said, "Anyway, I followed you until you reached the tollgate. Then I got stuck behind some woman needing lots of change. What I wanted to do was to catch you in the hotel room, nude together, maybe even catch you before you started doing it. You know, almost in the act of fucking his brains out! You would both be nude and I would catch you before you actually fucked him. I don't know why that was so damn important now, I mean after seeing your panties full of his fucking cum and looking at your body and seeing his work and his marks all over you were bad enough. I mean if I had seen you nude ready to fuck him, I might have killed both of you! I'm still so very, very angry it scares me!"

She didn't answer me, she sat there with her head hung and in her hands and she was crying. I knew she was embarrassed and felt like shit. But then so did I! I waited and when she didn't answer my question, I asked her again, "So.......Ann, are you sure it was it just this once? Or, have you been with him before? Tell me the truth Ann! I'm going to find out eventually!"

She said, "Oh God No Bud. I mean it was just this once. YES just this one time, never before!!"

I said, "So tell me how and why did you decide to try it? I mean what made you finally decide to cheat on me and destroy our marriage? It had to be more than just the stories.

She said, "Well.....yes it was more than the stories but they were the main reason. Like I said, I read all of the stories by "Needit" and they really made me hot and wet and horny. Then I read other types of cheating wives stories. I read all the different ones I could find like those who had the woman that didn't get caught, and those who were having sex with a man many, many times and how bold they became in the end fucking the other man in her own bed. God I would never do that to us Bud! I also read about the white women being bread by black men who were suppose to have huge thick cocks and cum buckets when they finally did cum. I didn't like those that much since they were all mostly the same, phony really but also humiliating to both the white husband and wife. I didn't want you to be humiliated Bud. I never wanted you to find out about this at all. I was just very interested and wondered how it would feel and I did like the big cock idea."

I said, "I have and had no intention of being humiliated Ann go on."

She said, "I even read about those woman who let themselves be knocked up with another man and have his child and the husband never found out about that. I didn't want that either. I even read some stories about those husbands who wanted to watch the wife getting it by her lover who had a huge cock. They were sexy but I saw that only the woman got anything out of it as far as I could see the man was a wimp. I mean what did the husband get out of it? I knew you would never go for that. I mean you're way to much of a man to want to see me bread or gang banged or even worst for you to become a willingly cuckold."

I said, "You got that fucking right sister but you cuckolded me anyway! So?"

She said, "I read a lot of stories and each one made me want to do it more and more. I must have read over a 100 maybe 200 and each one was all about cheating wives and the more I read the more I enjoyed the sex parts and the more I wondered how it felt. I loved the big cock stories, the ones where the lover had a much bigger cock that the husband did. Finally...God help me.....I knew I would do it but then whom would I do it with? I had no idea."

I said, "Well I was going to ask you that too. Why the boy? I mean why did you decide on him?"

She sighed and said, "I don't know if you want to hear this or not Bud."

I said, "Oh yea I want to know Ann. It will help me decide as to where we go from here. Tell me. Tell me it all!"

I said, "Oh yea I want to know Ann. It will help me decide as to where we go from here .Tell me. Tell me it all!"

She said, "OK. First weeks passed and I did nothing about it but read more and more stories. But I knew more and more now that I had to try it. Then it happened, one day I overhead a few of the men in the office talking about the new male summer intern. You know the new college boy who was working in the office over the summer. They were all saying how big this kid's cock was. It seemed they had seen him in the shower after the softball games they played. He was, according to them, huge, bigger than any of them, which included Charles who supposed to have a big cock, at least according to the men anyway. So that was when I decide it would be the young intern if I did it at all it would be with him. Then I found out that he was leaving in three weeks to go back to school in Georgia and I decided to take him to lunch that week and see if he would be the one. You didn't know about the lunch Bud."

I said, "So today wasn't your first time with him then! You said this was your fist time!!"

Ann said, "The sex was! I took him to lunch and we talked about a lot of things. I wanted to see how he was one on one with me alone. I flirted with him a lot but there was no sex. I did show him a little of my body. You know ......flirting"

I said, "NO! No I don't know Ann tell me please."

She said, "Well like when I got into the car I opened my legs and showed him my pussy. I showed him my panties and my legs at that lunch. That sort of thing."

I said, "You slut!"

She hung her head and said, " I know Bud. I'm so upset with myself. God I'm so very sorry!"

I said, "So what then, a little flashing but no sex. None at all! Right?"

She blushed and said, "Well I let him see some of me. I let......him.....see my breasts! Oh God I'm so humiliated talking about this! I let him see and touch my breasts and nipples. We were in my car and I turned to him and undid my blouse while he watched me. His eyes got huge when he saw me doing it. Then I pulled my bra down and let both my breasts lift over the top and out for him to see. He reached for them and I let him touch them. But that's all we did! Oh God that was bad enough wasn't it Bud? As he played with my breasts I could see the big bulge forming in his pants when he touched me and....I knew he was in fact very large down there. "

I shook my head in discuss as I looked at my wife and couldn't believe it! I said, "For God sakes Ann, you wouldn't do that for me in the car or any place if I asked you to. I mean when is the last time I saw your breasts other than in our bed with the fucking lights all turned off?"

She said, "I know! I know! I'm so embarrassed and upset for what I did Bud! Now I'm so embarrassed again telling you about it! But then in the car with his cock growing hard in his pants and I knew my body was doing that to him, well I was wet and hot and just.....just let it happen! I was glad I was making his cock hard. It was exciting knowing I was making a 20 year old hard and he loved my body!"

I asked, "So did you fuck you then?"

She said, "No, not that day. Finally......I told him to stop touching me and put my breasts back in the bra and closed my blouse. He said he loved my tits! He called them tits and I smiled at him. We kissed a couple of times when he was playing with my breasts. But when he tried to touch me between my legs I stopped him."

I said, "Oh well good! I mean God I'm glad you didn't spread your legs and let him fuck your pussy right there in the car an hour after lunch! You know giving him desert! For Christ sakes Ann!! God Ann you are a real whore!"

She was crying and said, "I know! I know I was Bud. But, you wanted to hear it!"

I said, 'Yes but I have no idea you were like that with him. I figured you would be modest with him like you are with me. But OK! I'm calmer so continue."

She sighed took another drink of her coffee and said, "So then we went back to work and on the way I told him not to say anything to anyone and I might ask him to lunch again before he left for school. I told him if I did ask him out again I would show him anything he wanted and I then told him......"

I said, Told him what Ann? What did you say to him?"

She shook her head no and cried more as she said, "I......told him......I would fuck him! I even used the word"

I walked out of the room for a few minutes. I had too I was really pissed at her. When I came back in I said, "And what did junior do?"

She said, "He was nice and then when he told me that he would only be here until next Friday, which was yesterday, well I decided to take the chance and I invite him out again. He smiled for the two days before we went. He was always smiling, he knew he was going to have me and it made him so happy!"

I said, "Oh Good I'm happy he was happy. Were you happy too Ann. OH look we're all fucking happy you fucked another guy! NOT! Ann I'm not happy at all and I may be never happy again. In fact I have never been more unhappy!"

She said, "I know Bud and you have ever right to be. All I can say is I'm so very, very sorry. Do you want me to continue or stop?"

I said, "Hell yes Ann, you might as well tell me everything."

She said, "OK if that's what you want."

I said, "I do. I want to hear all about your whoring ways."

She said, "Oh Bud please don't call me that! I know I deserve it but I'm so upset thinking you think I'm a whore."

I said, "Just tell me what you did."

She said, "OK"

Then she dried her eyes and swallowed as she said, "So when I asked him to go to lunch again he smiled and told immediately yes. Then yesterday afternoon we had the opportunity and chance to do it and we......well... we....I mean......I...just.......took it. And then well you know the rest Bud and all I can say is how very sorry I am for not being able to stop this. But the way the men talked about him and the stories I read, the lust in me was so strong I......I finally decide to try it. Once! Only once Bud and never again I swear to God! But Jesus Bud I didn't want you to find out about any of this. I was just going to do it once and then never do it again."

She was crying hard now and laid her head on the kitchen table. I said, "And how did it feel? I mean was he better, was he bigger than me? Was it like the stories and did you felt what you were sure you would feel? Did you have better or more sexual orgasms from cheating behind my back? Did you enjoy it Ann? Tell me slut! Again baby don't give me bullshit! Tell me first where did you go?"

She said, "To a cheap motel. I felt like such a whore."

I said, "You were! You are a whore! Anyway, then what?"

She said, "I don't think you are going to like what happened Bud. Please just let's just say it was sex and that's it! "

I said, "Oh no baby you don't get off that easily! I want to know what you did and how it felt and I want you to tell me everything. Tell me what a whore my loving wife was with a boy that could have been her son."

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